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What's Mine is Mine PT. 8 (Neutral)

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What's Mine is Mine PT. 8 (Neutral) Empty Thu Apr 28, 2022 8:20 pm


Yuurei was relaxing, and for a while, he had forgotten about Dawncliff Mine. His client had not been a bother to him for a long time. He figured he had finally left him alone. Still, that wasn’t the case. While he was on the edge of the mountain, someone would approach him. The light mage would turn to look at him, and he would see a scout member. It would seem like he had a letter in his hand. Renji was napping on his lap and Yuurei would nudge the man to come to him. He would approach Yuurei and he would hand him the letter.

Yuurei would take it and he would wave at him. The man would walk away as they kept quiet. They didn’t want to wake up Renji. He was going to wake his friend soon because they had a job to do. He would examine the letter as he noticed who it had come from.



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He had a smile on his face. He figured he would see what the man wanted from him. He was pretty sure he knew what he wanted. The light mage would open the letter and he would start reading the letter. It seemed like things slowed down for a bit, and business started picking up. The berserker would chuckle as he was glad that he had slowed down. Still, today was going to be the day he worked hard again. The half-elf felt bad that he was going to have to wake up his friend. Still, he needed him to help him do things quickly.

He would pat Renji on his back, and it would wake him up. He would stretch a bit as he would yawn and look over at Yuurei.

“ Why did you wake me up?” He asked Yuurei waiting for him to answer him.

“We got work to do today. It seems like we’re mining today.” He said to Renji.



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Renji would hear this and he would shake his head. The man was finally asking them to work again. He would climb on Yuurei and make it to his shoulder. When the Exceed was on his shoulder, he would get up from the floor and he would stretch a bit. He would look around and to be honest, he enjoyed doing this. Renji was used to this, but he had to admit the first couple of times he almost threw up his heart. Yuurei would run and leap off the edge of the mountain. While he was doing this, he would find himself moving quickly toward the floor.

His eyes would become golden, and wings would sprout on his back. He would gain momentum with this, and he would start soaring through the sky. He would move through the area at high speed, which he found amazing.

“I wonder if things are going well down in the mining area.” He would say this to Renji.



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They were getting close to their destination, and Renji figured he would answer him.

“I’m sure things are going well, or they probably have a new mining area for us to mine in.” He said to Yuurei.

He nodded as he figured that could be it. They would see the mining area and they would see people going in and out of the place. It would seem like things was going well there. He was happy because he didn’t want people out of work. The light mage would descend from the sky and onto the ground. People would look at him as he dispersed his transformation. He was walking around the place with a smile on his face.

He was looking for Mr. Cliff as that man enjoyed being around here. It was as if he owned the mine or was one of the few who discovered it. It wouldn’t take long, but he would find Mr. Cliff and the bodyguards that he was always walking around with now.



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Yuurei would wave at them with the same smile he had given everyone. He would stop walking when he got close enough to Mr. Cliff.

“I see you need me to restock your supplies for your business?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

“Yes, I do need you to do that. I’m glad you’re here because if you didn’t come, then I would have been lost.” He said this to Yuurei.

Mr. Cliff would have looked at his bodyguard, and the man would have walked over to Yuurei. He would show him the helmet and the pickaxe. Yuurei would take the helmet and he would check up on it and he would see that it wasn’t sabotaged.

He would put it on his head and strapped it on as he would turn on the light. The next thing he would take is the pickaxe the man had. He would inspect it and he would make sure that it wasn't tampered with. He also had to make sure that it was still good to get the work done.



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Once he was done doing all of this, the light mage would look at the three of them.

“Alright I’m off this. I will be back with what you need.” He said to Mr. Cliff and his bodyguards.

The half-elf would move through the area, and he would enter the mine. Yuurei kept moving through the place as he could see that it was empty as ever in the beginning. He moved through the place as there were lights around this time. It wasn’t just that, but it seemed like they reinforced the area as well. That was good because it would make it harder for cave-ins to happen.

He kept moving through the place though and eventually he would see the fork in the road. It would seem like the right side was still blocked, and he would go through the only spot that he could go into. Yuurei kept going as it seemed like there were people busy reinforcing the mine.



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Yuurei would make it to the next area, and he could see that there weren’t a lot of people here either. That was interesting, but it would seem like there was a little bit left to mine here. The light mage kept moving through the area. The people here wouldn’t bother him as they knew who he was. They would mind their business as they were working hard.

When he got to the big area, he could see that there were a lot of people working in this spot. He figured that there would be a lot for them to do here. The half-elf was glad that he didn’t take everything here and continued to move forward. He would soon find the small thin path in the area, and he would walk through it. This place wasn’t reinforced, and it seemed like nobody got this far to fix this spot up.

Yuurei would walk through the path without a problem, and he would soon find his new location. It seemed to have nobody around here, but he could understand.



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The light mage would start working on mining in this place. He would start slamming the pickaxe into the wall. He would be able to get the materials out of the walls and Renji would slide down from his shoulder. The Exceed would pick up the material as Yuurei went to the next spot.

The berserker continued doing this around the place as he was getting to work. He knew that Mr. Cliff was going to need a lot, so he was working hard. The young man would bring out a lot of materials from the wall. Renji was working hard collecting everything as well.

They were doing their things, and they would continue to gather materials. Yuurei was hoping that the next time he came to mine that there would be another place for him to traverse. The Nephilim also wondered how everybody was doing in this mine. They were getting deeper and deeper within this place, so he figured it would be hard for a lot of them to breathe.



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After a few hours of working in the mine, Yuurei would wipe the sweat off his forehead, and he would look over to Renji. His partner was almost done collecting everything on the floor, and when he was done, he would look over to Yuurei.

“Did we get everything we need here Renji?” He asked him.

“Yeah we got everything we need. I think Mr. Cliff will be happy that you got him this.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage was happy to hear this, and he would move to Renji. The Exceed would climb up on Yuurei’s shoulder and he would be ready to leave this place. The Nephilim started moving through the tunnel that he had come from. When he got out, he could see all the people that were working hard. They would look over at him, and then looked away to get back to work. Yuurei would just keep walking because his work was done here.



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The man from Paradise Dawn kept moving through the mine. It was quiet now as there wasn’t anybody around here. He kept moving and he would turn off the light on his helmet. He was glad that they were working hard in this place. They had definitely improved the mine, which meant that it was harder for cave-ins to happen.

Yuurei would make his way towards the exit of this place, and he wondered what he was going to do for the remainder of the day. When he got out, he would move around without the light bothering him. He would look around to find Mr. Cliff and his bodyguards hanging out. Yuurei would walk over to them, and he would stop as he would see that his client had his wheel barrel here with him.

“We got the materials you need for your place. Renji you know what to do.” He said to his partner.



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Renji would hear what Yuurei said, and he would open his bag. When he did that a bunch of materials would fall into the wheel barrel. This would make Mr. Cliff happy and excited as he would look over at Yuurei. He would approach him, and he would hand him a big bag of jewels. Yuurei would nod as he was happy to do business with him.

Mr. Cliff and his bodyguard would walk away as they were moving the wheel barrel away from the area. Yuurei would look over to Renji and he figured they would go home and get cleaned up.

“What do you want to eat after we get cleaned at the guild?” Yuurei would ask him wondering what he was going to say.

“I want you to make some sushi again and on the side some mac and cheese. I think I deserve it from how hard I worked today.” He said this to Yuurei.

When he heard this he would make his way from the mine and back home.

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