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Cherry Blossoms n Cherried Bossoms

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Cherry Blossoms n Cherried Bossoms Empty Mon May 16, 2022 5:00 pm

Hopping about left then right, up and down and all around Kuva darted and danced and pranced and glanced as she maneuvered about the hillside. She made no effort to hide her presence, hopping about as she did from tree to tree, hillside to hillside, roof to roof. Here in Joya, Kuva found herself having a rather lovely time, indeed, she did so admire the scenery. The scenery, the smell, the food, the people. Everything about Joya screamed lovely and to Kuva, lovely is what she needed at the moment.

Still, Kuva wasn't entirely sure why Sia had sent her here. The spirits had whispered to Sia, but Sia had whispered even less to Kuva. True then, what would she do, then? The Huntress made her way through the lucious fields. She circled around the path, making her way around the town. She snagged a nice gourd for with which she could fill with water. The daughter of darkness sipped at it gingerly. She wasn't sure what to expect while she was here. Perhaps she would make a friend? Perhaps instead a foe? She might even get lucky and find herself a hoe. Woe was the way, she could hear Ikanbi in her mind say, "Keep your head down, you don't want to attract the wrong attention now that you've gotten in with Erebus."

Ikanbi wasn't wrong, it would do her some good to keep quiet. Quite quietly indeed Kuva hopped about the fields. Eventually though, she stopped, and had a little picnic under two large trees. Their cherry blossom petals danced in the winds and she enjoyed the breeze. Between the two of them she did stretch out across a hammock. The canopy provided was lovely, she ate her sandwich. She meditated for a while, enjoying the peaceful tranquility in the hillside. Far from town, she was alone, or so she thought, enjoying nature by herself as she usually did. She figured the chances of bumping into someone here were quite slim, but still, she could always be wrong. After all, who knows what type of characters and cretins might crawl out of the woodworks?


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Jikan loved Joya...if anything the longer and longer she found herself here the more she felt the urge to buy a home here. Even if it was something she rented out most of the year on cycle rents. She, found herself wanting to live her a little, even if it was only to be after a few years or so of doing what she did back in Fiore. The beautiful bodies, the art, the food, the houses, heck the atmosphere. It was enchanting.

On this day she flew on her brown and white haired Duhlin Mount, Maxx. Today was a day she had reserved to be out with him, to allow him to fly in the air and be free. To have not a care and to just be. Jikan was one that enjoyed these times you see. And thought there was nothing more enjoyable. Mia was with them as well, the red haired cat enjoying the breeze. She was a bit better in this situation, no oceans or seas. The thought of falling bad her freeze.

They soared above, above beautiful cherry blossom, soon they landed, spotting one tree that was extremely beautiful, and even held fruit.


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Kuva's peaceful picnic was disturbed and disrupted. Unjust, the animals of the forest left as the great beast had soared overheard. Kuva too became nervous, eyeing the beast in the sky as it cast a long shadow over the ground. From her hammock, she watched as it landed and she saw that there was in fact some individual riding atop of it. Curious, she supposed to herself, most curious. Not furious but most disturbed, Kuva clutched her knife instinctively and eyed the woman from afar.

She wasn't really sure what to do. In the wilds of Joya, having a nice peaceful time in the forests, she hadn't exactly expected any visitors. She leapt from her hammock and decided to take a quick gambit. She leapt, a full six meters, soaring through the air and landing in a tree branch, looking down below at Jikan as she neared the fruit bearing tree nearby. "Hello, I wasn't expecting any visitors. Who the hell are you?" Her knife was in hand, but she wasn't really sure what to expect of the person before her. Were they friendly? Were they foe? Were they just passing through and making a bit of a show? She didn't know, so she silently waited for a response, examining Jikan from a distance.


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As Jikan landed she heard a sound.  And no, not the bitter patter of animals running on the ground. It was in fact something interesting she had found. A lady hop hop hopping, coming out direct not skirting around. Up to the tree she hopped with a quickness, up above she looked down at them with a fierceness.  Jikan, Maxx, and Mia looked at each other "Who am I? Well, that's straight to the business. Jikan, but um....why so serious?". Mia moved back, still dressed like Christmas, she was feeling tight wrapped up with a stiffness. Couldn't believe what she was seeing, she wondered if the lady was well meaning.

Jikan continued as she was, moving to the tree and plucking a fruit from it. Raising it into the air before looking at it as she turned it in her palm. "Now, given that I told you. Who am I dealing with today?". Knife in hand she saw, Jikan felt the tension from the girl. Was she a hunter? Or just a jumpy person? She would have to wait to see.

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A long, long journey, for sure, it had been, and Sia wasn't really known to enjoy pink. Sia prefered darker colors, darker skins, and creatures of the night. She watched with amusement, sitting in Kuva's tree, doing absolutely her best to keep composure as she laughed and sat cross legged in the tree, keeping her eyes quite low for the light was blinding to her blistered eyes. She recoiled in the sight, shrouded in the pink cherry blossoms. A black dress covered her everything, she could barely be seen for her skin.

"I haven't heard of this one yet Kuva." She said to the other of them. She pulled out her knife, and thought of which of her water creatures the wood elf should summon. She wasn't quite sure how she wanted to handle the acrobatics, kuva for sure had the advantage, but, Sia was still suffering for magic quite a bit. It didn't particularly matter, she supposed, she admired Kuva for her training.

Sia remained quiet, and studied them for a moment, not particularly certain whether it was wise to intervene or not, but she knew that Kuva was always red, whether she wanted it or not, and so stayed a good eighteen paces away from her and remained as far away as she could.

Profile: Acrobatic Wood Elf Summoner Not to be Trusted

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She leaned against the tree, sliding slowly backwards from Jikan. "Sorry, I was training in the wild and wasn't really expecting company. I am..Kuva." She said in Fioran in a thick Encan accent quite nervously, though she quickly composed herself. She licked her lips, eyeing Jikan up and down. "You're quite lovely, I must say." She flourished her knife in her off hand.

She balanced it on the tip of her finger, and danced it along the rest as she glanced at Jikan's legs and her eyes certainly took a stance. She batted her lashes then trailed them back upwards, examining Jikan's knees, then her hips, abdomen, chest, arms, elbows, shoulders, hands, and her ears. Quite the figure indeed, she supposed, and wondered whether or not she could take her. Her armor would definitely help her out quite a lot, she could feel it and the knife responding to the call of malice, and it burned in her in the most lovely sort of ways. "What brings you out here then?" Her bunny ears twitched. She looked into the distance and examined her surroundings more clearly. She listened to the chime of her earrings and how they reverberated with the petals. It was a cute sensation after all, as it turned out. Bunny ears and earrings did feel so perfect.


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Jikan awaited her answer. Still aware of her environment while talking, the bunny girl with a knife in hand was still a factor that Jikan acknowledged but showed little reaction to. She twirled the fruit in her hand, a slight smirk to the left side of her face on her as she did so. She wondered if she was a bounty hunter, a nervous bun bun, or perhaps another fool who came at the order of the tournament schemers wanting revenge on Jikan for throwing a wrench into their little system.

She thought she knew who was here, but when she heard a laugh she titled her head up to see it source. Still keeping her view of the knife wielding bunny in the process. Oh great...another one with a knife. She thought to herself how annoying. Two people possibly going after her. It was Baska all over again.

However the person seemed to act as if this was not the case, if it was true or not she did not know. Regardless this was a hot start to their interaction if anything. "Oh is that so? I'm sorry for the startle then. And for disturbing your training with your friend there", she had shifted her eyes back to Kuva by this point. "Both of you practice the dagger? A crafty weapon If I may say. Gotta be quick and precise, fluid".

She ignored the woman's action. Licking her lips was...eh. Jikan had the situation to focus on. Either she was a horny woman which...well Jikan was indeed fine and she had a beautiful outfit on so she could not be bothered about someone feeling that. The act of doing it so freely in front of her was a bit...much though. Either that or she was sizing Jikan up and wanted blood, or her head. Freaky kills did this after all and Jikan had fought of more than enough men or women that did this during or in the start of a killing. "And you are quite jumpy my little bunny".

She raised her other hand up, enough to be still relaxed, a sign of none aggression. But one that still had the opportunity to respond to attacks and counter. With the one that held the fruit she bit into it, chewing with a plain look as she let the eyes of the one before her examine her body.

"Me? Well to be honest I am here due to boredom. Thought I would enjoy some pretty trees, maybe snack on some sweet fruit", she took another bite. "Since I interrupted you two's training how about I often myself? A small fight spar to give you someone new to test against". After saying this Jikan would glide back, moving to put 7 meters of distance between her and the two other ladies. If they wished to spar then this may be good. If they were after her then they had a chance to do it under a disguise. Either way Jikan would find what they were after. And hopefully get rid of some boredom. She held a left hand up with a open palm facing them, her other hand still holding her fruit. She waited to see what they would choose to do.

stats: (Jikan isn't wearing her gear besides her ring and earring)

Str: 143 + 10%( half elf) = 157, 1xS
Spe: 160 + 10% (half elf)= 176, 15m/s lunge, 30m/s run( 7.5m/s  build up)
Con: 107 + 60= 167 [4xS-Rank/7 Posts/Three Per Post]
Ed: 95 + 60 = 155 2xS rank tolerance
Int: 251 50% mana reduction
mana: 5,075

C rank reward (Kuva): 569 / 900 (10% reduction on 1000 from Mia)
B rank reward (Sia): 0 / 1350 (10% reduction on 1500 from Mia)

wc: 569

post breakdown:


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Kuva brushed off Sia's comment. It didn't matter. Sizing Jikan up and down further, she did absolutely nothing except to slow her own breath and watch as Jikan slid backwards a few paces. Kuva cleared her mind. The removal of the Eternal Nightmare tattoo had been a surprise, for sure. Truly, it was humorous to her, and she knew the others found it odd as well. It mattered not, Kuva didn't exactly need a guild to function, but, one that was more suited to her dark tastes was certainly eye catching.

Without Erebus as a mentor, she wondered how exactly the rest of her damnation would play out. Would she wind up inevitably turning against him then? Down the line. She shook the thought from her mind, focusing on Jikan before her. "I quite like your earrings." Kuva said finally, gazing at them with a grin and continuing to just idly flip the knife in her off-hand. She took a stance, holding the knife properly in her left hand and dropping her hips shifting her weight backwards as her back foot pointed outwards and her front pointed directly at Jikan and both of her hands came up. "Doesn't seem fair that you don't have a knife too though, I suppose." She said after a moment and heard Sia laughing behind her in the tree where she was watching from. "Don't worry about her, she has had her magic taken away and is a coward." Kuva said, gesturing behind her with the knife before sheathing it as her arm came back into centerline position. She took a slow, cautious step forwards, beginning by pivoting her front leg and turning the heel towards Jikan and bringing the back leg forwards in a circular motion, planting it on the ground with her toes facing forwards and ending with her back leg's toes facing the opposite from before she had stepped.

"I'm always down for a little game," Kuva said to Jikan before taking another step in the same practiced motion.


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Now that Jikan was 7 meters away from Kuva and Sia she could get a better look at the two unknown ladies she was able to see them in full much easier. Both of the looked human, female. Kuva, the one that stood before her on the ground with a dagger in her left hand. White hair, neck length, with pieces of red and black intertwined throughout, a beautiful dark tan skin color. It was a standout look, one that stood out even more than Jikan's hair. Hers were back length red hair, with the tip edges of her hair being a natural black. The other one, Sia, on closer look seemed to not be human? But an Elf. Silver hair, red eyes, white skin. Pale. Dead even.

"Why thank you, I like your lipstick. It's a lovely shade of black, where did you get it", she said back to Kuva keeping her eyes on her. Jikan's face empty and calm, her body free, her guard up. "I am sure I will be fine. It's not my first time fighting someone while being empty handed. Oh? Your friend isn't going to join us? That's a shame. If she cannot use magic anymore then she should be working on training her body". Jikan doubted that was the truth to the situation, but she would play along. Jikan then watched as Kuva moved and put her blade away. "Very well, hand to hand then?".

Kuva, the multi haired colored  woman came forward, slow step pivoting her front leg then turning the heel towards Jikan before bringing the back leg forwards in a circular motion, planting it on the ground with her toes facing forwards and ending with her back leg's toes facing the opposite from before she had stepped. It was an odd continued motion. Was it a stretching attempt while moving? Kuva then stepped forward again speaking as she did so. In response Jikan would say, "Good, I hope both of us can enjoy this game then".

If Kuva was ready now Jikan would move forward, breaking out into a run moving 7.5 meters per second. Running towards Kuva, Jikan would reach the distance of 6.5 meters of their 7 meter distance between the two before throwing out a punch using her left hand aiming at Kuva's stomache. If this blow landed it would deal 1xS damage to her cloak that was covering her body. Jikan would then follow up with a side kick, turning her hips to throw out a snap kick with her right leg aimed at Kuva's calf, she would hold back in this strike to continue sizing her up. If this blow landed it would deal 1xD damage to her left leg.

Wc: 478
Twc: 1,047
900 wc required met, C rank reward for Kuva met

stats: (Jikan isn't wearing her gear besides her ring and earring)

Str: 143 + 10%( half elf) = 157, 1xS
Spe: 160 + 10% (half elf)= 176, 15m/s lunge, 30m/s run( 7.5m/s  build up)
Con: 107 + 60= 167 [4xS-Rank/7 Posts/Three Per Post]
Ed: 95 + 60 = 155 2xS rank tolerance
Int: 251 50% mana reduction
mana: 5,075

C rank reward (Kuva): 1047/ 900 (10% reduction on 1000 from Mia)
B rank reward (Sia): 0 / 1350 (10% reduction on 1500 from Mia)

post breakdown:


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At first, Kuva didn't do anything at all. She waited, shifted her stance a little more, and brought her hands up silently and wondered whether or not she would actually have been better of with her knife. "You would make a fine hunter I bet." Kuva said after a moment as she eyed Jikan up and down and took in her form analytically. After a moment, they began, and Kuva didn't wait for the kick to come, as soon as Jikan was in melee range and attempted to strike her, Kuva jumped backwards, to the left, quite high with the assistance of her bunny headband, and kicked towards Jikan's striking elbow as hard as she possibly could, swinging her hips and pivoting violently to follow up with a secondary kick from her other leg directly into Jikan's kicking knee before attempting to diminish gravity, reposition, and plant her legs back properly, but a bit offset to Jikan's right from where they had been before.

Attempt deal d rank damage to elbow/arm and knee/leg


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As Jikan ran towards Kuva, the distance between them felt like it was gone in almost an instant. As she threw out her punch, Kuva jumped back to the left side. Lunging out of the way by jumping into the air. Jikan's left hand was out in its outreached position, her right hand was still by her body guarding it when Kuva sent her kick out to her head.

The bunny head wearing girl jumped a bit into the air., moving to her left which was Jikan's right.. Attempting to through a kick out after evading Jikan's hit. While in the air she would counter with a kick to Jikan's punch arm's elbow. To do this she would be at least .5 meters away from Jikan's 1 meter reach if she wanted to aim directly at the elbow. This was only Jikan's quick estimation of their distance though so she could be wrong. The ending height of the bunny jumper could be lower or much longer. She would have to see how much so if the bunny jumper was able to land.

Either way Jikan took the strike to her elbow, but at this point she would swing out with her right hand, aiming at Kuva's torso as it was traveling in the air. If this punch landed it would deal 1xS to her body. While this transpired she would move her left arm to the leg that had just kicked it in an attempt to grab it and squeeze it to deal 1xC damage.

Whether these two counter moves worked form Jikan was yet to be seen. What was know tho was that due to Jikan like of attempting to dodge. The second kick would also land.

Took both kicks
1xD to left arm
1xD to right leg
Attempted to deal 1xS to body
Attempted to deal 1xC to right(?) Leg

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