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From East To North.(Foot Travel.)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

From East To North.(Foot Travel.) Empty Thu May 05, 2022 7:25 am

Regis Karlinius
About the time to actually be moving and doing things as mentioned but most likely in a different way then what was assumed of him or hoped of Regis but Regis was finally moving away from where he was hiding. It would take a bit of time to pack up some of the few things he owned and needed before carrying on, Making sure to have some food with in the trip, Everything else he could be planned down the road while travelling as long as he had something to sleep in, the ground was something he was already use too.

Considering who else he knew in the east he would just say nothing and be on his way, But that was to be honestly expected of him. Even after that conversation it was just normal of him to be known to sometimes just up and leave entirely. To pack up camping supplies and hunt food later leaving the east entirely with out a word maybe one day some one else would look for where he was but until that day came and passed nothing else.In the end leaving the east was nice and a fairly simple task for him.

It would be strange in this situation, even if he would end up in the area for the rune knights Regis just seemed to walk thought the city entirely.It seemed not that interested in being in the city. Or he forgot entirely what he was told people he was doing to start with. He just kept moving entirely it was later on in the evening and start to feel like he needed to rest to continue the travel, If anything one of his camping spots was just outside of Era, Then to continue moving through Crocus after that.

It was a fairly longer travel with crocus, because Regis seemed to talk his time walking through the city. It was nice even looking he needed to polish a few things on him a bit better. Would be a good supply stop for him, get a few next things. It was a nice area but it could be something that better not having him around with in the city but it was just his own personal feelings. Plus there was almost other areas too see so Regis would not stay long as much as it would be simple to go back to Join the Rune Knights like he dreamed at one point.

Where was Regis actually going? The North seemed to an area he wanted to go to, Or well in reality he just kept travelling after leaving the center and had not stopped yet, Just kept going. But the more seemingly sea and port side area of the west was a good point for me to making sure he had a good camp by the water go catch some fish, It reminded him of something he could have pictured doing with family long a go, Even if still slightly bitter.

Not being in the west as long as the center of Fiore, Regis would travel through there fairly quicker then the other areas then going through then the other areas, But the north was his stop in the end. He would travel at least to some where with in the north before the sea and stop to set up camp for to rest again. It was a long travel that for some reason he did so it would be better to have a bit of a better and longer rest. But camping in the north was different but familiar.


[exit to the North.]

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