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Utopian Demise [Guild Concept]

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Utopian Demise [Guild Concept] Empty Sat May 21, 2022 12:56 pm


Club Abyss Summer Kickoff

Hosted By: ZaZa


  • Must be 18+ to Attend! No kids!

  • Show I.D at the door!

  • 5,000 Jewel Entry!

  • Enjoy all three floors! Bottom floor for V.I.P only!

  • Alisa & Blue Pegasus get in for free and are automatically V.I.P!

  • What happens in Club Abyss, stays in club abyss  Utopian Demise [Guild Concept] 1f608


  • Socials only. No bounties or contracts can be caught.

  • PG 13 threads only!

V.I.P Floor (Bottom Floor)

Club Floor (Main floor)

The Dive Room (Top Floor)

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