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A Goal completed, but for what? [SL]

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A Goal completed, but for what? [SL] Empty Mon Apr 18, 2022 3:36 pm


She looked at her father and wanted to cry as she knew that this was soon going to be a goodbye. She looked at her mother and then back at her father as her father handed her the site. The scythe no longer felt heavy to her as she could feel the girth of how tight it felt around her fingers. She held the site close as if it was a pure treasure to her. Slowly, he took off the hoodie of his attire to reveal his face. He smoked at her as it revealed that he had white hair and his eyes were white as well. He smiled as he then gave her a hug close to her. " Don't worry, kid, you'll do great." Where some of his last words he spoke. Slowly, her mother came down from the top of their arena to come to give her a hug, as well as they both, started to explain that she had to leave.



A Goal completed, but for what? [SL] Empty Mon Apr 18, 2022 3:39 pm


She was wondering if she will ever see them again as her eyes looked at both of them. The two married couples looked at each other as they found and then looked back at her, shaking their head. Her mother told her that she won't be able to come back till it was finally time. And when she means time, she means once she's fully ready spiritually, to come forward. The furthest that her mother was able to go was outside of The Cave where she saw her. The one thing that they could do for her sent her letters as that was maybe about it. Her eyes started to water even more as it was clear that she will never see her parents ever again face to face until she finds out a way to get them to come out of this area. She knew she will find a way someday.



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They watched as the portal started to open behind her. And then? Sadly, she had to go as the portal was there waiting for her. Her mother walked forward soon after and started to go and push her through the portal for her to leave. Her mother knew that if she didn't go now, she knew her daughter would stay in an instant. Her daughter had much to live for. Her eyes were blinded by the light as the portal was bright. It was sad that she had to hurry up and go as she saw her parents face his one last time as she held the scythe close to her heart. The portal slowly closed as she started to tear up and realized that she had to hurry up. The crew that she got here with were probably waiting for her and had no idea how long it has been since she's been gone.



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She turned away from where the portal once was. It started to walk out of The Cave. Once more, she looked back and then turned away to get on the raft to get back to the crew. Her eyes were lit up by the fire as she saw them making a camp. As soon as she got close enough to be seen, they got up and waved toward her as they were all excited to see her once more. They saw the scythe and they all ask their questions. She told them that once they got on the boat, she will answer every question that they had since they were nice enough to come with her. Spent the night at the campfire before leaving to get back to the boat. The weapon. It was beautiful as it had a red and black glow to it. She held it close as she fell asleep as she will never let it go.



A Goal completed, but for what? [SL] Empty Mon Apr 18, 2022 4:06 pm


Once she woke up, she then got ready with the rest of the crew to get back to the bone. They slowly walked together as they were gazing at the nature around them. This place was beautiful and she knew that she will probably bring her lover here. She wanted one, just like her mother. Will Jin be like that? Like her father who would do anything for their love? She blushed at the thought of what it meant to have one as she never even knew that word till she met them. She gulped nervously as she then went to the Bo as their eyes finally met each others. As in the boat and her. They all got on the boat as they finally sailed off through the ocean to go back to Fiore. She wondered how the sales will be as the last time she was on a boat, back to fewer there was an assassin with them.



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They all gathered during that day around a table on the dock of the boat. There was a specific name for it, but she did not know what it was exactly called. She said softly as she started to explain to them how she met her father and her mother. She had to fight him and that he was the grim Reaper that everyone thinks he is. He wasn't the God of death, but he did work for him. He was like the second in command when it came to getting the souls of the dead. It was still pretty cool to her. As it was to the rest of the crew, as they were all amazed at this fact. They wondered how it was like to be the daughter of death and of a demon spirit. They did not know, but she told them that she will figure it out someday.



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She then asked them what exactly they did while she was gone. They looked at each other and just started to explain how they started to explore the area. He found some interesting creatures and one of them even drew some art with the animals that were around them, as well as nature. They figured out some of their hobbies as they had a large amount of time to figure it all out. She asked how long has it been since she has been in there? One of them scratched their head and explained that it has been about a month or two since she has been gone. One of them corrected that person and told her that it was actually just a month. She sighed softly and wondered how everyone has been including her adopted daughter as she couldn't bring her to this adventure. It was a pretty wild time, but by the time she could see the docs of Astera, she then was excited.



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As she started to walk off the dock, she then realized that she didn't have her scythe. She started to panic and wondered where it was, but then she realized there was a letter in her pocket telling her that she should go back to her hotel. She did not know why, but she decided to trust this letter and went back to the hotel where she saw her daughter waiting for her. " Mama, there's a weapon near your bed. And I missed you so much.", It seemed like Suzaku was more interested in the weapon and the stories of her adventure. She couldn't blame her, so she decided to go into her room and saw the scythe on her bed. She started to grab it and throw it around and couldn't wait to show Ragnar her sweet weapon. She told Suzaku this story of her adventures as it was pretty wild, but the thing she left out was the fact that she was pretty scarred and was tortured.


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