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She yawned, she stretched, she woke up and freshened up a little bit to start the day. Kuvakiri had been on vacation, for lack of better words, but it was time to get back to work. In the north, she had found refuge in a mining town after quite a while of travel and had met some others that had huddled up for work here and there. From an associate, a mentor of hers, it had been suggested she make the journey on foot, given her particular set of skills. She clutched her knife and adjusted her headband, then leaped six meters high and soared through the air. She repeated this several times, ascending the mountain side with no problem, and eventually made her way back into town. She had made her way to Rush Valley in no time at all from one of the many distant Hunter campgrounds, and after a while made her way to a known bar.

After a drink and a quick smoke, she wound up conversing with an associate of hers and gained a little information about a little someone that might be up to giving her a hand with some work. Amir, a somewhat famous man around these parts, willing to lend a hand. Kuvakiri walked up to Amir and introduced herself, extending her hand to meet his forearm and making eye contact, batting her long lashes. "You remind me of someone I know..." She said after a long moment of staring into his eyes. "I hear you're looking for work...I'm looking for an associate." She said bluntly. "Mine crawling. Maybe punch some lights out. Does that sound like your sort of thing?" She withdrew her knife from its sheath and began to flip it in her hand, eyeing a particularly suspicious looking red-eyed individual nearby. She adjusted her crown, and continued to stare at what she suspected may be a vampire.


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Amir was outside enjoying the breeze on his face. He wanted to head down into the mines to look for some treasure. He recently needed more resources for certain experiments that leaned a bit more on the costly side. The easiest way was to do various quests or go treasure hunting. Except finding a suitable partner when no one in the guild was available left things a little uncertain.

The scholar was not happy to be in his current location. The people he could hire from hunters never left a good impression. If it was from conditioning or Amir’s own logic was to be determined. Spending time with the vampires in his family left him a little jaded when it came to them. Not that he could blame all of them. Some members of his family Amir would decapitate himself if given the chance. The main issue that colored his perception was the fact that most of them were meatheads. If their intelligence was at the level of sleep deprived cabbage it would be considered a blessing. It was that and the fact that Amir was not stoked about going back into the mine. The scholar was trying to work through his issue with being imprisoned. The mine was not bad but it did make him feel slightly trapped.

Standing up to stretch Amir allowed himself to get lost in thought. What kind of fool would he be able to work with to get the job done and collect his jewels. Amir heard the sound of crunching footsteps on gravel. He turned to see a lady introducing herself and reaching out to shake. Pure habit had Amir returning the handshake. He was going to introduce himself when she mentioned that he looked like someone she knew. Amir was unsure of how to take it and just went along with it. If a fish jumped in your boat you may as well make dinner was something his mom always said. Kind of disappointing that he did not know what a boat was till much later in life.

“Sure. I will be happy to get a job done. We can depart now and start making our way down the mine. I know some surveying tips that will come in handy.” Amir would have been nervous once upon a time. His magic was blocked and he had a hard time casting. Now with his abilities slowly coming back to him. He found himself able to do more. If he needed to he would just smash all the people in the mine to dust. The only reason for the helper was to have muscle to carry some ore for him.


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And so it was then that Amir and Kuvakiri were off, setting out from the bar and quickly making their way down the street. Kuva spoke a bit as the walked, "So, what brings you to Sieghart then?" She asked him softly before she leaped six meters high into the air and landed on top of the building next to them before she continued walking, hopping to the next building over and continuing with this habit as they traveled, traveling high above the street and scouting ahead out of habit, though in this situation it was truly quite unnecessary. Still, she persisted towards the mine, staying close enough to Amir to hear him. "I haven't heard much of you other than that you're a pretty good soul." She said after another few moments of hopping about, landing beside him as the drew closer to the mine.

"What's there to do for fun around here anyway?" She asked him as they entered the mines finally. She clutched her dagger and stayed to Amir's right, noting several unattended carts around the entrance they might could use. She grabbed the one and began to push it along as they delved further down, but she left it behind as she realized there were plenty more as they descended. It was dark, and dreary in the mines, but it was lit somewhat well with lanterns here and there. It felt like other horrid places she had been, eerie, gloomy, and dusty, but it mattered not. The work was supposedly going to pay quite well, so she had no problem tagging along to gather some resources and rough up some miners. "Get lost." She said to one of them, and stared directly into their eyes as they turned to look at her.



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It's been 2 weeks so I'm 48 hrsing Amir and finishing this alone.

Kuva found that Amir was lingering behind and truthfully that didn't sit well with her. It was no matter, she hopped along happily through the mines and continued to be a menace to the other prospective miners in the area. She hopped, she leaped, she jumped, and she soared through the tunnels and shafts of the mine. The next miner she saw, she landed gracefully behind and pressed her knife to his back. "Get lost, I'm on orders, sorry." Was all she said before she leaped over the mans head and continued throughout the tunnels. She stopped and picked up a cool looking rock, depositing it into her bag before continuing.

After a while, she did decide to take a little bit of a break. Kuvakiri sat down on a bench and retrieved her gourd, uncapped it, and then took a long drink of water from it. It was quite refreshing, she had to admit, and decided it would be to her benefit to eat a snack since she was sitting down anyway. From her bag she withdrew a bun, a soft and doughy wonderful treat from Desierto, courtesy of her hunter friends. She smiled and took a bite and was immediately filled with bliss. It was so lovely, truly, and she devoured the rest of it quite quickly before continuing with her work.

She leapt from the bench, soaring through the air several paces and before long found another group of would be miners trying to make some money. These were not pushovers however, and though Kuvakiri told them to scatter, they wouldn't listen. It mattered not to her, the job was the job, and she wound up having to rough them up just a little bit anyway. She didn't inflict lethal damage by any means, she was a surgeon with her knife, precisely knicking and scratching with her blade instead of slicing and thrusting, causing minimal, but very annoying levels of damage to the miners and hopping about the vicinity, easily evading them. Eventually, she determined that the miners were in fact empty and so she left, making her way back into town and never spotting Amir even once along the way. She took another drink from her gourd and began to munch on a bright red and incredibly juicy apple.

She finished the apple, tossing its core into a nearby field where she knew an animal would surely find it, and then made her way back into town and collected her reward. It was time to journey west.


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