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Body Gatherer [Vaxias]

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Vaxias Quickly made his way through the dark gloomy streets. they was unusually deserted but Vaxias didn't mind it much he has very little interest in dealing with crowds of people at the moment anyway. A fellow "Colleague"  had asked him to come to his lab tonight so Vaxias was curious as to the reason. Auron and Vaxsia both have a mutual love of taking living organisms apart and on occasion, they have shared research and worked together on "Projects". Vaxias does Prefer to work alone but Auron is adequate company despite Vaxias seeing him as more of a butcher than Dissectionist Of course, most people in this profession are going to be "off" so Vaxias tends not to be picky about who he works with after all discovering something new is the main goal of his work after all.

Upon arriving at Auron's lab he was met with A familiar sight of Auron elbows deep in his latest "subject" the disappointed look on his face however was something out of the ordinary usually Auron who is quite happy while walking on a Project such as this but is demeanor while working today seemed to be one of frustration. "Damn it to hell!" Auron shouts as he throws his hands up in exacerbation [color:ee2f=#3333ff"This is the last time I get to know nothing buffoons to bring me "Subjects"[/color] to work on. Vaxias stay quit and let Auron vent Vaxias knew the pain of having subpar Subjects" to work on the Biggest reason why he became a Mage in the first place was to eliminate the need to rely on others for such delicate and detail-oriented work after a minute or two of listening to Auron Complain about the quality of his "subject" Vaxias decided to speck up  "I see your having trouble with quality control of your subjects Auron finally took notice of Vaxias who was now leaning over the Remains of Auron's latest subject. Seems this on was a heavy drinker and smoker her lungs are blacker than coal and I'm willing to bet you could pull a decently strong drink from her Liver Auron chuckles iIt took you only Mere moment to deduce that yet every blithering idiot I hire to find meQuality subjects cant. Auron walks over to the table I did this old girl a favor all the years of abuse she put her body through she would have died a miserably slow death Vaxias looks up from the table "Did you call me here just to vent? or did you actually have hope this poor excuse for a test subject would Yield anything of interest?" Auron scoffs Of course not taking one look at her I could tell before I cut into her she would be absolutely worthless to me but I had hope to at least salvage some part of her but alas it seems she truly was worthless. I called you here because I'm sick of dealing with the common riffraff who answer my ads for new test subjects they always bring me near worthless subjects Either because you're too stupid or lazy to look out for the simple cues that make a good test subject a good test subject. Ah so this is a job then?  It has been a while since I have done actually fieldwork or someone else. but seeing you in such a Position is rather heartbreaking." Ah thank you, my friend, for taking pity on me but if it isn't too much to ask would you be willing to bring me two subjects male and female if you will? i am willing to pay double if need be. I am terribly behind on my research. Vaxias Smiles as he turns to walk out of the door "Arent we all?"

As Vaxias walks down the same deserted streets for the 20th time he beings to curse the pleasure he took earlier in walking down the empty streets. This was no doubt the doing of the Rift raft Auron talked about it seems they were just pulling people off the street at random so now people are wary of being out late. Auron was also to blame for this there no doubt he collected too many subjects in too small a time frame. Just as he was getting ready to give up for the night A woman stumbled into his line of view. From a distance, she looked ideal and she had not noticed him yet. Vaxias puts his hands together and slowly pulls them apart and a magic circle appears as he pulls them apart a super-thin Threads is revealed he slowly begins to make his way over until he noticed her arm. He dispels the thread and walks past the woman. He gets a better look at her arm and it was what he suspected she had Track marks along the veins of her arm. This was rather Disappointing to Vaxias but it couldn't be helped having a Subject that has had any form of substance abuse problem was unacceptable to Vaxias. Vaxias began to make his way back to his room of board that was until he hear a voice call out to him Excuse me Mr! Vaxias turned to see a rather young and handsome looking couple quickly making their way over to him We dont mean to bother you but my wife and I got a bit lost while out Sightseeing do you happen to know here the......." Vaxias hadn't paid attention to the word of what the man said he was too focused on examining the person for anything that would make them less than ideal subjects. after going over their body with his eyes quickly he interrupted the young man You two wouldn't happen to be muggers thinking I'm an easy target now would you?" the Couple looked a bit confused by Vaxia's question Course not we are doctors from a small town east of here I assure you we aren't here to make trouble just looking to get back to her in." Vaxias being Satisfied with the man's answer he quickly whipped both of his hands inward lunching two super-thin Threads out of his fingers each thread cut cleanly across each of the young couple's throats spending a small Spatter of blood outwards. as both fell to the ground Vaxias dispelled the threads. As both lay they bleeding but not yet dead Vaxias kneels down beside them I'm sorry your both still alive but all of the quick and painless ways to kill you would have destroyed very important nerve endings and if you are to be Ideal subjects those can no be damaged. You should look at it this way for few moments of suffering could bring about the answer to saving millions of lives........... Or destroying them who am I to say how knowledge is used my only goal is to learn as much as I possibly can. Those who....... Oh, you two have finally bled out   Vaxias reaches down and whips a few tears from the woman's eye. He then reaches into his back for the necessary equipment to transport the bodies. He had hoped to find them one at a time and be able to carry them but Vaxias was prepared if that wasn't the case he delicately ties and bounds the twos arms and legs together And wraps them in a pretty sturdy piece of leather to make sure they are not damaged in Transport. after they are all tied down and Vaxias was happy with the knots he tied he whips his arm outward and Attaches 5 threads to the bodies and begins to drag them behind him.

Fortunately, the deserted streets once again played into his favor. He would have had to use the back allies had the streets been as crowded as they usually are just a few blocks from the Auron Lab Vaxias ran into a spot of trouble it seemed a Rune Knight was making his rounds and had caught sight of Vaxias this didn't worry Vaxias too much he had tied the bodies in a way to make them not look like bodies from a distance Excuse me, sir. I just wanted to let you know that there have been quite a few disappearances in the area recently so be wary. Vaxias Breathed a small sigh of relief as the Rune Knight began to walk in the other direction that was until a light dripping sound started that caught his and Vaxias's Attention they both looked at what Vaxias was dragging it seemed that of the ties became loose and the hand of one of the bodies was sticking out never so slightly Vaxias cursed his self for being so sloppy and turned back to the Rune Knight who was reaching hor his sword Vaxias Quickly whip his arm outward slashing at the Knight with his threads just as the Knight readied his blade Unfortunately for the night the threads cut clean through his blade he armor and his neck. As the Rune Knight's head fell to the ground with a wet thud Vaxias cursed himself again how could he be that careless. He quickly put the arm of the body back inside the piece of Leather and quickly made his way back to Auron Lab.

Upon entering the lab Vaxias was greeted but the ecstatic Auron Do you have them?!?!?! he shouted enthusiastically Vaxias nodded as he hoisted the bodies onto a nearby table. Auron quickly came over to inspect the two. "Oh thank you my friend for these two look worlds better than the last 10 those Idiots brought me." Auron makes his way over to his decks and comes back with a small back. Your payment Vaxias takes the bag and begins to head for the door Auron did say something as he was leaving but Vaxias didn't pay it any mind he was too upset about his Sloppiness earlier in the night to care about much else. as he walks out the door he heads back down the dark and lonely streets to his room and board.


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