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A promise kept [Priscilla]

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After her return to the world of the living the first course of action Esperia had made was to return to Fiore. She had a promise to keep, and she wanted to be reunited with her lover as quickly as possible. As such she had made her way toward the last known destination Hasani and Lily had been located at: The port city of Hargeon. The absence of a wyvern did make the journey slower, but Esperia had nonetheless traveled as quickly as she could, a sense of urgency behind every step she took. Even if she was in a body that was not her own, she still possessed the soul of the person known as Esperia, and as such she longed to see Priscilla as quickly as possible. In the distance the port city already came into view, leading to the young Demigod to let out a sigh of relief.

She was glad they had been in Hargeon, the city itself was under the protection of Blue Pegasus, so most wouldn’t be crazy enough to attack the city. Still, arriving at the outskirts of the city Esperia quickly made her way along the streets of Hargeon, returning back to the inn the family had been standing at.

Fortunately she found the room fairly quickly, and after a small knock confirmed the door was unlocked. “Hasani? Lily? Is your mother here?”

Esperia spoke worriedly as she opened the door, not knowing what to expect.


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There was an extremely risky part of this, After all you entered a place you think you know, But with a different body. There was not a sound from Lily or Hasani at all. But there was still someone there. She was right, their mother was there. But a stranger she did not know the smell of just walked into her like she belonged. Priscilla was not hiding, she was coming at all to the door, Just quickly. It was not a frantic quick but more angry steps. Then well the one thing Esperia never heard from Priscilla, The growl of a werewolf.

All signs showed now Priscilla was coming, not to greet her but for something else entirely. After that growl.”I do not know who you are, But you are not welcome!” That was loud enough to echo within the building, no matter how quiet it was here, There was not a protective mother werewolf going to find Esperia, Not the welcome home she expected.

Most likely eventually being spot it did not matter what it took, something that happen to done on her before in her protective state got her hands on anything she could grasp too and with all of the force able to be mustered by her, Pull Esperia forward but it was not any kind of hug or kiss, It was a pull forward to get her off of her feet and slam her into the wall.”You better hope I feel charitable enough to let you live, Or you kill me before you go near any of my children!”It was the love of a mother that was before her now, Not a loving wife. being slammed against the wall because she assumed Esperia was someone new and did not have good intentions.


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Of course, she should have been more careful, to be more calculating in her actions but a concern for her wife and family had overwhelmed those thoughts. Instead the initial look of relief and joy upon seeing her wife turned into bewilderment as she heard the werewolf’s words. “W-Wait” Esperia started, but before she could even properly response Valerie had pulled her off her feet and with the strength a werewolf was knock for slammed her straight into the wall behind her. A pained gasp escaped her lips, and although she felt the wall behind her crack lightly under the sheer force she was knocked into it, Esperia felt her vision grow blurry, attempting to keep on her feet but the exhaustion of the escape and the trip back to Fiore had left her trained, her body starting to slide down against the wall.

“I guess… that is revenge for the last time I punted you into a wall during training…. d-arling.”

Her body finally collapsing lightly on the ground she tried her best to remain conscious, yet a mixture of exhaustion and the force that had knocked her against the wall had done a much greater impact upon her than she expected.


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Maybe eventually it would make sense to her but it was not connecting. But for a moment she did just let her go and took a few steps back from Esperia.”You sound and act like you're so familiar to someone who does not know the face of you..”Still defensive, but given that she still revved up, it might be a bit trick to deal with. But at least there was a bit of a break from anything and she would not attempt anything else.”You are bold to walk into my home, do you think you own this place? Or are you trying to take it from me?”Calling her darling was not enough so far, it was not adding up.

But there could be a chance somewhat to wedge into place who it was. She would talk the few steps back in turn Esperia’s head to face her.”Now…who are you and why do you dare enter my home?”Since it was time to piece together, for it would be followed with.”After all, I am not your darling, That is someone I wish was still here.”The sadness that mentioned showed that maybe she was also still grieving as well,There was still a hint of what could be considered good in there was she still in fact valued who she thought was gone.

Oh it would be good to figure out how to make the brain connect. It was for sure, it was Esperia just in a new body. Maybe she was smart enough to think of another clue or way to connect the pieces, Since just calling her darling was not going to work, nor was saying she deserved it for doing it to her. It might be good to start with but not enough yet.


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Even if she understood the reason behind the words, it still hurt to hear her lover say them. She tried to steel her resolve, a hand resting again the ground as she tried to push herself upright again. “What do you mean? ‘Take it from you?’ This place was one we swore to protect together, a family we would raise together.”

The woman finally regained her footing, standing upright as she continued to speak, her voice pained, albeit mostly emotional considering how sturdy her Demigod body had been. “No, even if you don’t recognize me anymore, you will always remain my darling.” She said those words with a certain determination, a hand raised to her chest as she spoke firmly. “Even if this body is not my own, my dreams, my ideals, my convictions are still my own. I am Esperia Ivalice, and I swore that not even death would keep us apart.” With those words spoken she took a step forward, and another as she tried to approach her wife. “And that is why I dare to enter this home: because my family is here, and not even Hades could keep me away from them.”


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So she tried and so far it seemed one was not yielding quite yet. She was claiming something that if anything almost had no place to be claimed even if they were saying the name fitting for the chair. So it would seem now there were questions she would ask since it seemed like things the Esperia cared about would say.”Alright riddle me this then,What color was my hair when we first met?”It sounded like something entirely pointless and that was the point of the question, it something very particular to remember, even if typically a question that might not seem to make sense up front.

But it was her chance even if what was mentioned now, Because it seemed it might work for she was starting to at least settle down. Since it was lined up even remarking.”If you are Esperia, That answer will be simple to you.”In reality if Esperia forgot it might still be okay, there was another way to make her finally connect.

Then crossing her arms and waiting for an answer, it was back to quiet staring, with nothing else mentioned or no movement. After all it would be just her showing no signs of where Lili or Hasani was at. or anything else at all. Even if Esperia got the hair colour wrong surely there was other things to say.


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Esperia tilted her head to the side in confusion, pondering for a moment. “Red, why? You only dyed it brown because you heard I liked that color, but truth to be to told, right now red suits you more, way too fiery for my half-death ass to deal with.” Esperia chimed jokingly yet as she stopped in front of Priscilla she continued to speak once more. “Don’t you remember? I brought you into my personal dimension back then, although it did take me a while to get used to your comfort with a absence of clothes.”

A soft sigh followed as the Demigod pondered how she could convince Priscilla. “I know that I might not look the same, but it’s still me. Our vow is sacred to me, and I won’t hesitate to break out of any prison to be reunited with you. Not even Tartarus could stop me, but if you tackle me like that again I might be send there again sooner than later.”

Esperia raised a hand to her head, attempting to clear the drowsiness from her mind. “Any other questions?”

For now she truly hoped Priscilla would be convinced it was her. “Although I did get lost on my way back to Fiore, seems dying took away the World’s blessing, so I been relying entirely on my own memories for finding the way homewards…


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It seemed she had passed entirely the series of questions, They were all entirely details that were too in depth for any stranger to know, It was simple to tell since she stopped being so force, even letting go for a moment. Then again when you just hand someone a dose of complex reality of grief of death, only to show up alive again. Not everyone was right away so joyful. In Esperia's wife's case some one had always just seemingly just died of disappeared on her enough that these kind of moment seemed to damage her emotionally even more.

So much as what happen next did not right away seem to be the normal her, but almost like the internal withdrawn emotions she had fought back between other parts of her life just started coming out, One of the few times you could honestly called her a bit of a child. For the moment there was not questions or really many words that would be spoken. It is just the process she was going through, But since it all so far lead into her mind being Esperia, what happen next might just be a bit of a better feeling.

The best way to even phrase was happen next would be best mentioned as a kind of emotional defeat,That kind of defeat where you just avoided it for too long and it just finally happen. It was her turn with in this moment with Esperia. It seemed that it was just that time to give into for now. Esperia might be tired but it seemed after making sure their eyes connected. it just lead into a full on embrace liked Esperia was use too, However with her head buried into one of Esperia's shoulders, she was sweeping and not hiding it either. Her mind was not ready for a love one to day just to return when all of the other ones she cared about never did.


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Esperia tenderly raised a hand, her fingers tenderly caressing her lover's hair as she heard Priscilla weeping. Even during the embrace Esperia did little to stop her, a hand gently wrapping around her lover's back. "I'm sorry I hurt you so much my love."

Esperia spoke, her tone softer and reminiscent of the way she used to talk in the past. She understood all too well the emotional grief she had inflicted upon her lover. "Even if I kept my promise, the pain I caused is unforgivable. I swear I will become strong enough that not even the gods can tear me away from your side."

As Esperia spoke she continued to gently caress Priscilla's hair. This reunion, as sad and emotion as it was, was still her responsibility to experience, after all she had made a vow to her.. one she intended to keep at all costs. Her gaze softened, her blue eyes gazing with their crystal clear surface at her lover as she let her pour out all her grief, all her sadness, all her relief and anger. It was her responsibility to do that.

Because in the end, she had sworn she was Valerie's wife, forever and ever and that would never change.


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It would take a bit of time until she was some what normal again. But when you just delay so much feeling can only do so much when it blew up. This was not something she wanted to be known for, but it seemed as the moment happen it was like even in this sweeping she was finally starting to be able to relax slightly. her mind was some what regaining her composure."Lily and Hasani are safe....I told them to wait in one of their rooms while i saw who it was."So the children where safe, It was most likely pretty simply to talk to Lily, Hasani still younger then the two might call for her or Lily since he might not be use to the new look.

Alas even if prepare, it seemed almost like her did not want to move while being where she was right now."I will be okay in a few minutes."This was her turning back to normal even if she did still seem to have sounds of distress with in her speaking but it would be her just ease herself back to a sense of normality between them, It was the way of of her thinking she would have been alone again being unsure what do.

But finally settled enough even if her eyes were still a bit red, she let out a sigh of relief, removing her head from the resting place. Then Esperia felt a kiss on one of the cheeks of her face. That sign that she was at least good enough, being at peace for a for now it was since the comfort. But still she did not move, because it seemed either she did not want to move quite yet or unsure what else to do at this time.


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Esperia couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief after hearing that the children were safe. Fortunately it seemed Hades didn't learn yet about the family she had in the world of the living, else he surely would have prepared an ambush here. Instead Esperia nodded her head gently when Priscilla mentioned needing a few minutes. The time that passed was gentle and serene as she simply held her lover in her arms, and yet feeling the sudden kiss on her cheek made Esperia's expression freeze for a moment.

Tears started to gather in the corners of her eyes, a soft sniff following as she attempted to hold them back. The joy and relief of being back in the arms of her wife finally had started to take its toll upon her feelings, her embrace on Valerie becoming stronger as she looked into her lover's face. "It will be alright, we'll figure something out. In the worst case I'll brew a potion to make my scent resemble that of my previous body. It should make Hasani feel more at ease then."

Indeed, Lily was old enough to recognize the chance, but for Hasani it might be a bit more difficult to come to terms with the fact that one of his mothers was now in the body of a different person. She gently leaned in, an innocent kiss on Valerie's lips as she whispered softly. "I'm home darling."


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It seemed all was well, returning to some what of her normal behaviour now. With a kiss upon the lips in return."I guess you can forgive me for throwing you into the wall."She could laugh about it as she could control herself again. she was happy and content. With the mention of a potion."Is that something you have retained side form memories of the past?"After all it could be that picky and be chosen not to keep the skills a person had into their new body but that was just her assuming. She did not know how it worked.

But Esperia was home now."Yes now that I know it is you welcome home dear."Now that was were past the harsh emotions of life just hitting each other super hard they could settle into continuing their life and doing other things. The woman Esperia married was now back to normal."Now one of us should go find Lily and explain what is going on, have her to talk to Hasani and so she can start explaining what is going on to him."It was suggested to her most likely because well she was an emotional wreck so she did not want Hasani seeing that of her.

But first she would looking upon Esperia a tiny bit to observe the new look. Blonde hair, blue eyes and strange easily looked at marks on her body."You took a while to get use to me being comfortable with out clothing...yet you looking like if, I pull on one string everything would be exposed dear."She laugh slightly about it, Did not seem to hate the change so far but it was about the soul of the person who was there rather then a pretty new body.

Then she would touch what she assumed were tattoo's upon the stomach area of Esperia"Welcome home dear, Do these lines on you do anything or just inflicted upon you as for your new form?"She had to ask just to be sure, But she seemed to be normal and grateful and gave Esperia another kiss on the lips. It must be nice to return to the kind of life you came back too. But it did not spare Esperia her wife's fun pokes about these things, But most likely had good intentions with it for the most part.


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"I forgive you~ Fortunately despite my lack of experience in this body, it is still quite sturdy." Esperia nodded her head with a soft smile lingering on her lips as she continued to explain further. "I might need a bit of time to get used to the delicate treatment of potions but my experience in alchemy still remains within my memories." Indeed, even if this body was still foreign to her, she did retain her memories of the recipes and processes, so all in all she was confident she could still do it.

"I'll try to explain it to Lily in a bit~" Yet Valerie's teasing remark caused her cheeks to flush up brightly. "It did take me some time to get used to this armor, it seems to be a relic from the Demigod whose body I now inhabit. Although I think it's best not to pull any strings till later tonight~"

A teasing poke of her tongue followed, yet the sudden touch of the markings on her stomach made Esperia's body jolt lightly, and Valerie would likely notice the very faint glow that radiated from them upon touching the markings. "It seems they are a consequence of the blood that flows through this body. After all, this body is a Demigod and the daughter of Aphrodite, so there might be some things about it that even I need to learn about down the line~"


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Then again typical behaviour of her she would just follow it up with."I mean if we are talking about changes, If you really miss that red hair I can just go change back to it. If you really want me too?"It seemed to be posed of a serious question. Most likely it would be fine but never knew until asked."After all you do seem to like playing with fire."She was referring to herself with that comment. Even if it was just a harmless comment in the end. It was just normal piece of conversation that can happen at times.

It would all sort it's self out eventually because it was peaceful now."I am sure it will be interesting to explain that the mother that found her didn't just go dye her hair."She had to laugh about that slightly as well. Yes Esperia was still the same, mentioning even being half naked still to make her fluster"For the woman who is quick to get into the heat of passion, you sure are far more passive than I."But it was still something to show it was still her, For now she would not be pressed much further.

But it was interesting in the end."Interesting, makes me wonder what else it could entail."But she would at least stop touching them, just in case long term exposure hurt either of them in the end but she was happy, Esperia was happy all seemed good with them for the moment. At least now they had to ponder."What shall we do now dear?"It was a good question while they were just standing here, surely now it was a bit better to move on to something else currently to do something else even if they where comfortable.


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Esperia pondered for a moment on how to proceed. After all she still had her supplies in the room, and if she wanted to ensure Hasani would feel at ease she needed to figure something out. She gently raised a hand to Priscilla's cheek, cupping it lightly as she whispered gently. "You should rest a bit my love, I will talk to Hasani and Lily and we can go from there."

With those words spoken she gently lowered her hand back to her side, giving her wife another kiss on her cheek after which she approached the table that had once held her alchemical potions, fortunately one of them had still been in the pouch she had carried with her at those days, but after ensuring the contents were still fine she approached the other room, Lily peeking out from the small parting of the door.

"Mama?" She whispered hesitatingly, to which Esperia couldn't help but smile. "I'm surprised you noticed that it's me so quickly, how did you figure it out?" To which Lily chimed happily. "Your scent, the scent of your soul~ I been teaching Hasani this trick also~ He really is good at it!" The Daemon child exclaimed happily while she for Lily to fetch Hasani who had likely been hiding as Priscilla had asked of him.


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Sleep already, did she look that much of a wreck? maybe but she was not sure anyway. Then again maybe she just was not looking the best after everything that went on, It was Esperia being nice about it. But if Esperia wanted to do that than she would not mind if she did it."I guess that saves a bit of time in my end." She yielded to that, because everything was a bit more safe for her now. So it seemed Esperia would be handling the children for the moment. Whatever that would entail would be harmless.

So it seemed she agreed with it in the end."Just don't wake me up then."It could be taken as a cruel statement but maybe this time it might have been good to say that. But still it seemed to be her in a good spot, The children were safe, Some how the wife came home even if she was suppose to be dead. It was some what of a dream she never expected to happen. She would put one of arms around Esperia after the kiss on the cheek and do the exact same just with a bit extra added in.

It would be ended with a pat on the butt from her as she walked away."Welcome home Dear, Don't stay up too late."She would leave the room after not really picking up on Lily being around while she left, for the moment it seemed she was not trying to pay attention to the things around either because she was tired or just she did not think she need to do anything else, But she change out her clothing and just wear from pyjama pants and a sleeveless black shirt, Then she would just go sleep.


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"I'll try to hold back on the 'snuggling' tonight then~" Esperia chimed playfully in response after which she turned focus back onto Lily and Hasani. As expected the child was nervous, hesitant. Esperia gently extended a hand toward the child, leading to the werewolf to sniff lightly at it, a clear look of bewilderment on his face. "It's me Hasani~ Your Espy-mama." To Hasani it must had been confusing, the scent of a different body, but also the scent of Esperia's soul were interwoven as the child tried to understand what was going on, but once that hand gently caressed his head in a way only his vampire mother had done in the past Hasani knew who it was, going as far as giving her a tight hug.

Once the two children were suitably comforted and spend some time with, she allowed herself some time to help them go to sleep after which she returned to the room she had shared with her lover. As expected she had already changed into her nightwear, leaving Esperia to smile kindly at the sight while she started to remove the armor pieces that covered her body, all until she had been left naked, and climbing into the bed she gently pulled the bed sheet over her, moving closer and tenderly pulled a arm around her wife while nuzzling against her, slowly ensuring that the new Demigod fell asleep as well.


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