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Khorshid Namdar (finished)

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#1Khorshid Namdar 

Khorshid Namdar (finished) Empty Tue Apr 19, 2022 2:22 pm

Khorshid Namdar


Name: Khorshid Namdar

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi

Ethnicity, Father: Desierto

Ethnicity, Mother: Desierto

Class: Summoner

Race: Demi-human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Paradise Dawn

Tattoo: Her back, on the right shoulder blade.

Face: Not applicable. Custom artwork.


Height: 1.8 metres

Weight: 70 kgs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Tall. Shapely. Refined. Elegant. These words can very easily describe Khorshid. Standing at six feet/one point eight metres, the Desiertian beauty is a true work of art. Pitch black hair, reaching down to her the start of her neck, frames a face of bronzed skin, having been kissed by the unforgiving rays of the sun for many years. Her eyes, despite how her mask makes them look crimson due to the glass lenses, are in fact brown, adding some a much needed lighter colour to her face.

Yet, there is more to Khorshid than her face. Her body is a lithe creation, muscles toned by years of walking the sands of Desierto and now the fields of Fiore, sporting a shapely pair of legs. However, despite the amount of exercise she gets Khorshid is hardly a walking brick house of muscle. In fact, she merely sports the body of a sprinter. Well built and toned yes but lithe, light and of a healthy weight for her age. Little about her body stands out….except for two things.

Firstly, she’s missing an arm. Her right arm in fact. She may employ her magic to provide a surrogate limb but that does not change the fact it’s missing. Secondly, beneath that mask she wears? Her face is marred by burns and scars, the only thing that ruins her otherwise unblemished form.

Extra: Her mask is the first place to start. Crafted from a pitch black mineral, one she has refused to reveal the name of, native to her home village, Khorshid’s mask is modelled after spiders and arachnids in general. The horns that represent mandibles, the recreation of a Black Widow’s Abdomen and the additional eyes painted onto it exist to serve two functions: misdirection and obscuring.

Next, you have her tattoo. A snake that coils around her body, starting at her left ankle, wrapping its way up her leg towards her torso and then wrapping around that until it terminates at her right shoulder with its head. The tattoo may only be black and white but the artist who created it imbued it with such skill that it seems to move with a life of its own, especially when one stares into its red eyes. She does have other tattoos mind you, far too many to list here given the sheer amount of ink decorating her form but the snake is the main one.

Oh right. There is one last thing to mention. Her right arm? Beneath the arm length full glove that covers it? It’s not flesh and blood. It’s pure ink, a construct given power and form by magic to replace the limb she lost. As such, it’s a pitch black mass of liquid and swirling blackness, constantly flowing and undulating even as it maintains the general shape of a regular arm.


On the surface, Khorshid comes off as eccentric. She’s bold, dramatic and confident, filled with a love for life and an enjoyment of the finer things in life. She’s a social monster, always eager to meet new people, even if for her own ends, and gleams a great deal of joy from doing so. One may think the trauma Khorshi went through as a child would have turned her into a complete introvert but no, her response was to grow immensely extroverted, using force of personality and confidence to fill in the cracks in her heart.

On top of this, she is very much a fashionista. She likes fancy clothing, dressing up in the finest outfits and would be a perfect fit for Blue Pegasus…were she not in possession of entirely warped morals. She’s a complete monster at heart, a grinning demon who would murder you cold in an alleyway if it furthered her goals. It’s never anything personal but she knows that her desires can not be achieved without a lot of suffering. It’s simply a matter of how many must suffer for her to achieve it.

However…it’s a facade. Some elements of it are accurate but for the most part, it’s a diversionary persona Khorshid puts on to distract from her true self. Below the surface, she’s easily described as a truly evil femme fatal. Cruel, unempathetic, malicious, manipulative, seductive and oh so very devious. She’ll lie, steal, cheat, mislead, manipulate and do absolutely anything she feels is necessary to achieve her revenge. It’s her motivator, the driving force compelling her to do each and every thing she does in her life.

Ah but what is the source of this BURNING DESIRE for revenge? Of the all consuming lust for payback so firmly lodged in her heart? Why, that’s a simple answer: betrayal. Many people would be angry if they were betrayed but Khorshid? She takes it to an irrational, almost crazy extent and that is because it was her parents who betrayed her. The young Khorshid was chosen as a sacrifice and thrown into a cave, fully expected to die as an offering to the god her parents and their community foolishly believed in. This is why she desires vengeance so very strongly. It’s a painful memory, lodged in her fracturing heart.

Now, outside of the traits I have already mentioned, Khorshid is immensely confident, incredibly driven and nigh impossible to discourage. It takes overwhelming force or the threat of inevitable death to deter her from her goals. When she hears “this is impossible” what she really hears is “It will be possible in the future.” For someone who’s such a cruel monster of a woman, it’s a surprisingly shonen protagonist attitude. Khorshid knows, oh how she knows, that when you’ve hit the very bottom the only way is up and you must keep on struggling, keep on fighting, keep on battling to climb. Experience and pain taught her that lesson…

Freedom is another thing she holds immensely close to her heart. It’s a core value she violently and aggressively keeps hold of for personal freedom is something she genuinely considers to be everyone’s right….provided they can take it for themselves. She may not believe in survival of the fittest but she does absolutely believe that the freedom to do what you want, when you want is something you need to earn. Be it through physical might, magical power, having friends in high places or just simply possessing boat loads of money, no matter the means, so long as you can take and hold your personal freedom you deserve it.

  • Snakes: Yeah she likes snakes. They saved her life, albeit indirectly, and don’t trigger her allergies. It only makes sense she has an appreciation for them, given her personal experiences.
  • Dark chocolate and wine: She’s a lady of refinement, even if it’s partially an act to hide her true self, and as such has very refined tastes. Dark chocolate and wine as a few key examples. This is not to say she doesn’t enjoy more normal food, in fact she finds it rather liberating, but appearances are vital.

  • Rules Khorshid is a relentless and undeniable breaker of rules. Rules are things to be bent, twisted, interpreted uniquely and down right broken. She plays at and pretends to follow the rules of the world when they suit her…but never forget, her dislike of rules and things that would otherwise restrict her freedoms will always be her sworn enemy.
  • Cats or just furry animals in general really:Allergies. Lots of people have them and Khorshid is one of those people. No matter how cute a cat, puppy or furred animal is she will never ever accept, like or approve of them. They’re annoying, needy and demanding mangy furballs to her. It’s a level of dislike almost bordering on outright hatred that’s not only spawned from her allergies but also the fact her parents adored cats; after all, anything they like she’s sworn to dislike…

  • Revenge: Revenge on a world that spurned on her, on the people that turned her away, on those fools who discarded her, on those imbeciles that thought they could simply cast her off a rock as sacrifice. This is what Khorshid hungers for but SUCH A LUST FOR REVENGE must wait, must be carefully tempered, must be cultivated and developed until the fruit is just right for plucking.
  • Influence: Be it through accruing raw power, friends in high places or simply vast amounts of wealth, Khorshid knows her vengeance will require a great deal of support and what’s the best way to get that support except by being a highly influential individual? In every possible aspect? It’s part of why she thirsts for material wealth oh so very much.

  • Confined spaces: If you were buried beneath rocks for hours, forced to claw and dig your way to survive, at the cost of your own arm, you would have a deep and crippling sense of claustrophobia.


Strength: 4 (-10%/0.4=3.6)

Speed: 5 (-10%/0.5=4.5)

Constitution: 5 (-10%/0.5=4.5)

Endurance: 5 (-10%/0.5=4.5)

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Tattoo arc: my skin is a canvas, my body a gallery!

Magic Element: Water

Magic Enhancement: Additional Summon Spell-Debuffing

Magic Description: Tattoo arc is a type of summoning magic. Taking advantage of their own innate magical energy, the user essentially breathes life into the tattoos decorating their skin, the works of art coming to life, extending from the user’s skin and acting as summons do. Some of them must remain attached to the user’s skin, others can entirely separate from it and move with full flexibility. Summons brought forth by this magic can be, visually, anything. People, animals, fantasy creatures, even weapons. The only requirement is having them tattooed on your body and with that, imagination really is the limit.


History: Desertio sucks to live in. The heat and lack of water all contribute to this nature. Yet, there is still life here. People cling to life by travelling and trading, others build up around whatever sources of water they find and some resort to mercenary work. Khorshid’s in that secondary category, having been born in the year x769 to a reclusive village hiding within a mountain range, surviving thanks to a vibrant mountain spring and the goats that inhabited the region, as well as what plants grew there.

Life in the village was blessed by stability and consistency, with an easy access of both food and water but there was a dark fact at the very heart of life in this village: ritual sacrifice. It was a long held belief that a god resided in the mountains and was responsible for the village’s survival….provided they granted it ritual sacrifices every year. It was an easy exchange to make really. Birth rates were high, mostly due to the village’s mayor/cult leader incentivising high birth rates, and so the village hardly lost anything giving up a person every year.

Now, before we get into how this relates to Khorshid (even if it’s obvious) I do wish to mention life was pretty good for her. It may not have been easy, what with all the work involved in living in such a harsh place, but it was at least something she found to be pleasant. Loving parents, roof over her head with enough food and water to survive. Just a shame this all changed when the mayor picked that year’s sacrifice. No points for guessing who was chosen but it was Khorshid.

Everything changed. Her parents, being the most fervent believers of this mountain god, instantly turned on her and dragged her from the house kicking and screaming. She was tied to a ritual altar, dangling over a pit in the earth and was about to have her heart gouged out but Khorshid fought back. The ropes binding her had chaffed and weakened, perhaps due to the struggles of everyone before her, over the years and with a great deal of struggling she managed to work her way free. She attacked the executioner, seeking to secure her freedom and ended up falling into that deep dark pit, after sustaining burns from falling face first into a torch during the scuffle.

Were it not for a pool of water at the bottom she would have died. In that all consuming darkness Khorshid at first despaired and panicked. Betrayed by her parents, cast out by her community, seemingly trapped in the endless blackness. It only made sense that she panicked, she was only fifteen years old after all. But once the initial panic and despair passed anger gripped her heart. Rage, fury, a burning flame. She got up, picking herself up and resolved to at least keep walking. The only things she had were the clothes on her back…and the ritual knife that was supposed to end her. It had fallen down with her.

She fumbled and felt her way through that darkness, going up or down for she did not know, until eventually she felt the breeze and the first ray of sun she had seen in days upon her face. The girl had managed to stumble, either through pure chance or divine providence, to one of the many streams that were spawned by the mountain spring. Immediately Khorshid quenched her first but then…the chamber began to shake.

The ceiling moved, the earth trembled, the walls shuddered. Rocks begin to fall and Khorshid, not wishing to be buried alive, fled but as she sought to escape the chamber she saw it: an eye. An eye opened in the wall and she realised that the mountain range, at least in part, was some sort of titanic creature. She was convinced this was the god that her people had believed in, for what else could it possibly be? Her juvenile mind reached that conclusion and in a moment of release, she unleashed all her pent up frustrations. Throwing away her chance to live she charged at the beast.

Only to wake up hours later, trapped and buried, with her right arm sealed under a boulder. She couldn’t see the sky. She couldn’t feel the wind. All she could see was that darkness around her. All she could feel was the coarse texture of granite and stone. All she could hear was the sound of things slithering around her. Panic set in again as she sought to pull herself free but it was a futile endeavour…or was it? She removed her belt and bit into it as she did what was once unthinkable to her: she removed her arm.

It took hours to cut through flesh and bone with that ritual knife but the blade was sharp and the steel was strong. She was eventually free and with the sacrifice of her shirt as a makeshift bandage, she managed to stem the bleeding and resist going into shock due to one thing only: hatred. Her parents, her village…that beast she was not sure had been real or not…she hated them all! A lust for revenge wormed its way into her heart that day. It was enough for her to keep moving on, just a little bit longer…

At first, she had absolutely no idea where she was going but then, in the faint rays of light cast by bioluminescent fungus, she saw them: Snakes. Many of them. Pitch black serpents all slithering in one direction. It was…a strange sight, one she is no longer sure really happened or is just a fragment of her exhausted mind but she resolved to follow them. She had no better ideas and simply stumbled along, growing weaker and weaker as the moments passed.

Her struggles were eventually rewarded. The scorching rays of the desert sun once again kissed her skin as she felt the sand beneath her feet, the warm winds upon her face. Then she finally collapsed. Pain, blood loss, shock and exhaustion eventually brought her body low. She would have died that day, ending up as nothing more than food for the vultures were it not for sheer luck saving her: a roaming Nomad caravan. They took her in, patched her up and did what they could to save her life.

It succeeded and after many days, days filled with sleep and nightmarish memories warped by imagination, Khorshid awoke in a start. She had no idea where she was, who had helped her nor did she remember what had happened. Her memory was chaotic and messy, filled with half-imagined and half-truth visions. What was true? What wasn’t? Had she really seen that…thing in the caves? She remembered the snakes at least and found herself grateful for their presence.

Many questions gnawed at Khorshid’s mind but there was one above all that consumed her focus:
“[align=centre]Where am I?[/align]”

Answers soon came to her. Travelling nomads had found her, treated her as best they could and even used some limited healing magic to repair the damage from how badly her arm had been amputated. She would live. That’s what Khorshid learned but she would not live easily. Still she had a life and the Nomads, to their credit, invited her to their family. She readily accepted and, once she was fully recovered and her strength returned, became an increasing presence around the camp. A lot of manual labour was beyond her but cooking and cleaning? Now that she could do.

Yet, the life of a mere cook or cleaner taking care of everyone else’s mess was not the existence she wanted. She desired revenge and so as the years rolled on by, she sought out the wisest and most magically educated member of the Nomads: the elder. Khorshid studied under them for years, learning and cultivating her own style of summoning magic, based around using depictions of creatures tattooed on her body to summon recreations of those creatures. Where they come from she’s never told anyone but the results are obvious: she had regained her missing arm.

Skip forward to age twenty and Khorshid decided it was time to set out into the world, to travel, to see the sights and of course…to put her revenge into practice. She knew that if she wanted to kill that beast beneath the mountains, and get through the village, she would need power, in any form. It’s why she went to Fiore. The guilds there, which she had heard about through the traders her Nomad family traded with, seemed like the perfect place to cultivate her magic…after getting her mask anyway. That was the first thing she did in Fiore.

That was five years ago. Her joining Paradise Dawn may have taken her a very long time but she needed to establish herself in Fiore first. Khorshid worked where she could, taking on jobs both magical and mundane to save up travel fees, money for a house within distance of Paradise Dawn’s guild hall and of course, so she could get yet more of the tattoos required for her magic. Having a replacement arm had been a good start but now she needed something that can fight.

Still, having finally got to the point where she was standing before the doors of Paradise Dawn, having picked the guild due to its welcoming nature and promotion of freedom. Even if she was simply intending to use the guild as a cover and means to an end, Khorshid at least wanted a guild she would feel comfortable in.

Reference: Ikanbi.

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>Eye color is brown, yet description use both Crimson and Green as descriptors. Can you clarify or change it to be a bit more consistent please.

>Don't mind the mask, just note that it will not prevent people from identifying you if your bounty is high enough. You don't have to write that in.

>Ya broke ya fears part of the template, not a knock, just pointing it out.

Your description of Desierto is a bit... Off, but not enough to deny the character. Fix the appearance issues and that's it.

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#3Khorshid Namdar 

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Khorshid Namdar
Regarding the crimson eyes, that's just the mask. It has red lenses. I've cleared that up and sorted the code out though.

Can I ask what is the specific issues with my depiction of Desierto? I'm not sure where the issues lie. Is it the opening line of her history? Cause I was under the impression from the goverment being "desert nomads" that it was a bit like, disjointed?

Alright ignore everything above. All the requested changes have been made and we're good to go. Thank you.


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This character is approved for roleplay.

Khorshid Namdar (finished) 296c149e1fc5956ad86cc42ef223d89ee18c0fdb
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