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Valeria Hildegard

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#1Valeria Hildegard 

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Valeria Hildegard


Name: Valeria Hildegard

Age: June 15, X712 / 82 years old

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pan-sexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Hunter

Race: Vampire

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Center of her lower back, in crimson.

Face: Hayan Park - Unholy Blood


Height: 170 cm

Weight: 68 kgs

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Red

Overall: Valeria has a very unique look, often allowing others to easily identify her as a non-human. She has extremely pale skin that compliments the silver curls that cascade down to her lower back. Her hair is parted in the middle with a few stands occasionally falling over her face. Her almond-shaped eyes with red irises compliment her blood-red lips. Her slit-shaped pupils, like those of a cat, and her sharp canines, however, are what truly give away her lack of humanity and yet, manage to sit with a haunting beauty on her heart-shaped face. Her nails are always painted black and remain long, almost like claws. Having spent years out and about in the world, she had built her body to be relatively muscular, often hidden underneath her clothes.

Extra: She has 4 piercings on each of her ears, often adorned with small silver hoops.


Personality: Valeria is often called using various nicknames such as Val, Ria, Leri, or even just V. As a vampire, she has lived far too long to even know who she is. While she always feels like she's lost a part of herself, her various memories bring out the characteristics that she didn't even know she had. She considers herself to be quite a cold person. While she isn't someone who would actively set fire to the world around her, she also isn't someone who would stop it. She likes to be an observer, someone who stands to the side and watches everyone try to make a difference in the world. That isn't to say that she's not ambitious. She is driven by hate but towards one species alone and those are vampires. While she stays calm and aloof most of the time, her rage surfaces when faced with one of her own kind. When angry, she forgets all reason and feeds into her lust for blood (not for feeding, of course). However, those that have gotten to take a closer look at her will also see that occasionally, she does enjoy the finer things in life. Having a huge part of her ripped away at her prime age, she didn't get to enjoy many things. Perhaps that's why she often gets distracted easily, sometimes by pretty and shiny things, sometimes by people, and sometimes by the world around her. It gives rise to a cuter side of her. Valeria is not someone who desires many things. She only does what she needs to do, without going out of her way. However, when there comes a time when she finds herself wanting something, nothing can stop her from obtaining it. She often prefers a logical approach, one that is least troublesome but when trouble arises, she is not one to back down, just someone who would sigh instead.

  • Blood: For someone who looks down on vampires, she quite enjoys the taste of blood. After all, it is the only thing she consumes.
  • Fights: She, herself, doesn't like to fight as it is too much work but she enjoys observing fights, whether they are casual or have a deadly tension to them.
  • Attention: While she does have a unique look, she finds that some people find it quite alluring. The attention she gets from others acts as a serotonin boost. Perhaps she feels relieved that she finds pleasure in something other than consuming blood.

  • Sweets: Her dislike arises from the fact that she cannot have the thing that she once loved so it is a lot easier to hate it.
  • Death: For someone who craves death quite often as an immortal, she hates it because it steals away people whom she held close to her heart.
  • Vampires: She sees them as nothing more than selfish blood-sucking monsters. It's quite hypocritical of her, considering that she too is one of them. Although, she does accept that not all of them are as bad as she envisions.

  • Killing Vampires: While she is someone who accepts that not all vampires are bad, she gets a thrill from killing them. It gives her a rush, a thrill that she rarely feels otherwise because it makes her feel one step closer to actually having a purpose.
  • Revenge: She wants to find her sire, the vampire who turned her. Although she does not know whether she wants to kill them yet as that feels like it would be merciful, she does know that they are the ones she needs to look for.

  • Emotional Connections: She craves them while simultaneously fearing them. While she may be someone slightly cold and aloof, she finds herself getting attached to people quite easily, people whom she often outlives. The pain and fear of losing them is something that prevents her from feeling connected to others.
  • Her Appetite: She had always kept her appetite in control, occasionally feeding on animals and willing humans to keep herself from going insane. However, sometimes, she feels the urge to keep going and to bleed her victims dry. It's not killing them that she's afraid of but the idea that she may lose herself and her rationality to vampirism.


Strength: 230

Speed: 161

Constitution: 166

Endurance: 160

Intelligence: 122


Magic Name: La Ira De Vesta

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Enhancement: Moving AoE

Magic Description: La Ira De Vesta is a magic that uses the fire element to produce offensive AoE and self-buff attacks. It grants the user the flexibility of creating ranged attacks as well as buffing attacks that involve fire engulfing certain parts of their body to enhance their physical abilities.


History: She was perhaps nineteen or twenty when she was turned into a vampire. It was so long ago that she could not even remember. The only memories she has of that day included the surge of fear she had felt and the shame that followed the pleasure after she had been turned. Valeria lived with her immigrant parents in Fiore, both of whom had left their countries to make a better life for themselves. Their story was quite ordinary. They met each other coincidentally and fell in love, eventually getting married and having children. From her childhood years to her adulthood, Valeria had lived an ordinary life. She had siblings she would bicker with, parents she would fight with but then apologize to, and friends that she would go out with. She had always possessed magic but never found herself motivated enough to put it to use. However, this ordinarily simple life that she led quickly turned around when she was attacked one night. She immediately identified her attacker as a vampire. Her mother's words rang in her head.

"They are monsters, be careful."

She had never before met a vampire and so, never really harbored any hatred towards them. That was until she fell into the clutches of one of them. She recalled them to be cold, tall, and strong but all these attributes faded into a tornado of emotions that she felt as she was being turned. She remembered waking up the next day on the street, feeling thirsty.

Valeria, still shocked and unable to process the events of the night, stumbled home but when she faced her parents, all they did was scream. They screamed at her in rage, fear, and shock. They treated her as a vampire and not as their daughter. She still remembers the look of fear on her family's faces as if they were terrified of what she had become. Valeria herself did not know what shocked them so much because she could no longer see her reflection. She had to leave the only life she knew, the family who no longer accepted her, and the town she was brought up in. Eventually, there was a time when she had given in to her bloodlust and bled people dry. There was a time when she felt guilt and regret but all those feelings were quickly buried under her hatred and acceptance of her situation. She hated the vampire who attacked her, the race that she had become a part of, and the people that hated her without understanding her. The worst part of it all was knowing that what happened to her was quite common and continuing to live with it.

Reference: Xandra Queen aka me, myself and I.

Valeria Hildegard GlVFKBU
#2Valeria Hildegard 

Valeria Hildegard Empty Sun May 08, 2022 5:51 pm

Valeria Hildegard
Using Xandra's Samsara Coin and transferring all her experience, attributes and mana to this account.

Experience: 626,000
Mana: 5,530

  • Strength: 230
  • Speed: 161
  • Constitution: 166
  • Endurance: 160
  • Intelligence: 122

Valeria Hildegard GlVFKBU

Valeria Hildegard Empty Sun May 08, 2022 7:05 pm

This character has been approved for roleplay.

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