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Ianthe [Season 4]

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Name: Ianthe

Age: July 20, x773.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Desiertian

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Demi-Human (great white shark)
Rank: B-rank

Guild: Fairy tail
Tattoo: Underside of the left wrist in a purple color

Face: Lilith - OC


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: Black with a streak of gold

Eyes: Gold

Ianthe is a woman of rare features in Fiore. She stands out greatly because the warm brown skin she possesses is highly noticeable in the sea of mostly pale individuals. Her trimmed ebony tresses with a gold streak in it are always cut just above her shoulders as she finds it much easier to manage that way. Her facial structure can be seen as traditionally feminine, with a heart-shaped face and a soft defined jawline. Gold-stained irises in her eyes stand out against her brown skin, and short thick lashes framing her eyes bring attention to her eyes even more. Oddly enough her tongue is permanently stained a neon yellow due to a particular drug she had been taking for many years.

Because most of her early life she lived as a slave and even after that, her body is well built and suited for hard labor. Since her freedom, her body has gotten a chance to fill out, and oh boy did it. Ianthe is built very much like an hourglass, her body curving with childbearing hips while being top and bottom-heavy. Yet this does not take away from her defined muscle mass which may not look like much but still one can see she is cut from stronger stuff. She wears what fits her most comfortably which usually includes pants and tank tops or whatever suits her fancy.

Her demi-human features come out in her teeth as she has a mouth full of razor-sharp ones. her ears are a little more pointed making it seem as if she has elf blood but that is also due to her demi-human side.



Personality: Over the years Ianthe has learned that life is hard but it can be easy if you don't conform to the rules others try to set on you. A woman who knows what she wants and does whatever it takes to get it? Yea that sounds like Ianthe. Her capacity for sympathy and empathy is low but you can pay her to raise it, though the price will be high. She does not care for anyone outside of herself and her own interests and she makes that painfully clear to anyone who might be confused about where her loyalties may lie, which is with her.

All of this might make her sound unapproachable but one shouldn't worry about approaching her since she likes making all the first moves. Learning to fit in with different people has given Ianthe the gift of camouflage in the sense that she can blend in with many people and based on how they show themselves to the world she'll match their energy. Still, she still keeps herself charming and engaging enough to keep them in her presence should she feel the need or want to do that.

Having been weak before she prays on the weak now and with little remorse. Ianthe is not heartless but at this point in her life, she's hardened on the inside and has learned to be cautious of others at all times, almost to the point of paranoia. Trust is never gained and hardly ever given on her part so throwing another under the bus is nothing to her, though perhaps under all that amour is a girl waiting to fall in love...Or something like that.

  • Jewels: Money talks in every language and it speaks loud and clear when something needs to be done, bought, or dreams come true. They say Jewels are the root of all evil, but Ianthe knows Jewels are the root of all happiness.

  • Weapons: Tools of war, instruments of pain, Ianthe has taken quite the interests with weapons. Although mostly anything can be a weapon, those that are made with the specific purpose to do so are much more interesting. To hold, use, to admire, weapons of all types have become her guilty pleasure, especially guns.

  • Weak people staying weak: There is a time when one has to grow a spine but some people stay stuck in their own self-pity and suffering that it makes them a burden. People who stay weak shouldn't be protected they need to be taken advantage of and they disgust Ianthe.

  • Fighting: Fighting is a uncomfortable reality that everyone has to endure in one way or another. Ianthe hates it because fighting equates to some sort of pain and she's had enough of that in her lifetime.

  • Be Filthy Stinkin Rich: Jewels are the one true way to get what you want without any messiness behind it. Yea one could steal but when you own something properly it's harder to take it away and comes with fewer repercussions. Ianthe wants so much money that she can burn through it without worrying about seeing the bottom.

  • Find Constantine: Once upon a time she had a partner in crime who she fell in love with. More than once life had torn them apart and she could do nothing about it. Now she has more than enough power of her own to search far and wide and she will find him dead or alive.

  • A Slow Death:Dying is everyone's end and a fear anyone can rightfully have, the problem Ianthe has is dying slowly, in a way that would torture her and she just can't find a way to deal with that mentally.

  • Enslavemnt: She had been a slave before and she never wants to go through it again. Enslavement would shut down any personal progress she had ever made and she would regress into the mentality of the slave she once was..A truly miserable and terrifying existence.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 14

Endurance: 13

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Dark Waters

Magic Element: Water

Magic Enhancement:Life Steal

Magic Description: A water elemental magic that deals heavily with debuffing opponents to weaken them but also utilizes defense, healing, supplementary, and offensive spells for a well rounded but debilitating magic.


Ianthe was born in Savanna to a native woman and a man from Desierto. The union of her birth was more or less forced and the only good thing that came out of it was her. When she was born her given name was Johari and she was loved greatly by her mother even under the circumstances in which she was born. Her father on the other hand didn't care for the child as he wanted a boy to bring back to his homeland. He tried to get another child out of Johari's mother but she would produce no more children. This angered her father and she found that her mother was usually on the wrong side of his anger and she was forced to hide away until it was over. Life seemed ok for Johari, it could have been worse but she was still a child so she only knew what the world offered her, but she would soon see the world was not so kind.

Johari's father grew to resent his daughter and the woman who bore her. He decided the way out of this relationship was to get rid of the child, then with nothing attaching the two he would leave. Paying some slavers he had them kidnap the child and honestly didn't care where they took her. Johari of course was frightened. It was her seventh birthday and she was being thrown into a dark box and taken away. The trip was long and she was only let out of her confinement twice a day until they reached their destination. They called the place Fiore but Johari didn't know where she was. On the very first day, she learned to fear as she was passed off to a group of people who beat her daily and made her hit rocks with an ax all day long. They called her  " Dirt " or " Garbage " which she would respond to or else be beaten and forced a collar on her that would cut off her magic, something she didn't even know she had. Her days were long and hard and her nights were filled with fear as she heard screams of others and often times her own. She slept in a boxed-shaped room that was so small she had to sit in it to fit. It was a miserable life that she lived for eleven years until she was finally free.

She could remember the day when men busted into the area where she was and she was told slavery was no more, that she could live freely. Not knowing what that meant anymore the men whisked her and the others away so that they could be reintroduced into the world. She was told she could pick a new name if she couldn't remember her old one and truth be told she couldn't. So she picked the name Ianthe because she heard a lady call a flower by that name. The life she lived before traumatized her greatly and she was given much assistance to help her make a better life for herself. Ianthe found out she could use magic, healing magic at that, and was offered to join a guild. There were a few who should join or she could join the rune knights. She found that it was all just a bit too confusing and instead decided to take a chance and try to figure life out.

That was many years ago of course and now Ianthe, after being away from Fiore for so long, has returned to the land in search of someone and something but mostly to start making a name for herself and partake in life itself.

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Mama Shark, do-do, do-do-do! This character application has been approved.

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