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A pixie, spider and wolf walk in a bar--- [Konyo, Priscilla]

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A pixie, spider and wolf walk in a bar--- [Konyo, Priscilla] Empty Mon May 02, 2022 5:59 pm


It had come rather unexpected, the request from Konyo for them to meet. Nonetheless, Esperia felt obligated to answer the call, if just in order to answer his questions about what happened to the Sentinel Syndicate.

Asimov had been floating behind her, Yomi seated on top of it like a makeshift pilot while the white-clad maiden walked quietly along the path leading toward the city they had arranged to meet at. "... Almost" Esperia paused for a moment, a soft hum following. "there." As the hood covered her visage she turned slightly toward Valerie and asked softly. "If you need to rest... let me know."

The sleeved arm of the girl extended toward her lover, extending her hand as she waited for Valerie to gently grasp a hold of it. "I just hope he won't be too disappointed to hear what happened."

Even in her human disguise there was clearly an otherworldly flavor to her appearance. The pure white skin that held not a single blemish, the soft melodious voice, the beautiful robe she wore, all seemed to provide an ethereal charm to her appearance.

Esperia finally stopped as they arrived at the outdoor terrace of a restaurant, a simple but comfortable establishment where they could talk in peace.


A pixie, spider and wolf walk in a bar--- [Konyo, Priscilla] Empty Tue May 03, 2022 7:15 am

It was always one thing that could be expect, is conversations with other people they had not in a while. or in this personal case she had no idea who she was talking too, after all no names where mentioned at all.But as anything happen in life she dealt with it on a upfront basis, Since it was better then keeping everything so complex and confused with in the mind all of the time. Then again she kept track of other things , But so far she seemed okay and was find working along this walking path. Not like she was running.

So she just had to ask."What he are we referring to exactly?"She had to ask to be sure, after all she only know Kon by name and nothing else about him. Not even recalling a conversation at all in which might be a bit of a sad thing but sometimes it just happen in life.

Not like anything else could really be done about it at this point, Then again it seemed to have been a bit but she finally took Esperia's hand only because it was offered, it was not a thought on her mind for the most part."What's the worst that could happen?"Maybe she was being too casual here, maybe she was just too use to some thing as they where now. it was just her in the end being her. In the end at least they were already travelling to some where to sit and eat, interesting she had not done this in a while."After all this just seems like a harmless conversation."Then again as normal even if Esperia was worried she had her own internal thoughts about a few other things for now just keeping them to herself.

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