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A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.)

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A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Tue May 03, 2022 2:22 pm

Now that time had come for Ragnar, what could be consider date number two for them. How Akuko figure out to send a message to Ragnar was most likely fairly simple, But it mentioned to find her in Minstrel. Keyword being find in which was the entire start of situation they where at now. How does one find Akuko? She was easy to pick out yes. But Ragnar did not know Akuko's way of sneaking around. But there would be a sign to start this bit of the fun. So it would be be mentioned in the letter when arriving in the port, Just find a stack of boxes you could rest again and mention while you are there you have arrived, That was the sign that she knew he would be there.

It sounded like it would be a pain at first, But Akuko herself had planned it out, There was entirely set out idea. For after she had a bit of her fun she had a few things actually rather delightful planned up. But first Ragnar had to go through the annoyance of a bored Akuko. Speaking of the shadow lurker herself, Akuko had been in Minstrel before him.

With no sign of her anywhere upon the ship port, It would be somewhat the starting of the game of the shadow daemon. Poor Ragnar was either going to have a poor time or a fun time. He would have to know he had these powers eventually. But for now it was a puzzle of learning with somewhere close by the boxes or crates set up mentioned in the letter, was hiding Akuko. Just not out in the open, That would be fair after all and she was looking to not be fair to start with, But that was for now the set up.

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#2Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar had been sent a message by Akuko, which honestly he was kinda surpised but also not really. She did cuddle with him that night, though to be fair Ragnar simply passed out instantly so maybe she left after Ragnar went to bed. Either way, Ragnar went to this new location.

When he got the letter he was told to go find a specific set of crates and then call out to say that he was there. This should be interesting at the very least, though Ragnar did know that he looked very different then what he had before. Maybe Akuko would hate the new look, through the more Ragnar thought about it the less he figured that Akuko would be the shallow type. Atleast that was his thought process.

Ragnar was wearing his new normal set of clothes, that being a set of black jeans with a black studded belt. He also wore a pair of leather fingerless gloves, and on his shoulders were tattoos of a large bird that went down his arms. His hair was still the same black color but it was much shorter and he had it trimmed short on the sides giving him a mohawk.

Ragnar eventually reached the set of crates, and looked around for a moment before leaning against them and calling out " Hey. It is Ragnar, I know I look different Quill's kid gave me a magical make over and this is what she picked. "

A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Empty Wed May 04, 2022 5:49 am

With that mention it would not really take long for Akuko to show up at all. Since she was not waiting all that far away. With the very particular detail, It almost seemed almost as if it was perfectly set up. For with that mention of just being here and his name and being there. Akuko would find an a shadow to just start seeping out of that was somewhere. Then she would then lay across the boxes like some one sitting upside down on a couch, with her hair slightly draping over Ragnar's shoulder. From the closest shoulder that was leaning on the box just was."Well well, Two things I did not know."At least point Akuko was going to be an old daemon by the time she talked to her friend again."She some how gained a child and the power to make people younger since I last saw her."It seemed Ragnar had given Akuko information she did not know right away.

But it seemed his new look did not seem to be anything she took negatively."But it is good nonetheless, Less...tired, angry and need a nap. More lively and rough around the edges."She meant it in a good and endearing way, Then again Akuko was not typical of most people in terms of a woman anyway, Might be that whole daemon thing but never could be sure since she never really attempted to compare herself all that often. So far pretty comfortable even if eventually she did know the blood could rush to her head eventually lounging about as casually as she would."If you are content and happy with how you look, Who is a daemon to judge?"She only let out a light hearted chuckle about it because well. She was just that carefree.

With that Akuko posed Ragnar with a question. A very simple one."Are you ready for part one of our little outing here in  Minstrel?"It was plainly mentioned and what all it entailed seemed for the most part a bit more quiet and unknown what entirely would happen here, Just Akuko had it all planned here, If Ragnar was already okay and ready to deal with it, the actual possible fun part was about to happen after he mentioned. at least the moment was nice to Akuko just rest her head some what near Ragnar's shoulder.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Once he said the required words, Ragnar felt something drap over his shoulder. He would have normally freaked out alittle but he realized that if this was someone trying to trick him and attack him they wouldn't give him this chance to do something about it. Also Akuko was here, so more then likely it is her anyway.

Ragnar listened to the fact that Akuko hadn't heard that Quill had acquired a child, and that apparently Ragnar looked younger then he had before. Ragnar shrugged at the comment before saying " This is recent enough, she apparently found her on a mission or something and decided to take her in. As for younger, I now just look my age unlike before. War will age a man significantly. "

Ragnar reached up and start to run his fingers through her hair as he leaned back against the boxes and listened to the rest of what she had to say. He did this without really thinking about what he was doing and most likely wouldn't stop unless she stopped him.

Well atleast the new look didn't seem to put her off or anything, which was good, and apparently he looked tired all the time. Thinking back on his previous look, he could see how he would look tired of everything. Needed a nap would most likely not fix Ragnar's mood, but sometimes it did.

Once Akuko said part one, Ragnar nodded to himself before pulling away from the boxes, not realizing what he had done unless it was pointed out to him, and turning around and saying " Alright! What is part one? "

A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

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If ever asked about she could kind of stay there for a few hours while Ragnar seemed to be running his finger through her hair. Then again it was just how she was, it was not something she commonly had happen to her. She would just jokingly say."I hope you washed your hands before doing that."It was a joke, She had no worries if anything she would clean later if need be but it was nice to remark at the time. But still it was useful pieces of information for when she did actually fine her again in the future.

Then with she would just pose it with."I do wonder if fiddling with an age of a person like that effect a person later on in the future."It seemed like a good wonder, she assumed because in a world of magic it would not really be anything at all but you never knew at all. For guessing these things was always not gonna do much to effect Ragnar side from living longer then most likely he should have to start with, But that was just normal effecting time.

And now, He mentioned actually his wonder upon in which was. What was this first thing. Well it would finally be time for the game to start."I have set up a path for us to see thing and relax."No it was not as simple as that there was more, It was an entire game that took a bit of set up but she had prepared."Locations each do something else there to just relax."The well she assumed Ragnar would not be prepared for the finaly part of this at all because it was just the way this game would be played, But that final mention would be revealed.

"However, I will not tell you where any of them are....And you have to find me at them yourself, There will be hints."With that Akuko when Ragnar turned around to face her, Gave Ragnar a kiss on the right cheek of his face."However, in this in game of hide and seek..."Akuko got up from her relaxing spot. Took a step off of these creates then well made herself fall into Ragnar's shadow in view of him. With it sounding like Akuko was in the exact area on of the shadow just not seen. With a bit of a joyful laugh.

"I have to leave you guessing."
After all Ragnar knew Akuko was a daemon, But these powers he did not know she had yet, Now she needed to show sign of which way to go."Don't worry, I won't leave you too lost."From Ragnar's shadow Akuko's hand popped out and pointed towards a street that had allyway and building around it, Then her hand waved good bye as it when sinking back into the shadow and almost like a looming feeling of some one being around him was gone. Akuko had pointed out which way for Ragnar to go, That was it.

#6Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled at Akuko after he had finished touching her hair, she was clearly ok with it but he was alittle shocked at himself that he did it at all. He was just doing stuff now that wasn't normally use to, maybe he was getting to comfortable with Akuko but... that was for a different time and a different day to think about.

Ragnar listened to what was happening, apparently they were going to be some sightseeing and some places to relax and have a good time. Well that should be interesting, and then the complication came out. It was going to be a game of hide and seek, and just as Ragnar was trying to figure out how that worked, and this was after getting a kiss on the cheek, Akuko fell into the ground and vanished.

" Well.... shit. That is pretty cool. "
Ragnar had to admit as he looked around and tried to figure out how this worked. Was this daemon magic or was this just her magic? Did she fall into the ground or did she fall into Ragnar's shadow and is now using that. As he was thinking this, he heard the rest of the instructions and saw a hand come out of the ground pointing him in the right direction before the feeling of being watched vanished.

" Well this is already interesting... lets see how far this goes" Ragnar said as he turned to follow the instructions given to him. Coming to this city was very strange as apparently they were big into a type of building called Gothic or something. Ragnar never really understood why a house needed to look pretty on the outside, who cares what it looks like. Does it have a good inside? Can I took in it? Does it keep the rain out and keep me warm? Then it sounds like a good house to me.

Ragnar turned the corner and looked down the street to see what was going on with where he had been pointed and started to look around for the next clue.

A Daemon On My Shoulder.(Ragnar.) Dsafds10

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Now the real part of how she seemed to toy with people finally started happening.When hearing that Ragnar thought the magic was pretty neat. Just showing up out of shaded corner of area of building on his path as he continued on, Akuko just kind of popped her head out."It is a pretty interesting gift, It is useful for so many things."Then she was gone again as Ragnar would just continue on the path Akuko set out. He did not need to worry about much, This path as simple harmless and just mostly walking, After all it was kind of a pain when you wanted to relax and some one made you do all of the hard stuff first.

For the path for the most part was just straight line forward, Then Ragnar would be met with the three different ways forward. With pillars separating them, One went up, One went down and one just forward still. Each path also had walls, just so when you chose one you had to stick it unless you turned around complete back from where you started from that point. You could tell these were added later, Most likely by Akuko herself. The path that when up had a window close enough to the ground to see through, But also see your reflection if you where close enough. The path that when down had a mirror just placed to one of the walls before you started walking down. The path forward had each wall had fountains of water, extremely small ones on each side of the walls that divided each path, it was an small water fall like fountain you could hear the running water, The streams of each waterfall was wide enough to fan out to be lightly reflective. It so far seemed up to him which one he would choose.

Each path left open ways to see your reflections, Most likely a thing that he could use to help him or use in some way if he needed too. But he needed to choose which way he wanted to go. Each path was set up to do different things when he arrived at the first goal point. So far Akuko would think this is pretty clever with doing all of this.

There was signs Akuko was near letting him choose and having him take his time. One of the fountains of water looked like a finger ran through them for a moment. The downward path how it seemed to get darker as it went deeper in. Close enough to the entrance while having enough of a shadow to be considered dark. The golden yellow eyes of hers just popped just to show up, blink a few times and quietly seemed to creepy back into where Akuko was. The window of the up way path sounded like some one tapped on it, with the tap echoing slightly for a moment. It was all signs Akuko showing she was there and what options he had.

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Ragnar Asgeir

As Ragnar looked around he did eventually find the areas where Akuko wanted him to go. There were three paths in front of him. Up, forward and down. Some of this stuff does appear to be off from what he would have expected, so maybe Akuko had created these paths for him. She clearly put a lot of work into this. Ragnar had to make a choice here as he looked at the three paths in front of him. Ragnar decided that he was going to take the path up. As he walked up the path he heard someone tapping on the window next to him, echoing longer then it most likely should have.

One of the things he did notice was there was alot of locations where he could see reflections, and he saw Akuko out of the corner of his eyes in those reflections. Maybe that was apart of her magic, she couldn't hide fully in shadows and reflections gave away her position, though Ragnar would need to test that more.

Ragnar couldn't help but think of how much work had to go into this kind of thing, and he would have to ask about that later. This was already very interesting and he would have to come up with something creative as well if they got to go on another date after this, but he would need to get Quill pinned down for Akuko at some point.

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Now with that the other two options were behind them. Ragnar chose to ascend upwards to somewhere close by Akuko sneaking around as he was starting to understand why sometimes objects were placed around during all these travels. But for a good stretch as walking up seemed to be going higher and higher. Ragnar was going up to a roof area, A sign at one point that he was half way there. Was just merely a small shaded shack, With a chair, a glass of clear liquid. And much like Akuko's own sunglasses there was a set of sunglasses that close to them, with the frames being smaller and black. Yet again in the game of reflections it was another chance to use them when wanted too.

If he took the glass and had a drink it was merely water, The sunglasses were not tied either so they were completely free to take as well. Normally as this went on, This small shack was a chance maybe to see or interact with Akuko in some way. It was to make the walking less and less boring unless he just wanted to keep on going forward to the main event of this path way forward

The path up was in fact a roof. With small of a small stall that some one would serve something at, There was various glasses and ice where here, it was set up with a counter for serving. But signs of any person being there was blank and empty like no one there. It was not a dead end. Just a note saying. Sit here for service, This was a gimmick and set up by Akuko since these kind of things were her meddling.

Behind the set up would be what eventually Ragnar could choose to do next. Follow a path that was tree branches arranged to walk across forward, A zip line down with water below it and a rail cart that had two sits that went up, This was break before choosing where to go next.

If setting at the half point where the glass of water and sun glasses were, with in the darkest corner of it the top half of Akuko stuck out for a moment like she was watching from there to see if Ragnar would be taking anything from there, Then she would sneaky off with out really sneaking off. But with in the moment with in the stall was she really gone? if looking in the reflection of sun glasses before or if he took them Akuko was beside the chair on the left side waiting to do something.

With arriving at the set up before the next paths to continuing on Akuko would just pop out of no where, With a typical barmaid outfit or dirndl, Just in the normal dark colour she work with light pink trim."Well well, Reggy boy, What will you have?" Leaving it open to his choosing, it was open ended. Then she would wait for an answer, But turn her back to Ragnar bending over slightly to get ice behind her, putting into a glass placing it down, She filled it with lemon aid then placed it in front of him while he answered her really plain open ended question.

Figuring Akuko would not have to ask which path he would choose next he would just choose on his own. It was a chance to talk to her again. Even if it was not that to talk to her this entire time."Perhaps, My silly games are bit to your enjoyment?"

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar walked up the trail, and he kept going and going and going. Apparently this was going to be a mild hike until eventually Ragnar reached a small waiting point, a shack, with a chair, a glass of clear water and a pair of sunglasses that looked very familiar to Ragnar. They appeared to be very similar to ones that Akuko wore, and without thinking about it Ragnar went over and took the sunglasses and flipped them over so the reflection was looking behind him as he tried to see Akuko anywhere. He didn't see her instantly but he also wasn't doing a full sweep of his surroundings with it before he put the sunglasses on his face. They did fit his face just fine. With a smile, Ragnar drank the entire glass of water before continuing on the adventure he had set forth.

Ragnar eventually reached the next part of this adventure, he eventually reached what looked to be the top of a roof with a stall there, with various glasses and ice. It didn't take Ragnar long to realized that he was supposed to sit down for a bit. Looking around he saw a zip line of some kind, but he would have to think about that later as he sat down for a bit.

At which point Akuko would appear out of the shadows, wearing an outfit that Ragnar couldn't help but smile at outwardly but laugh at inside. She was wearing a barmaids outfit, as if she needed the help to look more exotically attractive. Once he heard the question the words left his mouth before he could help it " You." Ragnar said.

Well, that was new. Ragnar was being outwardly and very plainly flirty. Odd change of pace for him but nothing to be done about it now. Ragnar was happy that he wore the sunglasses as his eyes did end up in places where he normally wouldn't be ok with but he had already stepped into the possible mine field, might as well go running at this point.

Taking the lemonaid from Akuko, Ragnar smiled at her before gently taking the sunglasses off his face and putting them on the table before saying simply " Your silly games are totally fine, though I am very much aware of the other game you are playing and you don't need to play dirty. The deck is already stacked in your favor in that game. " he said before taking a drink of the lemonaid.

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It was a typical answer from Ragnar."Silly one aren't you?"She said as she made herself a lemon aid, squeezed an entire another lemon in it. Mixed it and took a sip herself."I did not think I was playing that hard to get, Just make a game that interactive."Akuko said after all sure Ragnar might be a it tired at the end of it, But Akuko did have a plan and she might wanna see it through. But depending on feed back she might scale it down, Then again Akuko was a bit a monster in this manner.

But she had to ask."Me playing my games dirty?  Please, I would like to think I am making it worth the effort."She could laugh about it after all, she was a host of a show so to say."Unless your idea of it is something different?"She had to ask to see what would be said here. Even having to make a joke."Would you have preferred no clothing at all?"This was entirely intended as a tease and joke because she expected a no from this. But Given how Akuko was, either answer would yield something different.

A lot of the time it seemed the kind of games Akuko played was having some set up and seeing how long some things can be taken."But I think I set up a good rest stop. I had to fair some what."She would go on explaining."After all, There is the set behind you and one last set of paths to choose."So she was telling him how much more there was here and set up. Not much left consider you could only choose one each time.  Well he choose to follow and stick to just one he could just turn around and choose a different path to go under. But Akuko had a feeling Ragnar was just not gonna walk back to start over again. It would be a lot of wasted energy.

But she would remark."I promise you one thing....All paths in the end are worth it."It was a hint, as he progressed on, the things she would give over would be more and more worth it."I would personally like to think anyway."Then Akuko gave him a friendly wink,Considering he was here could use it as a chance to ask Akuko about any of the paths she set up, A drink request of a question over all. At this moment Akuko would just lean upon the bar she was serving Ragnar at and casually drink her beverage.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled at Akuko as she talked, they both appeared to like playing these games with each other though Ragnar's might be a little more pointed and less whimsical. When eventually asked about no clothes at all Ragnar couldn't help but laugh before saying " while I am sure you would prefer to see me with no clothes, I am going to say no to your offer for now. " Ragnar was attempting to turn this back on Akuko, poorly, but also intentionally so. No reason to really try to hard at this point, they were both just having fun at this point and playing games.

Ragnar sat there drinking his lemonaid before simply asking " Of which of the two paths do you prefer? Do you want to get closer to the sky or do you want to be near the water? " Ragnar wasn't really sure which one of the two options he would choose in isolation, but he would most likely go with the rail cart going up as that seems the most interesting at least at the moment.

" As for it being worth it, spending time with you makes it worth the journey no matter how long. I mean, I have traveled multiple countries to visit you before. "
Ragnar said factually. He had in fact traveled multiple countries in order to reach this very spot where they meet. Eventually Ragnar finished his lemonaid before leaving the empty glass and turning around and looking back towards the two choices that were in front of him.

Ragnar did wonder something at that moment, was Akuko more powerful then he was? He could never tell with mages most of the time. They hide their power so much easier then warriors, ranger and rogues did. You could tell those people just by the way their bodies were lined up and built but it was a gambit of everything with mages.

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At least the casual joke about it was still able to be shown for the joy it was. But it seemed they to have the humour would move on quickly."There will be time for such things if you require later."It would be her final comment about it.Even if that one final part could have lead into a different action but. Even if he jokingly turn away for a moment Akuko did not move. Almost could remark something else about it."Are you hoping for a view of something?"It was one of these eye brow raising remarks. Could have just asked if there was some one else here.

two? he must have ruled out one already."Well when setting up the paths had each a interesting casual and unique thing to it, Even if a bit of walking to it."She was not going to give him straight answer because that ruined the entire point of it, It was not what she would enjoy. Her enjoyment could be as simple as just laying on a pool float for a few hours."Each of the final parts before you will have: something to do, A place to sit and food to eat with a place to sleep for the evening."But she would lay out all three paths in simple terms, it was all be simple things really."I always view it attempting to make it worth the effort by putting it in, Not matter what area, It will be relaxing in the end."She would just mention. She had no preference of which way to go since all paths were things she enjoyed.

Then leaving him also a glass of water, Akuko finished her drink. Walked behind the drink station she set up. After a few minutes the outfit she had wore then was just tossed aside. However since Akuko was no longer around it was safe to assume Akuko was hiding again most like waiting to see where he would go. Where she was hiding now might be a good question too. For now leaving the wonder in the air.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar listened to what Akuko had to say for a moment, and like normal she never gave him a straight answer because why would she? That would ruin the game that they were playing and under normal cases Ragnar would hate this as he wanted things to be as simple as possible but clearly Akuko was in a league all her own and had her own rules. Ragnar turned around after she stopped talking and noticed that she was gone and had a glass of water left behind.

After looking around for a bit more, seeing if there was any sign of her around and taking a look around he found her discarded clothes and figured that she had jumped again to a different area. Clearly didn't need this outfit anymore. Once that was made clear that Akuko wasn't around, or atleast wasn't visible to him currently, Ragnar went ahead and drank the glass of water before turning towards the zipline that leads down to the water.

After putting his hand on the zipline, to see how strong it was, he hung from it for a moment before figuring that it was strong enough to hold him. He assumed it would but he was never sure with anything and his size and weight. He took the zipline down the way towards the location as he wondered what else he would be up for going forward.

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With that Ragnar has chosen a path and took the down, As Ragnar was preparing to go down. Since Akuko was yet to go that way and did no actually leave yet. Since she had more wanted him to choose when he chose the way down Akuko eventually just seemed to show up on the top of the zip line, Clipped herself ahead of Ragnar, Reached down patted him on the head then made herself go speeding off a head of Ragnar.

Akuko had quickly hanged into shorts, a tank top and sandals while Ragnar had taken his time. She had to make her actions on the fly. Helpful for Ragnar to know of down the road leading up to this final act. Just before she sped away from view she just waved to Ragnar, good thing this was not good bye it was just her being a pain, Most likely to continue set up at the base of whatever she had too at the bottom here. Hopefully Ragnar took his time because it was just how she wanted it to be done, if he did not well that was just going to make the set up maybe a bit slower.

But at the landing it seemed Akuko's line was there but she was not. It would be an easy given that she would not be there but it seemed the path was pretty simple, There was only one way forward with two parts of the path being different things, One being open to the forest view of the sky and the woods of Minstrel. The other part being stone with various edges with water running down it like it was slightly man made water falls for this situation.

But even with one path, There was a sign that it was the right path with and arrow forward made of stone like it was set there recently. It was only one arrow but the point would be made. It would almost seem like the path was taking forever, But really it was just a cavern that was hollowed out for people to stay in, It was like a underground inn so to say.

With large body of water with a made water fall that people were able to swim in. With no one else really seeming to be around, A place to sit outside. A place to eat that was just a table and two chairs. Almost like this entire set up for just for the both of them.

There was a fire completely on the other end of the pool, Where seemingly laid out was some metal sticks, marshmallows, hot dogs the normal things people cooked over them. Everything was set up here for Akuko and Ragnar to stay here for the rest of the evening. Knowing anything related to food, It was already planned. The only thing missing really now was Akuko, She was hiding around in this quiet get away some where just no sign so far between: The pool of water, The cabin like room set up, The fire and the places to sit. This was just all seen up front by Ragnar when he got there.

#16Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar hung there for a moment as he tested his weight, only to feel a pat on the head and see Akuko set up and ride down the zipline before him. Well apparently she was still up here, Ragnar just kinda assumed that she would be down there waiting for him like the last time but apparently not. Once Ragnar did manage to land he looked around to try and find Akuko but this time wasn't able to, like last time.

There was only one path at this point, but it lead to three different locations. The forests in the distance, what appeared to be some kind of cave and a waterwall with a nice lake in the distance. Ragnar choose this way so he could get closer to the water, because that was what he was feeling today as he turned to go towards the waterfall.

Once he got there he saw that there was a table with two chairs for them to sit around outside. Ragnar went over to the water for a moment before taking off his jeans. He was prepared for this as he was wearing his swim trunks under his jeans. It was almost like Ragnar planned ahead, though he had to admit that if this hadn't come up and something else happened tonight that he might have to explain this away.

Though Ragnar was a gambling man and it would be funny either way so. All worth it. Ragnar then took a dive into the water and went swimming around for a bit while he waited for his date to show up. He was sure that she wouldn't be far off, if she wasn't already here now.

Ragnar was still wearing his shades even as he swam, and even when they fell off his face he simply got them back out of the water and put them back on before continuing to swim.

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Some where with in one of the shadows around a area close by the water the top up until just Akuko's nose. The pink hair, her golden yellow eyes just quietly watching over. Then would just start going back into the shadow. She was still around and spying on Ragnar some where close by. But that was entirely given since she set this up entirely. But they where at the final chapter of her plan after all. Just a lot of open place to linger and a lot of space to Akuko hide in terms of if there was shadows close by.

But Akuko would even pop right out again, Just you know daemon her no human cover up even if it was pretty much the same person in then end. But she did not do anything to obnoxious to just quietly walk into the water just to keep the sneaking going, sure it was poor because she was not actually being serious with her sneaking just still doing her normal thing, For the most part harmless over all.

But if Ragnar actually looked, it seemed she was no longer hiding away, Just being quiet and floating around in the water but not touching Ragnar at all in fact she would just start swimming around to continue just being out of view. But it was move likely eat to pick up on the sound of some one moving around in the water. But she did not speak a word still because that was just how she was going about things.Then Akuko would go under the water entirely.

But swimming under the water it seemed Akuko had some internal thoughts, like she had experience this feeling of floating under the water before. It was then Akuko remember last time she was floating like this was. The only difference form this day and the day she fused with that dying daemon, Was the water here was blue, Not that blinding pitch black that you could no longer see up or down from.

And Akuko did not feel like she was not breathing, while also drown at the same time, No blood running down her mouth, no stab wounds on her body. She was here alive even if different she had to be more grateful for such a situation. However this situation seemed to entirely zoned out Akuko as she was swimming.

But she would eventually just casually pop back out of the water."Seems some one enjoys the spot I chose."She did not pose it as a question simple because it seemed to be a general statement, it was easy to relax here, easy to kind of just forgot the things and places around or with in your mind. If some one were to actually think about how Akuko seemed to act and be, There was a lot of jokes. But a lot of things she did was running from reality and keep herself places fear beyond and busy for anything important at times.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar swum around, not really paying too much attention to his surroundings as he knew that he didn't need to here. It was unlikely that she would attack him or have something here that would attack him and then he heard the sounds of someone swimming. Turning and looking around for a moment he did spot Akuko swimming in the area around him. He figured she just 'teleported' into the water or something but as he started to swim over to her, his head went under the water for a second and then he saw she was gone.

Ragnar looked around for a moment, swimming in place and in circles for a moment before assuming that Akuko hadn't drown because more then likely she would not have been swimming so well and then suddendly drown with no warning. Right as those thoughts started going through his mind, Akuko popped back up out of the water.

" Well why wouldn't I? You have great taste, in locations for dates and in men. " Ragnar said laughing, before doing a backstroke towards Akuko. Once he reached her, he wanted to reach out and touch her but he wasn't sure how far he could go at this point. Touching someone in the water seemed more... intimate then on the ground, and he still wanted to respect the steps of this relationship rather then jumping around if he could help it.

" Well lets head back towards the shore, I can't keep swimming all day. "
Ragnar said this before beginning his backstroke towards the shore to see what else Akuko had in store for him.

He couldn't help but think something, did Akuko seem distant for a bit or was Ragnar imagining that. He must have been imagining it, there was no evidence that Akuko had any real problems... well there was the war she was apart of. Ragnar wondered if she had a flashback or something involving the water.

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It would not hard to touch Akuko, Lucky enough for Ragnar the daemon was just comfortable enough to be touched with out much of a problem, In water Akuko did not feel all that different, Just how touching a person underwater would feel just slightly different colours, But since it was Akuko just as Ragnar went to touch her and just the tips of his finger touched Akuko she would swimming off a bit quicker just because he could. Sure it was her being a pain as always but it was fun to leave a person a desire to continue on.

"To be fair, I am only arranging what I think is nice everything is just merely a guess off of our first meeting.
"But maybe it was more of the background planning to everything she did here might be more of the interesting part, Had to wonder how she managed to arrange this. But if he asked he would most likely never get an answer because well there was some things she a person did keep to themselves. After all there was better things to do for the moment. Like actually continue doing things with Ragnar since it was happening.

Going back to shore was pretty simple as she did swim back to it. But she swam faster to beat Ragnar, even if it was not needed."What is next on your mind then?"It was a fair thing to ask him since she was curious about it. After all "We have everything here, for about two days."A quiet and peaceful place like this for the day they were on now and the next day."So I guess you don't have to rush your choice."Unlike most situations, Akuko did not just randomly go creeping back into shadows.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Once Ragnar got to the shore, he pulled himself back towards his clothes only to remember that he was still wet. Well he would have to dry off, so he looked around for a moment before simply standing there waiting for Akuko to come back onto shore with him.

He simply laid down on the sand and closed his eyes for a moment before saying simply " I have nothing really in mind. Right now I am just enjoying spending time with you again. And honestly I have clearly gotten more out of shape then I thought because swimming is hard... Though maybe I was just never designed for swimming"

Ragnar was clearly not out of shape, but he didn't exactly have a swimmers body of being very lean and not bulky. So more then likely it was very hard for him to swim, and he most likely would sink to the bottom.

" What would you like to do next Akuko? You designed this, and I assume you had some plan at the end of this. "
Ragnar said, now opening his eyes to see if Akuko was still around, and he was surprised mildly to see that she was still there and hadn't vanished off into the shadows like normal.

" Also I have to ask this, because I am honestly curious. Are you as strong as Quill is? Because I realized that I just kinda assumed that you are, but I never really came to validate that assumption. "

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Was it a good thing to think it was boring to just be asked what to do next, But a part of her just kind of wanted to be continue being a bit of  an annoyance only because why did she need to do all of the thinking? But maybe that was just it, A person was comfortable enough and happy with her that it seemed at this time no matter what she set up it seemed to made him delighted. For the moment she would leave him to lay there seemingly proofing away. It would be at least a minute before Akuko returned. Just with a glass for him it was nothing special, Just iced tea.

But she did sit on Ragnar as well, But considering how Akuko as was she was extremely light and seemed to not be much of an effect over all just sitting there."Well we have today and tomorrow here before we need to leave, So we have a fair amount of time for the many things left here, Yet right now unless you wish for a more comfortable spot, I am content here and talking."She would just kind of look up and an opening to see the sky for a moment.

Now she powerful, The answer might not be what exactly he consider clear, But Akuko was normally good at long winded and almost pointless answers."How does one gauge power Ragnar?"There was entirely a reason for this question, For it is her more asking in what way a person would be considered powerful to him."For their strength to best a foe?" But there was another part coming now as well."Or to out wit them?"Which was the part she would stop at because Ragnar would get an actual answer out of her.

Was it disappointing to him to hear this?"I am not powerful in means in combat and fighting a foe, I have not been the best of such things...since my death and seeming fusion with a daemon."It was almost like Akuko for once expected to hear disappointment from some one, even if dumb to it because even if she could shrug it off being called a something along that line does ruin a persons metal state over time."I can only, Just do the things you have seen so far."Akuko has yet to dive into her power fully, maybe she was aware she could do much more maybe she was not.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar laid around for a moment before seeing a glass of ice tea being brought to him by Akuko and he smiled before taking it. Akuko then sat directly in his lap, and while surprised Ragnar was happy about the closeness. Sitting up and taking a drink of the ice tea, he listened to what she had to say about the rest of the day.

So they had two days here, and she appeared to be happy enough. Ragnar was also happy with just spending time with Akuko, at least at this moment. She then answered his question, in a very round about way and didn't really give her an answer but it was clear to him that she wasn't as strong as he was but that didn't really matter. At least not yet. Then she said something interesting. Fusion with a daemon. Is that how it worked?

" Is that how it works? Does everyone fuse with a Daemon to become one? I was under the understanding that you had to sign a contract or some such thing and usually dying wasn't a requirement. " Ragnar said interested. While he wasn't sure how any of this worked he did glance over the fact that she had apparently died before. He had made an assumption that it happened in the war and she 'lucked' out to be in the current place she was in.

" As for powerful, it only matters that you beat your foe, makes no difference to me if you do it through your mind or your muscles. Only that you win, or atleast not lose at the worst. " Ragnar said answering the first question given to him on what is powerful.

" I have been in many cases where the goal was to simply not lose, as there was no way I could win. "
Ragnar thought back to his youth, thinking of all the times he bit off way more then he could handle and the only goal at that point was to get out alive. That wasn't winning, but it wasn't losing either.

Ragnar wasn't disappointed that she was weaker then him, just surprised more then anything. He assumed Akuko was as strong as Quilla but that clearly wasn't the case and that was fine. A small fraction of a percent of the world was as strong as Quilla, and maybe it was unfair of Ragnar to assume Akuko was as strong as she was just because they were friends. Ragnar was friends with Quilla and he wasn't nearly as strong as her.

Ragnar leaned down for a moment and placed his forehead on the top of Akuko's head as he gently rubbed her back as he stopped thinking for a moment and simply enjoyed the time he had.

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It was a fair question and a logical one, for once there was not a confusing answer from her, A plain and normal answer from her, Which might be in an side that Akuko even if she was a friendly lady who played games and such. Had these moments."It might be the case, I might be a rare situation. But keep in mind...Everything in that situation was never entirely my choice leading up to it."It seemed like they where going into Akuko memories now and she did not mind telling him, Maybe it just show that Akuko was like this because she had a new lease on life.

It was almost like a image of yesterday in her mind."To consider my last moments as Joyan lady Hisako Akuko, seeing a sky slowly blacking out. To the face of your best friend looking at you while you pass on to what you end up in next."After all, Death was a strange thing to everyone.

It was how swimming in the water reminder of this part. Almost like as she experiencing it differently alive and swimming freely, after all the water was not as dark and Akuko had some one around that was not a linger monster."To feeling like you are floating under water....black with section of light to make you...but no sign of anywhere to go."It was a strange thing to think of having no where to go but to float, Each way lead to nothing after all.

In her mind she could see that daemon's hand, Reaching out for Akuko."Something merely touches your shoulder, Only asking as if they were dying themselves."Akuko seemed to stop for a moment to make sure she heard the words correction in her memory."You much I....wish to live...Help me..."Two dying being both wanting to live, both having reason to not move one, Yet Akuko was the only one to ever walk away from this event. It was already known she became a daemon so she would continue on."I woke up in Quillareine's arms, Then ran away a moment after...since then well..I ended up travelling."Akuko's story was two dying beings wanting to live, seemingly agreeing that they both wanted the same thing, Just yet Akuko and no sign of the daemon she fused with came back alive, Did the daemon she fused with actually die? Or was Akuko and the daemon now actually the same person now? it left a good thing to think about.

But even with all of this Akuko seemed, pretty peaceful now days, Like she just wanted to be thankful with the way she was living with her now, To express the harmless ways of getting a bit of a laugh out of some one to show off that joy."I never signed any contracts I never vocally agreed either...Just floated in a blacken body of water wanting not to die."Did it make sense? No, But Akuko had no way for it to make it logical for the haziness of death and passing on left details missing.

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Ragnar Asgeir

Well... that took a very different turn then Ragnar thought it would take. As he sat there for a moment, his face in Akuko's hair he heard this story and he couldn't help but slowly pull away from her as he wasn't even remotely expecting that answer. More importantly, not something that detailed. Was Akuko telling him this story to fuck with him? Was it to show that she trusted him? There were many questions now going on through Ragnar's mind as he tried to piece together what all of this was.

Akuko was still on his lap at this point, he had just pulled away from the cuddling as this story got more and more dark. Eventually Ragnar got his mind together from the shock of that answer before saying " Well.. I didn't expect that as an answer.... but if what you are saying is truthful then I think you both signed a contract with each other to live. Clearly I don't understand how all of that worked out but some kind of agreement was struck. What the terms of that agreement were, you clearly don't know and I don't think the other signee does either, if they are even around anymore. "

" When I nearly died, it was never like swimming. It was me walking through a swirling colorful vortex towards a deep red light in the distance. As I got closer, it would get hotter and hotter. Eventually I would hear in the distance the sound of screaming, both in pain and rage. I would then hear the sound of combat, metal against metal and the sound of commanders ordering troops. I never got fair enough to look into whatever gave off that red light before I was ripped back into my body.  Now that I think about it, you might be the only person I told what I see when I almost die."

Ragnar thought about it and looking back he realized that ya, he hadn't told anyone else that is what he saw when he nearly died. Anytime someone asked he would just lie and say he saw nothing.

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Well this was enlightening in some manner to explain it, some one put the theories behind her situation into some kind of logical summary. At least Akuko did think of it but also realize she was a bit of a mood killer."That is a good way to think about it."Akuko mention it seemed her casual yet seemingly serious interest about what was spoken to her."Looks like something, I would have to actually ask a demon if I ever do meet one."Yet again her comment seemed more of actual interest. Even being shared a story herself. It showed a bit more in common between them

Nonetheless she might need to just honestly need to bring this back to the reasons they where here."Even then, in the end we are here now as it stands, Alive breathing and well."Akuko just had it be the place they where now. In Akuko's continuing cycle of just living a left she felt she might have never had. But nonetheless Akuko seemed to just quietly look at the sky for a moment letting out a bit of a sigh. Maybe it was good side from this mention of it she never really lingered upon her death aloud often.

But she reach back and boops Ragnar on the nose. Sure as she was not trying to look as she did as a normal person the light pink claw like finger tips she had."Either way, we are in a much more delightful place now I would like to think."She laughed about it because well only to maybe make things a bit more normal for the time being here."Even if I am a bit of a pain in the butt at times."Akuko yet again seemed to carry a good amount of self reflection.

But even if they were claw like it seemed like she still touched him with a normal finger not sharpness at all. then settled back into just laying on Ragnar now even if it the minor cuddling was over for the moment."As well as be grateful, the situation i am in now."Everything seemed to carry a rather deep linger into her mind about things to consider and regret at times. But still Akuko had to be sure of other things now."So either why, Another drink? Or something else?"It was time to see if there was something else he wanted."I was going to sneak off and bring over a snack and maybe some plum wine since i made sure they had some here."Akuko was back to making sure she was not just leaving and getting things for herself with out asking.

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