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Pest Control PT. 10 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 10 (Neutral)  Empty Fri May 20, 2022 12:15 pm


Yuurei decided that it was best to make as much money as he could. It was why he was taking on another job today. This job was nothing he was new to. He had noticed that there was another person in Orchidia that had acquired new property. This brought him to a specific area within Orchidia, and it was that of a shop in the market area. These places were infested with rodents it seemed and it was apparently his job to make sure that it wasn’t. He didn’t care about doing it, but it was a job he didn’t think he should be doing.

Renji was walking by his side and the Exceed was tired of being chased by a bunch of rats. Still, he knew that this was how they got the bills paid and kept food on the table.

“Another day of killing rats. I got to say you becoming the guild master doesn’t really matter now does it?” He asked Yuurei.

“I guess not. It just gives me more responsibility.” He said to Renji.



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Renji would hear those words and he would shake his head. It seemed like that was the case, but he was just happy that Yuurei was training to better himself and make sure that he was ready for the next fight with Ansem.

“Understood, just don’t become lazy.” He said to Yuurei as they continue walking.

The Nephilim kept moving through the market. He was following the direction of the paper of the job he had taken. The people in the city would wave at him and he would do the same as he had a huge smile on his face. They knew about him and knew what he had done for the North. It wasn’t just that, but he had even done a lot for Fiore period. It was amazing how someone who was this young and came out from nowhere had done so much for them.

He was proud of this and he would continue to do more for Fiore and the North itself.



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Yuurei and Renji kept moving around and soon enough they would finally reach their destination. They would see a woman hanging out in front of a store. She wasn’t just hanging out, but she was pacing back and forth. It seemed like she was dying for the rat infestation to be over in her establishment. Yuurei would walk toward her without hesitating and once he got close enough he would come to a complete stop.

The woman who was moving back and forth would notice that someone was looking in her direction. She would stop moving and she would look over to see who it was. When she looked at the man her eyes widen as she knew who he was. She had a smile on her face because he had come to her rescue. His appearance meant that this was going to be all over soon.

“Oh thank god, that it is you that came to my rescue Yuurei.” She said with her eyes sparkling and a smile on her face.



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Yuurei would hear her words and see her expression and he could see that she was excited that he was here.

[colro=cyan]“I’m glad that I’m here to help you. I’m assuming you have a lot of rats in that shop of yours. You want me to clear it out and see where they are coming from as well. If that is the case then the best thing I could say is this.”[/color] He paused for a second as he looked into her eyes.

“I can kill all rodents for you, but you will need someone to clean them up. I will find the source of where they coming from, but I will only be able to temporarily seal the hole. I will tell you where it is so you can get a permanent solution.” He would explain everything to her.

She would surprise by his words and it would seem like this wasn’t his first rodeo. She was glad to know because then it meant the rumors were true.



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“Alright then, I will leave you to it. I will be waiting out here until you come out with the good news Yuurei.” She would say to him.

Yuurei would nod as he was glad that she knew what to do. Renji would walk by his side as they would enter the shop in front of them. They opened the door quickly and would step into it without hesitating. It wouldn’t take long, but the door behind them would close and it was time to begin. He would look around the place trying to figure out where to start. It was then that he would hear a bunch of noise coming from the right side of the shop.

Renji would hear the same and they would look at each other. It was then they knew that it was the path they were going to go to.

Yuurei started walking first and Renji would follow what would be there they figured it was rats.



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When they got to the next room, they would hear more noises coming straight ahead. They would continue to follow the noise without hesitation. While they moved through the path Renji would look at him and figured he would suggest something.

“I will be the distraction and you go on and take them all out.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei was surprised that he had said that, but he was fine with that plan.

“Sure Renji.” He said to his friend.

Renji would walk ahead, and he would look around the area as he kept walking. While doing this he would come to a stop as a bunch of rats had looked in his direction. The Exceed was surprised about this but started running away the moment they started chasing after him. Yuurei would get behind a wall, so they didn’t see him as he was getting ready to kill every rat that was there. It was something they needed to do to get the job done.



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Yuurei would watch the rats go right by him as they were chasing Renji. When he saw this happen, the light mage would take advantage of all of this. He would start striking the rats when they had least expected it and were being taken out one by one. They would start squealing from the pain that was being caused to them. They didn’t think it would happen to them, but the rats in the front would stop their movements. They would see that there was another person there. They could see that Yuurei was the bigger threat and started running toward him.

They could get the cat later, but they needed to work together to take him out. Yuurei expected this and he would smile at them. This was going to be interesting, and he was preparing for it. Renji would stop running as he would look over at Yuurei and wanted to see how he would do with all of them heading to him.



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Yuurei was in his fighting stance and soon enough he started moving around. The rats were coming toward him, and he would start dodging their attacks as they were doing their best to charge at him. He knew even with the small space he could squeeze through areas that wouldn’t be easy to do. Whenever he felt like he couldn’t dodge he would strike with all his might at the rat, and it would send it flying and kill it at the same time.

The berserker continued fighting the rats there as he was striking down those that he knew he needed to. While this was happening, he would see that their numbers were decreasing, which was a good thing. Renji would smile because he could see that his training had truly paid off. Yuurei kept fighting though as he was taking them out. He would continue striking them and each time they would squeal before coming to complete silence.



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Yuurei kept fighting the rats and soon enough he would come to a stop. He would sigh with relief, but he had a bloodbath right in front of him. The rats were killed here, but his journey through the shop wasn’t done. There were a lot of rats gathered in one place. He found that weird, but he didn’t think anything about it. Instead, Yuurei would look over to Renji with a smile and a thumbs up.

“Good job Renji. Now let’s look for more rats and we probably can find some valuable stuff here.” He said to his partner.

Renji would hear these words and he would nod in agreement. The duo would start walking through the shop and looking to see if there were any rats hiding inside the place. While they were doing that, Yuurei and Renji would find a bunch of things left there by the previous owner. Renji would put all of these things in his bags as they continued moving around.



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It wouldn’t take long, but they would search every inch and corner of the shop. There weren’t any more rats in this place. It made sense because there was a huge number of them together. He didn’t understand why, but he wasn’t trying to either. They did find a lot of items that Renji had taken but was going to return to the new owner of this building. Their job wasn’t done though as the next thing they needed to do was go check where they were coming from.

Luckily Yuurei had found that already. While they were searching for more rats, Yuurei had found a hole in the basement. It had led to the sewers, and it seemed like this was a reoccurring thing. He shook his head and he had found something to cover the hole. When he covered the hole, he would sigh with relief, and he would just look at the spot.

“Now we go to her and tell her where to find the covered hole.” He said to Renji and they started walking back to the entrance.



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Yuurei and Renji were now at the entrance of the shop, and they would exit the place without a problem. The woman would see that they were both fine, and she was happy. She also knew that it meant that he had done the job that she hired him for.

He would approach the woman with a smile on his face as he figured he would explain everything to her.

“I got rid of all of the rats. I also found the hole. It’s in the basement and I covered it for the time being. Also, we found a bunch of things you can sell if you want to, Renji.” He said to her as Renji would open his bag.

A bunch of stuff would come out of the bag, and she was surprised about this. She was happy to see what she had gotten out of this, and she would hand Yuurei his reward. Once this was done, Yuurei and Renji walked around to see what else they could do today.



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