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The New Testament [Private]

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The New Testament [Private] BI6cA5Q
It was a glorious day to be alive, at least, for a prince. The masses sang praises of the youngest Prince who had returned to their country, once again delivering them from impending doom. The gods practically swooned over the Ascended, for they were the champion chosen to protect the sands, in line to inherit what was rightfully theirs. How overjoyed of Khalfani the gods must have been. Surely they rejoiced in the success of their creation. For what other reason would they continue to bless them? Perhaps the gods were holding onto the sliver of hope that one day, the Prince's rage would avert elsewhere, no longer hungering for their demise. They couldn't have been more wrong. The Deities above were hubris, but it was in their hubris that their ignorance lie. No matter the amount of benisons bestowed upon they Ascended, they would never absolve the gods of their wrongdoings. The Gods were faulty, and eventually...they would be held accountable. For what is was worth, Khalfani had not wasted these blessings. This unwonted power would grant them victory and so they would make sure to use it to its maximum potential.

Today, like any day, was a perfect day to figure out the next step in this grand plan Khalfani had been so masterfully designing. A golden chalice filled to the brim with claret colored wine, freshly picked from the vines outside of the villa rested between the Dragon Slayers fingers. Their legs were crossed, one gently resting atop the other as they sat on their resplendent throne. Of course, this seat wasn't created for the King- nor was it fit for one, but for a prince it would suffice. Servants had been moving about, tending to their duties throughout the Villa. Guards sprinkled themselves all around the complex with about seven of them inside with the prince. Everyone was on high alert thanks to the previous terrorists attack. Still, Khalfani valued their privacy. As you could imagine, this entire setting was irksome, to say the least. Orders of the King and all that. A special guest was expected to arrive sometime soon, someone Khalfani held dear to their heart. The Ascended sat on their throne, gazing at the ceiling in deep thought. Times had drastically changed.

As fate would have it, the two beings would be united- not in love, but in business. A devilish smirk spread across the Lion's face. Like themselves, this person, in someways, was a god amongst men. Their eye in the sky spied the only man that they'd ever call their father. The guards at the gate would wait patiently. "Well would you look at that." Khalfani chuckled, taking a sip of their drink. "Is he here, your grace?" the woman servant standing beside their throne asked in Desiertian. Khalfani, however, said nothing. Instead, the Godsbloods eyes lit up with excitement.

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Desierto was unlike any place Odin had ever visited, although in fairness the Wizard Lord wasn't as well travelled as he would have liked. Its beauty was captivating, its people were alluring, its heat was commanding. And the porcelain-skinned man, who until very recently had been devoid of many ways to feel that natural heat, was loving every single moment as he approached the glorious villa that housed the one he was here to meet. He couldn't help but laugh as he walked through the sands of the desert towards the child and heir who awaited his arrival. Every single time Khalfani impressed Odin, the former Lich had been overjoyed. And yet, every single time, they went so far beyond the expected. If 'exceeds expectations' ever took demi human form, even they would pale in comparison to the accomplishments of Odin's heir. Khalfani Morningstar, beginning simply as a child Odin had tasked with infiltrating the Rune Knights, revealed to be a Princex of Desierto. Royalty from one of the most ancient countries in Fiore, from the oldest line of rulers. For Khalfani to take, to accept, the name of one who had grown up abandoned by his country, worshipped by his mother and, after her demise, despised by his father was something that had not gone unnoticed by the angel-demon hybrid.

Such an auspicious occasion deserved the Eudaemon to be dressed in finery. The long flowing robes that Odin wore today were certainly respectful, but he was having trouble finding outfits that he enjoyed. After all, he had spent the past five years unable to perspire. His clothes only needed cleaned to remove dirt and blood, and thus he had only required two or three outfits. Now he was expected, both by nature of his rank and by form of his body, to have as many as seven or eight outfits for all sorts of occasions. It was still definitely a work in progress, but Odin knew Khalfani would not care. They would be dressed in some form of royal garb no doubt, and it's not like Odin was ever going to outclass one such as the Princex. Besides, the flowing clothes made the heat of the desert more enjoyable. He could feel it on every pore of his body, and the very slight accompaniment of wind truly gave credence to Desierto being dubbed the 'perfect country'.

Long before the Wizard Lord arrived, guards were ready to meet him, to be expected given the rank of the one he was here to meet. With his hands, the hairs on the back of them standing upright from the unaccustomed feeling of heat and wind, raised by way of surrender, Odin would simply declare, "I am here to see my child." He knew that, if desired, he could annihilate most of the guards present but, for the first time in his life, Odin thought it best not to start an international incident in a country he was only entering for the first time.


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The New Testament [Private] BI6cA5Q
Naturally, the guards protecting the gates of the entrance were on the look out for anything suspicious and well...Odin stuck out like a sore thumb. The Knights of Duat had done a number on them, they knew that atany moment they would strike again. To them, Lord Morningstar was suspicious enough. Alas, the orders of the prince would always triumph over how they felt about virtually anything. The wrath of the Princex had no bounds, that much they understood. Disrespecting this man would result in something they had no desire to experience. The entire court was unable to fathom the idea that an outsider, especially someone so exceptionally pale, was the father of one of the Princes- much less the one most favored of the two. Although these men wouldn't show it, they were offended by the fact that they'd have to bow to a foreigner.

Nonetheless, the people of Desierto were old school and that meant they respected status. It was why the Pharaoh had so much power in comparison to the rulers of other civilizations across Earthland. With a bow, the guards addressed the white haired stranger. "My Lord." they said. One of the spear wielding guards nodded before leading the way towards the door of the large estate, expecting the Master of nightmares to follow. Three other guards trailed behind Odin. When the spear-wielding guard approached, he'd push giant silver door open and make way to the Princex' throne.

Cozy in their seat, the Lion smiled, their lips stretching from ear to ear. They were obviously ecstatic to see their father at last. What had only been months felt like years and perhaps even then some. The man who had given Khalfani their first idea of what fatherly love was, had come all the way from Fiore to visit them. That alone was cause for celebration. This reunion would be unlike any other reunion they had before. Khal had finally embraced their royal position, no longer fighting for a throne that was not theirs to claim, and Odin had changed dramatically. It was because of Odin that the Ascended had become so strong. It was because of the most infamous Lord in the West that they were still alive to relish in their heritage. Imagine that; a Villain having a hand in delivering the Princex of Desierto safely home.

Rumors of the most infamous wizard in Fiore spread like wildfire, and so the Dragon Slayer new of this new form their father had taken on long before meeting him. Still, they hadn't expect the former Lich to look so...beddable. "Your highness." The guards greeted before taking a knee. The dark haired woman beside their throne said nothing. Instead she watched the interaction of two individuals far out of her league. The Lion gently bit their bottom lip as their eyes slowly lowered from Odin's eyes, down to what was no longer nonexistent between his legs.

"Well? Aren't you going to bow, father?" The Prince's sun-lit eyes bounced back to the Lords eclipsed irises. Like a novel, with a singular glance they were able to read the man. He had changed so much. The Ascended sipped their wine, waiting for a response. Of course they were only teasing but they didn't want to make it obvious. They were more curious to see how their father would react. The tone in their voice was demanding, their words slithered from their tongue, and aimed to strike like sand vipers.

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Odin could tell, he knew what loyalty was and he knew that sometimes it made people do something that they didn't want to do. He had ordered people to do uncomfortable things many times in the past, had watched their eyes as they followed those orders. So when the royal guards bowed to the Wizard Lord: a man they had heard of but never met, a man they had no direct loyalty towards, he could tell that thy were just following orders. It was either that or they were too trusting, and that was never a good look for royalty.

One of the guards, possibly a leader but with no easy way to tell as they all wielded similar weapons, led Odin to a grand entrance, the way into the villa. The giant silver doors, a testament to Desiertian architecture, opened then, allowing passage into what could only be described as a divine sight.

Between Iceberg and Fiore, and even Bosco to some extent, natural light was something that Odin had never found himself able to rely on. That was only heightened by his former appearance, as it gave him no reason to require the sun. But this room: its walls open, its pillars reaching high from floor to ceiling, its ceiling itself adorned with beautiful patterns and shapes, it had everything required to make it incredible even without the light of the sun illuminating it. That final piece, the warmth and light and feeling that came in from the outside, that's what made it truly divine.

That, and the one sitting atop the throne.

Odin approached with the guards, his flowing robes trailing behind him as the gentle breeze wandered its way in and out through the pillars, following a path known only to the wind. He bore witness to the guards taking a knee, saluting and greeting their royal commander, who looked like a perfect match for the position they now held.

Khalfani Morningstar, The Ascended, Princex of Desierto. It was an impressive title, none could argue the gravitas that followed anywhere its bearer walked. And Morningstar sat at the forefront. Their eyes were on their father, and the Wizard Lord took note of the glances aimed below his eyes. Odin had been called many things during his time as a Lich, but only now was he called beautiful. And that gave him a new power to play with, a form of manipulation that he had never before been granted. And, as he smiled at his heir on their throne, he was asked to bow.

He obliged. With all the grandiose of a stage performer, the elegance of a dancer and the pomp of an aristocrat, Odin bowed his head low, his torso following and his arms outstretched down to either side of his new body. He was in the presence or royalty, just as the guards were. Although his greeting would be much less formal as he straightened back up, standing tall and imposing over the four men surrounding him. One in front, and three behind.

"I have to admit, I could definitely get used to this weather."

Their conversation would be brief, but important for things to come.


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