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Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Mon May 09, 2022 11:30 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The group of citizens marched up to the guildhall of fairy tail. Many wore weary faces, and others relished in the comfort that they were at least safe. The town had suffered damage and toppled buildings, but nothing that was beyond repair. It still weighed on the mage's mind as to why none of the ones they fought seemed like a leader. Maybe they were just a ragtag group of people here to attack.

Kazimir widened the doors to the guildhall as the rest of the people began to filter inside. Finally, they were safe and the festivities could hopefully take their mind off it. His hand traced the door of the guild. It felt lighter now in many ways. Now that he was no longer the guildmaster. It was an odd thought. He had spent his life working his way up to a leadership position, become a guildmaster a couple times over and now it would all be behind him. Once again he would return to a more carefree life. "To ride the winds of fate," he repeated to himself softly. A passerby overheard and turned up an ear to the sorcerer. Kaz smiled back and waved it off, "It's nothing. An old poem. please go ahead in. "

The man wandered in, and Kazimir waited for the rest of the guild to arrive and held leaned the door open for them. He would step back inside and adjust his cloak. The band was still there and the food was still laid out. Now that it was announced he was stepping down, the faces in the hall looked toward him and then toward Judith when she would enter. Kaz bowed and stole away to the side of the room, with a grin. Happy that Judith was getting the recognition she deserved after so long. But also smiling at the delight he got from seeing her be put in a situation she wasn't comfortable with. He waited for The other guildmates to join in and the two he fought with in the streets. Dan and Ghost. They had proven themselves to the people, even more, today than before. Ghost didn't blow anyone up and Dan gave an excellent first day.

Golden lights lit the room. The guildhall had been untouched by the assault. The wine ran freely into cups. kazimir took a deep breath and leaned back. It was a long day already and he had used a good amount of mana, just in that skirmish outside.

However...with the party getting into full swing again, after Judith would lead the way. A young fairy tail mage would wander up from the cellar. A trip down to get more supplies, leaving them white as a sheet. The young mage tugged on Kaz's arm and whispered into the mage's ear.

Kaz gulped and turned his eyes to the new guild master. He shuffled his way over to her, and would repeat the news he just gathered.

"There are intruders in the lower levels. I'm better suited there than here. What do you want the others to do?" He looked at the other able-bodied members of Fairy Tail, wondering what their decision would be.

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#2Judith Karlinius 

Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Fri May 13, 2022 2:56 pm

Judith Karlinius
Was it too early to celebrate? She personal answer was, No it was never too early the celebrate because when she does things she is prepared for all stages of the day, Even if busy with other things it would not take long for Judith to set up for. She as also busy making sure anything that was not a guild member with in the guild she brought here to make sure they where safe and protected. Was it really needed to bring them here? No but she did it anyway because she would feel better if they where here just for a tiny bit.

Judith would just start getting some of the people still here, while waiting for the rest of the members. Making sure they had something to drink and something small to snack on. Then as it seemed safe for then. Judith would start helping them leave the guild hall, Her normal and typical things to be done by her as she progressed along. She would even take time to lead some of them home to make sure they were not lost, Since well some times the mind was confused. But she was sure it all worked out in the end.

But all were perfect in this situation, the things here were not at the end much like they thought, It was just not on her mind it might not be thinking or assuming there was anything else, Then again to let on there was a problem might not be a good thing right away. Then will Judith herself would stop to make herself a cup of tea. For the most part still clueless to what else had been going on. But maybe all of that running around when she had not done it as much in her life was something else to consider, In time she would know.

She would eventually got up to get some supplies, Normal to find the list of people and keep it limited most likely for the sake of keeping storage in control, Last thing Judith needed was some missing and unaccounted
drinks or food when she was not looking, But that was just how she managed things for many years. Maybe this final piece would finally start  putting in the final part to end the puzzle. Given Kazimir reaction the work was not done, But Judith did not mind at all.

If anything she should have expected it."Shame, Thought the work was done, But it seems each time the leaves flow free, some are ready to pluck them forcefully."She was in good spirits at least, managing to get a grip upon the real."I am going to fill cup of drink, one at a time. I want you to pass them out, Inform each of the able and willing member of what the situation is."She was trying to not let off they knew will keeping the element of shock with in their use as well."When we can find out where they are down there, ambush them."That was Judith's plan at least, simple but she had no time to with in depth at this time.




Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Fri May 13, 2022 10:01 pm


Quietly she approached the duo as they were planning on how to approach the news that had been delivered. After the recent riots and her talk with Judith Esperia knew all too well what the intentions were behind tonight's events. Something, or rather someone was trying to break Fairy Tail, to tear down the fragile foundation they had just rebuild and started to strengthen and show to the world they were incapable of protecting either themselves nor the people that relied on them. As she stepped beside Judith and pulled back her hood the young Demigoddess spoke softly, "With all due respect Judith, we likely should send someone along with Kazimir." As she spoke she turned toward the man, a playful wave of her hand following. "Forgive the different appearance Kazimir~ I did tell you before that I am a woman of many mysteries~ But it is I, Esperia~"

With the short introduction given she turned toward Judith and continued speaking. "It is likely they plan to try to destroy all you and your kin worked toward by taking down the two pillars the guild currently stands upon: That being you, and Kazimir. I would personally suggest to make your strongest mages accompany Kazimir and ambush the intruders before they can properly mount an offense. Should any be able to escape and try to come here..."

She smiled knowingly at Kazimir as she continued. "I am unsuited for fighting in enclosed spaces, but I do have some manner of methods that will make me an excellent bodyguard for your successor. As such they will realize all too late that Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned~"

She turned her gaze at the nearby civilians, pondering for a moment. "But considering their choice of location I would suggest looking for any attempts to ruin the foundation of the building. As dreadful as it might sound, I wouldn't be surprised if you find explosives on some of them should they get desperate."

A soft sigh escaped her lips while she shook her head. Was it the same nowadays in the North after the Sentinel Syndicate disbanded? Sure there were plenty of flaws in that guild's ideology, but at least they kept the peace and order in the region. And with those words she tapped Judith lightly on the shoulder, or at least attempted to as she whispered softly. "I'll observe things from a distance, should you feel threatened or I feel you are in danger I will not hesitate to step in."

And with those words spoken she approached the nearby wall and leaned lightly against it, pulling up her hood again. No need to stand out too much for now. After all it would do them little good to know a mage like her had been around, even more if someone from Seven recognized the Demigoddess.

"Still, it is a bold decision for them to make, but is it truly out of desperation, or is someone else stirring those events into motion?"

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Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Ra3CvWk
"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Sat May 14, 2022 5:51 pm

Dan sighed as he walked back into the guild hall and started at all the citizens they had safely escorted back. Dan was glad that he alongside his fellow fairy tail members were able to protect the town. Or at least what is left of it, Dan was sad to see the damages caused by this blatant act of cowardice. For the life of him he could not understand why somebody would attack magnolia as a whole, the guild sure as fairy tail was one of the largest light guilds in fiore and had made more then a few dark guilds there enemy over the many years since it's creation.

But the fact that the town was the target had him baffled. Dan could feel it in his gut something was amiss here. As he walked by he overheard Judith speaking to Kazimir speak about people in the lower levels. 'so that's what this was about, the town was never the target. At least not completely bit rather a distraction so that these guys could break in during the confusion.' Dan thought was narrowed eyes. He had to admit that was as much as it pained him it was a rather ingenious idea. While fairy tail was out cleaning up the mess these guys would slip in and go down stairs to do whatever it is they are here for.

Dan walked up to the pair but before he could speak a female by the name esperia walked up and addressed them both. She seemed a bit on the flamboyant side but Dan was not one to judge a person by there quirkiness after all fairy tail is a place that accepts any and all under her banner so long as they believe in her message. Dan stepped closer and spoke "sorry to eaves drop on your conversation master Judith but I would like to volunteer to go downstairs with Kazimir. I know I am new to the guild and honestly I am not the strongest memeber by far but magnolia has been my home since the day I was born and I grew up hearing stories about fairy tail. And these people have attacked both my homes now so I would like to he able to protect the guild ma'am" Dan finished with a serious look in his eyes no trace of his earlier nervousness as he stood with his back straight and his head held high.

Dan was honored to be here in this guild where many famous mages resided. This place was his dream and the dream of many others so to have this place attacked and dishonored by these people made Dan want to defend this building till the day he dies because fairy tail is a place of new beginnings and hope. Dan stood awaiting Judiths response hoping for a positive answer.

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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Sun May 15, 2022 1:31 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz turned his attention to the woman that had introduced herself into the conversation. A quizzical look on his face as he didn't recognize the sudden appearance of the guild member. She seemed to be fairly new. He nodded, supportive of the idea of having some backup. "Oh," he waved back equally as cheerfully, simply meeting the woman's energy, until she revealed who she was. "Huh," his wave stopped and he squinted at the woman. She did look completely different. "That's really you? You have changed," he stood up straight once more. "You did warn me," he laughed and scratched the back of his head. "Good to see you again...and from the looks of it, good to have you as a guildmate." She was powerful addition, and the way they had left things before, kept him wondering what more was behind the woman.

He folded his arms, in thought as Esperia spoke. He felt the same way. They were striking at what seemed like our most vulnerable. Emboldened by the new surge of magic within the land. "Groups have been rising up as more magic has become abundant, and standing against organized mage groups. Mafias, and others that now have hitmen and guards with magical gifts. All that want to carve a new future for the land. And needing to make a statement." HE had already suspected there was something darker going on here and didn't want to panic anyone. It was warming to see the influx of support to deal with the dangers below.

He met the woman's smile, a familiar one from him as it was nice to once again reunite with an ally. "Thank you. I know she is in safe hands," As Esperia began to step away, dan approached. Dan showed a lot of heart in defending the city and now he proclaimed his desire to stand against the threat in the tunnels. Kaz smiled and put a hand on Dan's shoulder, "I'd be honored to have you by my side in the tunnels." he nodded and looked back toward the new guild master to see if she was okay with it. Hopefully it wasn't a weird situation for her to be asked by Kaz for permission. But he looked at them as more friends than separated by leadership roles. If she agreed, then Kaz would head towards the tunnel.

He waved back at Judith and then to Esperia. "Alright, Dan. Things are going to get messy down there," Kaz blinked as if he had a brief headache. There wasn't any around, but he could almost smell blood. It was only for a brief moment and he shook it off. "I'll have your back and go down first. You may not be able to see me, but I will be by your side."

He opened the door to the lower levels and began to descend. He clapped his hands and a gust of wind blew out from the mage, letting him feel vibrations around himself. With a wave of his hand, darkness surrounded him and he turned invisible. "Let's get to work," Kaz took a heavy step, letting Dan know that he was still next to him.

At the end of the path, they would eventually see a group of ten people. One of them was placing a bomb on a pillar that was beneath the main guildhall.

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#6Judith Karlinius 

Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Yesterday at 10:47 am

Judith Karlinius
So being a bit more covert about it might not be an option anymore really, Too many people where up here if they lingered. For now she needed wait for a moment to talk. The more interesting parts was everyone always had some ways to work with one another with out Judith needing to say much. But with all they had so far, there was much that could be done here. It was good to be able to manage them correctly."Well here it seemed everyone really did think up everything to do. Just before I had to consider too many options."She mentioned to the four of them currently.

If Dan and Kazimir wanted to go down stairs she would finally mention scraping her current plan."I guess my plan won't work as I thought then." She did not feel too disappointed at least."I guess happy delighted reunions can wait until later."Trying not to ruin Esperia and Kazimir's conversation even if it would be nice for them. If Esperia was right they had a few other things to worry about."Shame it would have been wonderful to drink and celebrate such a reunion."So the sneaky drinking plan, was out the window but it would lead into other things."Drinks later then."Which most likely to be expected since most of the time when Judith was at the helm, there was a fair amount of drinks and food. For the guild would have to adjust to Judith being guild master she might not be able to do these things as much as she would like it."Well if it is a safe option and we have a volunteers, Then Dan and Yourself can go downstairs, seek out and start confront our unwelcome guests who wish to ruin the fun."

Now it was just what was next to do with herself and Esperia. It was risky."As for you and I, we might have to do something different."The you she was mentioning was Esperia."I doubt it would be good for to long to hide up here and act like we are preparing wine, So we either wait until they start."Which might not be the best idea."So you can find a place to work into."But with how it seemed to be worded Judith already doubted this idea and it would work, Esperia was not best in close areas.

At least she had one solution for at leas Esperia."I will have to still think about a few things, However if you find a place to go around. You might be able to wait outside a door of your choosing, They might have back up waiting for the first stir that might not be in the building."That was one idea."You also open up the chance of catching anyone who runs as well."It was just a small idea. Given Judith's nature she was most likely able to prepare with other suggestions.

But since Dan and Kazimir were going down first she would just mention."Dan be careful, your are new and willing yes. But unneeded risks to your life and health are not something I enjoy." To Kazimir well she just assumed as always he was just gonna work his wild card ways."And Kazimir, I trust you will do fine...just do not get too hurt either."That part was key, do not get too hurt. With that it seemed to be a new plan unless changes needed to be quick."Well Esperia, Shall we find you a place to set up?"




Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Yesterday at 11:09 am


After the brief reunion with Kazimir it seemed a plan had been set in motion about how to deal with the sneaky terrorists who had been hiding in the basement of the building. Kazimir and Dan would work together to deal with the culprits, but Judith did raise a very good point: It was quite likely that upon being cornered and their initial plan failed, that they would try to escape. The first, and most logical choice would be for them to flee upstairs and try to mingle with the crowd. As such when Judith addressed her and voiced her suggestion Esperia nodded in agreement. "I was thinking of concealing myself near the entrance to the building. This way I can stop anyone suspicious from entering the guild hall, while at the same time take down any of the terrorists that are attempting to flee out of the guild hall."

She gestured at the door that Kazimir and Dan had just entered and mused softly. "Is there another entrance to the basement level? If not I would suggest that under your leadership you appoint a number of battle-ready mages to surround this entrance. It is likely that if they were able to get past Kazimir and his youthful protégé, that they will attempt to flee upstairs and mingle with the crowd in the hope to escape. Should you place the mages as a figurative barricade they will be panicking and more likely to either surrender or try to break free to flee outside, after which I just need to give them a solid walloping and we can take them into custody."

Looking at Judith, she waited to get the Fairy Tail Guild Master her opinion on the suggestion but judging from the fact she stood up again after leaning against the wall, that she trusted Judith enough to follow her instructions in case she had a different idea in mind. "By the way~ I am still expecting to sample some of those drinks once the chaos is settled~"

A playful smile lingered on her lips for a moment as she hoped that at least the night would have a favorable ending for the guild. They really didn't need to have their guild hall blown up once again, but this time Kazimir and Dan were there to prevent it, and with her and Judith ready to support them upstairs she was fairly confident- no she was even certain that today wouldn't end in a disaster.

Her weapons and armors were still in their peak condition so she had little to worry about yet when it came to martial combat, but the reason she wanted to put herself up somewhere outside was because her bow was more suited for outdoors situations, not to mention fiery projectiles rarely did well inside a building, therefore she had tried to make sure she could be helping the guild without burning down the entire guild hall by accident! But for now it was time to wait...

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Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Ra3CvWk
"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Yesterday at 11:50 am

Dan felt himself release a breath he had unintentionally been holding onto. He would not lie and say he had not been expecting to be turned down on his offer to accompany Kazimir into the basement. Dan knew he wasn't yet at the same level as the former guild master and probably would not be for some time yet. He could acknowledge that fact but that did not mean he would let that stop him from helping in what ever way he could. Whether that be actually fighting alongside Kazimir or just acting as a body to block the exit so that the intruders could not escape back through the door they came through.

Dan took a deep breath as Kazimir explained that he would go first but that Dan may not see him. Though Dan was mildly confused he noded but felt his eyebrows raise as Kazimir clapped and surrounded himself in darkness effectively making him invisible. Dan noded as he understood what Kazimir was doing. 'this could work if these guys only see me coming no doubt they will underestimate me and drop there guard allowing Kazimir to get the drop on them.' Dan thought to himself as he continued down the stairs.

As he continued on eventually reaching the point directly under the guild hall he saw a group of ten people with one trying to place a bomb on a support pillar under the hall. 'no if that goes off who knows how many people could be hurt or killed in the aftermath.' Dan thought before his eyes widened as a thought passed through his head. 'I-Is that why they attacked the city? They knew we would bring the towns people here for safety. Dear lord it would be a slaughter if that happens.' Dan felt his ire rise as he finally understood what was going on.

'well not today' He thought as he clapped his hands together, when the hands come apart a cyan magic circle 0.25 meters in diameter appearedvbetween Dan's palms. Dan then thrusts both hands forward causing a animated ice sculpture in the form of a hawk to fly toward the one setting the bomb in hopes of distracting him with bites or clawing at him. Dan was obviously now seen so before they had time to respond Dan stomped on the ground with one foot causing a cyan spell circle 0.25 meters in diameter to appear. From the circle a cannon made of ice, .25 meters tall and one meter long, will form. The cannon fired a projectile of ice  .1 meters in diameter at one of the men hitting him in the chest and sending him into another pair behind him causing them to fall to the floor. "I do not know who you think you are but you have made a bad choice to try to attack my home like this." Dan says with his fist raised "now prepare yourselves to feel the full power of a member of fairy tail!" Now that he has there attention hopefully Kazimir could do something about the bomber being accosted by his hawk.

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Total Word Count: 998

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Trials in the Dark[Open to FT, RK, BP, IW, ED, and CS][FTU-Phase 3]    Empty Today at 1:59 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The two marched onward into the tunnel until they came upon the group of ten intruders. Kazimir looked behind himself toward his companion and back to the thugs. One was placing a bomb onto the structure beneath the guildhall. The wind mage began his silent descent toward them.

Cyan light filled the dark hallway, and the thugs turned towards the frots mage. An icy hawk flew by Kaz's face, leaving a trail of cold behind it. The bird poked and peeked at the face of the one with the bomb. The distraction pulled the man's hands away from the bomb.

The dark mages glared at the frost mage and began their charge. A cannon of ice blasted down the hallway toward the people. Kaz used the sound of the cannon to dash forward, faster than the cannon ball and landed behind the group.

The cannonball collided with one of them. Kazimir latched onto a third and threw them into the line of fire. The blast knocked all three down. Dan made a declaration as Kazimir stood behind the group. The leader of the pack stepped forward with a grin. "Is that so?" He waved his hand at two of his companions that started to charge forward. A scream came from one as they reached for their back. Blood spilled onto the floor. Kazimir held a blade of darkness in his hand that poured the man's crimson life force onto the floor.

The man fell to the ground howling from the lingering pain that ate at him until he fell unconscious. The site of blood jarred something within the wind mage that he gulped down.

"There's another one," the leader cried, but the second thug continued the charge toward Dan.

Kazimir gripped onto the back of a mage's head and a small eruption of air, encapsulated the man. Gusts of wind ricocheted through the hall as Kaz bounced around landing a scattering of sword slashes and wind blade attacks. The ones hit by the canon began to shuffle to their feet. One yelled as an unseen force lifted their leg and drug them back into the dark corners of the catacombs. The others went back to back scanning the area. A gust of wind flowed by and in an instant, another was snatched from the group. A thud was heard in the darkness with a small wimper as a man fell unconscious.

"He's right...You shouldn't have attacked," Kaz said as he glanced over to see the one with the bomb fight off the Ice hawk. He dashed over and smashed the man's head into the wall. Wind rushed through the tunnel, and swept away a couple more of the thugs.

Two more rushed Dan with outstretched hands brimming with acid magic. They planted their feet on the stone steps in the hall, against the force of their magic that poured outward.

The leader frowned and crossed his arms over his face. Yellow energy built up around him, like a dome and burst outward.

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