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Yuurei and His Master (WM)

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Yuurei had fought many people in the time he had gone from Blue Pegasus to Paradise Dawn. He had gone through a few mistakes, which brought him to get hit and even lose a battle. In the end, he would learn from them all. Still, he felt like he needed to learn more, but who would be able to train him? This brought him to see someone in the Erwyr Settlement. There was a man who was once an adventurer here, who was also a druid. A young man once who ventured off into the world and then returned to get back in touch with his roots when it was all over.

He had found himself in this village, and in front of this man’s door. He would knock hoping to see if he could train him. He wasn’t planning on leaving until he came here for the training that he needed.



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Yuurei would look at the man as he would open the door and he would eye the young man. It was interesting to this man’s knowledge that he knew of Yuurei. He had sought him out before, and it was how he knew where to find him.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“You know why I’m here. I need you to train me.” He said to him.

“You’re a hell of strong without me training you why do you come here?” He asked.

“I am strong, but I want to better my combat abilities, and you are the only person that I can think of, so please train me.” He said to him hoping he would take him in.

The man wanted to say no, but he knew what this man had done throughout Fiore. He was away from the cities, but talks about this man reached these settlements.

“Fine, come to the back. I have a dojo where I still practice.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would nod he would walk around the house, and he would see the dojo structure he spoke about.



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Yuurei would enter the dojo and he would see the beautiful structure and the wooden floor that was kept clean. He took off his shoes before entering and he would wait for the man to show up. It wouldn’t take long as he would have a serious expression on his face.

“I guess what we can do right now is spar. I want to get a glimpse of what you can do before I decide on what to do with you.” He said to Yuurei.

The man would prepare himself as he would get into a fighting stance with just his hands. Yuurei would put on his gauntlet as he wasn’t sure what to expect from this guy. He had left Renji outside as the exceed thought this was pointless.

“No magic, not even from your gauntlet.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage was fine with that because it would make him stronger in the end.



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Yuurei would get into a fighting stance, and he would watch the man as he would stare into his eyes. The Nephilim would make the first move as he would rush straight toward the man. He would swing a quick jab and the man would sidestep and parry the berserker’s attack to bring him off balance. He would feel himself being pushed and forced to move, and he would stumble a bit. Jade wouldn’t attack though as he would look over to Yuurei.

Yuurei figured he would get hit for his mistakes, but it would seem like that wasn’t part of today’s lesson. He would gather himself and regain his composure. He would sigh with relief as he wasn’t going to let this get to him. He would get into his fighting stance as he would look at Jade. The Nephilim would go in, but this time he would toss one hit a right jab, and then quickly he would follow it up with a left hook towards the man.



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The old man was impressed with how quick he would be able to move, but it wasn’t enough. He needed to be able to react quickly even against the fastest of opponents. He needed to read their body language and prepare himself for what was to come next. Jade would find himself parrying Yuurei’s first attack and then blocking the second attack as they would stare into each other’s eyes. The light mage wanted to use his feat to kick him but knew that it wouldn’t be fair since he was training. Jade would take the hand he used to parry, and he would smack Yuurei on the chest as he would push him away from him.

“Again.” He would say this to Yuurei.

The light mage would get into a fighting stance, and he would move towards Jade as he was moving faster than he did before. Yuurei would start throwing a series of jabs at Jade, which would bring the man to move back. He was blocking and parrying Yuurei’s attack as he could see that this man had some real-life experience. He could see the reactions to moving one hand back just in case of a counterattack as well.



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Jade was glad he wasn’t going to be training someone from scratch. He was just going to be helping this man refine his skills to be better than he was. He was hoping that he would stay a good person because it would be scary to see such a person go evil. While he was moving back, Jade would finally find himself pushed onto a wall. He would smile when he saw this because he knew that it was going to happen.

Yuurei would see this as an opportunity but felt like Jade had something planned. He would go for a double punch. One was heading to the man’s chest, and the other to his abdomen. He was quick to do this, but Jade anticipated this. He would thrust his hand onto Yuurei’s chest, and he would push the man back and at the same time avoid getting hit.

Yuurei would feel the blow on his chest as he was surprised how he was able to do that to him.



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Yuurei knew this guy was the real deal, and it excited him. He had gone to the right guy as he was planning on going somewhere else for training.

“You’re very good at fighting Yuurei. I still think you got a little bit more to learn. I don’t think you will be able to be as grand as I am, but I want to say you will be something to fear once I’m done with you.” He would say this to Yuurei.

Jade would get into a fighting position again, but only once he got away from the wall. He didn’t want to damage his dojo and if he stood by the wall it was going to happen. He would look at Yuurei as he was ready to go all-in

“Again.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear this and he would move towards Jade. He would try to land a punch on him, but everything was so close. The man was moving around the place as if he was dancing with Yuurei in battle.



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He couldn’t land a hit on the man, but he did notice something. The man’s arms were bruising every time he would block. The light mage knew that he was strong, but maybe he should have held back when it came to the power behind hit attacks. Jade did not mind as he could keep going against the young man. Still, he was parrying and dodging more than anything as Yuurei was picking up the speed.

“You are very energetic. I tell you that much Yuurei. It also seems like you’re eager to become stronger. May I ask you why?” He asked as they continued moving around the dojo.

Yuurei was surprised that he changed his tactic, but it was the better option. He had asked him why he wanted to be stronger, and Yuurei would be fine with sharing.

“I want to protect those around me. I also lost a vampire who kidnapped my parents. I want to get stronger to rescue them. That is why I want to become better and stronger than what I am now.” He said to Jade.



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Jade would hear his reasoning, and even though he didn’t like everything he had to say, he understood. He wasn’t going to turn him away because everyone was different. His reason for fighting was for pure revenge, but it was also out of love. Still, now he knew why this man was so eager to learn and get better with his skills.

“I see, good to know where your ideology is for becoming better at your craft.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage had thrown was of his quickest jabs yet. It would make its way straight towards Jade’s face. Still, before he could reach the man, he would feel a blow to his abdomen, and he would stumble back from the blow. He would look over at him as it seemed like he was an amazing fighter.

“I’m surprised you retired, but this place seems so nice. I guess it’s a good place to relax and spend the rest of your days.” He said to Jade.

He would laugh when he heard this, but he did come here because this was originally his home in the first place.



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Yuurei would get ready to go again, but this time Jade would just sit on the floor as he had his eyes closed. It would seem like their sparring was done with. He would sit on the floor as well and waited for him to say something. Jade was thinking about everything that happened. This guy’s punches were no joke, but he needed practice and he needed to be able to refine these skills as he thought before.

“I assume you will be staying here until your training is over? I plan to work you hard to the bone. As for why I retired here. I used to live here, so I decided to come back after my rebellious stage was over.” He paused for a second before continuing talking.

“I will think about what I want to do with you. I have a few things in mind that will help with your training. I will make sure that next time I’m the attacker for sure.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.



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“Yeah I will be staying here until we finish training. I’m hoping you do because I need this. As for being the attacker next time, you telling me you weren’t attacking me this entire time?” He asked and laughed.

Jade had been pushing Yuurei away this entire time, and he would feel the pain all over his body. If he wasn’t attacking him, or at least not going all out, then it meant that he was a lot stronger than he looked.

This made him excited, and he couldn’t wait for them to start the training. Jade was able to learn a lot from Yuurei, and it was what he wanted to do today. Still, he could see that this guy was getting better just throughout their spar, which was phenomenal. He couldn’t wait to see what he was capable of doing, and it would seem like he was genuinely talented when it came to fighting and hard work at that. Still, Yuurei’s training would start now.


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