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Wandering Festivities [FotW]

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Wandering Festivities [FotW] Empty Fri Apr 29, 2022 10:06 pm

The streets of Oak were currently decorated to the tee, as there were massive amounts of decorations everywhere. Keita watched on as there were paper lanterns in almost every shop window, a large number of people in ceremonial garb, depending on their faith or culture, were also wandering around. This was great, and Keita felt that he was already dressed for the occasion, as the garb he always wore was already ceremonial and important to his culture. He wondered what Dwarves wore as he walked over to Gundar’s home. He wanted to go and grab his buddy so that they could go around and see the festivities, but mostly because there were a lot of stands selling different types of alcohol that he wanted to see how they tasted. The main thing, however, was there were a lot of games of skill and chance that they could use to win a lot of money or cool items.

#2Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
Dressed in a dwarves' casual clothing of a fancy, green tunic and some brown pants, Gundar was in a fairly good mood although his facial expression didn't show it much. Currently, Gundar was snacking on some cookies that he had 'acquired' from a small child. People were feeling festive and decorating for some special occasion or something of the sort. Gundar didn't care what it was they were celebrating, only that it had some decent food and great alcohol. That was what truly got him through the night, or day, depending on the time. Walking through the streets of Oak, he didn't have any plans in mind nor did he intend to make any so he was basically free. On the way through the streets of Oak, he had bumped into Keita who had been seemingly looking for him. Looking up towards Keita, Gundar continued to nibble on the cookies he had, offering Keita one wonder if he even ate food.


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As Keita was looking through the streets for Gundar, he eventually noticed the stout dwarf, and he was in a fairly bland green tunic and brown pants, but it was a lot better than what he normally looked like, festivities taken into account. Keita walked over to him and noticed that he was munching on some cookies, and the stout dwarf then offered him one. Keita took it and started munching on it, and it tasted pretty good. Keita nodded his head and then thanked Gundar for the cookie, before heading off in another direction. The direction he was going for was the stands with the food in them, as there were a massive amount of them, and a lot of them were selling their own custom alcohols that he was interested in. He was simply going to order them to take a quick drink of them so that he could taste what Oak had to offer.

#4Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
Gundar had only looked at Keita as he took the cookie offered and ate it. It seems all he had known about vampires was either a fairytale or a lie. He thought they weren't able to consume mortal food anymore but it seems as if Keita was still able to enjoy the same tastes mortals do. He had to admit, it was pretty amusing to watch until it was time for the two of them to get on with the festivities. Munching on the cookies he had, Gundar was relatively calm and didn't make his usual grunting noises but that would probably only last until the cookies he had in his hand finally ran out. For now, he'd just followed Keita in hopes that the direction he was taking him in was the route for the tastiest food here. He then noticed all the stalls that were trying to brew their own alcohol and this caught his attention immediately.


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Keita was in no hurry at all, as he put both of his hands on the back of his head as he casually strolled through the stands. Soon, he walked over and stood behind a small line of people waiting for the stand’s food and drink. Keita waited for a little while as the line got shorter and shorter, and while the line was getting smaller, Keita decided to turn to Gundar. He knew that Gundar enjoyed his alcohol, but he had never really asked if he had a favorite type of alcohol, or if there were types that he didn’t enjoy at all, like champagne. “So Gundar, are there any types of alcohol you dislike?” He asked his buddy before looking at the menu, pointing out that this stall had brewed their own brandy. This brandy was some sort of honey lavender brandy which intrigued him, as this was a strange flavor combination.

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Gundar Darkforge
Following Keita while munching on 'his' cookies, Gundar felt the bag running on empty. He was pretty eager to try some of the homebrew alcohol that the locals have made, probably in their cellars and what not. Though he was afraid that he might taste some unsavory swill that even his constitution couldn't save him from. Well, he'll know what he could and could not stomach. While waiting in line, Keita had asked Gundar a question that he was a bit unsure of himself. He likes all alcohol really, the more alcohol content the better. Other than that, he can't say he really dislikes any to the point he'd avoid it but if it was his choice, anything less than a certain percent would cause him to think it was too weak or to watered down to be considered alcohol but a hard drink that even dwarven kids could enjoy. With that Guindar had just shook his head no to Keita's question.


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Gundar simply shook his head no to the question about whether there was alcohol that he didn’t like, and Keita nodded. He wondered if it was just a dwarven thing to be so enamored with alcohol, but he could understand it. It was the reason that he wanted to go on this alcohol tasting around the festival area. There was no way that he would take this chance for granted, as he was going to go around and at least have a single shot of all the alcohol available. He wasn’t quite as hardy as his buddy Gundar, but that wouldn’t stop him from having a good time out here. The line eventually dispersed and it was their turn, and so Keita ordered two drinks of the honey lavender brandy, and soon the woman came back with two identical cups of a simple drink, which was their brandy on the rocks.

#8Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
After answering his question, it seems Gundar had run out of cookies and began to lick his fingers. He had to admit, he didn't have much of a sweet tooth unless it was with a certain alcohol but those cookies did manage to hit a spot he never knew he had. He hoped this wouldn't become a craving in the future as he didn't want to get any wider than he is now. Eventually the line had dispersed and it was time for him and Keita to get their brandy shots for this taste testing part of the festivities. Their honey lavender brandy had arrived and Gundar had good feelings about this one as he enjoyed the way it smelled. Grabbing the glass and raising it to his lips, Gundar began to sip the beverage, letting it swish around in his mouth for a little while to thoroughly enjoy the taste before swallowing. With his eyes widening, he had gulped down the rest before licking his lips.


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The lavender honey brandy showed up, and Keita being the inquisitive person that he was, started talking to the person that served it, wondering if they had their own honey or if they simply bought it from somewhere else. Most of these stalls were set up using the normal people of the city, as it was essentially a farmer’s market with marked up prices pretending to be some sort of festival. At least that was what the cynical side of Keita felt as he looked and smelled the liquor. The woman had already gone back to preparing things while Keita stepped out of the way so that other people could order whatever they wanted, and so he decided to go ahead and wait until he was done to ask questions. He didn’t want to be the one that was responsible for being a downer on what was supposed to be fun. He drank his alcohol and enjoyed it, clinking his glass with Gundar’s.

#10Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
Clinking his small glass with Keita, Gundar had to admit, the taste of that alcohol was a bit sweet for his liking normally but he could appreciate its flavor. Now that he had tasted this, he was eager to buy a bottle or two for later. Hailing the clerk behind the stall or counter. Gundar had spoken up and ordered two bottles of the alcohol he had just finished tasting. Within seconds, the person had gotten Gundar his two bottles before going to serve other customers that also seemed to like the flavor of the alcohol. With that Gundar was ready to travel to a different stall and see what other things he could taste that he may or may not enjoy. Regardless, he was expecting many great things to be had here, which was pretty rare considering the upbringing he once had and his low disposition of every other race except other Dwarves and some humans.


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After cheersing with his buddy Gundar, they both downed the shot of alcohol and tasted it, making sure to savor the taste a bit. Keita enjoyed sweet things, which was essentially the counterpart of Gundar. This made Keita think about something for a while, as he noticed that Gundar was eating some sort of cookies when they had first met up. Keita shrugged it off and continued after he had seen Gundar grab a couple of bottles from the vendor. Keita nodded, and although he enjoyed it, there were plenty of other stalls to check out and he didn’t want to be lugging around a bunch of alcohol bottles all day, especially if he wanted more than a couple of bottles. As they headed towards another stall, this one offered an assortment of homemade crackers and aged cheddar to go along with a smokey barrel aged whiskey. This one made Keita not too excited, as he hated the smokey flavor.

#12Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
Gathering the two bottles of the alcohol he had just finished purchasing, it was time to move onto the next stall that would be selling crackers and cheese. While Gundar didn't rebuff the idea of trying anything that wasn't alcohol, he couldn't exactly get excited for cheese and crackers like they were some sort of exotic cuisine he's never had before. Well, since they were confident about bringing it to this festival, maybe it was better than the average cheese and crackers that they sold everywhere else. Taking a sample, Gundar had placed a bit of cheese on the cracker itself before putting it to his lips. Taking a whiff, Gundar thought it smelled pretty nice. He was no gourmet and would eat just about anything but he figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Who knows, maybe this would become his favorite snack to eat when he was drinking his alcohol.


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It was time for some delicious cheese and crackers, and lookin at them, Keita could tell that both the cheese and the crackers that the cheese was supposed to go with were homemade. He posed a simple question, asking how sharp the cheese was. “How long has this cheddar been aged for?” Keita asked, as he knew a little bit about cheese. Keita learned a little bit of surface level knowledge of a vast number of subjects, just so that he could enter and enjoy a conversation with just about anyone, regardless of their field of expertise and knowledge. While he couldn’t go into the finer details of cheesemaking, he did know that cheddar got sharper as it aged and wanted to make small talk. The person behind the counter responded with a simple “Six months, so it’s quite sharp.” and Keita nodded, grabbing his serving of crackers, cheese, and the glass of whiskey.

#14Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
Now that Gundar was done with the investigation, he had listened to the small exchange between Keita and the shopkeeper. So the cheese had been aged about six months or so, he's claimed. Gundar had grunted not knowing what exactly that meant but if it was anything like aging alcohol, he assumed it would only get better with age. Putting the cheese and cracker in his mouth Gundar began to chew. He had to admit, this snack was pretty tasty and all but he felt it was hardly worth fawning over. Taking a second one, Gundar dropped it into his mouth to chew to see if it would taste better than before to him. He had to admit, it tasted exactly the same which made Gundar grunt at a smaller volume than usual. The snack wasn't bad, it just wasn't all it was cracked up to me for him. Maybe Keita had a more positive response to it.


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As Keita held the glass in one hand and a couple of crackers with some slices of cheese in the other, he maneuvered a bit with his hand before he got a cracker and some cheese on top of each other and popped the combination into his mouth. Immediately he could tell that the cheese was quite sharp, although it was not the most intense cheddar he had ever tasted, as some cheddar cheeses were aged until they were nine months old, and even some beyond that, although Keita had never tried them. He chewed and the cracker helped cut the sharpness of the cheese, and it was overall a fun and enjoyable experience in terms of a snack. Now that one of the crackers and some cheese were finished, Keita put the small glass of whiskey to his lips and sipped at it, letting the normally too harsh liquid fall down his throat.

#16Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
Finishing the cheese and cracker, Gundar had swallowed before remembering that this was also served with a special whiskey. It was supposed to compliment the taste  of the cheese and crackers and maybe that's why he felt they weren't that great. He had to admit, alcohol was better with any kind of food in his eyes but if this was the selling point, it wouldn't hurt to try some alongside the cheese and crackers. He had taken a third sample of the cheese and crackers, placing it into his mouth in order to chew and swallow. This time however, he had also taken a good gulp of the whiskey that was supposed to be served with the snack and this time, Gundar had a better impression of the cheese and crackers as well as the whiskey. Now this was what was being advertised to the masses as a delicacy that even Gundar's unrefined palate could recognize.


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Keita had noticed that Gundar wasn’t too keen or thrilled with just eating the crackers and cheese, but realized that he should try the whiskey together with them, as it was supposed to be complimentary. He then seemed to be enjoying himself as he went on to down the whiskey with not too much of the crackers after trying them together. Keita chuckled a bit, and was not going to down the whiskey as he didn’t want to be too drunk and didn’t have a dwarf’s constitution to fall back on. He simply sipped the whiskey and started to wander towards another one of the stalls that were next on the list, and he was unsure what this stall was selling, but it was immensely popular. It was so popular in fact that he couldn’t see the menu or what they had to offer through the line of people. He looked over to Gundar and asked “Do you think whatever they’re selling is worth the wait?”

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Gundar Darkforge
Enjoying this delicious snack properly, Gundar had a better opinion of this meal and so he would simply retract his initial thoughts on it. He had already taken a lot of free samples so he figured it was in his best interest to end the tasting here and simply move onto the next booth in order to try out some more samples from elsewhere. Following closely behind Keita, he wondered what they were going to try next until they happened to come across a fairly long line. That's when Keita had asked Gundar if he thought it was worth the wait which made Gundar wonder if it was. He wasn't a dwarf that enjoyed surprises but since he was at a tasting festival he wouldn't mind giving it a try. Turning to Keita, he'd nod and give him a grunt before waiting on line to see what all the fuss was about. he had hoped it was another  kind of alcohol though.


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The line they were in was quite long, and Keita had no idea what they were serving but it must have been something simple and small. He figured out that simply by looking at the people walking away from the front of the line, as they were walking away from the place with nothing in their hands. Some of the other people gave out some disposable cups and plates so that people could carry their products around the festival and enjoy them while talking to their friends or playing some of the games around. There were the classic festival games like trying to9 catch a fish and what not, but those were more for the children or the younger people to do while they were on dates. Regardless, the line was getting shorter and shorter as the people were served, and soon it was there turn, and Keita looked up at the stall to see what they were serving.

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Gundar Darkforge
Waiting on the line with Keita, he could only hope whatever they were serving would be of more alcohol and food. As he waited, Gundar decided he would also look around the area to see if anything else would pique his interest. As he searched, he couldn't really tell as there were some lines to other booths blocking his vision and admittedly, he was the tallest person around. This made Gundar grunt as he couldn't make plans to see where he would go next until he was very close to his destination. Giving up on this action of his, Gundar instead turned his attention to the line he was on as it got shorter and shorter. He'd also notice people leaving with disposable cups and paper plates. This only made Gundar more curious as to what could be up ahead as they were carrying away plates this time so the samples must be big.


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Keita and Gundar walked through the line, not really talking as Gundar rarely enjoyed small talk it seemed, so it was just sort of a chill vibe standing around looking at all the festivities happening around them until it was their turn. Soon they had found that inside of the stall were two huge kegs that the people were serving a fairly normal looking ale out of, as well as a small plate of nachos. Keita was instantly disappointed, but tried to stave off his annoyance with what it was, thinking that it would be great if it had this much of a following and traction. Soon it was their turn and Keita ordered a small plate of nachos and a beer for each of them, before they left the line and Keita started eating. The nachos were okay, nothing amazing, and the ale was definitely above average, and it was now that Keita figured out that this was simply a crowd pleaser without much substance.

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Gundar Darkforge
Waiting a bit longer on line, Gundar couldn't wait for it to be their turn as he was feeling a bit excited about what they would receive. Soon after, it was Keita and Gundar's turn as they made it to the front of the line in hopes of getting their reward for waiting for so long. When they got there, he found out it was some sort of nachos and a kind of ale he hadn't tried yet. He didn't care too much for the nachos but he had waited this long for them and tried them. They were surprisingly satisfying to munch on so he didn't have any complaints about them whatsoever. However, the real prize was the ale they had served with the nachos. Gundar immediately had taken to it as it resembled the ale back in the swineherd tavern but with a bit more kick in it as well as flavor.


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Keita watched as Gundar threw caution and etiquette to the wind and scarfed down the nachos extremely quickly, and downed the ale just as quickly. This was when Keita remembered that the basics were something that Gundar enjoyed the most. Sitting in front of a fire with a good book sipping on some high quality bourbon was something that Keita enjoyed, but he assumed that Gundar seemed to enjoy the types of alcohol that you could chug more. Different styles for different peoples it seemed. Keita shrugged and waited to see if Gundar wanted to buy more before heading out. It seemed that the festivities were winding down a bit, and soon it would be time for the fireworks display to end the night. This was something Keita looked forward to quite a bit, simply because he liked beautiful things. He also respected the artisans who spent their lives trying to make these fireworks, it was a difficult craft.

#24Gundar Darkforge 

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Gundar Darkforge
Finishing the ale he was drinking, Gundar had to admit, it was rather refreshing for such a simple snack. Almost as refreshing as those cookies he was snacking on earlier. He had hoped to get a refill on the ale but alas he was declined unless he wanted to go to the back of the line and wait again. They wouldn't sell him any either as there wouldn't be enough to go around for the other customers to taste test. He found this odd as he thought this was also for them to try and sell their wares as well but different people sold their products however they wanted. Soon, the crowds got smaller and smaller as it seemed the participants were all heading in one location. It would seem that the fireworks display would begin soon  and Gundar didn't mind a little light show to end the night so he would also follow the flow of the crowd in order to get a look.


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The drinks and the snacks were essentially done serving, and it seemed that most of the stands were just about sold out with all of their wares, so it seemed to be quite a successful night. They were sure to get plenty of business the next few weeks, especially the really popular stand that the two of them just visited. As they were walking away, he and Gundar noticed everyone pooling to a specific spot, it seemed to be some sort of ridge that crested over the area where one could see one of the open fields around Oak. It wasn’t the most spectacular view one could ask for, but the field was filled with multiple patches of flowers. In between these patches there were around seven or so groups of people that seemed to have been finished with setting up various metal tubes on the ground, and the fireworks show was about to begin.

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