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Pre Approved Spell system

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Pre Approved Spell system Empty Fri May 13, 2022 10:56 pm

Spells are a giant pain in the ass to grade. I know I've been a mod/admin before. They take long to read and take multiple revisions sometimes. This is a system that would make a pinned thread with a list of spells of all types. This list will have spells that have been already approved by staff so they don't need look them over at all. Users can also contribute to the topic with their spells if they wish. The users can copy spells from this pinned thread and edit them to their element/name

An example. This spell below is an approved spell in the shop. This would be placed in the pinned Pre approved spell topic.

Pre Approved Spell:

A user who uses frost magic can copy this spell from the Pinned pre approved spell list and edit it. They can a topic called Frost S rank spell[PRE APPROVED] and edit the spell. They just have to edit it like so.  

Edited pre approved spell:

Since the thread has pre approved, the mod can just approve the purchase/training without having to go through it all. Users can still make their own personal spells if they want at the risk of it taking longer to grade. This would just help speed up the process since there is a lot of spell overlap with the regulations

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