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Are You Sure Your Are The Same?(Yohannes/Social.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Are You Sure Your Are The Same?(Yohannes/Social.) Empty Tue May 03, 2022 1:56 pm

Judith Karlinius
Well it was about that time again, check on some one to see how they where doing. There was wonder of costs for the kitchen. So Judith would go seek on Yohannes to check up on her progress and maybe talk about a bit of the costs with her learning to cook habits, It would be a bit of a settled talk more then anything else. But alas it would have to be depending on when she found her. But no matter what it was a peaceful conversation. Just where was Yohannes.

She would show up in her last location known by Judith for her. She also did have some gifts for Yohannes as well because she did wish to encourage her effort and progress so far, Even if there was some set backs and worries. But Judith would not give up on her and keep trying to keep at the practice.

#2Yohannes Ilfrien 

Are You Sure Your Are The Same?(Yohannes/Social.) Empty Wed May 04, 2022 3:05 pm

Yohannes Ilfrien
For the last place that Yohannes would have been would in fact be her room, snoozing away into the fair hours of the morning. She had been practicing cooking as the years passed and honestly she felt like she was making good progress. She had managed to go from lightning food on fire almost on a daily occurrence to that of a weekly… and eventually monthly theme. In fact it had gotten to the point where it had been two months now since the last kitchen fire!

Something that she had a bit of pride about but hubris before the fall and all that. She expected that something would likely happen to make that change and she was ready for it. Meaning that she’d have to be extra careful!

The young woman was flat on her back, softly snoring when a knock on her door brought her from her slumber. Yawning and nyapping as she got up she’d throw on her pants like she usually did and would reach for a shirt, not noticing that the set of clawed hands dug a little too hard into the shirt she usually wore and pulling it over her head with a faint grumble. What time was it?

Feeling her head pop out of it she’d flick her ear-

There was a brief pause and she’d reach up to touch her head; befuddlement spread across her features but then that second knock would come on her door. Having her step towards it, wondering if maybe someone was playing a prank?

Mm…ph? What is it?

Yohannes cracked an eye open and her tail swished behind her; the golden symbol that was the fairy tail guild mark making itself painfully obvious to the one that would be behind the now opened door. Yohannes didn’t seem to notice that her body had changed frankly overnight even though she seemed to be tugging at one ear. Making a face she’d look up squinting a bit.

....is somethin on my head?

#3Judith Karlinius 

Are You Sure Your Are The Same?(Yohannes/Social.) Empty Wed May 04, 2022 5:18 pm

Judith Karlinius
The person who woke Yohannes up or tried too anyway was Judith husband Anders managing himself to make sure he did not do too much to bug her while he tried to wake up her up."Don't be too alarmed, Judith is spending a bit of time away from the guild because she wished to have a bit of a quiet walk with you."Anders for the most part was a grumpy old man,Judith admitted this the entire time during their marriage. But he was helpful in his own ways. He was giving Yohannes a few heads up."She also has a few things I made for you, So...be careful with them and get ready you have ten minutes."With that Anders closed the door, Since he was out of sight it was easy to assume Anders just went back to that shed in the back where he worked normally.

But Judith did have a few other things not just what Anders warned about, only because well Judith got them while she was out of the house. But eventually the front door of the house opened up and closed. Judith looked around to the quietness of the place and seemed almost like she was making sure something else was not going on. Then well Judith knocked on the door only because of habit. Then opening it Judith looked for a moment."Oh..I am still always unsure if that is you or not Yohannes."Judith meant this in the most polite way possible.

But since she was a bit more sure she did not just give her guest room out too another stranger in the mean the time. She would continue."With your progress, I asked Anders to make a few things for you, I also want you to come with me on a walk somewhere as I drop off flowers."With that Judith would put down a small box of various well crafted kitchen hardware. A few knives, things to sharpen them, meat forks, a metal flipper. Then she with that she waited for what Yohannes to speak up weather or not she was coming along or not, It sounded entirely optional. But more of she still wanted to talk to her about a few things while she got things, If anything just making effective use of her time management, While having a meaningful conversation with her.

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