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Kicking up a Sandstorm [Khalfani]

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Why, why did she had to come all the way to Desierto? Some might have had considered a foolish notion, she had better things to do than to chase myths and legends, but there was one particular myth she had overheard that had drawn her interest, a curious little story she had overheard during her passage from Seven back toward Fiore.

According to this tale, the common folk believed the royal family of Desierto to be direct descendants of their god Atum, which by the origin of their story would had made them either Demigods or the descendent of one. Of course this tale of 'Godsblood' had earned the young woman her interest and so she had chosen to make a small detour on her way homeward.

Approaching the royal palace she was, as anticipated stopped by the royal guard who seemed bewildered at her arrival, but nonetheless didn't intend to let her intrude upon the palace. "By orders of the royal family I can't allow you to enter the palace!"

The woman's gaze shifted calmly toward the guard that addressed her, leading to the woman to remark softly. "According to the origin myth of Desierto, the royal family are all descendants of the God Atum right?" The guard nodded his head firmly. "Of course! Everyone in Desierto knows that!" To which the woman continued her inquiries. "Then by definition of the legend, they all have the blood of a Demigod within them to a certain degree, correct?"

The words made the guard blink in bewilderment. "I... guess?" As the woman took a step forward she raised a hand toward the halberd the man was holding, lightly gripping a hold of the bladed part, just enough to let the edge dig lightly into her hand and cause bits of the bright red, almost golden blood drip from the halberd.

"Do you happen to know that divine blood has a bright, almost golden color to it?" The words made the the guard who had been flabbergasted at her actions rapidly call to one of the guards further in. "Call someone from the royal family!"

Yet as she heard those words the woman's lips curved up into the hints of a smile. "Khalfani will do, I'm sure they will be eager for a reunion."

And with those words she took a step back, waiting for either Khalfani to appear, or to receive a guide to bring her to the quarters of the wayward princeling. She had a reason behind wanting this meeting, but why would be something that she would not reveal all that quickly. Indeed, her reason for being here would be revealed in due time, and only to a specific person." Gently wiping the traces of the blood along the markings on her stomach, it seemed they glowed faintly, soon making the blood disappear altogether.

"I did always love learning about myths and legends, and Desierto has their fair share of them~" The young woman mused calmly.

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"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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Kicking up a Sandstorm [Khalfani] UAwnpyz
"Pale skinned with tattoos? I've never met anyone like that before." Khalfani turned away to think for a moment. Admittedly, they came across a lot of people, many who loved them, others who wanted them dead. Before they allowed some foreigner into the palace, they had to first see if they could fish out a memory of this random person. "She also had...gold blood, your highness." The tall guard said almost nervously. Samira stood beside her beloved prince as they bathed in the round golden tub just behind the palace. She glanced over at the royal before stepping forward towards the guard. "The blood of a Demi-god? Impossible. An illusion, perhaps?" She turned to Khalfani. "I saw it with my own eyes." "Mmm. Samira, bring this woman to me." Khalfani said. With a bow, Samira and the Guard quickly walked off. "A demi-god, hm?" The Ascended leaned back before raising their golden chalice to their lips.

At the front of the palace


Samira approached the tattooed woman from her left side, about ten guards followed. Her curly hair bounced and blew gently in the summer breeze and her hands were held together. With a gentle smile she greeted the woman. "As-salaam 'alykum. You must be the Demi-goddess here to meet the prince. I am Samira, a servant of Prince Khalfani. Please, follow me." She said before turning. The guards parted like the sea as they waited for Esperia to follow. Only when she did, they would trail behind the two, bringing the Demi-goddess behind the palace and to where Khalfani had been resting. The Lion hummed to themselves. The warmth of the water calmed them until they picked up the scent of Samira, a group of familiar ones, and one they had never smelled before. There they were, standing before their golden bathtub in a tent big enough to house about seven fully grown men; a friend and a stranger. "My prince." Samira bowed after she entered.

"Thank you Samira." Khalfani said, eyes still closed. "It's not everyday one is graced by the presence of a gods child." they sighed. Samira's eyes glanced over to the woman as Khal's eyes finally began to open.


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It was fortunate that she didn't need to wait long before a woman approached her alongside a cadre of guards. She smiled politely at the woman, a light nod of her head following in affirmation to the greeting after which she followed the individual deeper into the palace. Judging from the confidence yet somewhat humble composure she could image the woman to be one with experience in court manners, perhaps an attendant or an advisor to the royal family. After arriving at the tent where Khalfani had been bathing the Demigod remained silent as Khalfani spoke, yet as his eyes opened a hand raised to her lips, an index finger pressing lightly. Whether Khalfani would recognize her right away or not remained to be seen, but she didn't wish to take any chances with what was about to follow.

"Indeed, it is a pleasure to finally meet one who carries Atum's legacy~ I am... Cressida, daughter of Aphrodite of the Sevenese Pantheon and came to seek an audience with you."

A gentle sway of her upper-body followed forwards, a hand raised under her chest as she gave the princeling a small bow. "Although, while you seem aptly prepared for talks of leisure and pleasure, I fear my meeting carries some topics of... dire importance to both of us, and therefore would like to request our audience to be done between just us two."

The Demigoddess expected a certain degree of objection from the guards, but was already prepared for that as she continued. "I assure you, I mean you no harm. As one of your talents will surely be able to perceive, this vessel of mine is somewhat... in a stage of development so to speak, so even if I were to try to overpower yours truly in martial combat, it would lead to an overwhelming defeat on my behalf."

A playful chuckle followed as she shrugged her shoulders lightly. "And unlike the one you met in Stella, this body is lacking when it comes to the art of magic." Indeed, she lacked the proficiency in the field of magic that she was once considered a forerunner of. But then why did she come here, and what business could she have with the princeling? "I believe the knowledge I bring will serve you quite well Khalfani, just like it did before~ Although this time I'm afraid it will be lest of a gift from me, and more of a mutual exchange for our mutual benefit."

With those hints given she was sure Khalfani would pick up on her identity. Standing upright once more the Demigoddess smiled calmly, awaiting to hear the princeling's response. It would be a long day, that was something she was sure of, but at the same time even if she was in an unfamiliar body, the soul it inhabited had given Khalfani a gift in the past, helped get rid of the vampirism that troubled their mortal coil. So would the princeling remember their debt?

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"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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"You mean Amun-Ra, my lady." Samira interrupted. It seemed this mysterious woman was familiar with the gods of Desierto but it came as a surprise when she Mentioned Atum considering he was no longer worshipped as the reigning deity. Khalfani had severed their ties to Amun, Apep, and damn near every other Zharian god but Atum...Atum was the one god that intrigued them. Atum was the creator of everything, which meant that Atum was the most important despite the opposing beliefs of the Desiertan people. Samira spoke out of turn, causing the Princex to snap their gaze toward her. She didn't turn to face her highness, instead she gulped and turned away. She wouldn't speak again, that was for sure.

Khalfani turned to Esperia with a warm smile and a nod, listening as she continued on. She bowed, as she should and then continued on by mentioning what she had to say was important. She even assumed Khalfani hadn't expected such a thing. The more the Lion gazed upon the marked woman, the more they began to see and suddenly, they knew quite a bit about them. She was a member of Fairy Tail, had requip magic and quite a bit of items in her arsenal. Although she introduced herself as someone called Cressida, Khalfani could see the truth. With a smirk, the Prince listened on. The guards stood outside of the tent with only the godsblood, the servant and the demi-god remaining. Samira didn't seem to like the idea of a private audience. "Your highness..." she said softly, only slightly turning to her superior. Khalfani remained silent for a moment, glaring at the women before them.

"Very Well, Cressida. Leave us, Samira." They finally said with a sigh. "But my princ-" "Samira. Need I remind you of your role? You seem to forget." Khal hissed but that warm smile never faded. Clearing her throat, the curly headed woman nodded and strutted out of the tent. The water within the golden tub splashed lightly onto the floor as the Ascended pulled themselves up, revealing their naked body as the water dripped down. "I expected that this would be a business matter when I heard that a Gold blooded woman wanted to meet with me." They slowly stepped out of the tub, wine cup still in their hand as they moved towards their bed where a black silk robe would be patiently waiting. "But I didn't expect the Demi-goddess to be you, Esperia. I have to say, you're more of a mystery than I initially anticipated." They turned towards the blonde haired woman, slipping their arms into the robe before wrapping it around themselves.

"I'm sure you know I have questions about your...transformation. I can't quite wrap my head around the idea that a vampire is the direct offspring of a god- unless that god is Sekmet of course, hmhm~. But first, tell me about this mutual exchange you mentioned. There isn't much anyone can offer me these days." They said as they grabbed the vase full of red wine and a cup. They strolled over to the round table on the other side of the giant tent. Khalfani would find one chair facing the entrance of the tent, leaving any of the other three for Esperia to choose from. "Wine? It's the best in the world.~"


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The brief exchange between the princeling and their entourage was silently observed by Esperia, till they were dismissed and she was greet by Khalfani's words, earning a brief smile from her. "I should have expected you were to be granted Gaia's insight. The world does have its way to pick the intriguing individuals. Yet, I am curious what made you so certain it was me~ Were it the hints? If you relied on the World you would have only learned about my life after I was reincarnated~ You see, even if my soul is still the same, the body is different and as such the mana it releases as well. Therefore it is, to a degree capable of fooling the wisdom the world bestows onto you. After all, it does not permit you to gaze into one's soul~"

As she trailed after Khalfani she waited for the princeling to take a seat, after which she took one of the three remaining chairs and took a seat herself, folding her arms underneath her torso and hummed briefly. "Indeed, one of your standing has little left in terms of 'material' desires~ But what if this mutual exchange is one of a much more precious value than any golden relics you might be offered?"

She paused, waiting for a moment to see whether Khalfani would react to the idea. "I will tell you the tale in due time, for it aligns quite closely to the matter of this mutual exchange I mentioned. As you might have guessed already... Divinity is something of quite an importance to most people in Desierto right? Especially considering the religious belief that the royal family are direct descendants of the gods, and by definition Demigods themselves. Of course, few would be bold enough to contest the claim, blasphemy they would call it."

She chuckled softly as she leaned a bit forward into the direction of the princeling. "Yet what if I told you, this bold claim does not have to remain a myth? What if, yours truly was able to transcend even further than the limits the mortal coils of mankind possess?"

She went quiet for a moment to consider how to explain the next part. "As your guard mentioned earlier, this theory of mine has proven to have results. And now I am seeking to develop my research further. As you know there are countless individuals in Earthland who by all rights are powerful enough to be considered equal to some of the gods on the lower branches of the Pantheons, but what if there was a method for those individuals to grow even further? To transcend to an even greater height?"

She leaned back into her seat and sighed softly. "So far it has been a slow progress. My reincarnation has weakened me considerably, and while I am gaining more affinity for this body by the day, it will be a while before I can advance to the next stage of my plan: For mortals to stand as equals to the gods, and possibly even surpass them. Which is why I am currently preparing to search for noteworthy individuals to join me on a certain adventure in the future~ A grand siege of one of the Sevenese gods their domain. I hope to confirm some of my theories in practice there, and would absolutely love your attendance in that regard~ Should you be interested, perhaps you can even enjoy some of the boons from my research?"

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"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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The Lion leaned back in their chair, taking a sip of their wine before chuckling. The chuckling turned into laughter only a few seconds after. "And what makes you believe I have this insight you speak of? You gave me a hint and I took it. " Khalfani grabbed the cup before pouring the wine from the vase into it. "You're the only person I met in Stella- at least the only one I didn't sink my teeth in anyway. In any case, yes, my god-given gift allowed me to see right through you. It seems you know less about it than you think, my lady. A new body doesn't take away from the fact that you... are you~." Khalfani slid the cup over to the Demi-god. There were many things that needed to be addressed.

"There are many things you misunderstand about our culture, but I blame the worlds obsession with Fiorian culture for your ignorance, so allow me to break it down to you..." Their gaze lowered. "The first Pharaoh was a demi-god, much like that body you're in. By extension, every descendant of the first is apart of a gods lineage, but, that doesn't make us demi-gods. It makes us Godsbloods. It's as mythical as you are, and here you are existing right in front of me in the body of a Demi-god. One could even say that this doesn't make you a legitimate demi-god~." Khalfani sighed, taking a sip of their wine before smacking their lips.

"Nonetheless, I'm intrigued. Not because I yearn to debunk any myth about our truths, but simply because the gods disgust me. Gods aren't human, but they can die and quite frankly, they deserve far worse than death. Even so..." They took another sip.

"I still don't see what I have to gain from this besides a war with another pantheon. I am a princex. If I get involved I risk the involvement of my country's armies and the armies of my country's allies. Not to mention, the Zharian gods aren't involved. Do I become a demi-god? Do I obtain the power of yet another god? Is my influence guaranteed to stretch into the domain of the Sevenese gods? You're asking me to risk my life to maybe acquire something." The Ascended crossed their legs. "I need rewards guaranteed, My lady."


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Esperia couldn't help but chuckle at the Princeling's words. "Careful there Khalfani, the wisdom of the world can make you overconfident if you let it~ For starters the knowledge you gained was purely based on the hints I gave you. If I didn't do that you would have struggled much more to decipher my identity. After all, the world only grants you knowledge based on the perception the people have of you. In that regard you can only see me as Cressida the Sevenese of Goddess. It does not let you peer into my soul or any fancy shenanigan. Or you would have started babbling nonsense trying to reveal my identity."

She waves a hand lightly in amusement after which she listened to Khalfani's words. so the first Pharaoh was a Demigod, and the rest of the royal family was riding their coattail? It was a pity, she thought Khalfani would had been more ambitious, but perhaps it was a miscalculating from her.

"Careful there Khalfani, myths and legends might be intriguing, but unless you can ascertain the fact that you bleed gold, you're as human as anyone else. Then again, one could say that was your desire to start with when you asked me to cure you of your vampirism?"

She pondered for a bit, shaking her head lightly. "The chance to gain eternal fame as one who toppled one of the divine? Then again I guess that you are satisfied with where you are at now, which is a pity."

She rose onto her feet, taking a step toward the exit of the tent. "I guess the luxury has rusted the adventurous spirit of the princeling. Should you someday seek to grow even further than the limits mortals have imposed onto themselves, we can meet again~ Until then I believe we neither have something to offer~ After all, I don't seek an army, I seek a champion whose thirst for adventure and growth is never ending."

She closed her eyes for a moment, memories of the Demigoddess her body drifting into her being as she spoke once more. "But you know Khalfani? The beliefs of your ancestors does not turn myths into fact. Neither you or your kin are of divine blood, and yet that doesn't matter to me. Even if you had been a god or Godsblood, the moment you allowed yourself to be satisfied by the riches and comfort your luxurious existence as a princeling gave you, made me lose the interest I developed in you back in Stella. It is a pity the adventurous spirit of your being seems to be missing..."

A sigh of melancholy escaped her lips as she prepared to make her exit, but before she did she turned back toward Khalfani. "Perhaps you should consider a trip beyond the comfort of your palace again, it might make you remember there are so many things still waiting to be seen by you, and perhaps, I hope it shall rekindle that spark I saw in you that day.

[Exit attempt]
[I also asked, the World's Tarot does not allow you to see my soul, or know anything about Esperia prior to her rebirth, as such the world itself would not make you aware of who she truly was, but that was what the hints were for~]

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"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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"Oh heavens." Khalfani sighed as they rolled their eyes. Esperia had a major ego, perhaps one even grander than their own. Funnily enough, their boldness only added to the reason why Khalfani was always handling things on their own. They appreciated Esperia, but they were growing rather annoyed. She said her fair share, insulting the Princex left and right. She was a peasant after all, no matter how she framed it. There was no way she could understand the weight of being Khalfani. From forging a guild from nothing when even their own brother seemed to have doubted, to becoming recognized as one of the most skilled mages in Fiore- at the age of eighteen nonetheless? Yes, this is indeed a flex. Khalfani had no handouts. They grew up as a slave in Stella and fought their way out, but of course, this woman wouldn't have known that.

Khalfani was a different person now. They had become more mature than ever before, even more mature than those twice their age in many cases. Old them would have probably raged and ended the Demi-goddess where she stood, but they couldn't. Not when this was the very person that cured them of their vampirism in the first place. The Demi-Human, sighed. They licked their fangs and their empty eyes gazed upon Esperia- almost confused but barely keeping up with what they were saying. "You don't even know me..." Truthfully, they blanked out for about half of it. Despite the insults, Khalfani still managed to grin evilly. It was almost as if they began to enjoy how much she had to say- less so of what she was actually saying. When she was finally done, the Lion spoke up with a chuckle.

"Oh gods, Esperia. Demi-god, godsblood, human, demi-human, I don't really give a rats ass. I know at least forty people who could send you to your parents right now and they're all human more or less. Dem-gods have existed long before any of us were born. Your body's not the first, believe it or not." They twisted their face as if they were delivering sad news before chuckling. She of all people should have known the difference between Myth and reality. In the world they lived in, most myths weren't myths at all! "You assumed that you could offer me something that I'd want and it turned out to be nothing that was guaranteed so really its not even something you can offer, it's that simple~. I won't risk my life for something as childish as fame and glory either, not over some pale skinned gods that have nothing to do with me."

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