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Pest Control [NQ] (Hassan,Ittindi,Jikan, Skald)

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Pest Control [NQ] (Hassan,Ittindi,Jikan, Skald) Empty Sun Apr 17, 2022 3:32 am

Knuckles Shi

Quest :

Knuckles had lined up a simple job for those who were new to the guild so he could personally access their skills and abilities.  He had done a job sort of like this before with Jikan.   Knuckles was accompanied by Stera a small red Imp-like creature that was actually what was called a Wishling.  Stera hovered off the ground behind  Knuckles following at a distance of a single meter.

Knuckles awaited outside the required meeting location before they got the mission started. They were to meet the businessman before entering the Building and come to an agreeable rate for their work. He also said he had some other requests for them.  Something about finding something within the building that he knew was there but could not locate.  

Once the others arrived Knuckles would greet each and every person who showed up. He would do so fully suited in his armor. From head to toe, he had his protection and a shield on his back. On his right hip was a hammer that had an aura of mythic proportions.


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After arriving at the meeting place, Hassan looked around orchida for a bit in order to kill some time. He was rather satisfied with how the flight went and wanted to take some time to relax. "I'm sure Knux and the others won't mind if I have a little bit of a drink. " Walking into the nearest tavern, Hassan decided to have a few cops of mead for an hour or so before getting back out and end ensuring that the walk back to the building for the mission would be a rather enjoyable one. It wasn't as if Hassan was a drunkard or anything like that, he only wanted to taste the scenery that north Fiore had to offer for a little bit and listen to a bit of the rumor that went around. Afterward, Hassan managed to find himself in front of the derelict building, in which he found Knux.

"Ah!! Knux, it's been a long time since we purged that building from the ghosts and evil spirits that were plaguing it. Even though I'm not much of a great when it comes to sensing one's potential, I can understand that you have grown significantly stronger since our last encounter. "

After the friendly greeting, Hassan looked around. "Who are we waiting for? Is there anyone else from our guild that's going to be arriving with us? I mean, anyone that I know?" They did have some adventures here and there, as the little get-together in the spooky haunted place that Hassan managed to find himself before. He still recalled that there were hardly any games that he managed to win as he played them. The spookiness and the time wasted being scared of his own shadow, it's not like Hassan would do it again anytime soon.

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Ittindi had planned on being early to the meeting, today he was in a simple white ruffled shirt with his ascot tied haphazardly. With an embroidered brocade vest, his black slacks were jet black. It was an outfit that Ittindi was fine with losing, a little too decadent for average butler wear but an outfit that still showed his dedication to the craft of dapperness. It was on his way to the meeting that he ran across a sign that pointed to their guildhall, It wasn't cleaned or straight. The roots and moss that tried to claim the city was creeping up the sign. Ittindi would use his magic, a green seal appearing, and cut the root down near the ground.  He'd then pull on it and straighten the sign, this ruined his gloves. Now he had to run back to the guildhall to grab another pair and a spare.

When he arrived at the designated meeting place his Young Master was in his battle regalia. Ittindi would bow to him while saying good morning, Knuckles would return his greeting. Straightening himself, he'd look over at the other that had arrived before him. He smelled of alcohol and had a couple of inches on Ittindi.

Ittindi would greet him with a bow while introducing himself. Unlike Knuckles, he would not wait for a response before straightening himself out.

"Greetings Sir, I am Ittindi one of the newest members of your guild. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Ittindi would look around at the derelict building, maintaining his stoic face. On the inside, he couldn't believe how there were so many dilapidated buildings in this city. It at least offered him multiple avenues of penance, if he ever got bored washing the homeless here, he could always help reconstruct a building.

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While everyone was on their back to Sleeping Calamity's guild, it seemed that there had been an influx of new members as well as old members showing up again. Because of this, Knux had taken the initiative to set up a group mission for everyone to do together. There was a need to see how everyone functioned as individuals and a group. There was also the bonus factor getting them going with getting paid and such.

Jikan was accompanied with her brown and white colored Duhlin mount Maxx, and her red fured in a Christmas suit exceed Mia. Her items were held in Mia's space dimension bag. The both of them, Maxx and Mia, were following jikan from behind as she wore casual clothes today.

Along her way to the location Jikan went by Sleeping Calamity's guild hall....to only see it heavily damaged and destroyed. Broken pieces of the guild's building laid on the ground as a few nearby citizens worked to organize salvageable pieces while putting the begining steps of reconstruction. A bit of work had already been done by the Orchidia town's people to fix Sleeping Calamity's home. Just by looking, Jikan would guess about 40% of the building had been rebuilt so far. Yet so much more would have to be done.

"My...home...". The place she had finally settled in after decades of roaming throughout the country. The hall that held the last two years of her blood, sweat, smiles...was broken. The redecoration to give a shine of life to the halls, the remodeled floors that were removed of the old, broken and decrepit pieces of wood. Renewed with personally cut wood, sawed offed and smoothed. All of that was dust. All that work to make the exterior and interior of the old building into a new place that could be welcomed as a home. Was.....gone.

Pest Control [NQ] (Hassan,Ittindi,Jikan, Skald) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYzDgkPMvO49Uq4_LV93DJo0ZW_0HFfWaFHg&usqp=CAU

Jikan was furious...no...enraged! Who would have done this? Who could have done this? A white intense aura flowed around her, first being a thin layer before erupting into the air with an roar of a blast. The echo from her mana, her anger, blocked her physical features. The only things visible were her eyes that shined with a wrathful glare.

"Lady....Jikan". A citizen called out to her, one of the people helping to rebuild the guild hall.

Jikan turned towards the person, sighing as her calmed herself down and released her tension. Returning to normal. "Yes...I'm fine. What happened here?".

"We're....we're sorry. Some mercenary group came several weeks ago. Broke down the door and destroyed the hall to the ground, There was someone who showed up and got into a conflict with them. An elf fellow that seemed to try and stop him. They left here dragging him off with them".

"I see, its not ya'lls fault.", Jikan sighed and pondered to herself. It was her mistake. She was gone for too long. Although she had kicked plenty of dark guilds out in the two years time she stayed her, she was foolish to think just because they had been so quiet and only been noted to be away from the North, that they did not have underground ears to hear that Orchidia's defender was gone. With Jikan gone, and no real defenders present, it was only a matter of time that someone came to cause chaos. She was just glad that it sounded like they did not bother the town's people.

But Jikan had more things to think about. Who was this person that got dragged away. Jikan would have panicked about it being one of her kids but the town's people new them well. They would have easily identified them if this was the case. Jikan knew a hand full of elves, but, from her knowledge none of them were in this region. Who was this mysterious person?

"In the time that I've been gone, has anyone hurt you or the town?".

"No. Actually...they've been very, supportive? of us and the town. We were worried when they attacked the guild, but they have just been doing jobs and such that we need done. We do know their names now. They're known as Paradise Dawn and are apparently located in the Sieghart Mountains".

This was so old and confusing. Jikan had no knowledge of this guild. Never met them or interacted. And they attacked the guild, yet not the town? Was it Sleeping Calamity they were after then? Was it simply just them trying to dominate and control the area? "Okay, thank you for updating me on these things. There are...things that I am going to be dealing with internally with this. But, hearing that they have done you all no harm is a relief to hear. And...thank you for helping rebuild the guild hall. I will be back later with people to do the work".

After doing this Jikan would turn and head towards the meeting location for the mission. She would arrive at the desginated meeting place after the others had. Knux in his battle gear with his mount along with a familar face and a knew face. "Hello Hassan, it has been a long time. How have you been?". She would then turn towards the newer face, "Hello I do not think I have met you before. My name is Jikan, current Guild Master of our guild".

After greetings and names were given, Jikan would tell each of the people present about the latest information she had just received. About their Guild hall being destroyed, the people involved, and the actions towards the town since then. Their cleaned up guild hall was destroyed, but at least the houses that Jikan and worked on fixing during the two year gap from everyone was still up and safe.

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Skald’s family had often avoided the north for various reasons; ranging from it being too cold for their liking or that they had no real reason to hock their goods up in the north. So the fact that he finally stepped foot into it dawned on him. His silence however was palatable as he was with Lady Jikan as they returned to that guild. His expression was puzzled to see it in such disarray but when Jikan erupted into anger at the situation he couldn’t help but flinch.

He remained dead silent as Jikan spoke to the various towns people that were here; the explanation of a person being stolen away after trying to stop those responsible wasn’t lost on him and he’d have to ponder this information separately. Was this person a part of the guild? Or just didn’t like the people that were doing it? Or maybe there was something else in play.

The fox beastman would pad after jikan in silence; feeling like it was best that he didn’t speak to the people of the town at this moment. Jikan’s fury and handling of the situation was better than any input he could give. Though there was a small sigh at one point as they walked away from it.


Upon arriving at the designated spot the fox’s deep blue eyes slipped along the varied people that were in front of him. A strong red haired man that stood there in full armor but the most impressive item on his repertoire had to be the hammer on his hip. One that drew the eyes of the fox; anyone that was from iceberg would know this weapon and given he spent a long stint there…

The second person that he noted was a man with white hair; a friendly face if he had ever saw one but with all of those within sleeping calamity they were here for a reason. He’d rub at his muzzle with a thoughtful expression. While not as intense as the first man this one had a sense of passion about them. But something about them tickled the back of his head; was there a simularity in their magic or fighting style perhaps? He couldn’t place it.

The last man was well dressed, much like skald was. They both seemed to be dressed like butlers in different fashions. Something that the other could definitely get behind. Skald adjusted his vest ever so slightly and managed a smile to the various individuals.

It was not his turn to speak; no instead it was lady jikans and he would wait till she finished introducing herself before bowing and introducing himself.

My name is Skald, it’s a pleasure to meet you all.

Polite, courteous and courteous to a fault for those that he would work for and with. But there was a certain curious undertone to his words as though he wished he could ask more about those that he would be working with. But it would be better suited for another time.

WC: 242 [I know there’s more than that, but the stuff before - doesn’t count towards the mission]

#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Hassan and Ittindi had been the first to show. Prompt as ever he was proud. Before Ittindi had arrived though the two unlikely pairs of friends had a slight chance to catch up. [color] "Indeed it had been some time. You seemed to have improved yourself. Perhaps we could have a spar when we return. As for us waiting, yes. There will be some new faces for you to meet soon enough. " As if on cue, Ittindi could be seen approaching them now. "There is one now. " When the butler reached them Knuckles likewise bowed and returned the greeting to perhaps the eldest of friends.

"Ittindi,glad you can make it. "

He'd let the two introduce themselves as he awaited the showing of the others. By the time Hassan and Ittindi got to announce their names to each other Jikan and a Fox humanoid arrived by Jikan's mount. Knuckles extended a warm smile to the red-haired woman. "Likewise Skald, and welcome to Sleeping Calamity, I am Knuckles Shi one of the founders of the guild. Did you get them settled in Jikan?" Knuckles asked as he had not yet been to the guildhall himself but had already given the location to Ittindi so they could work their magic.

Knuckles would give some time for everyone to get a few words in, shake hands and gather themselves so they could get this job underway. He found it hilarious that both the new members that had joined dressed in a likewise fashion. He found it perhaps a bit too comical as he was sure Ittindi would see this as a challenge for employment.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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The pain, the betrayal...surely what he saw wasn't true. He knew that he had been gone for a couple of years. Still, to see another butler, one dressed in a similar fashion starting at his Young Master. It was a look of a voracious hunger, so trapped in his thoughts, Ittindi didn't notice it was the hammer that Skald looked at and not Knuckles. Ittindi knew that he would have to find a way to become stronger, quicker. A fox, not even a human. This was the filth that he was replaced with. For a split second, Ittindi even made a grimace towards Skald. He knew that'd he have to perform Maundy on at least 10 hobos for this terrible affront to his stoicism.

Almost as if from divine revelation; his worries were drawn away as the women that he followed spoke. She was the guild master, so this must be her servant. Sweet salvation, he was safe. For a second, his heart faltered, and he considered...well he wouldn't need to worry about that for now. The words of the Guild Hall destroyed by a rival guild didn't affect Ittindi since he was new. It sounded like they had an immediate goal in the future. He wasn't aware of the guilds throughout the land, but the war would prove a forging ground for his magic. Ittindi would bow and greet both Skald and Jikan.

"Greetings Madam Guild Master, and to you as well  Sir Skald. I am your humble servant Ittindi."

If they weren't on the precipice of a mission, he'd continue further describing how he would take on the daunting task of cleaning the broken guildhall. Now was not the time, with both the Guild Master and his Young Master here; he assumed it was time to start reclaiming their village. He had been to this city once before and made a friend. The villagers seemed split on what to think of Sleeping Calamity, so he would keep quiet and see what his decision would ultimately be. He would of course always follow his Young Master, but whether he'd need to do that from the front or watch from the shadows depended on this Guild Master. He'd grow silent and wait to receive their orders for the mission, mentally practicing his spell motions in his head. Ittindi's general sense was that he was the weakest member of the guild, which meant he had nowhere to go but up.

WC: (Eh mostly fluff will wait for mission start) 281

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It seems like the new guy wasn't one for talking too much, or maybe he didn't realize that Hassan was a part of the guild? Either way, Hassan didn't take it too personally, he was occupied doing his own thing to build himself and achieve what he thought that he was on a clear path towards, building himself up. "A spar with me? If it wasn't for that minor healing magic that I had or believe that I have access to, I would be worried about how my hospital bills will look at the end of this. However, as a request from a guildmate, I have no real reason to refuse. " Heading over to the area, I was rather surprised to see Jikan again. Giving her a friendly pat, it felt as if he hasn't seen many of his guildmates in forever. "With the way that we operate, It's almost as if we only get to gather like this once in a while. However, it's always a pleasant experience for me. I've also heard the news, taking up the reigns for our guild to survive. Maybe I shouldn't be addressing you so casually now that you are our guild master now."

In a sense, this made Hassan reflect on his growth. He was slow, perhaps he hit a plateau along the way and found it rather difficult to find a solution to it? Either way, it didn't mean that he was unable to be happy for the success of his friends. "If I knew that you made guild leader, I would have bought a gift. I think that there are some of those crazy drugs left over from the zoo incident, but I'm not too sure if that would have an interesting conclusion enough for you. "

Patting Skald on the shoulder, Hassan would conclude his greeting. Skald eh? A pleasure, you remind me of one of those royal butlers back at my home country. Service to the royal family was actually something akin to prestige, its one of the prominent jobs that a commoner can have in order to have a close link to those of the higher status. It fits you well, comrade. "

After that was done, Hassan would put his hands in his pockets and look toward the others. "Alright, so let's get started. What exactly are we supposed to be doing again? Something about a cleanup.....a dead body we have to move?"

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Jikan would repeat the information she shared when she first arrived the the group's location."Tried to get them settled in Knux, but....the guild is gone. Rubble. Apparently some mercnary group called Paradise Dawn came while I was gone and raided the guild. Took someone that tried to stop them. Some of the town's folk are rebuilding the guild. It seemed it was a focus attack on us since the town itself hasn't been attacked. In fact, they have been doing jobs to help them. I would assume its a push to take control of our area and the jobs'.

She would nod at Ittanti's bow, greeting them. "Hello there. Welcome to the Chaos". She would say this with a little chuckle, one that held a bit aggravation at the news she was still dealing with internally as well the fresh rage that was oozing out of her that she was attempting to hold back. After doing so Jikan would turn toward a face she had not see in awhile. "Good to see you are in good health Hassan. With how we work it has been a long time hasn't it? I have no issue with speaking casual with me as before, just keep the same level respect you have given me in the past".

She would raise an eyebrow tho, never one to had partake in drugs, but there must be a story behind it that Jikan could find amusing. "zoo incident hm? I'll have to ask you about it sometime. Right now, I think its about time we get this job done".

Jikan would then lead the way to the building they were asked to clean. A simple job one that she had done before, but this one was a much bigger building, and from reports, held a lot more of a infestation. Same as before there would be possible loot inside the building. One that was requested to be brought back but that was up to them, they could take the extra findings after all as a finders fee or take most of it while giving some back.

Opening the door and walking in, Jikan saw the wave of rodents move about, walking in she started the act, stepping and kicking them to death as she began looking for the source of their origin.

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For the most part. Some things will take getting used to I figure.

Skald found himself shaking his head; a small smile on his face as the politeness of everyone here was something he earnestly wasn’t expecting. But given how life was… maybe he should start holding that to a different standard. With Ittindi’s greeting he’d return the bow though in a somewhat more relaxed manner than the other.

A pleasure to meet you, Ittindi.

Either skald hadn’t noticed that grimace or he had chosen not to recognize it from the other. He wasn’t about to hold anything against those that were here. First meetings often were shaky… unless you included that wolf up in iceberg or Lady Jikan. His ears would flick and he’d turn his head as he felt that pat on the shoulder. Hassan was definitely someone that skald would have to keep an eye on as well.

Well I appreciate it; often more than not in iceberg they tended to make a fair wage and it was an honorable service… Given that my service is to Lady Jikan; that isn’t too terrible of a comparison.

He’d let out a small chuckle, that small smile still on his face as he crossed his arms. With Jikan explaining what happened to the guild hall and the focus on the town skald had to consider some options. Maybe a sneak peak at the guild that had so wronged them. His eyes flicked to Hassan just as Jikan started to move.

Assortment of pests I believe- Oh. Lady Jikan?

He’d hurry after her; pardoning himnself for the most part. He also figured that the others would follow suit or that they’d go through a different route. He was close behind Lady jikan though when she started stomping and kicking he’d duck to one side, hands coming up; charged with lightning and ready to swipe at any rodents that would come after his lifedebt host.

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#12Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Hearing of the destruction of the guildhall Knuckles lowered his head. He felt partly responsible for the destruction of it, but it was nice to hear the guildhall was almost restored.  It was clear that whoever had done this would get it repaid in full, there just was no a choice other than to pay It back in full.   For now, Knuckles had to focus on this mission. We will pay them back Lafy jikan, do not fret.  As for the mission, there are some oversized rats in an old building this businessman is wanting us to clear out. We get it done we get paid. He is waiting for us, I would suggest we make do with hasty. " Knuckles would then turn and lead the group to the building it was not far from their current location about two blocks. Upon arriving they would see a man in an all-black suit, a mustache that looked penciled in, and a gold ring on his right pinky finger, his hair would be slicked back as he puffed on a large cigar.  

He gave them the basic run down, he bought the building after it had been ruined down, he was looking for the pest inside to be taken care of so he could get it cleaned up and restored so he could either sell it or turn it into another one of his business.   Either way, he needed this job done, he recognized Jikan and Knuckles from sight, they were well-known Jikan more so than Knuckles in this town.


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"One of our people was kidnapped? this is some troubling news, I'd figure that the mission would be to do a little bit of a rescue? That and payback is well needed for destroying our home, I was still paying installments on the leopard skin couch, luxury items are not cheap my friend. " Hopefully they didn't take the couch and destroyed it. Getting raided is one thing, but getting robbed is a little bit of an insult to Hassan's pride. As Hassan was walking inside the wreckage, he saw all of the rats running about. "Ugh, vermin, and the smell of piss. They seemed to have made themselves a little too comfortable for my liking. "


Kicking and punching the rats as they went about, Hassan would look through the room in order to kill as many rodents as he could. "I think a nice little trap with peanut butter would work as well. "


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As the greetings from the guildmates concluded, it was time to attend to the quest. Ittindi was surprised that the guild had been raided, but that explained the tattered guildhall he had seen since being in town. It was a tiny bit of relief; he had expected a group of more disgusting individuals. Instead, it seemed that most of the guild was at or above-average levels of hygiene. If only the same could be said of the building they were tasked with clearing. Knuckles and Jikan would speak to the owner, he was dressed appropiately. A "self-made man" they always flaunted their wealth so tackily. True wealth was nuanced, soft and elegant like a Sateen weave sheet.

Ittindi would follow behind, and what he saw took back his former thought. The guildmates were disgusting; they were massacring the rodents. With their hands and feet, guts were aplenty as rats were stomped and smashed. The amount of solution it took to get blood out of an outfit, they either didn't know or didn't care. Either way, Ittindi would extend his arms out as he shot out three sharp strings that would impale three different rats. He tried his best to avoid any spots in the room that had blood pooled.

It didn't help that the others were splashing the blood around like 8-year-olds in a lake. The screams of the rats didn't bother Ittindi, part of his upbringing as a chore boy was dealing with the butcher. His peripherals were on Knuckles even though his Young Master was stronger. Some habits were harder to discard than others. He'd look around to see which direction they were thinking of heading in. Lady Jikan was in the front, but from what he had learned of the guild so far he didn't know who would try to steal the show first. Ittindi would remind him that this was the best way to grow strong enough.

WC: 602/1000

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With some pleasantries done and information was successfully shared. It was time for work to be done. As she started her part of the pest removal, Jikan soon heard the movement of the other Sleeping Calamity members following in with the job. With a few swivels of her head she took note of the other positions and how they were fairing. It would be disheartening if anyone was having issues killing simple rodents, but by the sounds she heard and what she saw, it was not anything out of anyone's abilities here.

Steadily making her way forward she was content with this. It would not be much of an issue to do this, even with the concerning increase of rodents in comparison she had done this job before with Knux in the past. There were many places they still had to clean and improve even with her two years of cleaning up the town.

Trying to find potential sources of the pests, Jikan would assume that there would be more than one point of origin this time. Looking around, she found stairs that was leading up, with rodents present in the area as well as retreating up as the killing began. "I think some may be upstairs as well, I'll go up, maybe one or two should come with. We may have to look around more as I'm considering the fact there may be multiple entrance points for these nasty things".

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Pest Control [NQ] (Hassan,Ittindi,Jikan, Skald) Empty Tue May 10, 2022 9:48 pm

The mission that this group was going to be on together definitely set a precedence that skald wasn’t sure if he could over all match. Not because of the difference of equipment, experience or anything like that. But it was the drive and persistence that he had to question himself.

Maybe we just need more cats… or dire cats. Or Cats of unusual size.

Skald scoffed a little bit, sweeping his hands to cut down a swath of rodents as they approached him. He didn’t seem to mind the mess so much that they made but there was an odd moment that his lightning flickered. He’d furrow his brow and note the way the others were going about this. Different styles he supposed…

His ears flicked and he’d quickly follow after lady jikan, his hands shaking off the blood that had gotten onto them. He didn’t look bothered still and would give a small shrug at the idea of one or two people following jikan. Them splitting up to cover more ground wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Given the state of the building it’s likely they have a few roosts…

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#17Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

It seemed everyone understood the position the guild was in, and almost everyone felt the same way. For now, they had bigger issues to deal with, those being those rats that were literally giants for their kind. Once the Guild members entered Knuckles looked around and smiled at the work being done. Ittindi wasted no time it seemed using his thread magic, he had become skilled with them. As for Knuckles, he would lower his hand to his hammer gripping the hilt and lifting it to his chest. Knuckles scanned the room to determine where he should start. Jikan headed upstairs but for now, Knuckles would stay where they were on the first floor.

Knuckles dashed forward towards his direct front, stepping through the gore as he reached one of the Rats, he lowered the head of the hammer slamming it into the body of the creature. It cried out in pain as the Mythic weapon crushed the spin and push the air from their lungs until it was dead. Knuckles would do a sweep once more checking his surroundings and ensuring his team was okay. Seeing everything was fine for the moment Lighting would well up around him as he lifted the hammer up towards the sky. As he fed Mana into the item in hand the skies outside would darken as a thunderstorm would soon be on approach. The buff from his hammer would energize his body allowing him to be stronger and more durable. There was a rush to it he could not lie.

The hammer owning Daemon dashed once more to a group of three rats that were scurrying away, Knuckles did not give them the chance as he made a swift kick at one punting it into the wall doing enough to kill with his kick, he would follow up with and left to right swing with his hammer then followed through the other way batting both rats in the head.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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"Alright, I think I have gotten the rest of the rats on my side. " Hassan would say this as he stepped on the last mouse and then went outside to get a trash bag to clean up the bodies. "Unless we call a maid and pay her extra for cleaning up all of the rodent blood and carcass, we should possibly clean up and make sure that the mess is outside of the house. Even though it has been attacked and run down a bit, this is still our home, yes?"  Hassan then took it upon himself to clean up a bit, it was the least he could do after being away for so long and he felt that in times of trouble, the guild members should band together to overcome whatever obstacles that they may face.

"So, what happens next?  Do we bide out time or act immediately?" Hassan said this as he looked at the others.



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Ittindi watched as the rest of the group cleaned up what giant rats were remaining. Then to his surprise, the man who he had penned as a drunk made the best suggestion. To clean up after the horrendous mess they had just created. While others went off to explore further, Ittindi would walk outside with Hassan and join him in cleaning. The smell of the rat guts was already starting to seep into the room, they couldn't clean it fast enough. Ittindi would be sure to mop up any blood with his handkerchief after putting rats in a trash bag. Meticulousness was stressed in his profession, Ittindi would ensure they didn't miss a single spot. A true signal to his character to help clean a house that belonged to someone unworthy.

Afterward, he'd listen to Hassan with newfound respect, when he asked what was next. Ittindi didn't plan to speak up he knew that was left for someone with a higher standing in the guild. With Jikan already moving, that was probably his young master. Ittindi would wait for the next command aptly while he looked around the room. One could never be too sure that the next attack came in the lull, he could never fully leave his guard down while on a mission.

If becoming stronger meant getting dirty, Ittindi would have to work on his resolve. For some reason when he had imagined himself as a mage, he thought he'd possibly be committing atrocities for his master. Yet the idea of getting dirty had somewhat eluded him. At the very least, cleaning on the job would help ease his nerves.

They still hadn't found the leader of the rat pack either. Ittindi assumed if Jikan found it there'd be a loud boom or some audible noise to alert them. As soon as someone left in their room broke the silence Ittindi would listen. Afterward, he'd take the trash of rat blood and carcass outside to toss.

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Jikan moved upstairs to the upper floor. Looking back as she went she made sure that the others were fine before she continued. Seeing her Ace moving swiftly as she had expected, she knew it would be fine with them on the ground. As numerous and big as these things were, she doubt they would lay a decent scratch on Knux. Hassan and Ittindi were strong as well, not as strong as Knux but able to easily handle themselves. Seeing them fine and Skald moving to follow her upstairs.

Swiping and weaving as she moved up, Jikan cleaved through the rodents that jumping at her. Moving with agility with low kicks and sweeps for the ones that did not attack and remained on the ground. Making sure to not allow many, if not any, to get pass her to Skald. Most would continue to retreat upstairs, the small amount that did pass beyond her potentially, would easily be able o handle by Skald most likely.

Reaching the top of the floor now, Jikan continued to move forward, cleaning through the bodies in the hallway until she found a gap. A space that held a giant whole with a deep shade of shadow within it. Blocking the sight within. The rodents were retreating into it and soon were gone. Jikan thought about sealing it up with earth magic before she heard a noise. A boom, several. Heavy steps moving closer and closer. Soon, Jikan and Skald would see what was causing this sound. A rat, walking out of the large whole on two legs. Much larger than the giant rats they had been fighting, this one, looked to be the size of a human.

It dashed forward, throwing out a strike to Jikan, she ducked, then slammed her left fist up to its chin into an uppercut. The beast growled as it was lifted into the air before Jikan threw out a punch to its gut sending it down to the ground. Its body crumbled and the rest of the rodents scattering off. "Well....I guess this is a bigger rat problem than I thought it was...".

Looking around, Jikan found that the rodents were either mostly dead or retreated into the hole that they came through. With a wave of her hand, a brown magic circle appeared under her before a build up of rocks formed on the hole. Filling in the gaps tight and secure before blending into the wall's texture. Jikan would then look to Skald. "Alright, just need to clean up and see if there are any valuables I suppose".

After this was done, Jikan would go down and leave with the rest when they were ready. Congratulating them on their first task together as a guild.

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It was impressive the array of talent and skills that were being used here to just defeat rats of all things. While they weren’t particularly large per say there were enough of them that they would be a problem to literally anyone that wasn’t ready for them. The fox shifted and eyed some of the dead ones while the ones that hadn’t been mucked up by the group either fled or were caught out by the various attempts at ending them.

With Him tagging along after Jikan he got to see her more in depth than the others; though he didn’t really seem to hold any of them to any particular standard. He’d eye some of the rodents that his lady had missed while she handled the largest beast. He’d just get in her way if he tried to intervene so instead he’d just handle the little ones that were likely to try to run or attack her. Though most if not all chose the former of the two rather than the latter given that she gave off that energy of a predator dealing with the largest rat.

Dusting off his hands he’d turn his head to Jikan when she addressed him; clean up and look for any valuables? He’d give a small nod; a sack for the bodies would do just fine and before it set in too much he figured he could use his lightning magic to evaporate the blood before it set in and work the water through the wood if he deigned to use a bucket.

Looks like we have a few small boxes but other than that nothing impressive.

He’d hold up the few in between his fingers; they wouldn’t fetch a crazy amount but if kept… Well Skald could already think of a few things he could use the jewels for. Figuring if the others wanted to keep them it’d be best to divide up the rewards amongst the rest of the group. Was only fair given how they all worked together on this.

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Knuckles Shi

It seemed everyone had done their part, then here went Hassan asking about cleaning up the joint. Knuckles looked around and dipped out. He would go out the back way trying not to be seen as he did it. The job was to kill things not spruce it up after, and he was not a main or butler. Not that he thought himself better than those who were, that was just not what he did for money. He was a hired sword, or in his chase hammer. If you wanted something or someone dead and the price was right, sure he had no issue with doing it. If they wanted something cleaned well it came down to the number of jewels they were paying. That did not seem to be a part of the deal when they took the job so Knuckles would not do it. Instead, once he got outside he circled back towards the businessman and grinned.

"We have honored our part of the agreement, the rest of the guild is looking for the stash and cleaning up. Make sure to refer us or ask about our services in the future. We take out ANY rodent problem." Knuckles hoped that he picked up on his meaning.


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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"You know, it does make me think. No matter how strong a magician or sorcerer can be, it doesn't mean much in the face of the coin. Capitalism is the true power of the wealthy, they could simply hire the strong to do odd jobs instead of having to be strong themselves. Well heck, they can keep doing it as much as they want if it means that I'll be able to buy myself something nice after doing something dangerous. And believe me, between being a hitman for mobsters, cleaning up bodies, or partaking in experiments for mad scientists; the bar is set at a certain level that can make the average magician do these things without batting an eye. "

Stopping a bit, Hassan started to think about all of the things that he took part in since being a magician for hire. "Or maybe I'm the crazy one?"

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Ittindi was surprised by the wise words of his fellow guildmate Hassan. Behind what he imagines is a drunkard lies a soul of refined wisdom. He'd listen to his words letting their weight sink in before commenting.

"Yes, the constant struggle between objective versus subjective power is an interesting quandary, Sir Hassan. I too find myself erring on your side of subjectivity. Money is something someone can always have more of, but power or status... Well, the only way to see who's better is through a contest. That's something that can't be measured as easily. That's why I plan on being the best butler in the world, and any who wish to challenge me will face their demise."

Ittindi would speak to Hassan as Knuckles departed to talk to the quest giver. Ittindi would continue to clean up the building as he waited for the rest of the guild members to clear out. He'd assit any of the others if they asked for it, otherwise, he'd start sweeping the house of dust and rat hair.

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