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Alcestis Rozenti (WIP)

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Alcestis Rozenti (WIP) Empty Sun Apr 24, 2022 1:34 pm

Alcestis Rozenti (WIP) Chainsaw-man-makima-chainsaw-man-artwork-digital-art-yellow-eyes-hd-wallpaper-preview


Name: Alcestis Rozenti

Age: 21 (April 25, X773)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan, Helion Rozenti

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese-Fiorian, Emilia Rozenti

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: On her right abdomen

Face: Makima - Chainsaw Man


Height: 5'8" | 172cm

Weight: 57kg | 127lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Alcestis has fair skin, golden eyes, and red hair that reaches down her back, usually put in a simple braid with bangs reaching just above her brows and locks of hair framing both sides of her face.

Her daily attire mostly consists of suits and is rarely seen in anything else, rarely would she be seen in a dress unless for formal reason. Even then, she'd rather just wear a suit since it's much more convenient for her especially when there's a need to chase someone down.

Extra: She has a crooked finger on her right hand and a fractured bone on her right arm that didn't heal correctly. Sometimes she can also be seen with bandages around her hands.


Personality: Slightly deranged with a twisted sense of justice, Alcestis is more than willing to kill people to get the job done but don't get her wrong, she only has the best intentions. Murderous as she may be, she wouldn't hurt a fly as long as they did nothing wrong...within her criteria anyway. Alcestis is a rather quiet individual with possibly the worst social skills in existence. She is eccentric in a way that she'd drive people away without even trying and has to be usually reminded to stop staring at people or blink when she does especially as she has a habit of doing this in alleyways, in the shadows...sometimes even outside people's windows but that's definitely unintentional!

As she's a very lonely person, Alcestis would talk to her dolls quite often and would host tea parties with them on a weekly basis. She usually keeps her thoughts to herself but there are times when she'd just say things out of the blue, usually something that's either gruesome or puts someone else off. Alcestis is also so desperate for love that she'd buy someone's affection if she has to. Honestly, she'd do anything just to earn a sliver of affection from anyone and this alone makes her easily susceptible to manipulation. She is, however, aware of when people are simply using her for their own benefit or at least have an inkling of being taken advantage of but that doesn't matter. That type of situation is better than having nobody at all.

Additionally, Alcestis doesn't react to any feeling of physical pain at all. She would still walk around normally even while injured until she passes out cold on the floor. She can also be honest to the point of brutal but she means well and her lying skills are quite bad. Despite that however, she does feel bad if she genuinely upset someone.

  • Dolls: They were her only friends growing up, how could she not like them? Ask her about her dolls and you'd be her favorite person. She might even sew one for you.
  • Sewing: Perhaps the only normal thing about her. Alcestis learned how to sew in her childhood because nobody else would patch up her dolls for her then she just started getting into it.
  • Crocheting: She started getting into it years after she left her home. It's a relaxing past time for her when she has nothing else to do.
  • Most things people perceive as creepy: Gore, bugs, dolls that look possessed (they probably are); she finds them all cute.
  • Punishing evil people: Or at least people she perceives as "evil". She believes that punishing evildoers would make people love her even when she'd go overboard and who doesn't like the sound of people screaming anyway?
  • Children: It's just unfortunate that most either run away from her or cry upon the sight of her.

  • Others violating her dolls: Disrespecting her dolls is one thing but violating them is another. It didn't matter who you were, if you intentionally picked a single hair off of any of her dolls, Alcestis would hold a grudge until she could drop you to your grave.
  • Disorganization: She wants everything organized and in order; doesn't matter if it ordered by size, color, volume, or number. She won't rest easy if anything looks chaotic to her.
  • Uncleanliness: If she sees so much as a smudge on any surface within her apartment, it's deep cleaning time for her and she cleans until her hands bleed.

  • Love and acceptance: it's been deeply rooted since childhood that nobody would ever love Alcestis, that anybody who'd ever lay eyes on her would be appalled by her mere presence. She craves for love and acceptance. Show her a sliver of both, tell her even, and she'd literally die for you. It didn't matter if it was genuine or not, she's so desperate for it that it didn't even matter.

  • Failure: how else would she gain people's love if she failed them?
  • Ipsums: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ius an invidunt adipisci, sit at aperiam efficiantur. Eos quodsi inimicus ad, laudem assentior definitiones ut usu. Mei tritani suscipiantur no. Te vel altera fuisset. An quo porro evertitur, sea falli conclusionemque no.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 8

Speed: 7

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 5


Magic Name: Light-Make Magic

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Select one Enhancement from the Enhancement list that is not priced higher than 1,000,000J. See https://www.fairytailrp.com/t51818-the-magic-enhancements

Magic Description: Light-Make Magic allows the user to shape and manipulate light in different ways, the user's imagination and level of magic being its only limit.




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