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A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.)

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#26Ragnar Asgeir 

A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 19, 2022 5:46 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar was happy that she thought his explanation made sense, atleast somewhat. He had only every heard about Contracts with Demons as something that normally the human is tricked in the contracts. That didn't appear to be the case here, so it could have been an 'even' exchange but clearly Ragnar had no real idea.

Ragnar watched Akuko for a moment before he felt a normal finger on his nose, apparently the strange claw like fingers weren't just a fashion statement they might have very well been an illusion or something apart of her body now. That was interesting enough. There was clearly more going on with Akuko then he thought, but there was more going on with Ragnar then what it seemed so.

Either way Ragnar laid back down on the sand as Akuko laid with him. He relaxed again for a moment before he heard that Akuko was going to run off and get snacks and some wine. " Bring me back whatever you think I will like, including any alcohol. I normally don't drink wine, never really understood it. Apparently there is something in them that makes them taste funny to me, but not to other people. " Ragnar shrugged to himself. He wasn't some mage. He didn't have to understand how things really worked, all he had to do was be very good at fighting. At some point he would have to go and do some more jobs, he wasn't broke by any means but he might need money for another large purchase like his hammer.

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A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 21, 2022 6:14 pm

Such a request was a simple one, But the problem as always Akuko always felt the need to do something to trick him, She had just the right idea. It was in the end harmless, But Akuko had a snack she enjoyed that easily tricked people at times when they where not expecting them to be around, It would be perfect for this situation. Well it was harmless in her mind anyway after all it was a good snack to her, But wasabi coated peanuts was always a risk to other people as well. But to a trickster these things were perfect.

But she gathered the things nonetheless eventually Akuko just seemingly popped back up again as she normally did,Just getting back in place as she did putting down at least three bottles of wine, One red, one white and one marked Umeshu,A  smaller yet wide bottle that was something stronger, By that it was bottle of whisky. Then she would just place down the wooden bowl of wasabi coated peanuts, Then she simple places down two glasses.

So far Akuko was pouring herself some Umeshu, but it was just her more preferred wine out of all of them."Something to munch on to make sure you do not get too drunk from the wine."She said that just casually pouring her glass entirely full of that Umeshu and just sipping away form it. But she still had not gotten anything for him to drink yet? Well that was a lie. She just popped open the bottle of Whisky and just placed it down for him."This all should be okay for now." The wines might be just there in case he really wanted to attempt to try them with her, But she seemed prepared in the end for what he would want in some way, She just did not touch the green powdery cover peanuts yet, Mostly because she did not want any yet. Did Ragnar try anything with out asking, Or just continue being a giant cuddle monster? it was a good thing to ponder between them.

#28Ragnar Asgeir 

A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 24, 2022 6:46 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled with Akuko came back, including a bottle of something he knew as whiskey. Once all of them were placed on the ground, a bowl of green looking peanuts. Reaching over for the bottle of whiskey, he took a big swig out of it before turning his attention back to the peanuts for a moment.

He picked up the bowl and took a sniff of the wasabi coated peanuts and quickly realized what was happening. Ragnar had eaten this substance before, while going out with Quilla after a mission. It was spicy, not overly spicy but still spicy. Looking over at Akuko for a moment, he attempted to get a read of what Akuko was trying to do here with this. Was she hoping to trick him with this? Did she like it and wanted to see if Ragnar would eat it? There was alot of questions like that going through his mind but he eventually put that to the side before placing the bowl back down. He would have to see how the rest of this goes.

Ragnar sat down next to Akuko before he started to think. Was Akuko really interested in Ragnar? Or was she just playing around with him or just see him as a friend? Ragnar thought about this for a moment, taking another drink from the whiskey bottle, still in his hand. Well how was he supposed to deal with this problem? He could wait for her to make a move, but what if she is expecting him to make the first move. Akuko must know that Ragnar was interested in her that way, but Ragnar also made every attempt he could to make her feel like she wasn't a piece of meat which might have come off as uninterested.Well this was a difficult situation that he had put himself in. It didn't help that he was flirty on the beach but never made any move beyond that, so maybe she just thought that he was just flirty.

Well what is the quickest way to solve this problem. Well he would have to make a move, if she turned him down then he had his answer and if she didn't then he had his answer. Ragnar turned his head towards Akuko before saying " Hey Akuko. Look at me for a second? "

If Akuko choose to listen to the instruction, Ragnar would lean down and attempt to kiss Akuko. Time to put the theory to the test.

If Akuko didn't follow the instruction give to her, he would reach down and gently grab her glass that she poured her drink into and gently started to force her to turn her body towards him. It wasn't likely that Akuko would just let him take it from her, and once she turned her body towards him he would attempt the kiss.

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It seemed like a things Akuko thought would have been a trick would not be, Alas she not know that but she herself would eat a few anyway. Because she did actually want them even if she coughed slightly after eating one, But it seemed that she nonetheless seemed pretty content for the moment. If anything Akuko had them to control to make sure she did not drink too much. Since well a snack always helped with that. But she seemed to just casually for the most part start drinking her wine like she was just delighted with the situation, Even if it seemed like things were a bit slow Akuko seemed content and happy with this situation. Then again it might be a problem when your a hard to read Daemon lady at times.

It was both fun and annoying she knew that as well. She was also generally taking her time and enjoying her life with things. With her slow drinking and throwing a few peanuts into her mouth, The moment Ragnar set up happen and she seemed to just look at Ragnar it went off with out a problem really, In fact Akuko a bit more happy about it, Her efforts were paying off a bit more, Not that she ever assume he was not grateful about it all of things she was doing.

She could even remark about it."Oh? have I been too cold unintentionally?"She laugh about it slightly because she had to be sure to add some wit into it. But she since she was a bit more happy she figured she would return the gesture. A kiss given was a kiss returned. It seemed with that move Akuko did the same in return. She was fairly gentle considering maybe she was not the type normally to seem like she would be. It seemed she maybe could admit."Hopefully you did not take it too heart too horrible."She could laugh about it slightly, hopefully to make it seem like everything was okay now.

But would settle to sit on Ragnar with the front of her body towards Ragnar placing both of her arms on his shoulders just kind of resting them there, Then just kind let herself rest there quietly for now. Well after she places her head lightly on his maybe this was a stepping stone for Akuko to just attempt more closeness now, She figured maybe now she should actually maybe try a bit better rather then maybe internally struggle to know what to do. Leaving the drinks, glasses and snacks alone. At least from her.

#30Ragnar Asgeir 

A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 28, 2022 5:28 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Well, Ragnar's plan worked out just how he planned. He was mildly surprised that it worked out well, given Akuko's tendency to mess around and trick him. But never the less it went quite well, and they both seemed to enjoy their first kiss together. The kiss was, slightly, undercut by the burning that Ragnar's lips felt from the peanuts that Akuko had eaten moments before while Ragnar wasn't paying attention and was in his own head.

Akuko said something witty before pulling the same move on Ragnar as he did her. She was more gentle then he assumed she would be, but that was fine. She most likely was just being careful, or maybe she was less experienced then her appearance lead someone to believe. Ragnar thought about that thought for a moment and realized that might be a questionable thought process that he would have to address later.

" I don't think you were cold, as much as I wanted my own verification that everything was going smoothly between us. "
Ragnar said as they got close again, Ragnar moving his hands to rest on Akuko's lower back before continuing " Getting validation on something like this is good for both of us. " Ragnar's hand started to move as he gently rubbed Akuko's lower back, just enjoying the time they were spending together in the closeness.

Ragnar did wonder about some of the things that Akuko had told him moments ago, and he wondered how much that trauma affected her ability to get close to people. He was trying to keep his mind moving on something other then how Akuko smelled nice, and tried to focus on other things then that.

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A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 01, 2022 2:10 pm

In some way Akuko figured it was coming to understand how she enjoyed these times, she also then again maybe just did not know how to deal with experiences she did not think she would ever get to have in her life but maybe that lingering worry was just left in her mind."I guess I had not considered that the case at all."Which was true,Akuko so far seemed go think the expression of caring so through the effort of things she did most of the time to keep it interesting more often then naught, But maybe there was somethings she did not get taught of some things she might have had drilled into her head. For now that would be for a future conversation in the end of her thought of it for now.

But she could see his point, Just was not something considered, But I guess there was some kind of relaxing moment to it, Akuko in the end lead it down too, that even if effort and making things interesting for one there was only so many things you think you can do to impress a person until you did actually have to consider doing a few normal things that couples did. Then again Akuko could just jokingly remark."Maybe I am still just a little weird."She would just laugh about it not trying to make it seem strange or negative but just trying to be as she normally did. It made her ponder if she was just putting a little much effort he did not need too with these things. Asking anyway "Or am I putting so much effort into these things, When it should be a bit more simple like this?"Then again this was good insight when asking because she felt like she needed to know, for it would be pointless to do all of this if really it was not his fancy in the end.

Even if Akuko did kind of like the strange things she did, Maybe there had to a bit more limits. Or she was starting to show signs of doubt unintentionally. Then again maybe she was just making sure everything was right and was being picky. But it seemed the back rub seemed to be a bit more of way to ease the worried daemon, even it was over nothing.After all it even if she boast being such a so much Akuko flaw's where skin deep with in herself not wanting to be picked a part so much. Not too long after the relaxing feeling of the back rubs Akuko. But maybe just to settle her mind for now.

"So, does this mean you plan the next one?"Seemed like a good thing to mention. Just to see where this conversation would lead too. If he did not Akuko would plan something far more simple then a choose you path maze she thought up random and felt it was a good idea from her sometimes extremely childish nature. But since her arms were already resting on his shoulders anyways it seemed Akuko would casually run her fingers through his hair. She at least did not want to move at this time.

#32Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar listened to what Akuko had to say, it appears that she wasn't as confidence as he once thought. She did seem to have doubt, or atleast some level of doubt but to be fair everyone does have that. Ragnar assumes that is just apart of the condition of being a being that was capable of thought. No being can exist thinking that they are perfect at all times, they have to have some level of doubt in their brain even if they try to deflect that doubt into blame for others at the worst case.

Once he heard it was his turn next time to plan stuff, his brain froze up for a moment before he remembered exactly what he could do. With a smile on his face he said " That is totally fine. I hope you have warm clothing. " Once Ragnar already had this plans together, he knew he would have to make a trip to make sure everything was set up but that was a good chance to finish up some other business in that area of the world.

Ragnar leaned in and attempted to get another kiss from Akuko, this time holding it for as long as Akuko would allow him. He was now testing the boundaries of what Akuko was OK with, because it seems only fair that this is where the boundaries that they do have should be very well known between them. They had just moved to the next stage of the relationship and now was the time where feelings could get really hurt, and people could die. More then likely Ragnar just killing people but still, people could still die.

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A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 06, 2022 2:54 pm

Alas Akuko's worries faded, As her cycle between being able to manage things in her own way did lead to worries, she had to learn to ease these things to allow herself to see what other might want to do as well, Rather then just doing it all herself. Then again that might might be a good for her to learn and experience all things did not need to be done by her and she could have that person she that no matter if she see was a daemon, no matter if she was human, Akuko was not just some random trouble making person who showed up, She was person who's front was strong even with it's cracks.

Akuko just did not want to seem weaker then she was, Trying to live up to something she most likely knew very well she could not through her own means, Did it make her something she was not? Most likely now for through this it was still the same person, Her prowess seem no long important for these things."Oh? Just how cold are you thinking?"She seemed to have wanted to know now, throwing away her shown worry."Or did you want me to just be a good daemon for once in my life and wait to know?"Akuko could laugh about this because she knew it might entirely be the case that she needed things to be as they where.

But Akuko's reaction to what Ragnar wanted to seem to do was just about something she could consider, For she did not seem to resist much. Mind you after a second she could only just say."Are do we consider this one too a game?"Even if posed as a question, to sustain a kiss as long as they could together was not a game or a challenge but maybe just something that needed to do in the end, Enjoy the skylight Akuko had set up, sit where they where and just allow the emotion and physical affection that loved developed happen, But for the moment. Akuko was not giving up on being first to break away.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled as he listened to Akuko, and he didn't answer the questions instantly as they continued their kiss. This went on for long enough until Ragnar felt himself start to want to push things farther then kissing, and while Ragnar could do that he still didn't want to walk into that possible minefield just yet.

Eventually Ragnar was the one to pull away, and he smiled at her before saying "You are incapable of behaving. You always are trying to play something, and that is what I like about you. Keeps me on my toes. " Ragnar then lifted Akuko off his lap, with great ease, as he stood back up before putting Akuko back on the ground.

" As for the trip, do you wanna know really bad or are you willing to wait? " Ragnar didn't really care, and even if she really wanted to know it isn't like he was going to give her the full information she was requesting. He had to have his own secrets and he figured she might either really enjoy this trip or really hate it.

Ragnar looked at Akuko for a moment and got serious as he asked the question " Are you still feeling good about this relationship so far? " Ragnar wasn't even sure why he was seeking validation on this, and once he realized what he was doing it was too late to take it back. Ragnar normally is very confident in his ability, it is normally ' Yes I can do that' or 'No I can't do that' but this was one of those times where he was kinda caught in the middle ground.

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So she did not need too? Good that opened up a few things for then since well, Then again maybe just for her own personal reasons of actually showing she can be a normal person. Even if Ragnar was already okay with a partner that was daemon and could turn blue with tails and claws. She was going to not push her limits too much. There had to be a good balace at times."I could totally behave, You just need to think of just for how long."It would not be really fitting of the situation with out a casual joke, in the end she knew she could behave, But she made everything a bit more freeing by not.

If she was serious about her answer it was most likely something that reflected Akuko for how she set up everything here."I can wait, after all some times these things are better to wait and see what would happen."So that was her choice she would actually willing and say she would wait. It seemed this was way of Akuko showing her trust but just having the blank and casual trust with out worry. It would be something to note with her but maybe not test how far it would go.

But on the ground again, Since she had been looking like her normal daemon look this entire time since going swimming, Akuko turned into a normal human look she was seen as normally. But Akuko had a way to answer this question that maybe best answered this in some manner, It would make sense shortly when Akuko would just make her way to Ragnar, making sure she did not her glasses, rested her forehead on his."No,because I just spent that entire time emotionally investing into affection with you for entirely no reason at all."But you could see as she said that, the normal joking smile on Akuko's face. Maybe it just showed Akuko seemed happy."Good, is that what you call this strange feeling, A feeling in life that might have assumed would have never been fitting for some one like me,But yes."Maybe the reality was for pinked hair lady was just that, she considered this entire situation a a blessing,Just not openly stating it.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar couldn't help but smile at Akuko's jokes, even if he was just a smirk. Well, the good news is that Akuko was willing to wait for a bit, atleast for their next date and then go from there. He would have to make a stop at that location at some point to make sure everything was still working properly.

He then heard her joke about totally not loving this relationship, which made Ragnar laugh. " Well I wouldn't go that far, god knows that I could easily feel the same way given I am an Icebergian Warrior. Most people don't believe that I deserve to feel happy but fuck that. Life is very short, well atleast for humans, and there is no point in being miserable in it if you can help it. "

Ragnar said as he looked around on the beach for a moment and eventually found a small rock, well a small rock for his hands, and he picked it up only to throw it into lake, attempting to skip it but only ending up sending it far into the distance as it hit the water and bounced off. It only hit the water once before going far enough off that Ragnar couldn't see it.

" Hmmmm... I guess the last time I tried to skip a stone off the water I was a young boy.... I am alittle stronger since then. "

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A tale of two misfitting souls who just managed to get along and felt right to continue as such, That even with her sometimes different personality. Then again Akuko could easily make a joke about being a freak and being okay with it. But maybe just could save it for later."Well there is a bit of charm to having your first meeting being watching a person get beaten while drinking, But that just might be me."The only thing missing was cigars in these situation, after all she tried the other things to smoke and over all felt cigars where much better in the end.

But since it was mentioned that way anyway it might be a bit funner to mention."But maybe I am just a bit of freak as they would say."She could laugh about it because Akuko would always try to make something humorous in her own way. Nonetheless they both had their own charm that made each other happy, in which was entirely why they where here and happy at this time.

but talking about skipping stones, it seemed to have her interest at this time, Even if such a simple and tame thing."Yes just be sure not to kill a person, I am sure you will do fine."It seemed it almost entertain her more then she fight thought."As well just don't aim at me. I am really the only other person close by."She already knew he would not but you know when your generally in the area always had to be sure. But just in case Akuko would walk over and place herself behind Ragnar as he most likely headed towards the water to go stone tossing. After all she wanted to just watch it happen, maybe he would split something or break something.

#38Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled back at Akuko before turning back towards the water and focusing slightly harder. He began to think about how he was supposed to throw this and figure out what was going on, so reaching down and grabbing another rock he reached back and threw it. The moment it left his hands it turned into powder and flew across the water. Apparently he had reached down and grabbed a rock, but he had focused so much on his arm strength and not on his hand, and he crushed it enough that it lost all stability and turned into dust at the throw.

Ragnar looked down at the rocks again before picking up a different one, and this time he focused on his hand strength. As he let it fly, it did not slip, but went directly into the water like it was shot out of a cannon. " Hmmm.. Maybe I threw that one too much towards the... " As he was about the say the last part the stone came flying out of the water and crashing into the distance several hundred feet away. In the distance, he could see that he was starting to damage the local environment with his throws and he turned to look back at Akuko for a moment and said " Maybe I should stop now before someone gets really hurt. "

Apparently Ragnar when it came to activities that could be used in battle, was completely incapable of regulating himself. He never had a problem grabbing stuff and not breaking them, unless he wanted too. Maybe he had to train more on throwing. That was a thought for another day and another time.

" Now that you have watched me be a small scale natural disaster, what else would you like to do today, beyond me of course. "
Ragnar said with a wink. This joke was either going to get a laugh or an eye roll, and maybe if Ragnar was lucky both.

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There was something to learn from this, if you built up too much strength you will ruin the fun you intended with throwing rocks. So Akuko just casually walked over to the area after Ragnar had tried picked up a rock herself and seemed to casually toss a skipping stone, she would manage a single skip before the rock just went and sunk after that."I suppose i am no better." But then again it seemed like she was not trying that hard anyway, More seeing if it was do able to start with."So I guess it is even then."

Not that it was intended to be anything side from seeing what could be done."I don't see a reason not to try more, After all finding to balance would be good. For you could learn the way to skip that stone."It was encouragement from her, she seemed to be trying to see if he could do it rather then just make dust, not that it was not a useful talent to crush things to death just not needed at this time.

But also since they were normal people as normal could be an entirely of their own free will Akuko did not force or press the problem too much."Just give it one last try."Akuko wanted to just see if he could really do it if he just focused, But would leave him an option to do other things if need be."But if no, Maybe we could just go take a nap, After all we are here to casually lounge about."She gave him two options because it was just the better and fair thing to do in her eyes, But nonetheless Ragnar was left with some simple choices, attempt again or go nap with her, Both were good things in the end considering the options.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar looked at her and saw that she did manage to skip it once, but only once. Well atleast she wasn't lying, she most likely wasn't that physically strong or she was just very good at hiding her strength, but either way Ragnar listened to what she had to say. So, he was offered a nap or give the rock throw again. Well, the rock throw was most likely not going to happen again but pass or fail on this he would still get to nap. So the choice was basically made for him.

He reached down and picked up another rock from the ground, and this time took a deep breath and started to make his body relax. He was throwing his rocks to the moon because he was trying to throw them, and maybe he just needed to relax and give it more of a toss. After relaxing his body for a bit, he lifted his arm up and gave it a 'gentle' toss. The stone hit the water once, and then proceeded to skip across the water around a dozen or so times before gently falling into the water.

Ragnar felt like he was in fact capable of not breaking something without trying, a useful skill to have now that his new girlfriend wasn't nearly as durable as he was and might just die if Ragnar gave it his full strength by accident. " Alright! Now it is time for that reward nap! " Ragnar said turning back towards Akuko.

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It was the best kind of boost to get a person internally to get them to focus for the right thing, in Akuko's case it seemed she was able to get a person to think and focus to complete the task at hand. Everyone did need something to push their path forward or the means to focus."It seemed it just needed a bit of practice and little bit of focus."Almost like Akuko had a feeling it might have worked that was he just needed that bit of a spark. Alas the situation was done so it was better to do things.

If naps were rewards, Akuko had to wonder if her lounging around taking naps as she normally did because of her carefree life was her rewarding herself for doing nothing? But for now maybe she just needed to go do other things with Ragnar rather then think about her internal thoughts.

So when Ragnar eventually caught up to Akuko who had not been too far away she would just simply take Ragnar by the hand and seemed to not mention much else at this time, Because well maybe there was not much else to talk about. After all she wanted to nap.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar walked back towards Akuko and as they started to walk towards wherever he was being taken, he felt her hand reach and grab his and he laughed to himself at how small her hands were compared to his own. She was much much smaller then he was, so it made sense but still.

As he walked next to her, hand in hand he started to think about his old life for a moment and how the older version of him would have most likely laughed at new him and told him that he had gotten weak and soft. That he is damaging the honor of his tribe by doing what he was doing, but that Ragnar also lived in a world where rip, tear and burn was all he knew and to some extent that is still all he knows. He is still that person deep down inside of him, and the only thing preventing that is Akuko, Quill, and a handful of other people keeping him from simply going to the nearest town and burning it to the ground.

Ragnar pulled himself back to the moment to see if anything had changed or if any questions were asked of him during that time.

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No matter the walk of life with each person, weather your Akuko the woman who walk the life of war and had it alter her in many ways she never thought. Or Ragnar as the life he once had and how it changed now. The moment something that settled the soul would bring some kind of peace towards one another, It was cheese to think love and affection would do that to a person, But then again given Akuko nature anything having to do with death and blood also did not bother her, In which would maybe just help them as well.

But as Ragnar seemed to zone out then return it was just Akuko opening a door, To a bit of a small cozy room to nap in, Since there was just a stand for a light, a bed that would just fit the two of them a table with two chairs general things they would want in a place they are staying in for a few days. Some change of clothing as well. But alas Akuko seemed to have let go of his hand after entering the room just went and laid on the bed like nothing else was on her mind but the nap, she would no bother to attempt to be that pink haired human look she did keep herself as because when the sun came down that look would be gone. So for now Ragnar would have to think if there was nothing else before the nap.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled as he looked around the small cozy cabin, taking in the sights before looking at the bed. Ragnar couldn't help but think if that would hold him, as he wasn't exactly light unlike Akuko. Akuko might weight like a buck fifty in clothes, soaking wet, while Ragnar hadn't been that small since before he hit puberty. Walking over to the bed with Akuko, he looked at it for a moment before sitting on the edge of it. There was some minor sounds as Ragnar placed his weight on it, but other then that it seemed totally fine.

Ragnar nodding, then laid down next to Akuko and pulled her close to him, his hands were against her back as his face was pressed against her hair. He was simply enjoying himself for a moment, before he felt his body start to argue with his brain for a moment, and then in order to stop that argument then and there Ragnar flipped a switch in his brain. In moments Ragnar was completely asleep, breathing softly into Akuko's hair.

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At least napping with a daemon, was not like being lured in by a siren.At least she could almost want to make a job about it, but it seemed in the end now she had not words to speak about at this time. For she just wanted this moment to remain the settled quiet it was now.

To Akuko this was the bless she never assume would exist, The one that lights that the world would call better to reveal with it. It was nothing she needed in this moment, Only to merely listen away quietly at whatever sounds of the outside world.

Even if she at times seemed to be lay away, She did not move, she did not want to move she just was content. It was a strange reality to have touch her mind at this time. She was nothing else but this was wanted. For some one so out there looking, Akuko had always figured most people would just think she was impossible to deal with when it was just a few simple things to figure out to make her a rather tame daemon lady.

Then whenever they woke up it seemed to be left to the unknown as for it seemed to be what they did for the second day. It was left between them no doubt Akuko might have tried to be a bit of a pain in the butt, With more affection and food. To Akuko since she did not know much else it was perfect for her.


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