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Onward To North [Travel]

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Onward To North [Travel] Empty Fri May 13, 2022 11:19 pm

Toma was holding on closely to the nape of his giant Tempest Wolf. He named him after one of his spells. Raiko was as trusty as any mount could be especially for a giant wolf. Toma watched as they raced through the countryside of Oak and West Fiore. However, a pit in his stomach had grown thinking of his childhood in the North. Being a fighting slave wasn't enjoyable nor killing your childhood friend. Regardless the past made him stronger.

Nearing a river Toma sensed Raiko beginning to pick up pace. With a sharp jump and a powerful leap, the two flew over the river as Toma took in the scenery. They were now in the North after traveling for so long. The woods all looked the same to him. Nothing but miles of endless disappointment and heartbreak. Patting Raiko on the back Toma sighed. "How 'bout we take a break soon big buy." With a loud howl Toma smirked as the two rode off deeper into the North.

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