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Silvac Skallagrim

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Name: Silvac Skallagrim

Age: December 19th/X764

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demi-Sexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelish

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Demi-Human [Shark]

Rank: D-rank

Guild: guildless.

Tattoo: Between the shoulder blades. A muted purple.

Face: OC - Varied Artists


Height: 2 meters/ 6'7 feet

Weight: 250 LBS

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Green/hazel

Overall: Silvac's body from head to toe is covered in an assortment of a mix of scales and rubber like flesh. The first startling thing to see is that he's in fact a blueish color from head to toe. Apart from the beastial like snout there's a set of horns that sweep back from his skull and in-between them rest a pair of ears with tufts of hair or fur at the ends of them. Another noticeable feature is on his neck which lay a series of gills.

His legs are partially digigrade in fashion which sets his stature to appear hunched when not standing tall. He has a long strong tail that has several fins on it; most notably at the halfway point and nearest the end of the tail which splits off into an almost shark like fin though it's horizontal rather than vertical.

Extra: Silvac's body is like a canvas telling stories of his life. He has many claw marks from his time out in the wilds fighting against various beasts all across his body. A notable bite scar on his left shoulder. On his right ankle there's a spot of scar tissue that is almost in the shape of a manacle marking his time spent as a slave.

Much of his body has what one would consider 'freckles' on it. Ranging from purple to blue in coloration they often are deeper color to the scales or 'flesh' that he has.


  • Soft Spoken: Silvac doesn't tend to raise his voice all too much, whether it is from the fact that he spent time in bond or that he just doesn't really like to project his voice. He's fairly passive in this venue and isn't above letting people talking over him. Though that comes from being a librarian he's found.
  • Well Mannered: Silvac's experiences have shaped him into a calm, well mannered individual that is genuinely polite. He's helpful, polite and usually goes about this in making sure people have what they need. He's a blast to have at dinners given his extensive knowledge of cutlery and other items that make feasts a breeze.
  • Gentle: While not the sort that would overtly try to harm others his first response to situations is to talk it out rather than use violence. His imposing visage is more than enough most of the time to help drag things back from having to draw blood and he'd prefer not having to spill it.
  • Relaxed: Silvac prefers to spend his time and energy cracking open a good book or simply sleeping in some locations. He's very 'lazy' in a precise sort of way; spending time in various libraries across the land or doing as he pleases when outside of them away from the confines of civilization.

  • Books: Nothing quite beats the rapture of a good book and the knowledge they bring. Even whimsical books are worth their weight in gold. He abhors those that would burn or damage these fonts of knowledge.
  • Water: From the shallows to the murkey depths Silvac loves the water. From the way that it washes over him to the sound of it when at a beach.

  • Slavers: Silvac harbors an intense disdain of Slavers in any shape or form. Faced with them on a regular basis he never quite was able to get over his time in bonds. He'll often more than not consider dealing them the ultimate hand rather than anything else.
  • Heat: The heat is something that drives him a little to the irritable side. That and fire. They both dry him out to a degree and make it uncomfortable for him to find really any solace.

  • Knowledge: In all shapes and forms Silvac desires knowledge. He harbors the idea that there is no 'bad' or 'good' knowledge. Just knowledge to be used and divided among those that would have it. His drive to link people together using it and saving them go hand and hand.

  • Becoming a slave again: He worries in earnest that his would be masters that never released him seek him still. Not knowing if they survived or not. Demi humans often were treated poorly from where he was and he worries that other locales will do the same.
  • Death: He doesn't so much fear the fact that he will die, more so that he will die without the ability to help those that need it. Constantly worried for the sake of others, what can he do when he himself is gone?


Strength: 6

Speed: 6

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: Grace of the Deep

Magic Element: Water

Magic Enhancement: Holder Magic [Spear]

Magic Description: Grace of the deep is a type of magic that uses a weapon to focus the element of water in a multitude of buffs and supplementary spells in an effort to assist the user in their ventures. It is not capable of offensive or debuffing spells due to the pacifistic nature of the magic. It is capable of defensive spells to a degree.


History: Silvac was born into the cradle of life within the harsh land of Iceberg, far away from the lives of those that he would call brothers or sisters. Born so far out of the way that his parents were unable to care for him properly and he was left to the whims of the world after his initial year of life.

From there he was sold to local warlord who was intending on turning him into some beast of war but as the youth grew within the fort he was instead found to have a knack for water magic that was more keen on assisting others than destroying them. Finding little use for a caster such as he in immediacy Silvac was again sold off to traveling slavers who were all too pleased at having a demi-human capable of using magic in their reserves.

Years dragged on and the attempts at selling him never seemed to pan out in which the youth was blamed for that fact. Eventually however he found a more permanant home among the librarians of a now defunct library. They bought him off of the slavers figuring that they could always use a hand and with the youth being willing to learn the ways of civilization they took a greater risk giving him the knowledge that would eventually lead to his freedom.

He spent his time doing the work they told him to do, learning what they told him to learn. Though as his knowledge grew so did the danger he represented. It wasn't until he was in his early twenties that he decided to put that knowledge to better use in assisting those around the small city that they were in rather than keeping the ever growing font of knowledge to themselves. Thinking it was a good idea it instead came to bite his 'masters' in their collective rear. For hiding away secrets that would have been useful to those in control

A fierce battle broke out which leveled the city and killed many of the occupants. During the battle Silvac was able to remove his restrictive shackles and flee from the city as it burned behind him with little other than the robes on his back.

He's made a living traveling the world since then, sharing the bits of knowledge that he has to those that he comes across for a meager meal or nights rest. Often appearing at towns or cities heavily robed and disguised to hide most of his features when they have been suffering or finding themselves unwell to a degree only to save them from what ails them.

It's nearly impossible for those that aren't keeping a lookout for him to know where he'll show up next. He rarely stays in one location and has a habit of not sharing his name unless asked. In which he rarely gives his actual name.

Reference: N/A


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This character is approved for roleplay.

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