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Pilgrimage to Phantgasm

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Pilgrimage to Phantgasm Empty Wed May 11, 2022 3:24 pm

It was a long pilgrimage from Samhein, but Sia had made it one way or another to Oak and then further within to Castle Phantasm. Why? She was told to. The spirits had guided her there, a beacon in the night for the witch to follow. She didn't know the purpose, she didn't know the reason, she didn't know why the spirits had told her to visit, but she knew she had to. The spirits were her friends, her allies, her family. To Maido, Sia, their suggestions were not suggestions, they were set in stone, a way of life.

In a black dress that contrasted so starkly with her snow pale skin, Sia made her way quietly through the streets of Oak, a black bird accompanying her along the way with strange green markings upon its right side. In a way, it lead the way, and in the lay of the fray Sia with no dismay passed a lot of hay, and hey, she found the road and was on her way. For hours Sia had journeyed, she had fought nervously, fervishly, cunningly and brazen. Blazened, she found herself seeking answers. She had no magic. A witch with no real magic was no witch at all.

The spirits had been clear. She would not be able to obtain her magic again on her own, she would need help and the tests ahead for her were surely to be sour. Still, though she knew she needed to head towards Magnolia next, the detour to Oak had been apparent. Apparent, because it had been apparently made, made to her by the spirits that spoke sick whispers into Sia's dark heart. Taunting her, teasing her, reminding her that they were there but beyond her reach. They toyed with her and goaded her onwards.

Finally, she made it to Castle Phantasm and she stopped, watching as a few strangers began to exit the building. Perhaps then, these were who the spirits. "Excuse me, do you work here? I'm looking for a guide."

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#2Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
The man having just finished handing over the gained flower the Lord had sought, exited the building and as he opened a portal to leave he heard a voice call out to him, he turned his masked face toward where he had heard the voice come from. "If you are speaking to me I am not a guide but I may be able to help." His voice is kind yet slightly distant, he slightly moved his hand causing the portal to close and he walked toward the person that had spoke to him unsure of what they might be in need of a guide for, but ever wanting to help people he decided that it was probably in his best interest to not ignore this person but to find out their need.

As he strode toward them this his cloak waved in the wind revealing his bandaged arms that ended in gloved hands and he comes to a halt a few feet away from them and he looks them over in case they might be some sort of threat or might soon be one even if he might be able to handle them, he rather not have to handle them if he can help it and end it before it starts.

The mans exceed followed behind him and her reddish fur dancing in the wind but her stride was more of a type of skipping like she was in a good mood after just finishing a request for the nice lord. "Don't mind his height and his scary out look he is a giant teddy bear, what can we do for you?" She looked up smiling at the person hoping that they don't feel weird about a talking cat.


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To her delight, the individual appeared to be at least some significant level of magician. To her further delight, they didn't leave immediately through the portal they had opened and instead turned their attention towards her call for aid. Perfect. Sia she brushed her hair from her face as she walked closer towards the man and the...cat?

The cat talked and though Sia hadn't expected it in the moment it didn't exactly surprise her, for talking animals wasn't the strangest of things she had dealt with lately. Perhaps these two could help her after all. "I am not really sure why I am here..." Sia began in Fioran before she chuckled. "Sorry, sorry. Where are my manners. I am Sia, Maido Sia." She offered her hand gingerly to the man in the mask and then did the same to the cat. "I am a witch that was cursed to sleep for many years in Samhain and when I was awoken I found myself no longer capable of using magic." She said bluntly.

"I'll be honest with you...I am desperate. I am cut off from magic and need help. I was told that I should seek out the minds of the Fairy Tail Guild to see if they could fix me, but the spirits also told me that a pilgrimage here would be most fruitful and so...here I am."

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#4Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He is glad that they seem to be a decent person and he takes their hand and shakes it with his gloved hand. "I am Kaito Todaro, but I just go by Kai or Kaito." He hears that they had been cursed. He wondered if maybe they would know something about curses but he wasn't gonna drag them down just mention that he is currently cursed. "Oh how was your curse broken? That is horrible I have no idea what I would do if I just woke up and my magic was gone. My skin is cursed currently."

The exceed took the persons hand and gently shook it as she was glad that they didn't just gawk at her like there was something wrong with the face that she existed. "If you are desperate Kaito her can send you to the Fairy tail guild if you would like."

Kaito nods his head then rubs the back of his head. "I bet they would welcome you right in at Fairy tail if you like. I would even recommend you to join and embrace their spirit." He laughed softly but he meant the words he had spoke, because he had struggled a lot at first but Judith had always seemed to find a way to help or be able to send them in the right way.


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Oh. Oh! Kaito? Kaito was a name Sia had heard before. Kaito was renowned, and though Sia hadn't yet put two in two together, she had to admit the person before her certainly fit the description she had heard from Ikanbi. Perhaps then the spirits had not lead her astray, perhaps then this was meant to be, a way out of the hell hole that was her current abysmal and magicless life. For, to Sia, a life without magic was not a life at all.

Sia stooped down for a moment and made eye contact with the cat next to Kaito. "I'm sorry, and your name was?" She asked politely with a gentle smile spread across her face. When Kaito asked how her curse was broken, Sia had to admit it was still a bit of a mystery. "A vampire named Ezekiel found my tomb by happenstance and broke the enchantment not having any idea what it was for, freeing me instantly." Sia said and laughed. "I got lucky I guess."

"I'm desperate, but I have a few more stops to make on my way to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall while I'm still here in the west... but if you're a portal user I certainly wouldn't mind a quick ride." She admitted to the two of them before her. "I am not used to travelling alone, I am weak as it is with illness and without access to magic I fear what the dark brings for me."

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#6Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Revy looked up at the woman and she smiled. "My name is Revy, I am Kaito's trusty partner. It is nice to meet you." She was happy that the woman had asked for her name, it is not often that she is asked for her name, but usually she gives her name without being asked she rubbed the back of her head a bit.

He looks at from beneath his mask as she had said they had been saved by a vampire and that she had been in a tomb and he wondered who must of cursed this woman that would have put her in a tomb of all things maybe someone jealous of her power or maybe someone seeing her as a greater evil that had to be stopped back then, he wonders if maybe she has a seal somewhere on her body that might be blocking her body from absorbing the magic around her. He figures it is rude to ask the woman to allow him to look so he might just ask and see if she might have any ideas if she might have a odd mark any where. "Yeah that is lucky. You have any odd markings on your body that you have seen?" He knows that probably seemed like a pretty perverted question to ask out of the blue.

He figured she was saying yes to joining and he reached his arm into a portal and pulls out a form on a clipboard and a pen holding them out to her. "If you would like to join Fairy Tail, just fill this out and I will submit and give you the stamp here, just let he know where and which color you would like. We will be happy to have you on the team." He moves his mask to the back of his back revealing his face, his red and purple eyes meet her eyes and he smiles a goofy smile. He is not a bad looking guy all thing being said.


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"It is a pleasure to meet the both of you then, Revy." Sia said politely in Fioran with a most gentle smile across her face. Her red eyes made contact with the cat's and she tilted her head a bit but then turned her attention towards the cat's owner next. "I quite like your cape." Sia said bluntly, admiring the craftsmanship but more importantly, the color. "I have a soft spot for red." She added with a slight giggle, covering her mouth with her right hand and turnin away.

She took the form and filled it out, and pointed at a spot between her collar bones. "Ideally, I would like that guild tattoo located here, and if at all possible, I would prefer the ink to be white or light grey." She said smoothly, looking towards Kaito with a smile. "But if it has to be orange or something, I suppose I understand." She stared off into the distance for a moment but composed herself, bringing herself back to reality. "Once I arrive, is there anyone specific perhaps that you recommend I talk to about my situation?"

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#8Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He smiles at her saying they like his cape, he is unsure why she would like the cape besides it was red but he guessed it was probably for the best not to think to had about it. "Red is my favorite color, I guess that was probably pretty clear from me wearing it with black as well." After she filled out the paper work he takes it and he pulls the stamper through and turns it to the color she had requested and he stamps in the spot that she had requested and he smiles. "There we go welcome to Fairy tail~"

When she asked who she should talk to he rubs his chin then he looks at her again. "I would recommend you to talk to Judith, she being the mother of fairies might have some ideas or so if not she is still a very welcoming person that will help set you in the right direction." He reaches up and gently pets her on the head then turns back to the portal putting the paper work and the stamp back through it and closing the portal.


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"Red is oh so a dear favorite of mine as well," Sia said with a grin, admiring his outfit in general as she gazed the man up and down. "Still, I am not quite sure what my next move is. The spirits seem to be pulling me in all sorts of directions lately." Sia gestured to a large raven that had made perch on the nearest lamp post to the three of them, Kaito, Sia, and Revy.

"I am afraid it will be a little bit before I make my way towards the Fairy Tail Guild Hall, I believe there are a few more steps I must take first here in  in this part of the west before I am truly ready for the journey." She paused for a long moment and stared at the raven with a slight scowl. "Still, thank you so, so much for your help. I will definitely seek out Judith, if she is a fairy mother as you say then I am certain she should be able to help me."

Sia stooped down and pet Revy on the head softly. "It was so very nice to meet the both of you," she said with a gentle smile. "Thank you again, but something tells me I must be going inside now." She wasn't wrong. Thunder cracked overheard and a slight drizzle began to come down. Quickly, Sia left the two of them to scurry into Castle Phantasm in order to wait out the rain.


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#10Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He is a bit perplexed about a lot of things about this meeting he wondered if it was just fate or if these spirits she spoke of were what brought her to him.  He guessed he should thank what ever it was that had caused them to meet. He hopes he made a new friend in Sia thought he guessed he would have to ask another time. " If you need me don’t fear to ask me to help lend you a hand."

He can tell her instincts were on par as the storm raged in and he gets into his personal domain with Revy as he had seen the woman run into the castle for shelter from it he knows he didn’t have to bring her in with them as she seemed to have a new mission that she had to tend to for her spirits, he just hopes that he will see her again some day but he feels that might not be something that will come that weary for him, as he is cursed after all so maybe he should say away from people more often but he feels he did the right thing to recruit her to fairy tail.


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