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What's Mine is Mine PT. 7 (Neutral)

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What's Mine is Mine PT. 7 (Neutral) Empty Mon May 02, 2022 10:26 pm


Yuurei was planning on working today. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he figured it would be good to get out of the guild. He was walking around aimlessly as he wasn’t sure what to do. Renji was walking with him as well. His body was getting back into shape, which was a good thing. He didn’t need anybody thinking or even saying he was fat. It bothered him to hear those words, and it was why he was working it off. While they were pacing around the guild, it would seem someone had finally found them.

They would rush towards Yuurei as they saw that he was getting away from him. It wouldn’t take them long to reach him. They were running, and he was not, but he would turn before they got really close. They would see that he was in a fighting position, and he would stop right there as he was nervous now.



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The man would bow down to Yuurei and he would reach toward him with a letter in his hand. Yuurei would see the letter and the seal that was placed on it. He would smile because the very thing he wanted to do was right at his doorstep. He was going to work today, and he wouldn’t be bored. The Nephilim would grab the letter from the messenger’s hand, and he would open it. While he was doing that, the messenger would make his leave, and Renji would wait for Yuurei to tell him what they were doing today.

He would read the letter and it would seem like Mr. Cliff wanted him to get more supplies for him. It seemed that someone wanted to make a deal with him. Of course, Yuurei was going to take this because it meant that he would be greatly rewarded in the end. He would put the letter in his pocket as he would look over at Renji.



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“It seems like Mr. Cliff wants us to get more materials for him. Apparently, there is a guy who is willing to buy from him. I mean I know we could probably get more money if we go to the guy ourselves, but we don’t have that kind of pull.” He said out loud.

Renji would agree that they would have gotten paid more, but at the same time, they didn’t know who the guy was. They would have to settle for being the laborer to get the job done.

“Alright at least we have a destination and something to do. Let’s go to Dawncliff Mine.” He said to Yuurei.

The berserker would pick Renji off the ground and onto his shoulder. The Exceed would grab on tight because he knew what Yuurei was going to do. The man started running straight towards the edge of the cliff and while he was moving fast it meant that his leap off the cliff would be longer.



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His descent was nice and calming as he would sigh and activate his transformation. Yuurei’s wings would sprout from his back, and he would soar through the sky without worrying about anything. They would move through their travel quite easily. They didn’t have anything in front of them that would delay their arrival. The Nephilim was able to see everything clearly as his wings flapped when it was necessary to. Yuurei would be able to see the mining area of the North soon enough. He would have a smile on his face when he saw that there were a lot of people working today.

He was surprised that Mr. Cliff didn’t hire these guys to do the job. It would take longer, but at least he would be able to get a cheaper price out of them. Yuurei figured he had his reasons and figured it might have to do with the number of materials he would give him every time he worked here.



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Yuurei would soon find that they were nearing the mine now. He would descend to the ground, and he would land on his feet. With that, he started walking and his wings would disperse from his back. His eyes would turn to blue as he was walking toward the entrance of the mine. While doing so he would be able to see that Mr. Cliff and his bodyguards were waiting for him there. It would seem like that was going to be their usual meeting place.

Yuurei would approach them without a problem and when he got there, he would wave at everyone. The bodyguard wouldn’t do anything, but Mr. Cliff would wave back at Yuurei.

“Yuurei I’m glad you’ve arrived. I was starting to worry you wouldn’t show up today. I kind of need this today, so you showing up makes me happy.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.



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“I mean I wanted to work today, so when I saw your letter today, I was happy to see it.” He paused for a second.

“Still, I’m glad you need me today. I will get you what you need, so I can get paid for the day.” He said to Mr. Cliff.

Mr. Cliff knew he could count on this man to get the job done. He didn’t need to worry that he would take it for himself, or that something bad would happen to him.

“Give him his stuff, so he could enter the mine.” He said to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard would approach Yuurei and he would have the pickaxe and the helmet in his hands. Yuurei would grab the helmet first and strap it on him. Once he saw that everything was fine with the hat, he would check the light switch. It was fine and now it was for the pickaxe. Yuurei would grab it and he would examine and move it around to make sure that it was sturdy to use still.



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Once Yuurei was done with everything here, he would look over to the mining area. The light mage would walk towards it, and he would enter it without hesitation. It wasn’t a place that was unknown to him. He had been working here quite often. It was something he was doing ever since he moved to the North. Renji would get off Yuurei’s shoulder as he was going to walk with him in the mine as well. He was slimmer than he was previously, but he was not at his ideal weight. They would move through the mine together as they always did though.

There was nobody by the entrance though, which was fine. His travels would take him to the fork in the road, but there was only one choice there. They still had not cleared it for people to go through and he was hoping that would change soon. He would make his way through the path as he knew soon, he would find everyone working.



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Yuurei would keep walking and while he was walking, he would see that nobody was in this area either. It would seem like they had finished taking all the materials that were here. It would mean that they would be heading to his spot soon enough. The light mage kept moving and there he would see every man in here working hard. It wasn’t just men but women as well. They were all making a living through the mine. The light mage would keep moving as he would find the thin hallways to have become much bigger. It would seem like they were making sure things were sturdy for people to go deeper into the mine.

The berserker would walk further in, and he would continue moving until he made it to his regular location. When he got there, he would see that he wasn’t the only person going to be there. This disappointed him and honestly, he didn’t want to be here. He would look around and he would find a place to go.



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Yuurei was happy as it seemed like another path was open. It would seem like they were making sure that this mine’s materials were depleted of everything. The light mage would head deeper into the mine, and when he saw nobody was there, he would get to work. Renji beside him would watch him work and when the materials were loosened, he would pick them up and put them in the bag. They worked well together as they were moving around the area. It was hotter in this area than in any of the other places. This might have been to do with how deep they were in the cave and the lack of air.

Still, they kept working through it as they moved around the facility, they were in. Yuurei was enjoying himself and he knew that this type of job made him stronger. Renji felt the same way and he knew if he kept doing this he would be in better shape in no time.



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The two of them would work on this for a few hours. They were really good at this as they moved around getting things ready for Mr. Cliff. It wouldn’t take long for Yuurei to look at Renji with a smile on his face. They had gotten enough things for their client. It was time for them to make their leave.

“Let’s go, we did enough for him. He will probably use some of these materials for his shop.” He said to Renji.

Renji would have to agree with that, but it was not his place to say. They would walk through the path that they came from. People would look at them and they knew he was working hard. They wondered what he had obtained in the depths of the mine. Yuurei kept moving though as he didn’t pay anybody any mind. His travel through the mine would come to an end soon when he saw the light ahead and it was getting easier to breathe.



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When Yuurei got out he would take a deep breath as he was enjoying the air that was waiting for him. Renji would do the same thing as they would walk toward Mr. Cliff and his bodyguards. Yuurei would hand over the helmet and the pickaxe to the bodyguard, and he would look over to Renji. The Exceed would open his bag and all the materials would drop right into the wheelbarrow. Mr. Cliff was delighted to see everything that was mine for him today. He would approach Yuurei without hesitating and he would hand the man the bag of jewels.

He worked for this, and he was happy to give him his reward. Yuurei would check the bag and he could feel that he got the money he came for. Once this exchange happened, Mr. Cliff and his bodyguards would walk away with the wheelbarrow. The light mage would walk away from them with Renji towards their home.

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