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What's mine is mine 2 [Nova NQ-B]

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#1Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine 2 [Nova NQ-B] Empty Sun May 15, 2022 12:12 am

Nova Kentaurus
Another day for Nova on patrol in North Fiore. She had been completing so many quests that she had lost her track of time. Just earlier that morning before taking the quest to clear out her mind of her officers called her to complete the quest in the mine again. She had been there before but they wanted her back in there. At the moment Nova, was walking down the canyon of the Sieghart Mountains. Trying to make her way to a place called the Dawncliff Mines. This this area of Fiore raw materials were found throughout the land. She knew a little about gold rushing and diving in rivers for gold, but she was to go back there again. The mines were a crucial part of the mountains economy and before she had found strange activities down there so now she was hired to investigate it. Now that she was thre he would head down into the mine area.


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