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Ray Ignazia [Done]

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#1Ray Ignazia 

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Ray Ignazia


Name: Ray Ignazia

Age: July 26th, X764

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Sevenese

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Sorcereror

Race: Vampire

Rank: C

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right oblique, just below the ribs.

Face: Mikoto Suoh- K Project


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 72 kg

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Overall: Usually dressing in slightly baggy, decently fitted t-shirts and skinny jeans that accentuate his lean physique, Ray stands out from the crowd due to his bright red hair and eyes. His features are regal, yet rugged in the sort of way a large wolf looks; his eyes sharp and bright like a true predators. Due to his extensively high metabolism, Ray retains very little fat on his frame and is quite muscular, however his smoking habit has led to a loss of appetite, making him skinnier than what he was before he left Fiore. His red hair is usually kept short and falls on both sides of his face, and is ruffled due to his constant playing with it. He has light dark circles underneath his eyes due to a lack of sleep, making them slightly puffy.

Extra: He usually wears a dark color fur jacket and two necklaces, one made out of wood, and the other leather, which has a silver centerpiece that drops near his sternum. He has a tattoo depicting a knife with three drops of blood on the inside of his wrist. His ears are pierced as well, with two sterling silver earrings. He also wears three silver bangles on his hand at times, but this is only to honor the armor he once wore.


Personality: As arrogant as they get, and twice as rude as your average high school football bully, Ray's a handful at all times of the day. While originally someone who kept to himself and would always rather lurk in the shadows, his affliction brought about a couple changes to his personality; making him more outgoing, yet infinitely more prone to bouts of anger. Now preferring to act instead of think, his nature as a vampire has slightly diminished his calculating personality of the past, making him rely more on his instincts as well as his newfound gifts. He still prefers to be left to his own devices, however, he isn't averse to conversations (read: arguments) and socializing with people, as that is the only way he can try and goad the other person into getting angry, allowing him to retaliate and/or fight. Admittedly, his penchant for violence has also grown due to his bloodlust, almost bordering on psychopathic sadism, as he will go out of his way to hurt, maim and/or kill any person, animal or thing in his way.

Underneath all that savagery lies a reason for the same, a reason embedded deep in his core. Ray always believed in the concept of might being right, and so subconsciously he chooses to be even more violent than what a normal vampire would wish to be; he hunts out of pure will, not necessity. His love of power overpowers rational thought, making him into someone who won't stop at any length in order to gain power, no matter how many necks he'd have to pierce. What he truly wants from life is to be a living god, and this base want is the sole reason for every single action that he takes. He truly believes he is descended from a long line of gods, and therefore he must reach the pinnacle of all existence.

  • Blood: Due to his vampiric nature, Ray has a love for blood and the taste of it, even going as far as to eat his steaks as raw as possible to indulge his savage mind.
  • Power: Ray values power over everything else, as it is the only intangible in the world that can affect the tangibility of it.

  • Devotees of Gods: He believes that he himself should be worshipped as a God, so to see other beings being worshipped makes him susceptible to going in a rage and murdering those that worship them.
  • Rune Knights: Being shunned due to his affliction has made him resentful towards his old allies, as they tried to kill him instead of helping him once he had turned. He believes it is his duty to rid the world of this incompetent government.

  • To Be a God: Ray wants to be deified, and remembered throughout the ages as one of the strongest mages to have ever walked the Earth. He believes himself to be a direct descendant of the Gods, and therefore will not stop at anything to "claim his rightful place" amongst the Gods. He also believes that to truly be a God, he must be able to kill a God, and so pushes himself to limits no one else can in order to be able to do just that.

  • Sunlight: As with every Vampire, Ray has a fear of natural sunlight, often touted as the strongest natural version of the element of light (and in some cases, even holy) which can reduce his strength in battle significantly, leaving him vulnerable to any and all attacks. This fear is natural for vampires, and stems from generations having been hurt or killed, affecting the collective schema of every vampires.
  • Spiders: Ray has always had an irrational fear of spiders, going as far as to shut down completely if faced with one threatening enough. Instead of lashing out at spiders, he chooses to avoid them at all costs, and is highly likely to incinerate the entire area if in contact with one of those eight legged freaks.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 9

Speed: 9

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 6


Ray Ignazia [Done] Mikoto-suoh-k-project

Magic Name: Xolo's Anointed

Magic Element: Fire/Lightning

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental

Magic Description: Fire, and Lightning, are both elements that focus on electron transfers; and therefore are inherently related to each other as both are precursors to similar energy forms: heat and light. The only reason these were separated as forms of magic was due to the fact that they were highly chaotic in nature, and thus very difficult to control for most mages, however, their synergy has always been well documented in multiple instances of magic. This specific brand of magic, Xolo's Anointed, is an ancient magic that hails from one of the first monsters to be deified, Xolotl, who was so  proficient with magic that he could control both fire and lightning, and fuse the two into an incessantly strong force which would spontaneously combust everything in sight. It is believed that all creatures of the night who held either fire based or lightning based magic can access this form of magic if they devote their time to learning the intricacies of electron transfers and the control that goes with it, as they are supposed to be the ones anointed by Xolotl, the god of monstrosities himself.

This magic possesses the properties of both lightning and fire, creating a pinkish red form of energy that can be weaponized to the mage's whims. Primarily an offensive magic, it is mostly casted in waves or beams, however, it can also be particulated and/or used as an aura to shroud the user if need be. It specializes in combustion and electrocution, and is thought to be able to incinerate objects with a higher level of heat than normal magics of a single element.


He was supposed to be Fiore's protector.

From a young age, Ray thought he had his life figured out. Following in the footsteps of his ancestor (with whom he shared a name), Ray devoted much of his childhood into being good enough to join Fiore's Magic Council as a Rune Knight, as his great-great-grandfather had once been the head of the Magic Council. He trained hard, studied even harder, and familiarized himself with the process of induction even though he was a legacy shoo-in, and when he finally got accepted, he was over the moon about it. Starting off as a page, he quickly worked his way up to a promotion; and everyone in the Knights took note of his diligence and determination, making him a prospect to be a future Commander.

Then it all changed

His world flipped upside down on that fateful day, wherein he was afflicted, no, blessed with the curse of the night; as this would allow him to see the truth behind Fiore's government and their treatment of those who weren't of the same race as they were. Even though he had been their comrade, the Knights of his division hadn't hesitated to try to murder him as soon as they'd learnt of his condition, as they believed him to now be a hellspawn that was inferior to them. Even his best friends in the Knights didn't spare him, and after killing the team sent to dispatch him, he was forced to be on the run, living his life as a gypsy until he would be forgotten by the Knights and the citizens of Fiore. Ray spent years, no, decades in the shadows, patiently awaiting the day he would be able to return in order to break the organization he once wanted to desperately lead. In these years, he honed his skills, both as a mage and as a monster; he was accepted as an apprentice by a mage who was deified in a distant land. Ray learned, over time, to control his lightning and turn it into fire, replicating the magic that was used by his teacher, creating a raw energy capable of great destruction. Ray's senses and instinct would also become sharper, and he learned to stop himself from being overpowered by the strength and the savagery of the bloodlust. He soon realized that he wanted to be deified, to be one of the strongest in the world, and to break Fiore using that same power.

It was then that he knew, he had to come back.

Reference: I'm an old returning member.

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Ray Ignazia [Done] Mikoto-suoh-k-project

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Fill in the guild. If you're going guildless put "Guildless"

Also for your race Lycan here is Werewolf. As such, if you're starting off as Werewolf please take human out of your race, if you're starting off as Human please remove Lycan. Note that if you start as a WW you still have to purchase the race but once you do you'll get the hidden perks for free.

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#3Ray Ignazia 

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Ray Ignazia
Hey done the edits

Ray Ignazia [Done] Mikoto-suoh-k-project

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This character is approved for roleplay.

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