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A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.)

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A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Tue May 03, 2022 2:22 pm

Now that time had come for Ragnar, what could be consider date number two for them. How Akuko figure out to send a message to Ragnar was most likely fairly simple, But it mentioned to find her in Minstrel. Keyword being find in which was the entire start of situation they where at now. How does one find Akuko? She was easy to pick out yes. But Ragnar did not know Akuko's way of sneaking around. But there would be a sign to start this bit of the fun. So it would be be mentioned in the letter when arriving in the port, Just find a stack of boxes you could rest again and mention while you are there you have arrived, That was the sign that she knew he would be there.

It sounded like it would be a pain at first, But Akuko herself had planned it out, There was entirely set out idea. For after she had a bit of her fun she had a few things actually rather delightful planned up. But first Ragnar had to go through the annoyance of a bored Akuko. Speaking of the shadow lurker herself, Akuko had been in Minstrel before him.

With no sign of her anywhere upon the ship port, It would be somewhat the starting of the game of the shadow daemon. Poor Ragnar was either going to have a poor time or a fun time. He would have to know he had these powers eventually. But for now it was a puzzle of learning with somewhere close by the boxes or crates set up mentioned in the letter, was hiding Akuko. Just not out in the open, That would be fair after all and she was looking to not be fair to start with, But that was for now the set up.

#2Ragnar Asgeir 

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Tue May 03, 2022 3:15 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar had been sent a message by Akuko, which honestly he was kinda surpised but also not really. She did cuddle with him that night, though to be fair Ragnar simply passed out instantly so maybe she left after Ragnar went to bed. Either way, Ragnar went to this new location.

When he got the letter he was told to go find a specific set of crates and then call out to say that he was there. This should be interesting at the very least, though Ragnar did know that he looked very different then what he had before. Maybe Akuko would hate the new look, through the more Ragnar thought about it the less he figured that Akuko would be the shallow type. Atleast that was his thought process.

Ragnar was wearing his new normal set of clothes, that being a set of black jeans with a black studded belt. He also wore a pair of leather fingerless gloves, and on his shoulders were tattoos of a large bird that went down his arms. His hair was still the same black color but it was much shorter and he had it trimmed short on the sides giving him a mohawk.

Ragnar eventually reached the set of crates, and looked around for a moment before leaning against them and calling out " Hey. It is Ragnar, I know I look different Quill's kid gave me a magical make over and this is what she picked. "

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Wed May 04, 2022 5:49 am

With that mention it would not really take long for Akuko to show up at all. Since she was not waiting all that far away. With the very particular detail, It almost seemed almost as if it was perfectly set up. For with that mention of just being here and his name and being there. Akuko would find an a shadow to just start seeping out of that was somewhere. Then she would then lay across the boxes like some one sitting upside down on a couch, with her hair slightly draping over Ragnar's shoulder. From the closest shoulder that was leaning on the box just was."Well well, Two things I did not know."At least point Akuko was going to be an old daemon by the time she talked to her friend again."She some how gained a child and the power to make people younger since I last saw her."It seemed Ragnar had given Akuko information she did not know right away.

But it seemed his new look did not seem to be anything she took negatively."But it is good nonetheless, Less...tired, angry and need a nap. More lively and rough around the edges."She meant it in a good and endearing way, Then again Akuko was not typical of most people in terms of a woman anyway, Might be that whole daemon thing but never could be sure since she never really attempted to compare herself all that often. So far pretty comfortable even if eventually she did know the blood could rush to her head eventually lounging about as casually as she would."If you are content and happy with how you look, Who is a daemon to judge?"She only let out a light hearted chuckle about it because well. She was just that carefree.

With that Akuko posed Ragnar with a question. A very simple one."Are you ready for part one of our little outing here in  Minstrel?"It was plainly mentioned and what all it entailed seemed for the most part a bit more quiet and unknown what entirely would happen here, Just Akuko had it all planned here, If Ragnar was already okay and ready to deal with it, the actual possible fun part was about to happen after he mentioned. at least the moment was nice to Akuko just rest her head some what near Ragnar's shoulder.

#4Ragnar Asgeir 

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Wed May 04, 2022 5:06 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Once he said the required words, Ragnar felt something drap over his shoulder. He would have normally freaked out alittle but he realized that if this was someone trying to trick him and attack him they wouldn't give him this chance to do something about it. Also Akuko was here, so more then likely it is her anyway.

Ragnar listened to the fact that Akuko hadn't heard that Quill had acquired a child, and that apparently Ragnar looked younger then he had before. Ragnar shrugged at the comment before saying " This is recent enough, she apparently found her on a mission or something and decided to take her in. As for younger, I now just look my age unlike before. War will age a man significantly. "

Ragnar reached up and start to run his fingers through her hair as he leaned back against the boxes and listened to the rest of what she had to say. He did this without really thinking about what he was doing and most likely wouldn't stop unless she stopped him.

Well atleast the new look didn't seem to put her off or anything, which was good, and apparently he looked tired all the time. Thinking back on his previous look, he could see how he would look tired of everything. Needed a nap would most likely not fix Ragnar's mood, but sometimes it did.

Once Akuko said part one, Ragnar nodded to himself before pulling away from the boxes, not realizing what he had done unless it was pointed out to him, and turning around and saying " Alright! What is part one? "

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Thu May 05, 2022 5:47 pm

If ever asked about she could kind of stay there for a few hours while Ragnar seemed to be running his finger through her hair. Then again it was just how she was, it was not something she commonly had happen to her. She would just jokingly say."I hope you washed your hands before doing that."It was a joke, She had no worries if anything she would clean later if need be but it was nice to remark at the time. But still it was useful pieces of information for when she did actually fine her again in the future.

Then with she would just pose it with."I do wonder if fiddling with an age of a person like that effect a person later on in the future."It seemed like a good wonder, she assumed because in a world of magic it would not really be anything at all but you never knew at all. For guessing these things was always not gonna do much to effect Ragnar side from living longer then most likely he should have to start with, But that was just normal effecting time.

And now, He mentioned actually his wonder upon in which was. What was this first thing. Well it would finally be time for the game to start."I have set up a path for us to see thing and relax."No it was not as simple as that there was more, It was an entire game that took a bit of set up but she had prepared."Locations each do something else there to just relax."The well she assumed Ragnar would not be prepared for the finaly part of this at all because it was just the way this game would be played, But that final mention would be revealed.

"However, I will not tell you where any of them are....And you have to find me at them yourself, There will be hints."With that Akuko when Ragnar turned around to face her, Gave Ragnar a kiss on the right cheek of his face."However, in this in game of hide and seek..."Akuko got up from her relaxing spot. Took a step off of these creates then well made herself fall into Ragnar's shadow in view of him. With it sounding like Akuko was in the exact area on of the shadow just not seen. With a bit of a joyful laugh.

"I have to leave you guessing."
After all Ragnar knew Akuko was a daemon, But these powers he did not know she had yet, Now she needed to show sign of which way to go."Don't worry, I won't leave you too lost."From Ragnar's shadow Akuko's hand popped out and pointed towards a street that had allyway and building around it, Then her hand waved good bye as it when sinking back into the shadow and almost like a looming feeling of some one being around him was gone. Akuko had pointed out which way for Ragnar to go, That was it.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled at Akuko after he had finished touching her hair, she was clearly ok with it but he was alittle shocked at himself that he did it at all. He was just doing stuff now that wasn't normally use to, maybe he was getting to comfortable with Akuko but... that was for a different time and a different day to think about.

Ragnar listened to what was happening, apparently they were going to be some sightseeing and some places to relax and have a good time. Well that should be interesting, and then the complication came out. It was going to be a game of hide and seek, and just as Ragnar was trying to figure out how that worked, and this was after getting a kiss on the cheek, Akuko fell into the ground and vanished.

" Well.... shit. That is pretty cool. "
Ragnar had to admit as he looked around and tried to figure out how this worked. Was this daemon magic or was this just her magic? Did she fall into the ground or did she fall into Ragnar's shadow and is now using that. As he was thinking this, he heard the rest of the instructions and saw a hand come out of the ground pointing him in the right direction before the feeling of being watched vanished.

" Well this is already interesting... lets see how far this goes" Ragnar said as he turned to follow the instructions given to him. Coming to this city was very strange as apparently they were big into a type of building called Gothic or something. Ragnar never really understood why a house needed to look pretty on the outside, who cares what it looks like. Does it have a good inside? Can I took in it? Does it keep the rain out and keep me warm? Then it sounds like a good house to me.

Ragnar turned the corner and looked down the street to see what was going on with where he had been pointed and started to look around for the next clue.

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Mon May 16, 2022 7:25 am

Now the real part of how she seemed to toy with people finally started happening.When hearing that Ragnar thought the magic was pretty neat. Just showing up out of shaded corner of area of building on his path as he continued on, Akuko just kind of popped her head out."It is a pretty interesting gift, It is useful for so many things."Then she was gone again as Ragnar would just continue on the path Akuko set out. He did not need to worry about much, This path as simple harmless and just mostly walking, After all it was kind of a pain when you wanted to relax and some one made you do all of the hard stuff first.

For the path for the most part was just straight line forward, Then Ragnar would be met with the three different ways forward. With pillars separating them, One went up, One went down and one just forward still. Each path also had walls, just so when you chose one you had to stick it unless you turned around complete back from where you started from that point. You could tell these were added later, Most likely by Akuko herself. The path that when up had a window close enough to the ground to see through, But also see your reflection if you where close enough. The path that when down had a mirror just placed to one of the walls before you started walking down. The path forward had each wall had fountains of water, extremely small ones on each side of the walls that divided each path, it was an small water fall like fountain you could hear the running water, The streams of each waterfall was wide enough to fan out to be lightly reflective. It so far seemed up to him which one he would choose.

Each path left open ways to see your reflections, Most likely a thing that he could use to help him or use in some way if he needed too. But he needed to choose which way he wanted to go. Each path was set up to do different things when he arrived at the first goal point. So far Akuko would think this is pretty clever with doing all of this.

There was signs Akuko was near letting him choose and having him take his time. One of the fountains of water looked like a finger ran through them for a moment. The downward path how it seemed to get darker as it went deeper in. Close enough to the entrance while having enough of a shadow to be considered dark. The golden yellow eyes of hers just popped just to show up, blink a few times and quietly seemed to creepy back into where Akuko was. The window of the up way path sounded like some one tapped on it, with the tap echoing slightly for a moment. It was all signs Akuko showing she was there and what options he had.

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Ragnar Asgeir

As Ragnar looked around he did eventually find the areas where Akuko wanted him to go. There were three paths in front of him. Up, forward and down. Some of this stuff does appear to be off from what he would have expected, so maybe Akuko had created these paths for him. She clearly put a lot of work into this. Ragnar had to make a choice here as he looked at the three paths in front of him. Ragnar decided that he was going to take the path up. As he walked up the path he heard someone tapping on the window next to him, echoing longer then it most likely should have.

One of the things he did notice was there was alot of locations where he could see reflections, and he saw Akuko out of the corner of his eyes in those reflections. Maybe that was apart of her magic, she couldn't hide fully in shadows and reflections gave away her position, though Ragnar would need to test that more.

Ragnar couldn't help but think of how much work had to go into this kind of thing, and he would have to ask about that later. This was already very interesting and he would have to come up with something creative as well if they got to go on another date after this, but he would need to get Quill pinned down for Akuko at some point.

A Deamon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

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Now with that the other two options were behind them. Ragnar chose to ascend upwards to somewhere close by Akuko sneaking around as he was starting to understand why sometimes objects were placed around during all these travels. But for a good stretch as walking up seemed to be going higher and higher. Ragnar was going up to a roof area, A sign at one point that he was half way there. Was just merely a small shaded shack, With a chair, a glass of clear liquid. And much like Akuko's own sunglasses there was a set of sunglasses that close to them, with the frames being smaller and black. Yet again in the game of reflections it was another chance to use them when wanted too.

If he took the glass and had a drink it was merely water, The sunglasses were not tied either so they were completely free to take as well. Normally as this went on, This small shack was a chance maybe to see or interact with Akuko in some way. It was to make the walking less and less boring unless he just wanted to keep on going forward to the main event of this path way forward

The path up was in fact a roof. With small of a small stall that some one would serve something at, There was various glasses and ice where here, it was set up with a counter for serving. But signs of any person being there was blank and empty like no one there. It was not a dead end. Just a note saying. Sit here for service, This was a gimmick and set up by Akuko since these kind of things were her meddling.

Behind the set up would be what eventually Ragnar could choose to do next. Follow a path that was tree branches arranged to walk across forward, A zip line down with water below it and a rail cart that had two sits that went up, This was break before choosing where to go next.

If setting at the half point where the glass of water and sun glasses were, with in the darkest corner of it the top half of Akuko stuck out for a moment like she was watching from there to see if Ragnar would be taking anything from there, Then she would sneaky off with out really sneaking off. But with in the moment with in the stall was she really gone? if looking in the reflection of sun glasses before or if he took them Akuko was beside the chair on the left side waiting to do something.

With arriving at the set up before the next paths to continuing on Akuko would just pop out of no where, With a typical barmaid outfit or dirndl, Just in the normal dark colour she work with light pink trim."Well well, Reggy boy, What will you have?" Leaving it open to his choosing, it was open ended. Then she would wait for an answer, But turn her back to Ragnar bending over slightly to get ice behind her, putting into a glass placing it down, She filled it with lemon aid then placed it in front of him while he answered her really plain open ended question.

Figuring Akuko would not have to ask which path he would choose next he would just choose on his own. It was a chance to talk to her again. Even if it was not that to talk to her this entire time."Perhaps, My silly games are bit to your enjoyment?"

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