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Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 8:21 am

Judith Karlinius
To think Judith waited long enough to do this again, But she was back again at the big flashy food stall with testing drinks and food for what would eventually be what she would give her guild members down the road. This also was her helping Fairy Tail's public image. But she had shown up early to make sure all the food, treats and drinks were set in place. Unlike last time Judith had a barbecue to cook some kind of meat here. What it was people would have to ask.

Since it was still early, Judith had only just started warming a few things up for the people who came by for the early breakfast things Judith could hand out. Muffins, tea, coffee, eggs, bacon so many other things that where typical breakfast foods. But she was between order things. But there was talk around Magnolia of Judith doing this again. So the attention she was getting was most likely the talk of the people. This was normal of her when she had the time, It brought new and old faces to Judith so she could get to know people more.

Whenever some one arrived, Judith was leaning against a stall counter that was pretty much an order window but also an area you could use to talk to her. There was very few people around, It was a slower day compared to the other times she had done this, Not disappointing but she was set up for breakfast and lunch. But it was good to have a chance to talk to Judith about anything you had or wanted too at the time. If it was a simple day Judith would pack up early and go back home, If anything else happen she was prepared too, The typical day for Judith.

#2Cytha Mcdonald 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 3:04 pm

Cytha Mcdonald
Cytha awoke from her drunken stupor as she rolled over and felt nausea from the night of drinking. She partially regretted the choice she made but not truly this was her life now. She was to hunt monsters and live a rather crap life. She could never stay in one place for long if she planned the hunt the very type of monsters she was, she had to make a hit and leave the area not to raise suspicions. She would stand up from her sleeping location a literal spot in an alley as she would rub her head, she could smell something that smelled good. Someone was making food nearby, but there was so much damn noise it hurt the hell out of her head.

She made her way toward the source of the smell and saw there was food around, and the one thing she needed most was coffee. She would look over the food and up at the person holding this meal and smile, clearly hungover.

"I will take a full plate of food and some coffee, and some quiet for a minute. My brain still hurts from last night's drinking and I need to do my job today at some time."

#3Judith Karlinius 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Fri Apr 22, 2022 5:21 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith had a new and interesting face to greet,Not that she minded at all it was pretty interesting and almost the entire reason behind why she always set up the "Fabled Fanatic Fairy Mother Food Stall."Or whatever else she altered the title of at the time. Most of the time it was just Judith and her husband setting it up and then Judith most of the time handing it all out just for people to try. Judith would finish handing a few smaller plates of breakfast foods with two cups of tea. Then well it would her listening to Cytha.

Leaning on the counter and listening. If Cytha was dealing with a hang over Judith had just the plan."I can do that and bring over your hang over cure in a few minutes."Note how Judith mentioned a hang over cure. Almost like Judith was use to dealing with people who drank enough and dragged themselves back into the guild the next morning almost unable to do much. It was not very effective being this way. Leaving Judith to having to make various solutions. Now Cytha gets to try one.

Judith would be rather nice to Cytha, The cup she gave her for coffee would the largest one she had on her, There would be also be a cup of water.But anything else Judith would finish gathering everything else food wise for Cytha before doing one thing she honestly intended, Walking over to a person behind her, Judith mentioned how she wanted to take a break to talk to Cytha, In this case the person taking over for Judith was her husband, He got the understanding and the know how of all of things and how they work here so it was all okay.

Then with the help of with some vines of her magic. Judith would walk over to the table in which the hung over Cytha was at, Placing that coffee cup, The cup of water and two plates. One plate with at least 6 pieces of bacon, two large breakfast sausages, three slices of back bacon, A slice of ham, A steak, four perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs. The second plate had two slices of toast, Hash browns but not left plain but covered in gravy and topped with cheese. It was a rather large fest for some one, But there was theory behind all of this food.

Then Judith would place the typical salt,pepper, ketchup and other things normally left on the table. Then Judith sat down with a cup of green tea for herself she seemed to be waiting to allow time for Cytha to eat before attempting to speak to her, But she had the attention of Judith. At least Judith was not the type to ask complex or hard questions."Your hang over cure."This was the Fairy Tail special hang over cure. greasy, massive amounts of food water and coffee. Blessful for Cytha or annoying because now Fairy Mother Judith was sitting next to her.

#4Cytha Mcdonald 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Mon May 02, 2022 4:39 am

Cytha Mcdonald
Cytha would continue to hold her head before she would be given a large cup of coffee. She did not care if it had anything in it she needed it strong to be able to break this headache. This woman seemed rather nice and despite her raging headache she would nod to the woman and start to drink the coffee with a sigh of relief as she continued to slowly drink it.

When the food came out Cytha smiled as she began to rapidly eat the food, she clearly appeared to be hungry and appeared to have quite the appetite. As the scarfed the food down she did notice the woman used some sort of magic that used vines. Nature-based magic was quite interesting as she took note of it.

"Thanks for the food it is really helping the name is Cytha and I am just passing through. Trust me even if you are curious you would not want to be around someone like me, so I will leave as soon as I can. My true self would scare you and most people around here so I really avoid showing it."

She would go back to eating her food and drinking her coffee, it seemed like she was enjoying the food but it also seemed like she was watching every person move around them. Maybe she was paranoid or maybe she had a reason to fear others that was unknown but she was clearly on guard.

#5Judith Karlinius 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Mon May 02, 2022 5:44 pm

Judith Karlinius
If there was anything Judith had a feeling and knew what she could do it was something in that situation, All these talks of true self and everything it seemed since this was her first meeting Judith."I promise you one thing about me stranger."With that with her normal motherly smile she walk over from the side she was sitting on, Walking over to the side Cytha was on she turned her to face Judith for a moment."I judge no soul for actions that in which they have never taken against me. Race, Colour, Speech period."Sure this lady was just eating her food.

But Judith then kind of sat herself into the same spot for the moment,Gently putting both her arms around Cytha in the mother warming and motherly embrace she could.Then just rested Cytha's head on one of her shoulders and just said."Fear no judgment here,For here under my watch there will only be peace and quiet...Not only will I assure it, But my Husband will too."It was just one of them moments that Judith kind of felt her many years of being a mother was needed to be active at this time.

Was this working? Maybe. Maybe not but Judith would try and work her magic anyway."Your true self, Is whatever you make the world believe you are. You should never fear it, Only embrace it for moving on maybe a great relief for you."It was most likely some of the most simple, straight forward motherly advise Judith could give. Something she would give Regis or Waylon when she saw them, Something she would give her guild member if she asked. Then well she would finally just say to her."Even with your worry,I am here for you."Was that the final nail hammered in?

#6Cytha Mcdonald 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Wed May 18, 2022 11:28 am

Cytha Mcdonald
Cytha told a total stranger things she had bottled up for a long time as Judith surprised and pulled her in for a hug Cytha had tears roll down her eyes, she did not understand she was a monster, feared and hated by many. She said she would understand her true self as Cytha would suddenly become hairier and hairy as her form would soon reveal her true self a werewolf form. She felt like a hideous monster in this form even though most would say she was quite a beauty.

"Do you understand now, I am a monster, hated by many, and with my family history, many despise us because of my great, great grandmother. I doubt you could protect me from what comes after my family, not to mention the hunters, they will not stop until I am dead. My family was killed by a hunter and I was raised to kill my own kind and other monsters, no one likes me not even my own kind."

Her eyes still had tears as she enjoyed the embrace her fur was very soft and silky, and quite pretty as far as fur went. Sure she was bigger and stronger in this form but she still held that elegance of a woman and feminity.

#7Judith Karlinius 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Wed May 18, 2022 4:34 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed even if Cytha felt that, Judith seemed not phased by the werewolf shifting into that werewolf form. She did however raise her hand and wave her husband over."Anders dear,make me a hair comb."With that it seemed it would not take that long for Judith's request to happen. A persons sadness was different when it was not her own. Judith had ways to work around this. After all sure there was some people looking, Even Judith was still looking at her. But the different is Judith looked happy and content rather then anything else in which Cytha might be use too.

Judith had dealt with a few werewolves in her life so if anything growing fur was not something scary."No matter who you are around this area, One might always have a person to return too for comfort."It was indeed that time everyone knew of, Where one part she was known for had came from the mother part."You fear past judgments from sin you had no part in...even if cruel, One needs to look beyond it to see the rising sun."Then well the she would just still be resting on Judith, Then finally getting the brush. The top of Cytha's head started getting a brushing, It was gentle and slow paced.

Sure, Cytha stopped eating her food and coffee. But this was not the point.Rather then any normal talk of comfort there was just the mention of."Have naught a single fear here, For you will be safe from what you fear here."Then well Judith would place stop brushing the fur then placed her head on the top of Cytha's head."The ones you mentioned are gone, But no matter your path, I will help you."She was not trying to replace people she was just merely offering some one a chance to hook on to something she felt a person needed, Some one to just comfort her even if she needed not expect it.

Could ponder if Judith would stop talking eventually, But alas she did not since she was on a mission."What do you need? A place to sleep?, Clothing?"For now Judith was mothering Cytha to attempt to give her the help she needed."I will figure out a way to help you, For you are not the first werewolf i have dealt with."Then for now. Judith went quiet to see what would happen, Since now it might be up to her to say something to Judith.

#8Cytha Mcdonald 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Wed Jun 01, 2022 8:32 pm

Cytha Mcdonald
This woman was being so kind, why was she being so nice, she enjoyed the hair brushing as it reminded her of a long-lost friend she had named Lucretia. They had both been in the same area when she was growing up and had left shortly before her family was slain. She often wondered what happened to this friend of hers, she could only hope she was alive as she was likely facing the same discrimination. This world was not keen on beings like them, they feared and hated what they did not understand. The man that adopted her once said monsters are just tools to further the goals of the strong, if they ever became useful they would be destroyed like any rusty or broken tool.

Her path she was unsure what her path would be, she was raised to hunt monsters, but deep down she didn't believe all were bad. Just like people, there were the good and the bad, but there was no such thing as right and wrong, one's opinion on such things and morality formed this. As for the help, she was offering a place to stay for the night was fine she didn't need clothes. She needed to get stronger by being stronger it would keep hunters off of her while she did her job.

"I could use a place to stay and some good food and maybe a nice hot bath. I am sorry I started crying, that isn't like me I just felt overwhelmed with emotion. I also remembered a dear friend I had long ago when you combed my hair her name is Lucretia and we sort of grew up together for a while."

#9Judith Karlinius 

Making It Free, Make Meeting New People Easier.(Cytha) Empty Thu Jun 02, 2022 5:27 am

Judith Karlinius
This one would have a fair amount to learn with Judith as a person, If they were saying sorry about crying in front of some one."You do not need to worry about it, Sometimes a person can only run from it for so long."Judith mention because well it was true no matter who you were the one lingering being that would best you was the beast of emotions. But she had simple requests really, things Judith would be able to manage, She had many tools and a husband who was handy who can manage."As for what you need, I have plenty of options for you to choose."being sure she had did not feel much pressure from it.

But she would list them."For places to stay, My house has some room. If need be one of my children might be able to house you. Both for as long as needed."Looking back at the old man that was named Anders for a moment. Since he was not getting a fair amount of customers while he was there."Or if you feel like asking nicely, My husband can build a small bedroom like shed within my backyard, I will make sure you get a bed and few other things you will need. You can use anything with in my house while if you choose that option."If anything Judith was making sure some one was comfortable and had space that might need, Judith just like the idea of having a place to sleep by the flowers but that was just her.

"All things will be met, Just making sure you have options.
"A place to come and go was simple enough and Judith was just making sure she had it."Food at least from me, Can be provided while I am at home or."Maybe this part she forgot to mention because it was not entirely needed at this time."At Fairy Tail, For I am a high ranking member of that guild but my main job is cooking, drink serving and cleaning."She just said she was a high ranking member and nothing else for what her actual title was would be revealed later.

She had already had a taste of Judith's cooking so she knew what kind of food she was getting into, Maybe it was just a fair deal."I will only ask you let me know what your plan is, If you need advise for what you might need to do, Come find me."She was leaving simple terms for it as well. Almost like she was just a worried mother trying to help. Nonetheless that was for a later time."How does my offer sound?"In which she made sure to ask. After all Cytha had that offer, A large plate of Judith's food to still eat.

Judith then move Cytha back to her seat and stood up."You can fine me back at the stall i am working, There is a table close by the window if you wish to move, Take your time choosing."Judith went back to where she was working to allow Cytha to think, While she was looking at the rest of the small group of people around, If any of them where to judge Cytha in some manner they now risked a talking too from Judith. Then again a tall greying dark blue haired man close by as well, Might be another things for them to worry about.

The smell of cooking meats would return shortly as Judith was already back to making food requests, almost like everyone here was more to eat breakfast then worry about their life stresses. Maybe that was the magic of The Fanastic Fabled Magically Magnificent Great Fairy Mother's Food Stall. As the sign stated as Anders the tall older looking man with Judith placed that sign there to replace the old one.

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