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IV. Olaf Oakley

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IV. Olaf Oakley Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:54 am



Name: Olaf Oakley

Slot: Weapon

Type: Club

Handling: One-Handed

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Limited

Element: Nature

Damage: +80 Strength

Durability: 2x S-Rank


Description: A large oaken log cut from a hundred-year-old oak tree that seems to have an oafish face carved into it. The face, however, was never carved into the log. It belongs to the sentience within the log known as Olaf Oakley. It will talk incessantly and loudly about all of the follies that have befallen it over its long and storied lifetime.

Lore: Olaf Oakley is an awakened tree that vexed the townsfolk with its neverending stories to the point that it was chopped down and left for firewood. Olaf Oakley did not disappear though. Instead, Olaf Oakley continued to exist within one of the logs that were cut down from the tree. In order to avoid insanity, the townsfolk shaped the log into a weapon and gave it away to a wandering adventurer as a reward to rid themselves of Olaf Oakley and his stories.

Measurements: The club has a hilt of 30 centimeters and a total length of 1.5 meters.


Requirements: None.

Sentience: The weapon perceives and communicates using its carved face and can speak, read, and understand the Fiorian language. It has a brutish, fumbling voice.


  • Olaf's Stories: Olaf starts to tell a story about something that he had seen when he was still a tree. The story is incredibly distracting and annoying to listen to causing all foes within 25 meters of the weapon to suffer a reduction of 20% to their Intelligence as long as they remain within its hearing range. Since you are used to Olaf's stories, you are not affected by this effect.
  • Olaf's Insight: Despite being incredibly long-winded, Olaf may still offer some insight from time to time. As a club made from a hundred-year-old tree, Olaf has heard many stories shared by adventurers resting underneath his branches. The insight may help you to complete quests faster and therefore reduces the word count for quests by 20%.


  • Name: Back In My Day
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: None
    Type: Debuff (Intelligence)
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user hits the target with the weapon and applies a Debuff (Intelligence) to them. The debuff lasts as long as the spell is sustained.


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purchasing for 2,500,000j please~ placing in off-hand

IV. Olaf Oakley 9SJZlYO
"Saving the world, one slime at a time~"

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Esperia has purchased Olaf Oakley for 2,500,000 Jewels.

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