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Investigating a lead(Cailyn)

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Investigating a lead(Cailyn)  Empty Mon May 02, 2022 7:29 pm


Cailyn Umata

Even the gods can't save you now

From the colder regions of the north to the sunny fields of East Fiore Cailyn had made her way all the way to it for but one reason, to find answers, to meet her family and village murderer, to put him and all the ones they have wronged to rest, this was a revenge journey.

The troops she had asked to help her back at the guild were able to trace down a specific name, a one rather famous in Hosenka, a man by the name of Wierdlock Jones, a weird name indeed but all things aside Cailyn was to visit him, on the surface she was being hired to clean his office, apparently he had been stuck in a murder investigation that was feeling a bit to cold for comfort and he had resigned himself to his quarters, his quarters in which were now dirty she assumed based on the job description.

But none of that really mattered to her, apparently Mr. Jones did some investigations into werewolves and vampires, not only that but the picture with the one face she would never forgot as long as she was alive, Mr. Jones was in the picture as well, if he knew anything it was worth investigating into him.


May Gaea watch your steps

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