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The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Wed May 25, 2022 10:12 am

Judith Karlinius
If one thing the Guild Master role never changed, Was Judith's desire to learn more of places and explore, It never shifted her entirely away from any that very task. To that at least with the title and mention of Fairy Tail could be some what more hidden in the case in other nations. in Minstrel it was sometimes seemingly not important for her to show off that part of her life. Where in Minstrel she was a mere flower collector and seeker of interesting seasonings and spices she was just some random fiorian woman named Judith as she never disclosed her last name.

So far it worked, Not many people from Fiore had really shown up here or pointed her out. Not that she was hiding too hard, it might be a bit different now that she no longer had horns or red eyes. at least she still had pointy ears, her eyes now light blue. It was easy to piece together the wood elf was Judith if you asked about it.

But why Minstrel? because the people here with how they worked most likely collected and kept the most interesting things, She did not require many things just if anything one. But that was for business later.

After all it was just one of many things on her list, She could also be after Minstrel wine for her other work habits outside of Fairy Tail, Alisa might want new flavours after all and she assumed dandelion wine was boring after a while. It was something she might need to ask her about later then met, For now. Exploring and waiting for the right situation to show was the more interesting thing in Judith's mind. For if fate always showed her one thing, She would not walk alone here forever.

#2Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Wed May 25, 2022 4:59 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Finally, she had gotten some freedom. After working nonstop on requests and patrols, she was granted some vacation time by the Rune Knights. Though it wasn't much, it would be enough to help her mellow out after the crazy events that had unfolded. During her last mission, she was disposing of bandits when a dragon swooped down on her. It recognized her power and had been training her for weeks. Her powers improved but the whole process just seemed so surreal. No human contact and just talking to a giant dragon all day. This outing would give her the human interaction she had been craving.  

Though Minstrel wasn’t her first choice, she took what she could get. Nova originally wanted to go to Joya to see the roots of where her father grew up, but the knights denied the request. She would make the best of it however and enjoy the ocean view the country offered.  Currently she was just sitting along the pier in her purple kimono drinking cocktail. It was beautiful but one thing was bothering her. The smell. When she trained her dragon slaying magic, her nose was upgraded to that of a dragon’s as well. Scents were stronger than ever, and she wasn’t used to it yet. Right now, she was getting a smell of low tide and dead fish. She quickly finished her drink and headed to the marketplace in the middle of town.

As she headed into the market, her nose picked up a sweet smell. It was that of flowers and spices. The closer she got to it the more intense it became. It was almost euphoric. So euphoric that she didn’t notice where she was going. She walked into a woman hard enough to knock her down. This brought her back to reality as she looked down mortified and reached her hand down to help her up. “I’m sorry miss. Are you OK?”


#3Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Thu May 26, 2022 7:13 am

Judith Karlinius
No doubt it was a perfect situation, Everything was going as planned. So many things to use back at home for the guild members and people for the ideas she had, It would add a bit of flare to say she travelled to Minstrel for these things. There was a smile on her face for the idea of it all if anything this proved more and more she in fact would have to go about shopping in other nations more and more to find these things, nothing else could really be on her mind at this time since most of the things on her list where achieved.

Then she figuratively hit a wall and fall over, pondering to herself in which how she managed to encounter a person so close by and manage that so quickly, But it happen none the less. The sky line in minstrel was nice so being on the ground for the moment did not bother her. Judith would accept the help up."I am find, Just did not expect to encounter a figurative wall."Judith seemed in good spirits about it she even laughed slightly about it, Then again Judith was a trick woman to up set.

She did not let go of Nova's hand yet but shook it afterwards."I am Judith, It is wonderful to meet you."With that normal warm motherly smile on her face, She would then let go of Nova's hand."I was almost expecting to be hearing the common Minstrel language after that, But It appears i am wrong."Even if it was just their meeting started by running into one another, Judith continue to just have it seem like nothing has happen.She was generally use so far just trying to get back with most people talking in the main language around here, There was some Fiorian spoke here every once in a while.

#4Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Fri May 27, 2022 2:57 am

Nova Kentaurus
Luckily, the woman wasn't too angry at her slamming into her. In fact, she brushed it off like a champ and would introduce herself. Nova was relieved that she spoke in a language that she could understand. She was trilingual but Minstrel was not one of them. Tightening her grip,  she shook Judith's hand and returned the introduction. "Pleasure to meet you. My name is Nova." From her initial impression, Judith gave off a very elegant aura that appealed to Nova. The smell wasn't half bad either. "Sorry I got lost in the crowd and got rushed." It was a lie but it was a lot better than saying the truth that she smelled so good Nova lost her head and ran it her.

Nova would brush herself off and regain her composure from the incident. She figured since she had Judith she would ask her a question. "Say Judith are you from around here? I just recently arrived so I'm still figuring out what to do in this country. Did you have any suggestions?" So far all she had done was reach the hotel and hang out along the oceanside since she arrived. She hoped Judith would have some other suggestions she could try while she was here.


#5Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Sat May 28, 2022 6:20 am

Judith Karlinius
For the moment Judith had no reason to assume Nova was lying to her to start with."It is easy to get lost in thought or mind when in place out your normal, It is just something I note when even I do it."Maybe just be sure Judith never knew you lied to her even if it was a silly reason, But that could only be a worry for later if it was ever brought up again."The mind learns so much, Yet continues to try and take in more."Judith seemed to mention that with a bit of a smile, Like it was something she has seen before.

As for is Judith was from around here."No, I am a native and from Fiore. I merely here to visit and collect a few things for personal and work matters."it seemed to be a fair way to go for such things but Judith worked in weird ways."For suggestions, It would honestly depend on what your looking for."She was more then happy to help if she could. Judith was always willing to help some one even if she was just here shopping casually for other things."I am personally here for spices,seasonings,Coffees, Teas and Recipes I can personally use when at work."Judith mention as she then just figured Nova would continue walking with her.

She would be sure to walk slow at first in case something came up that she did not walk."Keep in mind, I am looking more out there and interesting things I can not normally get at home. So my list might be a bit small and could have found most of it by now." Which  might be the case but Judith can continue looking around. For there was always that one last chance for something.

#6Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Sun May 29, 2022 3:18 am

Nova Kentaurus
Judith spoke very eloquently which was throwing Nova off. She just smiled and nodded at her advice. Nova guessed by her accent that she wasn't from around here but Judith finally confirmed it. She was from Fiore as well. The reason she traveled here was for goods like seasonings and coffee. That would explain the intoxicating fragrance she picked up from earlier. Nova did love her coffee. Reaching into her hip pocket she would pull out her rune knight badge. Unleashing a small amount of magic energy, she caused it to glow with the rune knight seal. The glow was a way to verify the person wielding the badge was an officially recognized member.

"I currently live in Fiore as well as a seated knight. Right now I'm on vacation. Small world huh?" Her status didn't really mean much here but it was a way to put Judith at ease. Since it was a different country she was limited on what she could actually do. It was best to let Minstrel's police force handle anything and just relax. With that ,Nova got an idea.

"Say since you're looking for coffee how about you take me to your favorite spot you've found out here? My treat. It's the least I could do for bumping into you. " Nova put her badge back in her pocket and pulled out some jewels to flash at Judith. This way Judith could look for what she needed and Nova could get a sweet taste of the countries best blends.


#7Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Mon May 30, 2022 6:47 am

Judith Karlinius
Where Nova seemed to not have a second showing she was a Rune Knight, Judith would hold back for the moment what entirely her connection with in Fiore was, Not that she had horrible intentions, She just wanted to see how different things might be as long as she did not know Judith was well the Fairy Tail guild master."Well it is wonderful to meet you honourable knight."If Nova did ask Judith she would at least tell her she is a part of the guild and which it was just not her rank. But it was not mentioned yet

As for it being a small world. It seemed to be correct."It brings some kind of feeling of relaxation, to be able to talk to some one when you assumed you might not be able too."Judith had ways to get by it seemed given the small collection of things she seemed to have gotten so far. But now something else far more tempting.

But with a smile upon her suggestion."Well that does sound like a grand idea, Give me a chance to see how different it could be made and taste compared to what I make."So it sounded like a fun adventure, Surely it would not be that hard to find?"if too different then at home, I will have to figure out how to make it for my guild members, When I find the time too."These small hint games might be annoy to some one eventually but for now she would tick to them.

After all Judith was an strange one that was for sure."It sprout the left of creativity from the mind of the curious tree."Yes she was back to most likely confusing people with figurative confusing phrases about nature and mind with in the same way of thinking. But since Nova was new to being around Judith would most likely seem even out strange.

But alas before she went much into it she would just ask while reading the signs around her."How are the rune knights as a group these days? I have not heard too many things about them, The only one I know of their ranks has been away for a long time now."It was a white lie about the connection being away for a while since well they where dead but that was entirely needed for Nova to know unless she went into Judith's personal life."I do hope they are well even if I have not heard much from them in a while."Judith sounded curious but she would not get too nosey about it, Since there could be things easily not allowed to be mentioned.

#8Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Tue May 31, 2022 10:31 am

Nova Kentaurus
Nova was happy to see that Judith accepted her proposal. Even if it was only for a little while, it was nice to hang out with someone who could relate to them for a bit. The elf woman seemed very passionate about her coffee which made Nova even more excited. She worked long hours and third shifts as a knight. Coffee was her best friend to help keep her awake. Over time she became a connoisseur of all the types and flavors. “Well, if you need a volunteer to try your blends, I’ll always be a willing subject” She would say with a chuckle. She hoped they arrived at the shop soon.

As Judith spoke, Nova noticed she mentioned she was part of a guild as well. Before she could pry further, Judith asked her about the knights. Nova rubbed her chin to think but didn’t really find anything of note lately. “The knights are doing fine last I heard. The country isn't on fire so that's always a plus. I’m a grunt still since I recently moved from Fiore from Seven. They keep me out of most of the details and just have me do patrols. ” Still, the job was almost like a dream compared to her home country. There they had monster attacks every day while in Fiore it was just guild drama for the most part.

With her question answered, Nova would flip it back on her. "You mentioned you had a guild as well right? Are you a mage then?" she asked. Mages were pretty rare in the world so that would be another thing they had in common. Some guilds took in people without magic but the majority did have some special power they were given.


#9Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Wed Jun 01, 2022 8:56 am

Judith Karlinius
Well if there was ever a good thing was a willing volunteer at least when your often making and creating things for people to drink and eat. Thus it would lead Judith to have to go a bit more in depth."Oh is it just coffee you are willing to subject yourself too?"She did not mean this in a horrible way but she was curious that was for sure."Or is some one willing to subject themselves to taste testing of food ideas?"If anything Judith was tempting some one new more and more just to see what would happen, If she said yes it was just more work for Judith that she has already done before, So nothing too new.

So she was new, So if they are just going about alive and existing maybe truly they just behind the scenes now days like she thought, So for now she might have to think about other things since she got the answer."Some busy work like that is not so bad, Sounds just about as casual as I do for my work."It might be a good thing to slowly lead into her own work if need be.

But alas Judith did have to remember she did mention already she was a  member of a guild, Title and ranking aside for now. They would reach a place that Judith figured was a spot, maybe it was a helpful that sign had a tea cup or coffee mug. Judith reached out long before being at the handle of the door with a vine slowly sprout around her arm and slowly from her arm wrap around the handle and open the door."I have a gift, It is often called The Bless of Mother Nature."As Judith walked through the door, She held it open for Nova and while waiting the vine was gone.

But not known to Judith was Nova's feeling towards her kind of magic."Vine, Flowers, pollen and light. All tools and healing spells are such power this magic gives me a chance to use."Judith mentioned casually about it. Then she would find a table for both of them to sit at and talk to see what else they would talk about, Surely there was more to come.

#10Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Wed Jun 01, 2022 2:48 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Judith caught her off guard by asking her if she wanted to subject herself to more. She turned slightly red thinking that she was flirting with her. Nova had been with both men and women before so it was nothing new but she was surprised how straight forward she was. However, she brought up the subject of tasting food right after. "Food. Coffee. Whatever it is I'm here to experiment." Nova gave her a playful wink and left her answer ambiguous . "I'll follow your lead"

They finally arrived at the shop as they walked in together. Nova was caught off guard as Judith didn't answer her question but rather showed her magic off first. A vine was extending and opening the door for her. She slipped by and they both got to the table. The elf woman explained her magic was nature and one of healing, much to her disdain. The truth was, Nova wasn't a fan of healers. Not because of what they did but rather what she lacked. There was many she couldn't save with her normal medical practice that magic healers could. However, recently she had learned a power that had given her the ability to heal. She had become she hated and always wanted. The hate was still ingrained in her from years but she was trying to get better.

"I see. It's a beautiful magic and healing is a noble profession." she said with a flat tone. You could tell she was slightly off. Taking a deep breath she managed to get a smile back. "I suppose it's only fair I show you mine too." She lifted up her finger and lightning would start to run from her arm up to her finger. Small sparks would start to shoot out for a few seconds before she stopped it. "I have the opposite. Destructive lightning magic. Though I'm trying to find some applications to use it towards healing." There was a slight pause and they were interrupted by the waitress walking over. Nova would allow Judith to make the order for her seeing as she was the expert.

#11Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Fri Jun 03, 2022 8:44 pm

Judith Karlinius
If anything this seemed to make Judith even more happy."Good good, You will have to maybe excuse my grumpy husband, Or rowdy people with in my guild when this happens, But I promise you a treat to remember when the time comes."Judith mentioned she did not realize that might be risky to the mood at hand, But she was just merely making sure Nova knew the plan at hand. Nova did not know Judith was married and had three kids. But it was a simple thing down to road.

They would settle into everything with ease as Judith managed a few things.It would take a bit longer because Judith was trying to still for the most part talking to people who knew Minstrel and spoke mostly it, While speaking to them in Fiorian. But she was not giving up that easily, But they would get a table and it would be eventually that they would both in fact get coffee.

Even with the sparks Judith seemed like she enjoyed knowing."I am of the mindset, All ways of magic have uses."Judith so far did not seem to look down upon anyone for their magic she seemed rather polite about it. Since order were talking they had a bit more time to talk about the other things they could.

Since Judith had some understanding."Considering...how the body and skin work...In theory there might be something to test."Judith was going to give some kind of advise for Nova to consider trying down the road.  However and she would mention."It is...extremely risky."How Judith knew these things might be a strange one but in theory made sense.

It would require a lot of control so much so, That it was equal parts of the mind as it was practice and skill with magic."Example..take some kind of open cut, Rather then zap as a high enough power to burn it close...In theory you could see if it id possible to energize the skin cells of a person with lightening to get the cut to close faster."Judith did not mind sharing this theory, But it was only just that a theory.

She would even remark that it was that."Keep in mind, This is only a theory with in how a person's body could work, I can not say for sure such an event could turn out."Then well with that she waited for what Nova thought of the idea. Judith just assumed it could lead to more pain as well. But there was they mere idea.

#12Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Sun Jun 05, 2022 9:05 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Husband!? Nova didn't know if she could go that far. After all she had always enforced justice in both Fiore and Seven when she worked for the police forces. Marriage disputes were always prevalent.  However, she couldn't deny the thought did give her a slight rush from how forbidden it was.  She just decided to let the subject go on it's own and move on.

Nova placed her order and listened to Judith explain her magic. It seemed Judith picked up on her slight change in behavior when the healing magic was brought up. She explained in an understanding tone that if practiced it could be as efficient as a normal healing magic. Though her intentions were good, Nova just felt it as condescending like all the healing mages she had been with before. There was many patients where she spent hours on but then a healing mage fixed them in minutes. Judith mentioned the idea of healing a small cut. Nova took the initiative to perform a demonstration.

Picking up the knife off the table, Nova would slice her wrist striking blood. It wasn't a deep cup to threaten her life but it was significant enough to require stitches at least. Nova pointed a finger at the wound and shot a small bolt of electricity at it. The lightning surged a few times as the injury would start to heal. However when it stopped, the wound was only partially healed. The bleeding had stopped but you could see the cut still. Nova would slam the table with her fist in anger before realizing what she had done. She composed herself and turned to Judith.

"I've done medical research for years but I still can't make this work efficiently. The healing just seems inadequate compared to others. " She didn't know the reason but her magic seemed to heal less when it was used on her. It possibly could have been because of her resistance to lightning from being a dragon slayer. It seemed like healing others was more effective though. Nova didn't want to swallow her pride and ask Judith to heal it. However, she still wanted to help fulfil her quest for knowledge. "So you said you're an experienced healer. What did you see from your perspective."


#13Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Tue Jun 07, 2022 6:26 am

Judith Karlinius
If anything, It was interesting Nova was bold enough to do it right away, Most people would wait until maybe not in a public area to do such a thing, But however it was remarkable some one was willing to take her idea and go with it. Judith's typical and some what still motherly way of being turned some what to just straight focus with a stare of interest.Her theory was just put to practice with some results. What was the next step here was a magical ponder. Being sure not to remain quiet for too long about it."Well, remarkable you are so willing and forth coming to do this right away."Judith mentioned she did feel sorry for the person who took their order to return with their coffees to a guest having the results of this situation happen.

"With already stopping the bleeding, You have completed the means for cauterization."
Judith mentioned because it was what she saw about it. What else could be done? it was a good question, Since she was not a spell craftier."It could be a few things, Maybe the process with the spell needs to be slower to work on the deeper parts of a wound."Judith was starting to ponder if she needed a note pad for the notes she was mentioning."Maybe even then, it might matter on temperature,frequency   and control method."Judith mentioning control method because anything that has to do with electricity is often offensive and damaging Judith and Nova were here making theories for a spell that the magic is never known to do nor unsure if it was even possible to do to start with."Even now, your progress even if a bit harsh is interesting progress to start with."She mentioned to make a positive note about this matter even if Nova was annoyed.

But just in case, Judith looked around for a moment before doing this just to not bother anyone else."But just in case to not leave yourself injured, Allow me to do something."Judith herself would cast a dealing spell only because it would make sure Nova's hand was okay, But if Nova maybe was attentive enough she could link the feeling of being healed from her magic to help in the theory crafting of electric based healing spell, Maybe they were on to something it was a strange one. But the room would get bright for a moment just as Judith did warn she was about to do something here, Just while sitting in her chair, Just for that moment to help Nova not be injured then well the spell would gone.

It might also draw attention but if it means they got their coffee sooner it might not be a bad thing at all."Still consider the fact you have manage what you did so far an interesting feat in theory and learning towards spell crafting."It was positive reinforcement, Even if Nova might not want it. It was there and being shown that good things could be come of this, if worked on more and more overtime.  

Spell used::

#14Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Tue Jun 07, 2022 9:31 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Nova realized the whole room had eyes on them now. The way she cut her wrist was very impulsive and they probably thought she was crazy. However, she knew no harm would come from it and her desire to learn more about magic had blocked them out. Now that it had all settled down, it was mortifying. She just closed her eyes and held her head in her hands as Judith spoke.

The elf mage would go on to explain methods of healing she could try to adjust to make it better. It was a kind gesture that she appreciated but it was all things she had tried before. Studying as a medical student she read most healing magics in the world were of water, nature, light, or some gentle element. This is the first recorded time she had seen such a violent element as lightning heal.  Still she didn't want to be rude so she just smiled at Judith and said "I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks."

The room lit up as flowers sprung on her wrist. She felt the the pain subside as the cut was now fully healed.   "Is that you're magic? It's very pretty and very efficient." Nova flexed her hand a few times and twisted her wrist and it was good as new. She picked the flowers off and placed them on the table. Judith praised her as well but she still knew she had a far way to go. "I suppose we can try later together. Seems like our examples are scaring the customers. So what do you recommend to drink here? "


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#15Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 8:02 pm

Judith Karlinius
At least in some manner, maybe her point where making sense. Well in Judith mind anyway that way they could continue on with other things to do.But maybe it was better for one final mention."Do keep in mind, to develop a spell such as a we talked about may talk a bit of time,Don't entirely lose hope on it."This was more of a typical motherly thing for her to say because. Just because of failure for now does not mean it won't work down the road, it took a fair amount of time. As not to rule it out in the end.

Or hopefully not rule it out.But they had other things to talk about."A good thing in some manner to learn if a place to do is try the simple things."At least it was a her way of doing things. As such she would provide an example."So maybe aside from our possible coffee, Maybe get simple bread basket to start."It was what Judith would suggest to see how they could settle into here."depending on mood get some: Quiche, Salmon en papillote, Bouillabaisse. Or the most simple that might not be expected Steak frites which is well....Steak and fries."Judith mentioned casually.

But even then, Judith had something else in mind herself."I will personally consider getting. Flamiche"most of these words did not seem to make munch sense for the most part, But Judith had done some digging up to start with."It is if you want to think about it, a pastry that is like a pizza with crust on top with different kind of fillings compared to a normal idea of pizza."She explained it plainly but maybe as they did actually make sure to get what they wanted it would make more sense.

Then as she thought about it one final thing."A light and maybe a it more healthy idea is ratatouille if you are in the mood for vegetables."Judith left her with options because she did not know what kind of diet Nova kept up for herself. But she listed off things she knew from reading and taking her time to understand what they are.But she also mentioned what she was getting a long with her coffee.  So when the time came what exactly she told Nova she was getting, she mentioned in ordering, Almost like she was not hiding much else.

#16Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 11:09 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Once again Judith kept on encouraging her. Nova couldn't help but start to like this woman. Judith genuinely seemed like one of the nicest people she had ever met. She had this warm and positive aura about her. She would take the advice for now. However, it was time to eat. Ever since transforming into a dragon slayer, her appetite had increased almost ten fold.

Nova listened intently as Judith read off all the items to try at the restaurant. The more she spoke, hungrier Nova got. There was so many options that she just couldn't decide. Nova pulled out her wallet from her waist and checked out how much she had. Luckily, she was loaded right now from doing a few B rank requests before traveling out. Nova looked Judith in the eyes and smiled.

"Everything" She said pausing for a moment. "We're ordering all of that food you just said. We're on vacation right? Let's try something different. It's my treat remember?"  She wouldn't take no for an answer. Even if Judith didn't want anything, Nova could always eat the scraps. "Sound good to you?" She was excited to see Judith's response. The elf woman was very calm and collected so far so she wanted to see if this would prompt a reaction out of her.


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#17Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 3:05 pm

Judith Karlinius
Remarkable, this lady had the hunger to rival most of the member she fed normally with in the week if this entire situation would work out as she thought. But she would have to mention it."With in my short tenure as Guild Master that is still going on and one of the longest running members of Fairy Tail, I must say your just as quickly to feast as most of my guild."Judith revealing that part of her in a more casual manner.

But if she wished to feast, She would feast."Sounds like a good thing to me, Then I can say I have tried enough food here to change the menus around at work."It was all connecting and maybe not as a shock to Nova before her now was the newly elected Fairy Tail guild master, if that word has spread out anyway. She had a bit of a longer history with in Fairy Tail and being with in it for a long time."But yes, It does sound good to me."

Just was a normal person like anyone else after all, Nova was a great and polite host and conversation keeper. So Judith would make sure when the person came around to get the order to make sure it was all mentioned correctly. When it was confirmed the delighted motherly elf smile was displayed again. Since she was entirely serious about the order, The person who took it was unsure it was correct but they went off anyway."It might take a bit of time for them to bring everything, But I am sure both you and I could eat everything."It was pretty good now to wait and see what else they could talk about, Because Judith assumed once food hit the table there would not be much to mention.

#18Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 9:57 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Nova took a sip of her drink while Judith spoke. When she did, she almost choked on it after she revealed that she was not only a guild master but for one of the biggest guilds, Fairy Tail. Nova coughed for a bit but was able to swallow it down and regain her composure. On the bright side, it seemed the members of her guild had an appetite that matched hers so she agreed to order everything. While the food was nice, Nova was more interested in Judith again. She had met high ranking officials in the Rune Knights but never had met a guild master in person.

"Guild Master?!?!" Nova just looked wide eyed at Judith for a few seconds almost in disbelief. That would explain that aura she had about her. People would naturally be drawn to a woman as kind and caring as her. "You're actually the first one I've met believe it our not. It's not how I expected it. Thanks for helping us Rune Knights for all theses years." Nova said bowing her head per Joyan tradition. Even with all the guilds changing, Fairy Tail had stayed strong for many years always on the side of good. It helped make her job easier when they called on them.

"So have you been in Fairy Tail all your life? How long have you been guild master?" She asked. They had some time to kill while they waited for food so she wanted to get to know Judith better.


#19Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) Empty Mon Jun 13, 2022 9:13 am

Judith Karlinius
The reaction was some what interesting. This would be a fun and interesting things for Judith to continue to do on people who did not know her face to face. Not that she intended any harm with it, it was just a funny thing to do."Keep in mind I am still new to it, With it being a few months or more since the change into that role of Guild Master."She mentioned hopefully to Nova not panic as much about it, After all Judith wanted to be the guild master most people could find and talk too with out problem. But Judith was just herself in the end.

But it seemed maybe Judith was a strange case, Nova had not met many guild masters. With Judith being the first maybe she should consider it an honour."In the end, My goal as guild master is to have everyone get along, Even if...at times my guild members get a bit much at times."Yes being a long time member of Fairy Tail she knew at times how much of pain in the butt to people at times."Helping when needed is always something I stride towards, However given how long I have been around, I can admit...at times Fairy Tail's means to help is random and limited."She could admit it was a bit chaotic since Judith could never promise she had means to help all of the time, everything was limited  and hard strict.

But to answer the how long part."I joined Fairy Tail back when Adriana was guild master, Back when I was just a mother looking to fill her spare time after her children had grown up."It did not give an exact time. But Judith knew they had time."That was almost 10 years a go at this point."She guessed it was ten years Judith if pressed about it could mention she often did not count the years, But it felt like a life time a go over all to her.

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Nova Kentaurus
Judith was fairly new to the guild master role, but she had been in Fairy Tail for a while. A whole 10 years at that. There weren't many guilds in Seven where Nova grew up, so they were still new to her. She had heard they were like a second family where people stay for life and her story certainly proved it. Her goals even were to make everyone get along. The Rune Knights felt that way for her as her mother and father both worked for them. One day she would want to go to one of the guild halls to check them out for herself. She had only seen them from the outside.

"Congrats on the promotion! I'm sure if you can get a stranger like me to like you in this amount of time, the guild mates you have known for years will learn to accept you too." Nova said. "And if they don't, you're a powerful guild master. Hit them with a high rank spell to teach them a lesson. Then heal it afterwards." It was a joke but sometimes people just needed a swift kick in the butt to fall in line. Guild master's were known not only for their leadership but their extreme power. She was sure Judith was no different. Nova decided to shoot her shot while she had her. "You'll have to take me on a tour of the guild some time."

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Judith Karlinius
If anything it seemed maybe this was a bit more relaxing then she first thought about it. Then again she would be sure to openly admit it. it was"Well keep in mind, My change over to guild master was entirely suggested and voluntary by the last guild master before me."Which might be interesting but Judith did not really have much to hide about it. She was not overly strong just known and liked. But maybe she did not need to put that out there entirely yet, Just the few things she mentioned now.

But her wishes seem to be a bit different then she first thought."Interesting, way of thinking it. i doubt I would need to show my wraith figuratively."But she laugh slightly about it, But then again no one had really seen Judith mad so that would have to be marked as yet to be mad which is either a good thing or bad, Depended on the person's view of it."But make that what you will."It was not a normal thought with in her mind over all since who needed to worry about the wraith of Judith she was harmless after all.

But she wanted to see the guild it was a simple request."I do think that is a simple and easy request, I just don't control all people well enough that they could be well behaved enough to not fight or get too drunk."Which was a fair warning to say. Since well Fairy Tail was some what of a house of people who just barely obeyed laws, only just because they preferred to follow what Judith said."But a tour is simple, Between me doing my normal things."To think that a free tour guide of the guild from the master them self is an interesting thing to have in mind.

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Nova Kentaurus
Judith didn't seem like the type to discipline her guild mates and she said as much. Still she did get a laugh out of her. Much to Nova's delight, it seemed that she would be able to give her a tour when the arrived back in Fiore. Nova would have to chalk it up on her schedule when she had free time. However, Judith did warn her that the guild mates can get rowdy even when she is there. Nova would just laugh and pull out her rune knight badge and put it on the table. "It's alright. Even though I would mean no harm, people usually calm down once they see this badge. Comes with being a knight" Nova would then grab the badge and put it back on her belt. Then she shrugged her shoulders at Judith. "Even if they did get rowdy I can still hold my own if it comes to it." Nova would let a small surge of lightning roll up her body just as a small showing of her magic power. "But I appreciate it. I'll have to stop by when I'm free."

By the time she had finished, the waitress had rolled out a tray with all of the food they ordered. Plate after plate filled the table until there was almost no room left. They truly did bring everything on the menu. Nova quickly didn't hesitate and grabbed the nearest thing to her. She shoved the bread in her face, followed by the fish, and washed it down with a handful of steak fries. It wasn't like a normal person eating but a beast feasting. Nova suddenly realized how she was acting and quickly apologized to Judith. "Sorry I didn't mean to grab everything before you had a chance. Ever since I got this dragon slayer magic I just can't control my hunger like I used to be" She said. It was the first person she had ever told but she trusted her and if anyone knew anything about it, a guild master might.

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Judith Karlinius
She had the right kind of spirit that was something Judith enjoyed over all about Nova, At least she would not try to convert her into a member of her guild, A person with in the Rune Knight was good to have on her side."It is just what i expect of my members in the long terms, Most of them are lovely just a few of them seem to view law enforcement as a foe for some reason."Judith knew the people well, since her figurative power was always who she knew and was connected too."Even then, it might not be needed i can just hope people behave themselves just to avoid a situation entirely."Judith could laugh about it casually. Only because she just had a feeling of how it all worked in her end.

It was interesting to always see the see people work like this."I might not know exactly why it might connect, I have not see or met many slayer magic types eating over all."It was a good mention but it would show that Judith was use to seeing people eat as much and as quickly as she was now."Between my guild members, Raising four children total, seeing food eaten quickly is not something unexpected."Judith would eventually at least reach for something herself generally so it did not seem that Nova was eating a lot, she was fairly slower then Nova, was it because she did not have a slayer magic? it could be a few factors over all but Judith did not mind at all.For it had been a while to see things like that. It was refreshing to see."As long as the food is good, the cook who made this food should consider it a compliment."At least she mention while quietly eating one of the plates herself. The food could give her a few ideas as she slowly started in eating things.

Judith could remark one thing."A busy dragon slaying rune knight, I would have to ponder what kind of drink or food to make for you when you visit Fairy Tail."After all, Judith was interesting in making visitors who she knew in advance would show up have at least something to drink of their choosing.This was just a Judith way hinting in ways to learn things Nova liked, a normal thing done by Judith.

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Nova Kentaurus
Nova waved it off as it was no big deal if they feared her being in the law enforcement. "Don't worry about it. I'll be off duty when I come visit then. That way they won't have anything to fear." Most people she knew of in Fairy Tail were of good reputation so she wouldn't have to do anything to them. Even if she was able to find someone doing something illegal, there wasn't much she could do at her current level against a whole guild hall. It would probably just be best to hide the fact that she was a Rune Knight when she came over.

She continued to devour the food with reckless abandon and listened to Judith. It seems she wasn't super familiar with dragon slayers. Truth be told, Nova didn't know much either. She was still freshly trained and had only read about it in books after she had transformed. However, her body was able to tell her things on its own. "Well you see ever since I became a dragon slayer, I've gotten a dragons habits. Even though I have a small frame, I feel like I can eat as much as an actual dragon itself. I can't just eat a salad and be satisfied like the old days." The power was nice but the food costs were going to hit her budget hard. Luckily Judith said she would cook for her.

"If you did want to cook for me, anything chicken related is good. Buffalo is my favorite. However, if you have a lightning mage in your guild, you can just have him throw some spells at me and I'll eat that too." Nova laughed. Honestly, lightning had become her favorite food but it still felt awkward asking for it. After all not many people could eat freaking electricity. "I'll have to bring something for you when I visit. Do your or your kids prefer anything?"

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Judith Karlinius
If that was the case, Maybe Judith needed to look into how many people with in her guild were Dragon Slayers, maybe it would help explain a bit few costs with in the guild, That or people had far too many times just kept enjoying more and more with out limits, After all she did have costs to balance as well with in the means of just being a guild master since it did make her busy, Even being here people might not be careful when she was was away. But that was nothing new to Judith just normal life.

But it was an interesting thing still to know of."Hmm..Just means extra supplies when you visit, I am sure I can manage."Judith could not help but slightly laugh. Because hungry and drunk people were just what she was use too, people just generally come and go for the most part rather staying long term."I would have to ask if it is the same with other dragon slayers, But I have not met too many out in the open to know."Still at least she was not bother but some one shovelling food into their mouth since it was just something

With her mention it seemed workable to Judith."I can not promise to be able to find some one to help me infuse actual elemental magic into food, But at least the other one i can manage."It was a worthy note of she did not know think anyone in her guild has anyone form of shocking magic like that. "Do not worry about bringing anything for my children, All of them are at least late 20's and out of the house, I do not know where one of them are and the son closest to the guild doesn't like showing up outside of his tea house often."These aren't small tiny ones as she was far too use too. But then again these children were a strange case as much as Judith was. But that could be a conversation for later on with in this possible friendship.

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