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Future Generations (Solo Quest)

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Future Generations (Solo Quest) Empty Wed May 25, 2022 3:15 am

Dan smiles as he looked down at the flier I his hands 'Help Wanted! Please See Teacher Sandine For More Information!' Dan noded as he walked into the school and headed towards the classroom. Dan knocked on the door and waited for a response. After a few moments the door opens and the teacher looks at Dan curiously "Hello I am here about the job you requested with fairy tail?" Teacher Sandine took a moment to register when Dan said before she smiles and nods in the room. "Thank you for coming so quickly I have been having some trouble with students falling asleep in my class lately. Your job is to keep any students you see nodding off awake." She said as he cleaned a few papers off her desk.

"But I do want something to be clear I do not think you would so this but I have to say this i do not want the kids hit or hurt in anyway." Dan noded seriously at that of course he would never do that but he understood that she has to say that. Dan walked to the back of the class and sat down and waited for the students to begin filling the class. As he sat and waited he watches as children slowly begin to fill the seats of the room. He listens as he hears whispering and looks to see that the kids were pointing to him to which he smiled and waved making them look away blushing at being caught.

Teacher Sandine clapped her hands to get everyone's attention "Hello class I can see everyone has noticed our guest, our guest here is a mage of fairy tail here to do a job so I don't want everyone looking back at him all class is that understood?" To which the class replied yes. At this she turns and begins her lesson of the day. Having nothing to do yet Dan decides to listen in on her class. Teacher Sandine's lesson was about the history of fiore and how the guild systems started. Dan was listening when he noticed a boy about to nod off.

Smiling Dan waved his hand using his frost make magic to create a small breeze of cold air around the boy. Nothing that would cause any harm but enough that it woke him up. The boy looked around until he saw Dan wave to him with a grin. The boy blushes at being caught falling asleep and turns to listen to the teacher. Dan has to do this three more times on different students before the day ends. Dan smiles as he watched the kids slowly walk out the door to go home. Dan walks up to the teacher who smiled and hands Dan his payment "Thank you this is the first time I have had the whole class awake in a good while." Dan nods to her "it was nothing I was glad to help." Dan replies as he walks out and heads back to the guild.

Word Count: 507/500

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