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To the Future [Private]

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#1Khalfani † 

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Khalfani †
To the Future [Private] 0NwFEvz

A series of of events inspired the changes that ultimately brought Khalfani to what they believed to be their final physical form. Looking back, the Helios Dragon Slayer had gone from a darkened soul into a blinding, nearly scorching entity. From acquiring a magic that they had transformed into their own, eyes that none could hope to escape and evolving into something that mere mortals could only dream of truly comprehending, Khalfani stood as the Ascended. The gods had spoken to them in more ways than one and despite the fact that the Desiertan Prince forsook them all, they had been wise in not rejecting their blessings.

One could say that by accepting their offerings that they, the Commander of Paradise, hadn't actually forsook the gods after all. However, Khalfani fully understood that the power bestowed upon them was rightfully theres. Now more than ever, they were confident in who they were, confident in their mission. It goes without saying that they had made some silly mistakes, like attacking Sleeping Calamity before they could manipulate and bend them to their will.

Alas, mistakes were often gifts in disguise. That was something the Lion forced themselves to accept. However there was still something troubling them. Even after coming home from Enca, even after they had ascended beyond the capacity of mortals, they didn't quite understand the vision the mysterious Seer had warned them about. As intelligent as they were it would seem that this was too big a riddle for them to solve, at least while they had to worry about the Nation of Paradise and the rest of the Northern Region.

It was for that reason that Khalfani had called upon Yuurei and Amir. Both were two amongst some of their most trusted comrades, Amir being their lover and Yuurei being one of their closest friends. Amir could be trusted because the two had grown to love each other, though their lack of communication with each other could have left Amir with a bad taste in his mouth. Yuurei was the most pure hearted of all the founders of Paradise, he was loyal as long as the Mission remained pure and for the most part, Khalfani believed that the Elf trusted him.

The decisions that would be made today, albeit temporary, would have an effect on the guild's future. The Monarch of the Mountains, the people sang. The Ascended was curious about a couple of things and how Yuurei and Amir felt about such a title being granted to their commander was one of them. Khalfani's vision hadn't changed, it had only elevated. They sent folks to bring Yuurei and Amir a message earlier in the day about where to meet them, and now they stood atop an abandoned building on the outskirts of Orchidia waiting. They peered ahead, their eye linked to the sky as they watched the Sleeping Calamity members unite.

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Yuurei had been doing a lot throughout Fiore. His body became stronger through the passing day. The defeat that he suffered from Ansem had left him wanting more. The Nephilim were taking on jobs throughout Fiore, and even outside of the country he was living in. He wanted his whereabouts to be known. He wanted Ansem to know that he was still breathing and alive. He wanted Ansem to know that the vengeance he was seeking was still around. He made sure that he fought to better himself as a fighter and experience different types of fighting styles.

It was enjoyable and, in the end, he had truly become a master at using gauntlets. What was he going to do now? Well, it was a simple thing, to be honest. The light mage was going to seek information out and find out where did Ansem go. He was no longer hidden within Marchen Mountains, so where could he be now? It was something he was going to have to find out, but today was different.

He had a different task at hand. Khalfani, his guild master, and his friend wanted to speak to him today. The berserker wasn’t sure why, but he figured he would come to see what it was. He was there for the people in his guild as he expected them to be there for him in his time of need.

The light mage knew of one way to make an entrance. He wouldn’t go into his Angelos mode, but he would find himself soaring through the sky in his full Nephilim Transformation. He knew one thing Khalfani enjoyed doing, and it was being on rooftops. Renji on his shoulder, they both would look for the guild master. It wouldn’t take long for Yuurei to lock on them, and he would descend from the sky without a problem.

When he got close enough to the roof, Yuurei would disperse his transformation and he would walk over to Khalfani. They were on one of the many buildings that were within Orchidia City. When he got next to him, he would look to see the greenery that was slowly taking over the city.

“It’s not every day you want to talk to me outside of the guild home. Do you need help with anything?” He asked wondering what Khalfani would say to him.

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Khalfani †
To the Future [Private] 0NwFEvz

And there he was. One of the men Khalfani had called upon soared through the skies in his angelic form. To be a Nephilim was a magnificent thing, even if it meant the source of their power was being drawn from Illumin themselves, the most maleficent of all the gods. Perhaps it was because the commander was biased, but they didn't feel that sense of disgust when they gazed upon their friend. With a warm smile they nodded. Khalfani was considerably different from the last time the two had spoken and if Yuurei didn't see that just from the essence that radiated off of the Lion, he would see it soon enough. Khal watched their comrade land, their newly bestowed god-like intuition and vision telling them more things about Yuurei than they had previously known. Xena peeked from behind the Ascended's leg and gazed upon Renji. "Sleeping Calamity's in Orchidia, I'm merely here to watch them." They said. "It's been a short while friend. There's much for us to talk about. I had hoped to see Amir today but I can think of a few reasons why he wouldn't show up." Khalfani held their hands behind them, turning to gaze upon the city once more. "I hope everything's been well with you?"

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Yuurei would notice Xena was looking at him. He didn’t understand what the rabbit would say or was saying, but he would wave at it. It was then he looked over to Khalfani as he had told him what he was doing. It would seem like the people who were a part of Sleeping Calamity were now within the North. That means it wouldn’t be too long before they came and attacked Paradise Dawn. Well, he figured that would happen one day or the other, but it might happen soon enough.

He would hear his words and it would seem like he wanted to talk to him about a few things, but first, he wanted to know if everything was well with him. He would put his hands over his head as he would turn his head to look at the sight that was in front of them.

“Do you have any idea what they’re doing?” He asked him first as he moved on to the next thing before he would get the chance to answer.

“Yup everything is fine here. I just got back from Erwyr Settlement in Woodsea. I was training with a retired adventurer there. Now that I finished that, I figured I would start gathering information and trying to figure out what to do next.” He said to Khalfani.

He didn’t want to burden anybody with what he was going to go through. He was curious to hear what they had to talk about. He figured Khalfani would bring up what they were going to talk about when he was ready.

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Khalfani †
To the Future [Private] 0NwFEvz

"There's always some adventure awaiting you." Khalfani chuckled lightly. They were glad to hear that Yuurei was being productive, spending his time strengthening himself. Though only a split moment later Khalfani's own smile slightly dimmed. The weight they were about to place on the shoulders of their most trusted comrades was something they truly felt bad about. Khalfani would be gone for gods know how long dealing with saving the world and they would be stuck doing the same, except they hadn't asked to put their personal goals to the side for the sake of the guild. "They're clearing another building of rats. I plan on watching them indefinitely so in the case that they decide to strike our home, no matter where I am, I'll be prepared." Khalfani said, turning to face Yuurei once more. "But I didn't ask you to come to speak about Sleeping Calamity. Not long ago a Mysterious Oracle came to me and gave me a reading. I'd never seen her before and after taking some time to ponder on it I believe it was the gods who sent her to me. She saw something dangerous...far more dangerous than Sleeping Calamity, the Titans, or any earthlandish being..." Khalfani's smile was completely gone now. Their golden eyes peered deeply into Yuurei's own oceanic orbs as the wind around them suddenly began to move wilder.



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Yuurei would laugh a bit as he rubbed the back of his head with what Khalfani said. The next thing he said would make him shake his head because Orchidia did have a rat problem. It was something that needed to go away, and he was hoping it would be soon. Still, he heard the end of Khalfani’s words, and he wondered how he was able to do that. Of course, he wasn’t going to ask him that and instead would hear what else he had to say.

Once he was done speaking, Yuurei would look away from him. He would think about everything he had to say. It seemed like something dangerous was coming. His face was serious, and it was because it meant that danger was coming to the place he loved and cared about. That was bad enough, and it meant a lot of people he knew about would be in trouble.

Still, it was interesting to see someone mysterious approach Khalfani and it got him this worried.

“So, a woman came to you, and it seems like we’re going to have to prepare for something dangerous coming. This isn’t something I was expecting, still, if she made you feel that her words were true then I guess it means that we need to get the guild prepared for what is to come.” He said to Khalfani as he thought about what could be done.

They had a few guild members and a lot of them were strong. He knew they could handle what was coming, but they needed more training right? Yuurei wasn’t sure, but it was better to be overly prepared than anything. He didn’t mention it, but if he was looking over Sleeping Calamity, and at the same time worried about the danger that had yet to appear, then things were getting bad for the guild.

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Khalfani †
To the Future [Private] 0NwFEvz

Trust, or at least a sense of it, was prevalent between the two light mages. The Ascended looked upon their guild mate as an equal, proud as always to be in his presence and even prouder that he was such a gorgeous man. Xena waddled over to where Renji was and just glared at him, feeling the exceed out. She couldn't speak yet but one of these days Khalfani would figure out a way for her to evolve too. The Commander nodded at the Sidhe's words. He definitely was  as forward thinking as the Prince themselves were. "I agree. The patrolling around Sieghart has been increased after the Titan attack thanks to the scouts, the rangers, and the warriors. For what's to come though, we're going to need to up it even more." Khalfani cleared their throat as they glanced down at Xena for a moment, then shifted their gaze back to Yuurei.

"What's more disturbing... is that the Oracle saw me as this harbinger of chaos." They said bluntly. Khalfani didn't intend on waltzing around Fiore destroying everything, but that isn't to say that their desire to do more than just protect the North couldn't push them to do the unintended. After all, they believed in achieving their goals by any means necessary and sometimes that meant...well...

"I don't intend on becoming that type of person, but Fate works in Mysterious ways. It wasn't long ago that the god Apophis chose me as his vessel. I thought I broke his grip over me but maybe..." Khalfani raised the palm of their hands, scanning them as their mind pondered for a split second. "Not to mention these new abilities were given to me by a different deity. Honestly speaking, sometimes I don't even recognize myself. I'd be a fool to rule out the possibility that the Oracle forseen my fate without making sure. As much as I loathe them, the gods just won't leave me alone." Suddenly a warm smiled stretched their lips. They didn't want to seem so worried, not when they had always appeared to be so confident.

In any case, I need to figure this out, and Paradise Dawn has to prepare for the worst, which means you have some figuring out to do too." Khalfani said in a lower almost defeated tone, but never escaping their friends gaze with a forced display of emotion. Hopefully the Captain could see where this was going. In the span of a few seconds they revealed to Yuurei key parts of themselves. Normally the Dragon Slayer was secretive, but this was necessary.



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Renji would look at Xena and he would pat the creature on the head.

“How have you been treated little one?” He would ask her even though he knew he wouldn’t get an answer.

Yuurei would look over to Khalfani when he heard him speak to him. His ear listened to everything he had to say before he decided to respond. He thought about how he would become something so evil. Maybe something planned on taking over his body? Or could it be that he had someone or something that looked like him in this world?

“Well, if fate has it so you become what the Oracle prophesizes, then that’s what we’re here for. You didn’t make Paradise Dawn for no reason. We will be the one to stop you if it ever comes down to that.” He said as he was thinking about a god taking over his body.

Yuurei understood that feeling more than anything. It was similar to the contract that was forced upon him by the Seraphim. His death was not something he could go through and got a second chance at life.

“The higher deities do love intervening with our lives. It wasn’t until recently that I got these angelic powers.” He paused for a second before continuing on.

“I plan on finishing up with personal matters soon enough. I do plan on recruiting people to the guild now that you mentioned all these weird things that might be happening. Once my problems are solved I hope to help out with making the North a better place. It is my home now, so I figured I might as well make it as great as it could be.” He said to Khalfani as it seemed like the last part he said to him had more meaning to it than what was said.

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Khalfani †
To the Future [Private] 0NwFEvz

"You came to that conclusion rather quick." Khalfani chuckled. As paranoid as they were, it took them a bit of mental strength to not assume Yuurei did want to rule after all. He didn't even offer to help. He doesn't even sound concerned, a voice that was not their own whispered to them. For a moment the Prince blanked out but was brought back by Xenas squeaking noises. "Good, make sure all of the founders are on the same page." What Khalfani had been subjected to by the gods - what they had experienced through the entities in the realms beyond, was something the commander felt like Yuurei could not understand. The Seraphim weren't deities, they were servants of a Deity. Khalfani's fate left them confused and often at odds with themself. Gods fought for dominance over their soul and every so often Khalfani had to make sure none of them were victorious. Khal winced at the idea of Yuurei understanding that aspect of their life.

Nobody understood, not even Khnurn.

Yuurei was a good man. Everything he said was what you'd expect the perfect hero to say, someone noble who truly cared about the world. Soft and tender, yet struck like thunder when provoked. Truly, he had the persona to be a great leader but that didn't stop Khalfani from worrying. "I need you to lead alongside the others in my stead. I don't know how long I'll be gone, so you'll need to hold it down indefinitely. Do you understand? I'm afraid the North cannot wait for you to deal with your personal problems." Such was the burden of leadership. It was a sacrifice and people often overlooked that part. Your life was shared with the people and dedicated to the cause, or at least that was the case for a good leader. "It's a lot to ask I know, but there's no other choice. The rest of the founders need act the same way." Khalfani sighed as they said softly.

"The price of leadership..."



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Yuurei would hear that, and he chuckled a bit.

“Nope not a conclusion. I don’t know what the future holds. I would like to believe that whoever this oracle is, is wrong. I’m just saying if it ever comes to fruition, then we will be here.” He said as he would nod about making sure that the founders were on the same page with this.

The light mage was fine with leading with the others. He truly respected them enough not to take everything into his own hands. He knew that with them working together things would go well and he saw things prospering within the North.

“Indefinitely? I see that is going to suck. If you aren’t sure when you come back, then even if the weight of leadership is heavy, then I will make sure that I won’t go at this alone.” He said to Khalfani.

His face was distraught though. He didn’t like the fact that his friend was leaving. Okay, he was okay with going on their own adventure, but he wasn’t happy that he wasn’t sure if he would be back. It saddened his heart, but if he had to go and do things like that, then Yuurei wasn’t going to be able to stop him.

“So if you’re going to leave me, do you have any plans on where you’re heading to first?” He asked them wondering what they would say to him.

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Khalfani †
To the Future [Private] 0NwFEvz

Khalfani paused for a moment. The Slayer took a few seconds just to gaze upon Yuurei. Could he lead? It was a question Khalfani had to ask themselves over and over again as the two spoke to each other. There was a tight grip on Paradise Dawn for so many reasons, so it was a valid question. As much as they believed Yuurei was certainly capable of building a marvelous community, it was the sacrifices that Khalfani was afraid he wouldn't be able to make. Alas, there was Amir and Cailyn who could fill that role if need be. Amir, Haru, and Brone too perhaps? Then there was Yori. Suddenly, the more Khalfani thought about it the easier it became to imagine this actually working out. They had to trust their friends.

"Yeah but Paradise has you, Brone, Amir, Haru, Azure, Cailyn, Yori... I know you're all more than capable- just keep an eye on Yori." Khalfani sighed. The Dragon slayer turned away as their face colored red. Yuurei asked what was their next move, it was a good question. "Leaving you? I'd never leave your fine ass..." they muttered quickly. "I have to travel to every country, but I'll start with home." Then they remembered. "Oh! Speaking of home. Uh, the Pharaoh is marrying me off to a woman in Desierto and I'd like you to be there. Not because I'm nervous or anything." The Lion chuckled. "Just...don't tell Amir."



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Yuurei would hear their words and the name of everyone within the guild. He had met them all spent time with them and planned to spend more time with them. He enjoyed their company and honestly it was enjoyable to see them grow. When he heard Khalfani telling him to keep an eye on Yori, the light mage knew why. He was called a mage hunter; it was ironic that he had joined them, but they must have had a reason. In the end, he would heed their warning, and he would do just that.

There was something they had said, but Yuurei couldn’t quite hear it. Of course, he wasn’t going to pry on what was said as they had answered his question soon after. It seemed like they were going to really look for answers and that was something he could relate to. It wouldn’t take long for him to be invited to go with Khalfani to Desierto, and his eyes sparkled. He was excited to be invited, and honestly, he loved traveling around the world.

“I gladly accept the invite. I love going to new places. I’ve been to Desierto, but never to your home. Also, no worries your secret is safe with me.” He chuckled with Khalfani as he couldn’t wait to see what their home would be like.

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Khalfani †
To the Future [Private] 0NwFEvz

"Alright, great. We leave tomorrow morning." Khalfani said with a smile and a nod. They were glad Yuurei was coming, he was dependable, strong, and it seemed like he genuinely cared about Khalfani. Yuurei said that his secret would be safe, which was always good to know. of course he had no doubts about Yuurei's loyalty. Khalfani would pay it in full with their own loyalty whenever Yuurei needed. "I'll see you later then, there's something I've gotta handle before we leave." Khalfani tapped his chest as they turned to Xena. The bunny strutted towards her companion before jumping onto their back. With a have Khalfani ascended into the air and pushed forward through the sky. Yuurei also had the ability to fly so Khalfani wasn't worried about him being able to leave. As for Sleeping Calamity, Khalfani would be keeping a close watch on them. They could never escape them, whether they had gone to Enca, Joya, or any other country, Khalfani would always be there.

- EXIT -



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Yuurei would hear Khalfani’s words, and it seemed like they were going to leave for his homeland tomorrow. That was interesting, and quick, but he was glad that he would be traveling. Still, he was going to do something right now, which meant that Yuurei would be on his own. He would have to prepare things for this trip as it was the only thing to do.

“Alright then I will see you back at the guild then.” He said to Khalfani as he would fly into the air and be on his way.

Yuurei’s eyes would change color, and his wings would sprout from his back. Once he had done that, he would hover through the air before making his way in the direction of Paradise Dawn. He would soar as fast as he could as there were things that he had to do before going on this trip. Renji was nervous about going to Desierto because of the heat more than anything.


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