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Koi's Sheet Boi

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Name: Tempris Ashflare
Age: 15
Birthday: X778 December 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Joyan, Sevenese
Class: Paladin
Race: Human
Rank: S-Rank
Guild: Halycon Eclipse
Tattoo: Back of my left shoulder (Red)



Magic Element: Light, Fire, Ice

Magic Name: Holy Flame of Illumin
Bless with Illumin's will, The Holy Flame of Illumin smites foes and heal allies under their purifying flames. Villains will be reduced to ash while allies will be protected and or restored. Let all sin be purified from this world and all heretics feel his retribution so that their souls may be freed from eternal damnation and sin.

Flames of Light are warm and comforting. They have a White and Blue coloration and are the most natural to use. These represent the peace and promise to thy lord.

Flames of Fire are hot and dominating. They have an White and Orange coloration and are the fiercest of her magic. These represent the passion and devotion to thy lord.

Flames of Ice are cold and oppressive. They have a Teal and Blue coloration and are the harshest of her magic. These represent the hatred and fury of thy lord.

  1. Slot 1: Flat Cost AoE [Character Creation]
  2. Slot 2: Life Steal [B-rank]
  3. Slot 3: Triple Element (Fire/Ice) [The Fool]
  4. Slot 4: ??? [61 INT]



STR502(+100 weapon)2xS-Rank
SPD121(-60+50+25 Shield, Head, Neck)15m/s|30m/s
CON1224xS-Rank Thrice Per Post
END41(+60 Ear)S-Rank 30%
INT62(+100 Chest)40%
MANA5000(+2000 Ring)


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[pre time skip]
A sinner who's criminal deeds stacked him an incredibly high bounty. Had Tempris been stronger when she met him in Baska's Boar Hat Pub, she would have purge him their on the spot. After all, she was a Rune Knight at the time. At last, she was unprepared and undercover.

Status: Stranger Koi's Sheet Boi 1f499


[pre time skip]
A sinner who's has a firey spirit and is the guild master of Infinity Wolves. Tempris does not know too much about Lee but ever since meeting her in Baska, the woman has given Tempris nothing but warm memories. She even had a daughter... or something who loved to listen Tempris talk about Illumin.

Status: Friends Koi's Sheet Boi 1f49a


[pre time skip]
Tempris's Mother and leader of Empyrean Divine. Tempris know that Karisa does not have a high opinion of Illumin and her believes. She also does not approve of Tempris' methods. Still, she loves Tempris and Tempris loves her mother as well.

Status: Love Koi's Sheet Boi 2764 | Mother Koi's Sheet Boi 1f46a


[pre time skip]
Tempris' sister. Despite being her twin, she had Karisa use their magic to age them up. It is a little awkward knowing this but Tempris tries to at least be nice and humor her more passive sister. She has a large fluffy tiger as well.

When they first met, Mimi kept this a secret for an unknown reason but Tempris would later learn that the girl knew about her this whole time.

Status: Love Koi's Sheet Boi 2764 | Sister Koi's Sheet Boi 1f46a


[pre time skip]
The Sinful stepfather of Tempris. Tempris met him and is unsure what to think of him. He is a lot more supportive than Karisa but it is also clear that he too shares her hatred for her god. Family is such a difficult thing. Should she call him dad?

Status: Friend Koi's Sheet Boi 1f49a | Step Father Koi's Sheet Boi 1f46a


[pre time skip]
An extremely heretical Entity. Tempris met him while at a ball hosted by Empyrean Divine. Despite that, he was completely different than she expected. Thus one day, she plans to keep her promise and have tea with him.

Status: Stranger Koi's Sheet Boi 1f499


[pre time skip]
Seika is a sinner who is devoted to the Sun who she met in Bosco. He believes it to be a entity known as Sol and thinks that it rules even over Illumin. While this words are blasphemous at best, his actions evoke the will of Illumin better than any sinner she has met to date.  

[post time skip]
Tempris saw Seika while preparing to do an "adventure" for an Empyrean Divine assignment. He appears a lot calmer now for some reason. Maybe 2 years does that to a person.

Status: Friends (Admires) Koi's Sheet Boi 1f49b


[pre time skip]
A sinful creature with a son. Tempris met her durning the Samira Festival. She does not know her name.

Status: Stranger Koi's Sheet Boi 1f499


[pre time skip]
Tempris met this sinner while patrolling the Crimson Quarter in Hosenka. He is interesting but Tempris ultimately sees him in a positive light since he donates money to those suffering.

[post time skip]
Kaito found Tempris by the Orchidia River. Tempris was happy that nothing happened to him.  

Status: Friends Koi's Sheet Boi 1f49a


[pre time skip]
The Sinful Aunt of Tempris on her mother's side and guild master of Blue Pegasus. She is a powerful mage, something Tempris was able to witness first hand when they fought a dragon together. She is a caring person and appears to be more accepting of Tempris' belief more than her mother and step father. Even if she does not like Blue Pegasus... at least she knows they are ran by a person who fights suffering.

Status: Friend (Admires) Koi's Sheet Boi 1f49b | Aunt Koi's Sheet Boi 1f46a


A mysterious sinner Tempris met at a costume party. While she does not know much, Tempris is sure suffering follows her. If only she would let Tempris help her.

Status: Stranger Koi's Sheet Boi 1f499


Tempris met this sinner while patrolling the Crimson Quarter in Hosenka. He seems to work for Seika so... she suppose he is alright.

Status: Stranger Koi's Sheet Boi 1f499


The Commander of Pardise Dawn, Tempris met this sinner while doing an errand for Seika. Tempris cannot get a good read on them but she, for some reason, can't shake the feeling that they might have some hostility towards her.

Status: Stranger Koi's Sheet Boi 1f499


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