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The Nimulli's Tracker ☪

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Name: Z'Aleel "Zael" | ZaZa (for short)
Age: ???

  • After The Third Event which caused Za to merge minds and spirits with 5 different people, absorbing their powers and latent abilities, it's safe to assume that her age cannot truly be determined. It's clear though, that she no longer has the appearance of her 14 year old self.

Height: 6'1
Eye Color: Gold
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Encan | Stellan | Bellan (???)

sssss ☠ - Nimulli (Anti-Illumin)
sssss ☠ - Overlord (Utopian Demise)
sssss ☠ - Archfiend

Class: Sorcerer
Race: Nephilim (Fallen) | Wood-Elf (Inactive)
Rank: B-Rank
Guild: Utopian Demise
Relationship: Fuck relationships


It could be said that Z'Aleel is a being who is curious, unencumbered by the restrictions, limitations, or opinions of the collective consciousness of society. A young man who is reserved, in the state of constant plotting, and generally accepting of most things. The Nimulli is highly adept at registering emotions, and because of that, he is able to gaslight and manipulate the people to obtain what she wants. Za performs his tasks as he pleases, how he pleases, and when he pleases. Sometimes, he may wish to devour or torture people, relishing their misery as he watches them fearfully wander into the unknown. Sometimes, he may wish to kill them suddenly, and sometimes, he may desire simply to help.

There is nothing more entertaining than chaos. Likely taking risks to quench his thirst for danger and dealing with what comes later, Zaza is indeed unpredictable in every sense of the word. He has absolutely no shame in lying, cheating, stealing, or doing whatever is necessary to get his way. One thing is certain though, the Nimulli will always keep a promise, of course he’ll only make them in the first place if he is certain that he’ll be handsomely rewarded for them.  

Is it any wonder that he is so self-assured and self-absorbed when he has the devils backing he? In light of his absolutely hellish nature, he tends to be optimistic about he future endeavors, believing that everything will fall into place if he remains determined. He is not as serious about things as an adult should be, often taking wounds in the battle-field and wounds outside of the battlefield lightly. He devilish nature makes her more likely to orchestrate trouble, sometimes intentionally, but most often because she is bored. In spite of Za's worriless nature, he is extremely well managed, and is always ten steps ahead of most situations, making it very difficult for him to get entangled in a bind as the result of her actions.

Even though he is far from innocent and he understands right from wrong, he continues to act as if he is is unable to register the consequences of what he's arranged and is ominously slick with her words. As such, he is often perceived as friendly, concealing his true nature as a truly evil and foul entity. The strange thing is that he wasn't raised to be as malicious as he is, he just turned out to be that way.



Purging the World: Za was taught that the days of humans and humanoid creatures roaming the world are over. She has been trusted with the mission of bringing the demons and devils. Apparently, the reason why Za has been entrusted with such a mission has to do with some grand prophecy.

Killing Illumin: Illumin is her one true nemesis.

Immortality: Za isn't afraid of death and she isn't afraid of what comes after either- entirely sure that her afterlife, although in hell, will be just as enjoyable as it was on earth. In spite of that, she truly does enjoy the mortal realm. It's because of how much fun she has on earth that she seeks immortality.

Bringing Her Father Back: Za's father was sent back to Abyss/Hell (?), banished from earth by a secret group of exorcisers dedicated to the Illuminian religion. Now, she is on a mission to free her mysterious father from imprisonment and bring him back to earth.

Fun: She often boils down her actions to being bored or "I'm just having fun.", no matter the consequences. If nothing else, "just for fun" is a motive behind a lot of the things she does. Someone like her finds it hard to be bored for an extended period of time, so as cliche as it may sound, she is always chasing a high.


Failing THE Mission: Za knows very little about the being who orchestrated her creation. However, she does knows that this being is her father and she has been tasked with purging the earth, bringing her father back and bringing the demons and devils back. These are the reasons she exists, failing the mission would mean that she amounted to nothing. It'd make her a failure- and even worse than that, it means that she is subjected to the wrath of those she is written to liberate.

Her Father (obviously): Only rumors are spoken about Za's father. The Archfiend knows nothing about who he is and it is almost taboo for the other devils and demons to talk about him. Za knows that she is purposefully kept in the dark about that one truth. Even then, all of the rumors she's heard about her father paint him out to be a very dangerous entity and extremely powerful entity.

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Magic Name: Bomb Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Enhancements:

sssss☠ - N/A

Magic Description: Bomb Magic lies completely in the use of explosions, which can be triggered remotely or upon direct contact, and are usually on a very grand scale.

- Offensive-type (AoE) spells ignore each other. Therefore, the Offensive-type spells of the user can be applied to the same location without negating each other.

- Offensive-type (AoE) spells can be stacked on the same location to increase the size and power of the spell. Should the user cast 2x A-rank AoE Offensive-type spells on the same location, it would increase the AoE of the spell to an S-rank in addition to the damage increase.



Name: Reject
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Arc of Apollyon
Type: Supplementary | Knock Back
Element: Arcane
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Instant
Effect: Z'Aleel aims his palm at a target, causing a magic circle to appear in front of it. From the magic circle a 0.25 diameter skeletal hand impacts the target, knocking them back 5 meters.

Name: Look Mom! I'm Jesus!
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Arc of Apollyon
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Z'Aleel taps himself, creating a magic circle beneath him. Black magical energy paints the souls of his feet, allowing him to move upon any surface freely, like walls, water, etc... without falling off or falling in while this spell is sustained.

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