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Taming the Deadly Beast (Monster Hunting)

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Yuurei was well adept in the country he had lived in. Fiore was a place he had been able to learn quite a bit, but it was time for him to venture and learn about the other countries. He had learned a few about Joya and even Desierto. His next destination was to learn about Stella. It was a place of nature; a place where humans had control over nature and did their best to bend it to their will.

The light mage found himself in this country for two reasons. One he wanted to learn about the place, but the second reason was that he had a job here. He was with Renji and they were here to take on a job that the people of Stella needed them to do. It seemed like one of the most terrifying beasts they were transferring had escaped. They had tried to take matters into their own hands, but it seemed like those who tried to take on the beast had failed.


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Yuurei was sent a letter from one of the rulers of Stella. He was asked directly to be the one to render the creature unconscious. It wasn’t just that, but it was causing a lot of damage to the area that this ruler owns. He moved to the location of one of the cities that were within Stella. While he moved through the place, he could see the beauty within this country. The guards would be alerted when Yuurei was close to him, but when they saw who he was, they let him be. Yuurei kept moving as he would find his way to the ruler’s home.

There he would knock on the door, and he would be kindly let in. He would walk toward the living room, and he would sit down as he waited. A man would come into this room soon enough. He was tall and handsome, and he wore his richness. He would sit down across from Yuurei with a smile on his face.



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“You must be the famous Yuurei. And now they say you’re the guild master of Paradise Dawn. It makes sense that it would be you next in line for the title. I expected you to be scarier, but this is better.” He said to him with a smile on his face.

Yuurei would just smile at him because he didn’t see any harm in what he said.

“Yeah, the previous guild master had gotten busy and needed to do some searching. And yeah, my big reputation makes people think of me being something else than I am. Still, we didn’t come here to talk about that, but about the beast that you guys fail to keep secure.” He said to the ruler of this city.

“Yes, let’s talk about that, and get you going. There is a beautiful Liger that is out not too far from here. It’s huge and it is claimed to be the king of the animals. We need you to render it unconscious so that we can move it to its rightful habitat.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei thought about it, and he wasn’t sure what they were going to truly do with the Liger. Still, he was getting paid to take care of this, so he was going to do this right. He would get up from his seat, and Renji would look up to Yuureri to see what he would say. It was quiet for a few seconds, but then the Nephilim figured it was time to speak.

“I will make sure that the Liger is taken care of. Please have some of your men follow me. They will need to be prepared to secure the Liger once I finish battling it.” He would say to the ruler.

He would nod in agreement, and he would do just what Yuurei said. It wasn’t just that, but he would give Yuurei the location of where the Liger would and could be located. Yuurei would take note of where to go and he would be out of the ruler’s house and towards the exit of the city.



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Yuurei was heading towards the east where the Liger would be located. When he got to the exit of the city, he would see that there were guards waiting for him with a huge cage on wheels. He didn’t like this, but he couldn’t say much about it. When they saw Yuurei, they would follow the man out of the city. The duo would move through the area. It was such a beautiful place, and it was much different than Fiore. He enjoyed the atmosphere he was in. He was looking for clues that might lead them to the Liger.

“This animal must be really strong. That means we have to be on our guard when we see it.” He said out loud to Renji.

“Yeah, which means they can't be too close to us when we find the Liger, but it also means I need to be on your shoulder when this happens.” He said to Yuurei.

He nodded as he was fine with that. Renji had been keeping himself in shape and it was why he wasn’t on Yuurei’s shoulder all the time.



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They kept moving through the area and Yuurei continued his best to track the Liger. It seemed like it was an intelligent being as it was doing a really good job at hiding its tracks. He kept moving through the place though. The guards that had come with them were all beast handlers. They knew how to tame an animal, but nobody was able to do that with this creature.

While he was moving in the direction his client had given him, he would see they were heading in the right direction. It seemed like even though it was hiding its tracks, the light mage started to notice the patterns. Once he got used to it, the Nephilim would inch closer to his target. Of course, when he did, he would look at the soldiers that were following him.

Renji would come to a stop as well as he wondered what was going on here, but he would find out soon enough.



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Yuurei would calm himself as he was looking around. It would seem like the Liger was closer to them than they are though. He knew that he couldn’t walk around with the guards anymore. If he did, then there might be a chance the cage would be broken. He would look over to Renji and he would pick up his friend. He would put him right on his shoulder and he would look toward the guard now.

“This is where I’m going to need you guys to stay. I think the Liger is nearby.” He said to them.

When they were going to respond, a large roar could be heard nearby. It would startle them, and it proved that Yuurei was correct. They would stay exactly where they were and he Yuurei would start moving toward the direction the roar had come from. He would move through the area, and he felt bad that they were going to do this to a rare animal. Still, there was a lot of damage dealt with around nature.



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It just showed that the Liger wasn’t in the right place, and he was going to correct that. He kept moving and while he did, he would see that the roar was getting louder. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he would find out in a bit. He would get into a clearing within the area he was in, and he would see the Liger killing an animal that challenged it. He wasn’t impressed because the animal he killed wasn’t even in its league or the same size.

The Liger would get a whiff of Yuurei and Renji and it would turn to them. It was alert the moment it felt the power coming from the Nephilim. It would get on its guard, and it was ready for Yuurei to jump and attack him any time.

“Hey do you think you can relax and come with me. I want to take you to a place where you can really thrive at.” He said hoping it would understand him.



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The Liger heard him but didn’t care what he had to say. It would roar once again as it would moving around Yuurei slowly. It was then the Liger would leap towards him afraid of his powers. The Nephilim would see this, and he would lunge back from the attack as he watched the Liger land on the ground. It was fast indeed, and he was surprised that it would attack. Still, it meant that he was going to have to fight this animal.

He would crack his neck as he didn’t want to do this. That was when the Liger pounced at him again. It was something Yuurei didn’t expect, and it caught him off guard. He would defend himself and he would feel his gauntlet being damaged, but also his arm being scratched by the animal. He would find himself under the Liger and it would look at Yuurei angrily as it was getting ready to bite his head off.



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Yuurei wouldn’t allow that to happen as he would kick the Liger and the force and power behind it would get the Liger to move off him. He would get back up as he would see the animal grit its teeth from the pain. The light mage would get into a fighting stance as he wasn’t going to be bested by the King of the animals. The Liger would shake the pain off as it looked at Yuurei. It would start running toward him as it would glow with magic.

The speed of the Liger would increase as it would rush straight toward Yuurei. He would be rammed by the Liger as he was sent flying. The Nephilim was impressed by this because he didn’t think the Liger would be using magic. He would hit a bunch of trees and before long he would come to a stop. He would cough out blood as he fell to the ground and he would shake his head.



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Yuurei would have his hands open as he heard the rumbling of the Liger quickly rushing toward him. There would be two magical circles coming out and within the circles, stars would come out as they entered Yuurei’s body. He would feel himself becoming faster and more durable than before. He didn’t need to become stronger because he wasn’t trying to kill the Liger.

When he saw the appearance of the Liger, he would get up from the floor and he would dodge the attack as it was close to him. He would be able to dodge it as he looked over to the Liger with a smile on his face. It would see that Yuurei was quick on his feet, and it would glow once again. This time it would shoot out a beam of energy straight toward the berserker. He would start running when he saw this as he would gain speed and momentum and dodge it without a problem.



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Yuurei would continue running and he would see that the Liger was doing the same thing. It seemed like it was strong, and he could only shake his head. He wasn’t going to be beaten after training this much. He still had to find Ansem and rescue his parents. The Nephilim would change his course of action and would start running straight towards the Liger.

The Liger saw this and did the same thing. Its claws would glow from the magic it could use. When they got close Yuurei would see that it would slash at him, he would parry it with his gauntlet, and as he did that he would swing at the animal with his left arm. The punch would connect as it would send the Liger flying towards a tree. It would roar from the pain as it hit the tree and fell to the ground. It was conscious still as it would look over Yuurei as it got up slowly.



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Yuurei would watch the Liger get up and he could see that it could take a beating, but that was coming to an end. The Nephilim would run straight toward the animal, and when he got close the Liger would shoot out a huge beam of magic at him. He would dodge the attack as he would skid on the ground and push forward toward the Liger. He would leap straight toward the majestic beast, and he would land a punch once again. This one would deal the blow that he wanted as it would put the Liger onto the floor and rendered it unconscious. He would make sure that he was breathing and when he saw that it was alive, he would sigh with relief.

Now that he had done this, he could have the guard come to him and put him in the huge cage.

“You guys can come toward the direction of my voice! The Liger is unconscious!” He shouted out loud.



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Yuurei would watch over the Liger’s body, and he would make sure that nothing would take advantage of its state. While he waited, he would hear the guards slowly coming with the cage on wheels. They would finally be in his line of sight, and they were impressed by his feat. They knew this guy was strong, but they were surprised that he was this strong. The guards would stop the cage right next to the Liger and would look over at Yuurei.

“You think you could help us put the Liger into the cage please?” He would ask Yuurei as the Nephilim would look at the unconscious beast.

He would nod as he was willing to help them on this matter. The berserker would pick up the Liger by himself and he would put the animal into the cage. Once he was done, he would look over to the guards with a serious look on his face.



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“I expect you guys to treat this Liger kindly. If I find out that you guys are mistreating this animal, then I will make sure to come back. I don’t like seeing these animals locked up in a cage, so it annoys me to see this. It is why I’m telling you all of this. Please do not harm this Liger and make sure it is taken care of. Now I expect my payment, so I can be on my way.” Yuurei was sure that the ruler had given one of his guards his reward.

The guards would hear his words, and they would take his words as a promise and a threat. Still, there was nothing they could do to him, so they would do their best. One of the guards would walk toward Yuurei and he would hand him his reward. Yuurei would take the bag and when everything was accounted for, he would start walking away with Renji by his side.


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