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Kuva's Sheet

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Kuva's Sheet Empty Sun Apr 24, 2022 8:20 am






Relationship: Erebus - Mentor And Tutor, Diabolic Tutor, Red, Blue, Black, Knife God, Possibly Vampiric, Thinks Would Be a Good Vampire, Wants them to have cute earrings.

Ikanbi, Kuva, & Sia - The Hunting Party - Artifact, Magic, Potions, Evil, Knowledge, Mimic Hive Mind & Swarm Locust Hunting Unit From The Collective that operates in 3 and 8 to work wonders and is quite bastardish in red threads, is capable of mimicing any ability immediately by jumping.

Team: The Hunting Party, Eternal Nightmare



Weapon: Grand Hunter's Dagger

Head: Bunny Headband

Body: Great Hunter's Coat

Ring: ???

Companion: ???


D-rank Spells:

C-rank Spells:

B-rank Spells:

A-rank Spells:

S-rank Spells:



Topics Completed:

Topics Ongoing:



D-rank Quests Completed:

C-rank Quests Completed:

B-rank Quests Completed:

A-rank Quests Completed:

S-rank Quests Completed:


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