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What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B]

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#1Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 9:18 pm

Nova Kentaurus
It was not that often that Nova took on a job she would out in the desert. In all honesty it reminded her of her past in the land of Seven. Nova was someone who had always worked for the sake of others which is why she joined the Rune Knights. She would bite the bullet on this one. The Dawncliff mine had always been a place of fascination for the people in the Sieghart Mountains, miners who often were employed by the rich and influential to mine all the rare minerals the mine had to offer. Nova took little interest in those material schemes, but when she learned about a request that involved investigating an unexplored section of the mine for its value Nova was surprisingly willing to accept the task. Having spent some time discussing the finer details with the quest giver in terms of the location, she was off to the mine to start the request


#2Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 10:16 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Nova soon made her way along the mountain with her map held close to her as she pondered about what she should do next. According to her knowledge of the surrounding area, she would be making a path deeper into the mountains and reach the tunnel that would lead her deeper into the mine as she continued onward. She lingered as she stopped in front of the mine, wondering what she would find within the mine. The truth was, she was excited to discover what might have been hiding inside the mine, perhaps something fascinating would be lurking in the depths of the mine, yet for the time being, she would have had to start venturing into the darkness, the staff glowing eerie, and proceeded to enter the mine. Nobody knew what was in there but she was about to find out so she would be able to complete job that was given to her.


#3Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 5:42 am

Nova Kentaurus
Nova had finally entered the tunnel and saw it was surprisingly well-maintained, a sight that was at least reassuring for her, since if the mine had been badly maintained she would have had the risk of the entire mine collapse on top of her and getting stuck in the dark. The thought alone was pretty terrifying.
Once she started reaching the end of the entrance leading into the mine, Nova soon saw herself arriving in a spacious clearing where the young woman encountered her first threat. Small kobolds. Nova muttered under her breath, watching how three large kobolds were skittering through the room. Fortunately they had not seen her yet, which gave Nova the advantage of the element of surprise. Nova was able to sneak behind them and step on the kobolds which with her strength was easily able to crush them. The other 2 panicked and ran off so Nova would be able to continue with out issue.


#4Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:45 am

Nova Kentaurus
Nova was now pondering about what to do next. The kobalds were gone, which made Nova feel a bit better already fortunately enough. Nonetheless, even if she was looking around it was difficult to say where she should go next. Still, she did have the map the quest giver had given her, unfurling the map in her hands as she looked up. It seemed she would have to go north next, this tunnel up ahead would lead her deeper into the mine, and as she started to furl up the map and placed it back in her pouch and resumed her walk. Slowly but steadily she trudged deeper into the mine, warily keeping her eyes open in case any more enemies would try to get the jump on her.Deeper she ventured, through the tunnel as she could hear a sound deeper in the mine so she would venture forth to investigate what was going on.


#5Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 10:23 am

Nova Kentaurus
The sound ended up being some of the miners of the Dawncliff Mine. They seemed surprised to see another person and not more kobolds in the mine attacking. The miners were talking with one another, clearly  working on figuring out about the area they were excavating at. Nova showed them her Rune Knight badge and they were more at ease after seeing that she was part of the police force of Fiore. The miners made sure to warn her about the dangers that were up ahead but per the request she would have to continue on.  Kobolds she had already dealt with but she still thanked them for the warning. The miners told them that something in the mine was driving others to madness if they got too deep so to be careful. not all of them would be as welcoming as them. Some stated there was treasure and would kill others to claim it.


#6Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 11:43 am

Nova Kentaurus
Nova would continue on into the depths of the mines and then she would see a large trinket that more miners were there. Nova asked them what they were doing and they just yelled at her to get away from her treasure. The miners seemed quite unwilling to cooperate. The miner would then swing his pick axe at her but she was able to dodge out of the way as a combat trained rune knight. Of course the motion made him stumble, and before he could regain his balance Nova would smack his neck with a chop and knock him out. The second miner repeated and swung and miss but when he hit the ground the floor started to crack. Nova would dispatch him and try to move but the collision made both collapse on the ground. Nova braced herself as she fell deeper into the mine floor and would look for a way out.


#7Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 2:01 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Nova had dealt with enough distractions for now and would prefer to just finish her job, but something about the knowledge she had obtained earlier fascinated her. Those men had found a ancient relic of sorts inside the depths of the miner and they clearly were being affected by it. What secrets did it hold? Considering that it was in the very same area she was asked to investigate, Nova saw a perfect opportunity to do both her job and make sure she had the chance to investigate that relic .With the miners dealt with Nova continued deeper into the mine, using the orange glow from her torch to illuminate the area. It took her only a short walk till she reached the area the quest giver had asked of her to investigate and already Nova started to understand why exactly the miners and the quest giver had been so interested in that particular part of the mine.


#8Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 5:33 pm

Nova Kentaurus
Nova was not a miner or anything, but just looking at the walls easily revealed the various minerals that were waiting to be dug up, some of them looking larger, sturdier or more beautiful than the ones she had seen earlier while traveling through the other sections of the mine. Nova had arrived at a unexcavated part of the mine that contained a lot of untapped potential. This knowledge would be all that the quest giver would have desired of her, which meant her job was done but she wanted to looking into the relic as well. It could be a threat to the city. Venturing deeper into the new area Nova started to notice that the mine changed in aesthesis. The ground started to look cleaner and more even, pillars rose up to the ceiling to support a structure of sorts, and at the far back of the spacious room she saw something interesting so she would investigate it.


#9Nova Kentaurus 

What's mine is mine [Nova NQ-B] Empty Fri Apr 22, 2022 2:27 pm

Nova Kentaurus
The first thing Nova discovered upon investigating the relic was the first there seemed to be no sign of a way to open it. The second thing she noticed was that in the center of it there was a marking on it that was glowing something which made Nova even more curious. Was the marking a mere decoration, or was it something else? She could feel tiny traces of mana inside the marking , but aside from that little told her about the purpose of the object. Nova started to investigate the marking. It seemed to translate a story of sorts. She wasn't sure which one, or whether it was a myth or a tale from the past, but it seemed a man was worshipping something or someone, but the markings was too weathered for her to recognize who or what the entity that was being worshipped might had been. Nova uttered the words and saw the markings start to glow. Indeed, as the markings came to be filled with mana she noticed runes forming underneath her, akin to a magical circle. Nova jumped out and retreated and saw a wave of magic flush by. She decided it was best to bring more people back and handle it later. for now it was too dangerous. The Rune Knights would have equipment and they would be able to use that equipment to nullify magic and then they would be able to handle the markings and then they could take it out and investigate it.


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