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Determine To Learn A New Art.(TDC: Festival/Open)

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Determine To Learn A New Art.(TDC: Festival/Open) Empty Sun Apr 17, 2022 2:19 pm

If there was anything that could side track Miriko entire plan towards when she would end up in Joya, Was an easy and open knowing to learn something she could use create something with in her own means. When it came. When any of these things strike her mind even if she had been told before she had gotten on Alistair and travelled to the quickest boat possible to Joyan. For nothing else really seemed to interest her but for anyone who knew Miriko this shocked no one. Anyone who would see Miriko leave saw with her almost boundless excitement.

Enough energy that even Alistair was starting to feel like an old man, something that even he found weird. Miriko one of the most collected settled and calm people Alistair had generally seen all of his life was not acting like she was a child in a candy told to get whatever she wanted with no price in mind.

At one point Alistair did have to stop so Miriko could stretch her legs. Which gave Miriko a chance to see and enjoy some parts of Joya, In which seemed to only catch her attention more. This was good enough to keep Miriko's mind busy to give Alistair a bit of a break.

Then Miriko would just look at Alistair about to mention something for him to look at to see what he thought to Alistair relaxing on his side, Since well he was just for the most part doing some larger amounts of walking compared to what Miriko normally got him to do and he wanted to give it a rest for now, Miriko might have to give him something to eat or drink sooner then later. Then letting out a sigh, Miriko knew she let this upon her self with how happy she was.

Now to the people of Joya here at the festival, Miriko was standing around wondering where to find that thing she sought out. The paper crafting and where it was taking place, After all she was just going in and not being sure to plan anything else. Another down fall with in this plan in her excitement to be learn. But so far she could admit looking around was really nice to look upon the things around here and feel oddly happy about it. At least being here did also inspire Miriko in some way as well.



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Having never been to actual Joya before only being able to be in Hosenka before he figures he should let himself enjoy the sights and sounds of this wonderous place, he knew not who or what he might see or find here. He had come alone, as he had found himself being as of late, alone and wondering what he had even been doing. The place seemed alive but he still feels alone even with all of these people around and all the sounds his soul feels empty and listless as if he was in a dangerous place and was being hunted like an animal set to be murdered alone and cold.

He starts looking around at all the sights and sounds taking note of places that had probably just been dreams to him in a far off lonely shore of maybe happiness maybe not he hadn't heard much from his guild and had heard rumors of things yet to come for them in that guild, he wonders where he will go or if he will be left behind with no real goals in sight or way to go forward. He knows that sounds selfish and stupid to think about in such a wonder and beautiful place but he still felt disheartened none the less.

He sees people cheering and lining up for areas he had no ideas on if he would even be good or even okay enough at being able to do like making these paper things that people looked like they knew how to craft from what seemed like paper and something else that his muscle powered mind couldn't grasp. He grabs something to eat as he wandered around he wondered if he would come across any of his guild mates here as he had only ever really came across them at one point in his time serving under the pink.

He eats and he walks and he thinks he sees a figure of a woman he met over two years ago the last time that seemed familiar to him so he walks towards her and he smiles hoping the woman doesn't see fit to send her giant cat after him thinking he was some kind of creep. He knows very little about this woman besides that she paints and that she has the cat and that she was the sister of Temperis the nice girl who had helped him by giving him his guild stamp when the place had looked like a grave yard.

"Hello there I think your name was Miriko? I don't know if you remember me I am Emil." He bows his head to her unsure how she was going to react to him just walking up and greeting her like this. He hoped that she would take pity on him a bit and maybe work as a form of companionship for the festival.



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Rather then getting lose in thoughts and ideas of what to do while she was here and most likely getting super carried away she heard her name be mentioned buy some one, in which she did not entirely mind at all. It just meant she would not be as lost. Maybe this would be helpful for the both of the."Emil?"Miriko mentioned in return pondering for a bit allowing herself to think if she did know Emil or not, Since anything becoming a travelling painter Miriko realized how quickly she did gain people who knew what she looked like by name and looks.

Not that she minded at all. At least she did remember him, in which meant it was not gonna be as strange for him."Indeed I do remember who you are Emil."With that out of the way Miriko seemed rather delighted, Mostly because she had some one she would not struggle speaking too as well just happen to know, Since it would make things a bit easier. Then again it just showed you could always find some one to talk to no matter where you were, it would make travelling a bit less worrying at times.

Continuing a conversation at hand."I do realize it had been a few years, But it seems this allows up to catch up a tiny bit of what has been going on with each other lives." Miriko would continue on because, She was actually interested on what was going on with his life and what went on with it. But Emil was welcomed to join Miriko. Not like she going anywhere too fair considering Alistair was resting randomly here with out anything else to warrant it."But since I am not going to go to far away from Alistair."

Not that she was really upset about it. in fact it was just something that she showed in fact she had not really attempted use Alistair at some of the best ways she could."While we are here, I suppose we have a moment to talk."Miriko mentioned since it would be a good thing to pose over all, Even if she had goals to consider completing. She had time to spare, considering to use to talk to some one she had not been around in two years. So she took a moment to ponder over a subject she could ask.

In which she settled on."Since it has been a while, How has your life been during last in which we saw one another."Miriko said so casually since it was one idea she considered for how long it has been, it seemed like it was the safest idea, plus it was one they could spend a bit of time talking about before Miriko most likely ran off to do something like her entire intention for being here was, this was turning into a good and workable plan for Miriko, as long as she left herself time to do the paper crafting.




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He was glad he ran into someone that remembered him since they hadn’t really spoken just more introduced to each other at a meeting about this event two years ago. The woman seemed to speak softly and seemed comfortable around him which was better the. The stories he had heard about her being scared of speaking to men for the most part. He guesses my e they were just rumors he had gotten ahold of cause she seemed just fine around him. He was glad he ran into someone that remembered him since they hadn’t really spoken just more introduced to each other at a meeting about this event two years ago. The woman seemed to speak softly and seemed comfortable around him which was better the. The stories he had heard about her being scared of speaking to men for the most part. He guesses my e they were just rumors he had gotten ahold of cause she seemed just fine around him.

"I guess it really does make sense to do that. A lot has happened since we last met, I got married to the love of my life and I had two children, beyond that I mostly trained to get stronger so I can make sure I can help defend people. Besides me almost dying to freakishly large snowmen." He figures the last part was not to believable so he wouldn’t fault her if she called the last part a lie. He smiles and he looks to her and he wonders what the great painter of the guild must have been up to in her years on the road always traveling, he doesn’t know if he could handle that life on the road constantly.

"So how about you what have you been up too over the last two years ? " He wondered what she would say, but he figures it is more gonna be able traveling and painting. Though he wouldn’t be surprised if her stories had her also beating off suiters from chasing after her as she is the daughter of a guild master a very strong one at that and she had the beauty that would make suiters go wild or men thinking her talents could make them richer if they were to marry her. He hopes this woman can find a person that likes them for them and not just her looks or talents for personal gains.

He laughs softly as a thought crosses his mind. "I figured you would be in the tent over there doing paper crafts. " he puts a little ways away at a tent with people lined up to get in to make their floaties for tonight’s release of them, from living in Hosenka for a few years he had realized some of the culture of Joya had really bleed into that city and had brought a good amount of customs and traditions with it to fiore for them to learn. He wonders if she would want to go over and do some of the paper crafts or if it would put her too far away from her big friend over here snoozing cause he is probably not use to this countries climate and differences in the air and altitude.




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It seemed that was quite an interesting tale, One that Miriko could almost honestly picture it based off of the merely vague mention of it. But she would not entirely mock or mention anything overly negative about hearing the combat between him and snowmen. Then again Miriko stood no chance if snow men ever gained their own mind and thoughts and choose to attack her but at least, There was Alistair to protect her from that, But hopefully that idea just stayed an idea and a story she saw in her head being glad it was just staying in there.

But one main focus now would be Emil's life. After all it was one she did know very little about and now it seemed to draw in interest for the moment."Oh? all with in two years, some one have been a bit of a busy man."Miriko remarked about it. No hint of teasing or any form of malice about it if anything she meant it entirely in a good way. If anything it showed people could do entire good and fitting things to make them happy in life went left to their own devices, Emil seems right now to be on that path.

But being curious as she would continue to ask at least one more question about family she did not seem interested in names at all. So more was interested in thing that could easily become pieces of art."If you don't mind me asking, how did you two meet?"a simple thing to ask, Then again Miriko had barely been in anything in the manner in which was the cycle where marriage started so she had to wonder."And after the years and the child are you still happy?"These in her mind seemed to be fairly simple questions.

As for what Miriko had been doing the past two years there where a few answers, The most basic one being."Well, typical of me I have been exploring anywhere I can safely, So far I am just starting to go into other nations when the chance happens too."Must means Miriko being in Joya right now was new for her entirely. Making Miriko a happy lady. Then again Miriko was not a lady that was hard to make happy with things in life, Even if she looked fairly different Miriko was a simple lady.

As for the second part of her answer it might give a different in sight to what might be going on with Miriko."I have also been slowly dabbling into the dating scene as well, It is just a wee bit strange to my mind."Given Miriko was not exactly a socially out there lady, The fact she mentioned that entirely was an extremely logical answer for her to give some one. But she seemed to be trying to new things between just diving into the normal typical art things. It must be different to not have paintings and drawing everywhere.

The question about paper crafting was a fair one to ask her, With asking that Miriko looked back at Alistair."I would have but I do not wish to leave Alistair just sleeping here, Last thing I want to do is look away and him be gone."Which was a fair point, since she was not going to attempt to bring it to her. Alistair was at least still alive, just really tired and in need of a nap. Perhaps soon Miriko should attempt to wake him up from ihs nap and move him close to the goal in mind.




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He sees that she seems to trust and believe his story about the giant snowmen which made him happy to know she didn't just think that he was some sort of crazy man saying he was nearly killed by those guys while he was training in iceberg to get stronger and live harder and prove he wasn't just a shadow of his younger twin brother Kaito. "Yeah I have a lot of proving myself to do before i can face Kaito again." He knows it isn't just to prove Kaito he is strong as well but he knows he can't be dead weight or his wife and children would be in trouble as well if anything was to happen to him in front of them. He knows his wife is a strong brave woman but she doesn't need him dying before they can make it to that side of the golden years, he knows after she dies he isn't gonna take another lover and will make sure to be a guardian over his family and to watch over Kaito's side as well once he passes on as his brother is only human.

When she asked how he had meet his wife his face turned a bit grim looking and he wasn't sure he wanted to answer this question but if he wanted this woman to be honest with him he had to be honest with her in kind. "I met here when I was young she was gifted to me as a demi-human slave along with my assistant they were both slaves give to me and their marks were make from my blood. I treated them with respect and like they were my friends to my father's disgust Ove the years me and her had grown to live one another, but we didn't talk about it." He is looking at the ground because he was not proud that he had been a slave owner and had been part of a problem he hadn't known was a problem in the first place but now knows that he was.

He looks up tp her again and he listens to he talk about what she had been doing over the last two years and he smiles and he wonders if she had seen many mighty good sights that inspired her to do bigger better pieces of art. He hears her saying that she had been dabbling in the dating scene and he wonders if that means she has found a suiter or not for her life, cause he had heard rumors that she had been sorta stalked by some people for how she looks. "Oh does that mean you have interest in someone?" He wonders what kind of person might have made her want to take to the dating scene or if she was just getting into herself a little more to understand her feelings better to help magnify her art and her understandings of more passionate art.

he looked at the big sleeping cat and he pulls up a couple chairs from a nearby table that wasn't being in use so they could sit and maybe if she wanted she could sketch while they waited for her big friend to wake up and to come with them to craft their floaties to send into the night sky later on in the night to help light up the sky. "Hopefully these seats will be comfortable enough for you and I to sit on while we wait for your friend to reawaken and we may get you in there to make a master work." He laughed softly as he hopes she is at least enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of the beautiful city.




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Maybe this was just something Miriko understood very little about, But could easily be argued against her the fact that she barely had any competition for the most part nor did she every view anything she did as competition."I mean,Is it truly needed to do so?"Miriko did seemed entirely curious with that remark and did seemed to almost think it was just silly and unneeded. Maybe it was just something that Miriko was not use too. Even going to just admit it plainly."Katio seems like a fairly relaxed person being in some kind competition seems strange."

But at least if anything no harm was really meant with it and she really just seemed to be more questioning it out of her own wonder. But the start that was mentioned afterwards in it's own manner was oddly nice to hear of as well."That is far more simply put then most people could assume to say about more meetings with new people that fall in love."Not that she was saying it was horrible, it being simply put meant it was just easy to understand, There was not overly complex romantic."It is a wonderful story."She finally made sure to add that because well, Sometimes it was needed.

As for Miriko side of the tale telling she did after all mention it."Well, normally I don't entirely try to end up doing much outside of just art things I normally do."Which was a fair thing she always made sure she was like."However, one particular white haired icebergian lady I ended up painting for seems to have."Miriko seemed to pause for a moment to ponder the correct word to say here."Captured some interest of mine that isn't my compulsion for create art."

It must be interesting to hear Miriko could be around a person and not want to create things around them and just do other things."I can feel like I just take a break from the things I normally do, Look around and feel safe about it."It was the best way she could mention it in her mind. But she did not mention the person name. Most likely because even if she was will to talk about it, Some boundaries are in place just to be able to keep it herself still, Since so far it just sounded like the starting of it.

But at least it was a good idea to get the chairs and wait. Miriko would actually take out a small sketch door and draw something on it. When Alistair gave her some kind of sign he had rested up enough Miriko would head over to learn what she could of paper crafting, inviting Emil to join her. After all it seemed like it was a good thing for them to learn something. Maybe even then to just stand by and watch was rather boring in the painter's view, Then again she knew she came here to learn.





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She spoke and he heard he out as it wasn’t about if he was competing or not with Emil it was more he was the one trying to prove himself, but he knows proving himself isn’t gonna win him anything at all. "Yeah I think he is too relaxed if I am honest. Guy needs to find a good woman that could understand him, from what I have been hearing he could show someone the world." He wonders what that meant but he figured that he would end up finding out in time as he hadn’t really even mastered his magic yet let alone came close to even being able to touch Kaito’s long as hell coat tails.

"She hated me to start with." He remembered that he and she didn’t get along and she growled at him and she nearly bit him a few times till she had realized he wasn’t there or aiming to hurt her he just wanted to be friends and make her life easier than his father tried to make it for her and Fina. He sighs a little bit and he wondered if what he is doing is even the right thing, was it right to speak of his brother even if she was concerned about him never settling down. Is there even such a woman like his wife that can truly see through him to the person he truly is or is it just a lost cause.

He hears the woman speak and he guesses, he couldn’t ask her to watch over him if she saw him, plus Kaito probably wasn’t her type even anyways as it sounds like she was already in a relationship with someone already so it would just be a bad idea for him to have asked that of her and she woulda probably have just turned him down. Though he figures she woulda been a pretty decent woman for him to settle down with as she has class and seems a decent woman overall. He wonders who this Icebergian woman is that has this artists heart in her probably well built hands.

He looks at Miriko wonders what is going on in her head or what she was meaning. "So she is some kind of guardian is what you are saying ? " He figures this woman that had this painters eye must be strong as well if she can feel so much at ease around her like that. He sees that they are ready to go on so he gets up and he walks with her and goes inside and he makes himself a poorly made floating as he is not really skilled with his hands in an arty way but it looks like it will be decent enough to fly off with the rest when it is lit and released.

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