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Pirates [A-rank NQ]

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It had been a few days since she had taken care of the pirate crew plaguing Hargeon alongside Manzo that a peculiar letter arrived at the residence she had been renting with Priscilla. The messenger didn't know where it came from, or who send it but once she ended up reading its contents it might as well have been a declaration of war against her.

We know you were responsible for the death of our kin recently. If you do not wish for us to turn your wife into one of our wenches and feed your kids to the sharks you best return our treasure. You have one week.


Redbeard Buccaneers.

It was clear that whoever had written the letter had earned her ire, the hand that was holding the letter balling up into a fist, causing it to crumble in her grasp while she rose onto her feet. "Darling~ I be back in a bit, I got some business to attend to near town~"

Indeed, business that involved slaughtering a pirate crew that had the gall to threaten her. Esperia was quick to navigate her way through the familiar streets of Hargeon, but today there was no time for detours and pleasantries. She was clearly heading outside town with a purpose, in particular judging from the expression of the Demigoddess whoever was going to meet her would not be happy to do so in the slightest!

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It did not take her long to reach the encampment of the pirates that were called the Redbeard Buccaneers. A cursory glance at their encampment suggested they were plenty, at least several pirates were patrolling the outskirts of their encampment, and another group was resting near a campfire. However, the target of her ire was the pirate on top of the deck who was seemingly commanding the others: The Captain.

In most cases she would had been careful, cautious even but today she was in a foul mood, something the pirates would soon discover and regret immensely. Raising a hand to her side Esperia allowed the golden bow to manifest in her hand, a pull of the bowstring causing the fiery projectile to manifest and be send airborne in a large arch.

She could hear the pirates comment about the projectile, asking what it was but by the time they realized it was descending toward them, transforming into a meteor shower it was too late. Left and right the pirates were knocked onto the ground, some were even crushed underneath the meteor but Esperia didn't care, a cold steely gaze followed as she walked past them. So far she had dealt with the first of the idiots...

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The chaos at the entrance to the encampment was quick to bring the pirates at the campfire out of their stupor. Several of them already had picked up their weapons, dashing into her direction with the belief that they could overwhelm her by sheer numbers. A foolish notion at best, for the first of their group would already be felled by an arrow from her bow, and when finally one of the pirates drew near she showed that she was no stranger to martial combat. Her free hand balling up into a fist she nimbly took a backstep to avoid the wild swing of the pirate's sword, yet before he could recover from his attack she lunged forward, a fist jab aimed straight for his gut!

The man let out a pained cry, only followed up by the Demigoddess kicking his body backwards and finishing him off with another arrow shot! By then the two remaining pirates had already reached her, one swinging his sword at her flank, forcing her to raise her bow to deflect the swing, and although she could feel the bow was damaged from the impact it still held steadfast. The remaining pirate hesitatingly saw her earlier performance and started to flee back toward the ship, seemingly hoping to get help from his captain! To think they had the guts to threaten her... Ridiculous for sure.

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Although the remaining pirate was clearly annoyed at being abandoned by his own crew mate, it seemed he still intended to challenge her. At the very least she could give him points for courage. The pirate waited, sword in his for an opportunity to strike once more but then his opponent did something unexpected. The Demigoddess lunged backwards without any warning, a high jump following as she aimed her bow at him, the speed of her motion and the unnatural height of her jump making it impossible for her to even consider catching her. He did the only thing he could do: brave himself for an attack.

A sudden sharp pain coursed through the shoulder he had been holding his sword at, an arrow having pierced it and as a result the man felt the strength of his grip weaken, which was clearly the Demigoddess her intention for another shot was made, this one transforming into a large meteor that came crashing onto him! A scream came from the man as he was crushed underneath it, and with the last of the obstacles cleared Esperia turned her attention toward the ship and the leader of the Redbeard Buccaneers, the pirate captain himself...

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Arriving at the deck of the pirate crew's ship Esperia watched the pirate from earlier scurry to his leader who was clearly unimpressed by the results of his crew. "You're telling me you can't even defeat a single woman? I thought I had a pirate crew, not a bunch of teat-sucking babes!" The pirate captain yelled in anger, grabbing a hold of the pirate's throat and started to choke the life out of the man. However, when he saw the Demigoddess her arrival his gaze sharpened and his lips curved up into a malicious smirk. "I guess I'll have to do the work myself..."

Tossing aside the lifeless body of the pirate the captain took a step forward while Esperia addressed him. "So you're the one who send that letter?" To which the pirate captain replied with a smug: "And you're the buffoon that thinks she can waltz onto my ship thinking she owns the place, just cause she bested my little brother?"

Esperia glared at the man, raising her bow as she fired one of her projectiles, the arrow gracing the skin of the man's cheek. "You've made a big mistake thinking you could threaten my family..."

WC: 200
Total WC: 1070/1200


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It seemed the time for words was clearly over, for the pirate captain rapidly raised his other hand that had been concealing a pistol and without a moment of hesitation he started to unload the entire magazine onto her! One shot after another, but to the man's surprise the moment he shot the first projectile her bow disappeared, instead causing a large shield to manifest on her back while she started to step forward, unflinching as each shot seemingly hit her, and yet did not leave any sign of harm.

"What-what are you?!" The man exclaimed, dropping his emptied pistol onto the ground and attempted to reach for his scimitar but by then Esperia was already standing in front of him, a kick under the belt, somewhere in the area between the man's legs was followed by a hand reaching for his throat.

"I'm a mother, and a wife and you should know those two are the most dangerous ones to scorn. If you had not threatened my family I might had let you live but... You had the gall to try to take away my family... so I'll take away that what you have left."

As her hand started to tighten around the man's throat, her hand was suddenly engulfed in a golden glow, the hand of midas manifesting as she watched the man squirming in agony as he was turned into a golden statue...

"Guess I'll take their treasure back to the guards of Hargeon..."

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Total WC: 1200+/1200

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