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Region/City Activity Updates

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Region/City Activity Updates Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 9:00 pm

Yo! So this is a topic about Major events in Fiore that have affected its overall status (lore) to an extent. Bare in mind that these effects, unless they are storyline or event quests, generally have an impact on the common folk. It's information in that you'd know about upon stepping into said city and/or region. Furthermore, it has no major impact on the overall Lore of the country. At the bottom there is a template! Please use it so I can update the list with all the PC impact.


  • Worth Woodsea:
  • Orchidia:
  • Sieghart Mountains:


  • Oak:
  • Baska:
  • Astera:


  • Crocus:
  • Era:


  • Magnolia:
  • Dahlia:
  • Hosenka:
  • Fieros Girdle:


  • Hargeon:
  • Marigold:
  • Myras:
  • Marchen Mountains:

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Guild:[/b]
[b]Characters background:[/b] Anything important about your character. Are they a guild master? Wizard Lord? Wealthy? Famous mage? A Noble perhaps? Add anything you think would make your character stand out or recognizable here.
[b]Region/city of thread/s:[/b]
[b]Brief summary of thread/s:[/b] What happened in the thread/s?
[b]Result/Impact of thread/s:[/b] What was the impact? What came of the topic/s

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Region/City Activity Updates Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 10:05 pm

Name: Khalfani
Guild: Paradise Dawn
Character background: Guild Master of Paradise Dawn, Princex of Desierto, 10K+ Rep, 2m+ Contract
Region/city of thread/s: Northern Region

Brief summary of thread/s:

  • Sunday Cleanin': Yuurei and Khalfani alongside other Paradise Dawn members raided the Dark guild known as sleeping calamity in Orchidia, destroying it to ensure the safety of the Northern people.
  • Heroes of the North: Led by Khalfani, Paradise Dawn over the series of 4 quests have defended Sieghart Mountains from Hundreds of Titans, protecting the people. Paradise Dawn members stationed themselves all over Sieghart and fought against the bloodthirsty beasts. They then helped clean the land with the help of mages from all across the country. Rune Knights did NOT HELP. They then fought the remainder of titans in Worth Woodsea/Orchidia.
  • Dragon and His Wrath: Sho and Khalfani defended Rush Valley against a Medium leveled Dragon.

Result/Impact of thread/s: Khalfani has been deemed a hero of the North after defending against titans, destroying a dark guild, helping the people of Orchidia and helping clean Orchidia. Moreover they have been deemed the Savior/Protector of Seighart Mountains due to everything they have done for not only the entire north region, but specifically the mountains. Defending against Titans twice, helping rebuild Rush Valley, offering the people safety in Paradise Dawn and defending the city from the wrath of a dragon. They are well respected and looked up to.

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I forget being gay is ur personality
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