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Kuva Fishy Fishy 1

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Kuva Fishy Fishy 1 Empty Fri May 20, 2022 4:29 am

In the early morning, Kuva set out in all black. Her earrings dangled from her bunny ears, she darted about left and right and she danced and pranced, tucking away into the night. She had left Sia and Ikanbi instructions for the day and set out to deal with the problem at hand. Kuva, more than the other two, certainly loved fish and murder. She ate breakfast, a light hearty meal consisting of eggs, fish, and spice. She had sipped some lemon honey tea and set out after making sure her sisters were safe and sound. In no time at all she had begun her journey, and she wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

She set out into the early morning and went by boat off quite a ways. Something fishy was up indeed and the money sounded nice that day. She listened intently, her bunny ears twitching. She listened to the wind chimes, the ocean, the birds, the sailors. In no time at all Kuva found herself far away. The travel had been decent, she had found it hard to say, she was glad she had eaten already for the smell of the swamp they landed at was quite rough. She put on her mask and plugged her nose with filter, batted her eyes a few times and adjusted. She slowed her breathing, a full exhale. She held it for a long moment and passed through, counting the seconds but then letting it go and focusing on her objective. Once she made it through the swamp she began to trek silently around the yard, finding it rather ridiculous in general that someone hadn't dealt with it already. Then again, there were lots of monsters to hunt if one looked hard enough she knew to be true.

After a while, Kuva did get distracted and began tossing about the the area. She jumped into the trees for a better viewpoint and scanned around, then jumped to the cliff and looked down with her knife in hand.  She saw the creature, and wound up for her attack. The creature was some sort of bear hybrid looking thing, and she had read in the book that it was lycanthropic and cursed to be feral. Sad, really, it's not like they had a choice, but it was becoming a menace to more than the food supply so Kuva found herself becoming quite aware of her own movements as she drew closer. She moved faster immediately and jumped six meters into the air after sliding and lunging across the ground diagonally, throwing her knife directly in the creatures throat as she immediately left the ground after her quick burst of enhanced movement, jumping towards the target and striking just above its elbows with a well executed outside block before slipping their hands through and twisting the knife that had planted itself into the targets. She dropped her hips and swayed them, bobbing her head out of the way but delivering a headbut to the site of the creatures head mindful of her ears and earrings as well as the creatures teeth.

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