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Pest Control PT. 11 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 11 (Neutral)  Empty Wed May 25, 2022 12:27 am


What was Yuurei going to do today? He was going to take on a job. This job had come to him from the messenger of the guild. It seemed like someone else had requested his help. It would seem like there was another shop that had been infested by the rodent problem throughout Orchidia. He was going to help out with that problem as he had done so every other time. This was no different, and he didn’t feel bad about it. He knew that he was going to make sure that this client was happy and that they could enjoy the shop they bought.

The light mage was Renji as the two were making their way to the location. They were moving through the Orchidia Streets as people were happy with their appearance. It seemed like the people of this City liked when Yuurei came around. They knew of his accomplishment and none of it was bad at all.



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They would wave at Yuurei and kids would make their way around him. Yuurei would wave back, and he would smile at all the kids as he put his handouts to them. They would touch his hands as they were excited that someone as famous as him resided in the north. He had to keep moving because he had a job to do. If he didn’t then he would have stood there to enjoy their time. The light mage kept walking through the streets and soon enough he would be at the market area. It was here he had seen a lot of people that had been helped by him.

They would wave at him, and he would have waved right back at them. They knew if he was here then he was buying something or helping another of their problems.

“You’re too popular. You need a way to disguise yourself.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would chuckle when he heard Renji’s words, but he was kind of right on that.



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It wouldn’t take long for the duo to make their way to their destination. The client they were supposed to be meeting would be two people. It would seem like they were waiting for them for a while. He wondered if they were family or a couple. Still, he figured he would find out soon enough. Yuurei and Renji would walk together as they were approaching the two people waiting for them at the shop. When he got close enough he would come to a stop as he would look at the two of them.

“Hey there. I came for the job in your shop.” He said to them.

They would look at him and would recognize that it was Yuurei that had appeared here. This was good and they were happy to see him here.

“See, honey I told you he would come.” He said to the woman, which confirmed Yuurei what they were to each other.

“Yes, you did, and I’m glad he showed up because we need him to do this quickly.” She said to her husband as she looked over at Yuurei.



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Yuurei would look at them and wonder who was going to be the one who was going to be talking to him. The woman was the one who was looking at Yuurei and it seemed like she was going to be the one to talk to him.

“So, we bought this shop from some guy. It seems like he owns a lot of these shops and has been selling them to everyone. Still, it seems like ours have been infested with a bunch of rodents. It seemed like a lot of the owners here had this problem too and you were the man they had gone to. I want you to take care of this problem for us, so we can start our business with each other.” She said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would smile at her, and then he would look over to the man with the same smile on his face. He looked over to Renji as it seemed like he was fine with doing this. They would look over to the wife who was talking to them.



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“Yeah, we’ve been through this already, so we will take care of your infestation. The only thing that I got to say is that when I seal the source where they’re coming from it will be a temporary solution. I will tell you where to find it so you can have someone seal it up permanently. You will also need someone to clean up and pick up the dead rodents I take care of.” He said to the woman.

She would hear his words and she would nod as if she was fine with this. Yuurei was glad that she understood what he wanted from her. Now that they had that situated, Yuurei would walk over to the entrance of the shop. Renji would follow next to him as he knew what was going to happen when they got in there. Still, he was ready, and he was waiting for Yuurei to go inside.

The light mage would do just that as he would open the door without hesitating, and he would enter followed by Renji.



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The door would close behind them, which would make sure that nothing could escape. They would look around to see that there were a few places they could go.

“So which way are we going?” He asked Yuurei.

“We will go to the left and see what’s there.” He said to Renji as he would start walking over to the next room.

When he got there, he would see that there were a couple of rats gathered up together. It would seem like they were hoarding a bunch of valuables there. He would look at them and they would feel that there was someone else here. It was the scent of the duo that gave them away as the rodents looked over at them.

Yuurei figured this would happen, and he looked over to Renji. The Exceed would open his bag and a bunch of stuff would cover Yuurei for battle. He would get into a fighting stance as the rats had started running toward him and Renji.



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While they were coming straight toward him, Yuurei would start punching them with all his might and they would turn into gold when they were struck. Yes, at this point he was just hitting them all with his left hand. The rats were falling to the ground as they were turned to gold at the same time. He was surprised about this and couldn’t believe that his gauntlet had this much power.

Renji was impressed with this as he watched the rats fall to their doom. He would move to the side to avoid them. It wouldn’t take long, but the rats in this room would be taken care of. He would walk over to the valuables that they had hoarded in this room and Renji would pick them up. He would put everything into his bag, and he would wait for Yuurei to make his next move.

The light mage would see that everything was clear and he would walk over to the next room.



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When he got to the next area of the shop, he would see there were more rats here. It would seem like they were waiting for Yuurei and Renji. He figured that was the case because of the noise he had caused. The rats that he had taken out didn’t make noise, so that had to be it. He rushed straight toward the rats this time. He wasn’t trying to give them time to gather themselves. When he got to them, he would start attacking them one by one. His Midas Gauntlet was going to work as he would punch through them and turn them to gold.

The fight was easy and those who tried to hit him would only find him dodging their attacks before counterattacking them. It wouldn’t take long, but he would take the rats out in this room too. Of course, he would find the value items that they were keeping to themselves and he had Renji collect them.



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Once they were done collecting everything, Yuurei and Renji would move over to the next room. When they got there, they would see that there were no rats within this area. The light mage kept moving with his Exceed and when they checked the entire floor, they could see there were no more rodents here.

The next place for them to check was the second floor. It would seem like this place would be the right place for storage. The Nephilim and Renji would make it up there and when they got there they would be met with a bunch of rats. Yuurei would see this as they started running toward him. He would move around as Renji would run back downstairs. He would deal with this as he would dodge them from charging him and punching them to turn them gold in the end.

He kept moving as he was making sure that none of them would be able to touch him.



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Yuurei continued his fight with the rodents, and it wouldn’t take long, but it would come to an end. The rodents up there would be all turned to gold, and now that they were done with this it was time. It was time for them to check if there was anything of value here. Renji would hear the fighting stop and he would come up the stairs. When he got there, he would chuckle a bit as he would look around. The Exceed would find things for him to take from the attic. When he did this, he would make sure that everything was cleared before returning to Yuurei.

The light mage would see that Renji was done, so they would go back downstairs. He would check the entire area, and he would see that they had cleared the shop of the rodents that had invaded this place. Now the next place to go was downstairs and find the hole that they couldn’t find earlier.



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Yuurei would go downstairs, and it wouldn’t take him long to see that there wasn’t anything down here. He would find the hole that the rats were coming from, and he would look around to find something to cover it. When he found it, he would move it to the hole, and he would sigh with relief. With this all said and done, Yuurei and Renji would go back up the stairs and out of the front door.

When he got out of the door, he would see that the couple was there waiting for them. Yuurei would smile at them as he would explain everything he had done. Renji would open his bag and he would bring out all the valuables that he found for them to take and do what they please. Once they saw this, they would walk over to the two of them and they would hand Yuurei his reward. The duo would take the money and they would head out to their next adventure.

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