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The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan]

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The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan] Empty Fri May 13, 2022 11:00 pm

Toma had made it to the outreaches of the town. He was waiting for his dear Tempest Wolf to return from relieving himself off in the wilderness. In the meantime, he stood against a large cherry blossom. It was at least 4m in height with the branches covering a 3m area creating shade. The rest was open grassland as a smooth wind glossed over the plains. He was simply headed out towards Orchida to reunite with the guild Sleeping Calamity. His heart was racing thinking about Jikan. Her bloodlust was sweet like evil honey. Or something bitter and sweet.

Holding on to the thought he held his chin. But before he even started he let it go relaxing once more. How would someone like him stack up to her. The way he was now he was too weak with only base-level spells. He needed to train his body to master the rest of the Lightning Armament spells. If he would reach his peak he could be unstoppable. The two ultimate techniques of his magic were burned into his mind as a young slave. Unbeknownst to Toma his fist was clenched with a burning passion. Yet still a face of calmness.


The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan] Empty Sat May 14, 2022 1:42 am


It had been some time since Jikan had met Toma. In the mean time in the after math of heir meeting, Jikan had taken time to explore the sites of the little piece of Joya she was in. Walking through the streets, hearing the build up chit chat that was the echo of the people's voices. Songs rang in the gaps of their world for they were in the middle of a celebration. The soft soothing notes from their instruments melted Jikan's ears as she listened with a pleased glee as she moved from spot to spot.

It was a marvelous thing, one she wanted to share with someone. And so Jikan had returned to the inn she had rented a room from in the time she had expected to stay. Entering her room to find her exceed Mia relaxing eating a pastry. With a little encouragement and talking, Jikan had convinced the exceed that snacks and music would be a lovely relaxation opportunity. And, maybe she had something else to put on top of it.

With Mia with her, Jikan went to the outreaches of the town, on the way to the spot she had placed her Duhlin Maxx to let him roam free. Whether it was on the ground or in the air. Riding him, enjoying some snacks while just being low enough to hear the music play. Well, wouldn't that be marvelous??

However along the way she spotted someone she had not expected to see, at least out here of all places. It looked like them at least from the distance she was away from them under a large cherry blossom tree.

"Oh my, what are you doing all the way out here??".


The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan] Empty Sat May 14, 2022 10:34 am


Toma seeing the very person of his thought appears to surprise him. It was just like magic how she appeared. Popping off of the tree he started walking closer to Jikan as he started to stretch out his arms. " I was wondering if you'd consider a spar. I'd presume you want to see what I got and all?" He directed at her before standing 4m away from her. "I'd appreciate teachings from my new superior after all." He finished again with the sarcasm however his face was laced with no emotion. Dropping his hoodie to the floor he secured the earrings in his ears. Blank and battle-ready he had slid into his battle stance while speaking the words. Careful not to rile her up too much he thought. She could easily kill him and the thought sent shivers down his spine. But the response to potential death was trust in his despicable training.

He was now only wearing a sleeveless black shirt that hugged his body. Black pants were form-fitting and comfortable with the ends tucked into his black combat boots.
With his left foot forward and feet spread shoulder-width apart. His knees bent and relaxed with his left arm across his chest palm open. His right hand clenched and poised at his right close to his right cheek; the elbow held high. The main combat stance of Lightning Armament the same one used to kill his best friend at the time. The same one he refined with martial arts training during his rehabilitation.

Against the odds of a stronger enemy could he truly do anything? His fear of death was deep-rooted but it was also this fear that gave him strength. How would he ever know his true worth without dancing with death side by side? Dancing in her cold soul snatching embrace. But before all that could even be said and done; his opponent would need to accept the challenge first.

Strength :10 = [1xD-Rank]
Speed :14= [ 7.5 m/s 15 m/s]
Constitution :11 +40(Unrim Earrings) = 51 [2xS-Rank/5 Posts/Once Per Post]
Endurance :10 [C-Rank]
Intelligence : 11 [10% reduction]
Mana : 600

Equipment: Unrim Earrings [+40 Constitution]


The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan] Empty Sat May 14, 2022 12:26 pm


Jikan watched as Toma approached her, she thought about what possible reason Toma would be out here. Perhaps he had a pet or companion that was roaming out of here as well? Either way, Toma spoke to Jikan as he stretched his arms out as he made his way towards her. "You wish to spar against me? Very well, show me what you can do then", she hopped back a bit saying this. Creating a distance of 4 meters from her action to create a total distance of 8 meters between Jikan and Toma. Mia was off to the side, staying a bit out of the way of combat hopefully. Jikan's hands were held up, open palms with the length of her arms covering her chest and head, her left protecting her head while her right protecting her body. Her face relaxed and dead, not showing a thought or emotion.

Jikan wore the same clothes she had on when she previously met Toma. Her equipment not on her at all, all secured with Mia. Her Joya themed robe loose but well fitting her agile strong form. Stance ready, shoulder left apart, her left foot leading forward, knees bent slightly, strong but relaxed.


Wc: 206
Twc: 206
needed for B rank fight reward  1500 > 1350 (10% wc reduction from Mia)

stats: (Jikan isn't wearing her gear besides her ring and earring)

Str: 143 + 10%( half elf) = 157, 1xS
Spe: 160 + 10% (half elf)= 176, 15m/s lunge, 30m/s run( 7.5m/s build up)
Con: 107 + 60= 167 [4xS-Rank/7 Posts/Three Per Post]
Ed: 85 + 60 = 145 2xS rank tolerance
Int: 251 50% mana reduction
mana: 5,025

Weapon: Mero Gauntlet

Head: Goblin Slayer's Helm

Body: Calamity Robe

Ring: Ghalisa's Ring

Necklace: Millennium Puzzle

Earings: Jaam earrings

Relic: ???

Companion: Mia, the Exceed


The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan] Empty Sun May 15, 2022 2:39 pm

Toma brought his right foot up to make his feet parallel. He slapped his hands together. A yellow magic circle appeared underneath his feet as lightning started to hum around his body. He felt the power course through him with the D rank strength buff. Immedietly after Toma lunged to Jikan's right side   covering 7.5m in a second leaving .5m in between them. Now within striking range he would make his move and attack. Stepping in with his left foot between her feet he would throw a left palm strike angled at her jaw.

He would follow through if his attempt connected as his left hand would return to guard as he would then bring his rear leg to thrust. A forward leg kick to attack her square in the gut. Toma needed to keep the distance short and stay in close range combat. Without knowing the enemy's magic is was best to allow them the chance to use it.

WC: 160
TWC: 483

+20 to STR [Superior Buff] = STR 30 C rank DMG

Mana: 575



The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan] Empty Sun May 15, 2022 3:26 pm


Jikan held her stance as she watched Toma slap his hands together. Maintaining her open palms guard with the length of her arms covering her chest and head, her left hand protecting her head while her right hand added an extra level of protection to her body. Toma's slap activated a yellow magic circle that  appeared underneath his feet, a level of lightening moving around his body as he did so. Seeing this, Jikan thought that this was most likely some type of buff to his body. What kind was yet to be seen by her.

Toma would then lunge forward, approaching Jikan right, covering 7.5 meters in a second, leaving the distance between them just .5 meters. Toma would throw out a left palm strike aimed at her face, in response, Jikan would move her already up left hand to Toma's approaching strike, striking with her open palm to strike his hand. An attempt to block and deal damage at the same time to the strike. She would hold back in this maneuver, only dealing enough to do C rank damage to the hand if their first blows connected while taking C rank damage to her left hand. At the same time that Jikan threw out her left handed strike/block, Jikan would have thrown out a lower palm strike with her right hand at the leg that Toma had placed in between Jikan's legs. She would hold back with this strike as well, only aiming to deal D rank Damage to the limb. After doing so she would retreat her right hand back to try and protect her body.

At this point, Jikan saw Toma's next move. Returning his left hand to guard himself. Good...he thinks of defense and not just offense. He has some common sense.

A warrior that had tunnel vision was not one that could act in their full potential in Jikan's opinion. A fighter had to have balance. Toma, brought his rear leg out to kick,  by his movement Jikan assumed it would be at her body or gut. Perhaps her attempt to retreat her arm to protect her body would fail, maybe not. But either way, she would likely take a hit. Most likely, if successful in reestablishing her lower guard, her right arm would take C rank damage. If not, her body would take C rank damage.

Wc: 407
Twc: 613
needed for B rank fight reward  1500 > 1350 (10% wc reduction from Mia)

Stats and gear:

post breakdown:

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The Path of Strength [Green][Toma vs Jikan] Empty Yesterday at 12:47 pm

Toma was hit twice wincing from the pain of the two strikes.That was the limit of the pain he could endure. Luckily it wasn't more than that. The pain forced him to focus more nonetheless. She shifted to block his kick catching it with her arm. Driving and pushing her arm with his foot he would attempt to pin her arm and try pushing her off balance. On success in knocking her down to the ground he'd 2m into the air above her to move into his next sequence of attack.

However if she were to hold him or push him back he would immediately pressoff her arm using it as a springboard. Swinging his right leg backwards collapsing on his left leg he would follow throw with the spinning kick. Palms planted and head turned to face his opponent. He swung around and his body dropped the bottom of his calf would collide with her ankle attempting to sweep her as a second counter attack. The sweep would have been fluid and sharp dealing C rank dmg on impact.If hit or a miss he push himself and roll away to gain distance.

Regardless from what he could tell hitting this woman was like striking a brick wall. If she had started to get serious he would need to rely on more magic than the was currently using. But then again would it truly do anything the levels were simply to great. But screw it this was fun he thought to himself. Having only used the Lightning stance so far he might switch to Vajra stance despite not having the spells to go with it. That was the cost for using a magic that meant to be in conjunction with martial arts.

Mana= 550

DMG Taken = B rank

Spells Sustained:

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