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Something Smells Fishy [Quest | Zane]

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Something Smells Fishy [Quest | Zane] Empty Fri Apr 22, 2022 5:33 pm

"I still think that vanilla is a much better flavor." Beelzebub argued, feeling frustrated that his partner had not yet seen the merit in his opinion. Zane took another lick of neopolitan ice cream cone, savoring the incredibly strawberry flavor that enveloped said portion of the dessert. "Strawberry provides a fruity flavor that never fails to deliver, being both more delicious and more complex than the simple offerings of strawberry." Zane's argument was essentially flawless, offering little room for Beelzebub to tear it apart. Despite their differences in actual strength, it was more than clear that Zane's intellect beat out that of the lord of fl- "Sir, excuse me."

Zane's inner thoughts quickly dissipitated as he turned to face the middle aged man who called for him. Zane looked the man up and down, raising an eyebrow soon after. Who was this guy? Zane certainly hadn't seen him before. "Hey there. Can I uh, help you with something...?" Zane wondered if that was the appropriate response from a demon lord, though he supposed most of the people around here probably wouldn't believe him if he said he was one... "You're literally not one." Beelzebub reminded him, Zane choosing to discard the fly's comment moments after it happened. "I'm from the Astera Fishing Union's board of directors. We're looking for mages, you see. Are you interested in a high-paying job?" Money signs practically appeared in Zane's eyes, a giant grin filling his face only moments after the man made his offer. His demeanor instantly changing to an incredibly friendly one, Zane shook the man's hand in an incredibly nice way and looked him dead in the eye as though he had just met god himself. "I would love to assist you and your wonderful union. How may I help you all?"



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The union office was weird. Like, really weird. Everyone there was bald first off, which was an almost sure-fire sign that things were going to get bad. "This is why Earthlanders are inferior in design. Eventually having no hair? Ridiculous." The demon scoffed, looking down on the mortal races of this plane of existence. Zane, sporting some of the most amazing hair ever grown, was about to agree with Beelzebub to some degree... then remembered something. "Wait. Isn't your true form just a giant fly? Who are you to talk about having no hair?"

Beelzebub's voice absolutely RINGED through Zane's ear, causing the mage to quickly grab his head in pain. "Flies have hair, you imbecile! Have you never looked at one in your life?! And I'm not... I mean, I am, but..." The comment clearly flustered Beelzebub to no end, the demon preferring to have people assume 'Lord of the Flies' was a fancy title and nothing more. The union representative, sitting seperate of Zane, scratched his bald head in confusion. "Uh... are you alright sir?"

Zane nodded, though he wondered if his internal hearing would be alright for the next few hours. Though with how Beelzebub was, perhaps that wouldn't be a bad thing...



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Long story short: these guys were fishers, a profession which Zane considered himself an expert in despite never actually working in the field himself. They were all confused by the fact that a popular fishing spot seemed to be completely of order with the fish not appearing as they should be. Why ask a mage to help? The last person they sent o investigate in a more in-depth fashion returned as a corpse. Uh oh. Zane and Beelzebub were pretty confident they could take on a bunch of... whatever the hell was causing this problem? Pirates? Pirates would be pretty cool. Even Beelzebub could get behind the idea of fighting pirates being nice. After internally debating their course of action (it wasn't actually an argument about their course of action, it was an argument about something completely petty and unrelated as always) Zane and Beelzebub grabbed a map of the oceans and boarded their boat towards the destination of their quest. What would await them when they got there? It was hard to say. Zane was admittedly unsure if they would be able to fight as well given their rustyness in using magic as of late, but he had a feeling it would all be just fine. He had lived until now, right?



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2 hours. It had been 2 hours and the duo still hadn't run into the landmark they were supposed to. What in the hell was going on? Zane decided to pull out the sea chart from his bag. Let's see here... wait a second. This wasn't a sea chart... "No. There's no way you're this stupid. Not even I could believe that." Beelzebub was already going through the second stage of grief as Zane let out a loud, stressed sigh. He had accidentally grabbed a blue napkin rather than a sea chart. Perhaps he was too busy thinking of the money to notice? Thinking of Atani to notice? Probably the former really, he liked Atani... but not THAT much. "Welp. I guess we'll just row around until we find what we're looking for." Zane nodded to himself, getting his hands back on the oars. Somehow neither he nor Beelzebub ever thought to just row back to town instead. Perhaps their stupidity was shared...



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"Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ho!" Zane screamed at the top of his lungs, most likely scaring off all the fish by himself - were there any fish to begin with anyways. "Prepare to dock, Quartermaster." Beelzebub joked, perhaps having finally lightened up to these goofier moments in the years he had spent with Zane. The two then proceeded to get into an extremely long argument about who was the captain and who was the first mate as they stepped off of the boat and back onto dry land.

Zane scanned the cove with his eyes, the sounds of the ocean crashing on the beach behind him. This was actually a rather pretty little spot all things considered. Shrugging, Zane figured he would probably have to explore around a bit more if he wanted to figure out what was going on. The beach didn't seem to hold any secrets worth noting, but perhaps there was something a little more interesting further in.



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Zane treaded up the side of the foresty hill the led into the mainline of the tiny island. This place probably wouldn't take too long to fully explore - even if he were to draw a map the entire time he'd still only need a few hours tops. He had to admit that kid Zane wouldn't found this place incredibly appealing - it had a very undiscovered vibe to it, as though he was the first one charting this unexplored island. Too bad that wasn't really true. Zane took note of the rather odd size of the trees here (they were rather small) and proceeded around the perimeter of the island, keeping a lookout for anything interesting. Just as he had almost finished his loop of the place, Zane spotted in the corner of his eye a little cave by the southern coast, one with  a stream leading inside. A smile came upon his face. Now THIS was exciting.



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Zane and Beelzebub spent a pretty ridiculous amount of time trying to light a torch until they eventually figured out how it worked, delving into the cave soon after. The first section was like a tunnel - on the left side the stream, on the right side (which had higher elevation) was some solid ground, perfect for walking on. Zane took note of the impressive height increasing as they went deeper in. Towards the end of the tunnel section seemed to be a much larger area. No way.... was this place hollow? If so, that would make it the COOLEST island to ever be known to man. And here Zane was! He was probably the only person in the entire world who knew about this! None of those other fishing union bald dudes seemed to have any idea of just what was down here. This would put Zane in the history books. This was what would cement him as a legend.



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Zane entered the hollow part of the island, amazed by the sheer size of this place. Sure, the island wasn't the biggest from the outside, but this? This was on a whole new level. There were some rock formations and a giant lake in the center of it all, stone pillars and the like on the side. It seemed to be entirely natural, funnily enough. Nothing manmade here.  Zane began walking slowly along the sides of the wall, fascinated by literally everything revolving around this cave's existence. He was soon interrupted by a familiar smell. Iron. No, not iron... blood. Zane shined his light around, trying to find the source of the smell - eventually he found a puddle of multi-day old blood near one of the stone pillars. Musta been that poor union man who ended up dying on his way back. But what made him bleed? There was certainly no type of rock here sharp enough to cause that, or any rocks nearby that made a blunt impact...


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