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Help At The Docks [D RANK Quest]

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#1Vanto Nuarde 

Help At The Docks [D RANK Quest] Empty Sat May 21, 2022 11:02 am

Vanto Nuarde
Hands in his pocket Vanto looked amongst the docks of Hargeon. The construction was here and there as it looked like a common expansion.  This part of the dock was mostly cut off and now the population was mostly construction workers. This led Vanto to discover a group of individuals surrounded by a man who seemed to be giving out orders. As the rest of the men walked away Vanto gave the man a simple nod.  The man took off his gloves and wiped the sweat off before extending a hand." Reign Valystasia pleasure to meet you." Taking his hand and returning a firm handshake he did the same." Vanto Nuarde, where do you need me?" He responded swiftly. The faster he got to work the more he could help out.

"I like that."
The young lord walked around pacing before snapping his fingers as if finally realizing something. Walking to a bag he reached and grabbed a clipboard before handing it to Vanto. "I need you to head up near the middle of town. These are some contracts with my signature. The cargo should be in a push wagon with all the equipment we need over here." Collecting the clipboard  Nanto threw up a hand and was off. Luckily this was quite a simple job even for him.

It had seemed the best part of this job was allowing him to take stroll majority of the way through. Looking at the sights and people of Hargeon it was truly bustling yet peaceful. Very much so alive the thought before looking through the clipboard. Nothing out of the ordinary it had seemed like ordinary building supplies. After making it to the center of the city he located the merchant he needed by waving him down. Showing him the clipboard he had signed off on some of its forms. Taking some of the documents he handed the rest back to Vanto before showing him the wagon carrying the cargo. Grabbing the handle to the wagon Vanto lifed it up and slipped underneath.

With a good tug he was back off on his way down to the docks. Vanto was doing his best to keep to one side of the road and not take up all of the space. It was a little bit heavy but nothing he couldn't manage. Besides he was making it on good time as it only took him around sixty minutes. It had seemed the sun was already setting. Along the way of going back to the main house a few of the works had come to grab supplies. Majority of those working on the road had come to grab something leaving a few boxes left.Returning back with the cargo the employer smiled and reached in to his pocket. Waiting for Vando to step out of the cart he would put the bag of jewels into his hand before shaking it again." Thank you for all of your help kind sir." Vanto accepted his payment and waved the man off before leaving.


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